Thursday, January 23

Genevieve Nnaji's Charming Smile In These New Photos Guarantee You'll Have Sweet Dreams Tonight

You see what I meant, right? *lol* The newly signed on Etisalat ambassador, Genevieve Nnaji is celebrating her new deal. She just shared these new pictures on Instagram.

See more pictures after the cut.




  1. Laila am already beaming with smiles in my dreams lol

  2. Nice pics, anty laila pls go to bed oh

  3. Always pretty, always sexy, always decent... There is really nobody like this lady... Love you to bits Genny

    Let's see if Glo would instruct Dbanj not to dat Genny...lolsss

    All these useless organizations and their unhealthy competition

    1. Bros abeg take it easy with diz honey-sugar coated flirting. She is ma boo. Genny darling, my umbilical cord, the onli cockroach in my tea. Doctor's prescription 35 times daily.....muah muah.

    2. While some low self esteem peepz r runninq helter skelter tryin 2tranform 2 wat I don't kn. Dis beautiful n wonderfully made lady juz keeps her african skin qlowinq. I luv u so much Genny.(Nohomothinqzo) U r my role model. D true definition of beauty. Conqratz on ur new feat.

  4. Where are the free recharge cards to your fans?

    Oluyomi Odukoya

  5. Ofcourse she 's gotta be all smiles. N100Million is a huge catch.

  6. No doubt.... She be fine gal......

  7. Who wouldn't be happy with that deal? Enjoy Gene I am so proud of you!!

  8. she has every reason 2 b ahpy ooh, too much moni

  9. She is so classy,She does it so effortlessly, no exposure or showing of one yeye backside... When will this crushing end?

  10. genny rocks. I love her effortless looks

  11. I celebrate with u classy Genny! She rarely appears in films though. Is it that nollywood cannot afford her anymore?

  12. If all that has happened to her recently, is indeed true, she has every reason to be as happy as she can be! Life is good!
    She's a beautiful woman that God has richly blessed and will continue to! Amen.

  13. Her beauty is so is indeed beautiful...all dose nollywood actresses dt has taken bleaching to anoda dem sabi

  14. I don dream wake up already before I see am, meanwhile no be lie e for guarantee good dreams but for how long...
    Good morning all, how was Your nights??


  15. Beautiful Genny,

    Ever classy.

  16. cute smile and the owner is beautiful but is she engaged? Dat ring i see dere *God's Jewel*

  17. cute smile and the owner is beautiful but is she engaged? Dat ring i see dere *God's Jewel*

  18. cute smile and the owner is beautiful but is she engaged? Dat ring i see dere *God's Jewel*

  19. Beauty!!! Angel!!!



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