Monday, February 3

New Mysterious Healing River Discovered In Kebbi State Pulls Crowd To The Village

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A second healing river has been discovered in Unguwar Yari village in Jega Local Government Area of Kebbi and according to NAN, the village is right now witnessing an influx of people, from all walks of life, seeking cure to their ailments with the use of the underground water believed to have “healing powers’’.

The water was reportedly discovered by a grandmother who was in search of medicinal herbs for her sick grandchild. The news of the healing water spread when the woman revealed that on drinking from the underground water, her grandchild was healed instantly.

Many people from all walks of life have flooded the village in search of healing through drinking and bathing
with the water. 40 to 50 vehicles now convey people to the village on a daily basis with many testifying that indeed they have been healed.

A farmer, Malam Usman Dan-Malam, claimed that the water healed pains in his leg. Another beneficiary, Malam Yahaya Sarki, said he prayed over the water and gave it to his child and immediately she stopped bed-wetting.

A man, Mai Akwai Abubakar, said that he was healed of his ailment after drinking the water, adding:  “I have sent two 25-litre containers with the water to my friends’

The council says it has obtained clearance from health officials who conducted tests and confirmed that the water is free of diseases. Meanwhile, the people of Unguwar Yari have fenced the source of the “miracle” water and appointed a monitoring committee to ensure that the water is not sold to people.


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    1. Awww,laila u d best,ill always tell u I love u, am a big fan

    2. Laila hope your hubby aint reading this?

  2. Toh dem don start again. Ngwanu naa

  3. Nigeria nd miracle sha,make me slf go dere go receive mayb I go rich pass dangote

  4. Laila please I need your email. The one you gave me is returning my messages

  5. Whoop hope there won't b side effects o! Bathing with it will be better than drinking #justsaying

  6. Hmmm.....skeptical.

    Bee Flawless.

  7. Mehn.... This is serious... God really luv naija o... Two healing water located in two different states in naija one in enugu and nw kebbi..... Mehn, we are really blessed.....

    1. Is this water magical or is it divine

  8. Can anything good come from JEGA? They killed many Christians some years back and dat has been d only case of Religious violence in Kebbi

  9. Kebbi state is hardly in the news. Sometimes I forget it exists. I had to recite 36 states and capital in my head to remeber it's capital, LOL
    As for the healing comment.

  10. Wonders shall never cease to amaze me.

  11. Not another one!

    Nigerians and miracle. In the process they will end up with someone else's illness on-top their own. Remembering the Enugu video I watched-yuck!

    Committee, indeed!

  12. Hmmm dis is gud news

  13. What is happening in Naija these days? Every where mysterious water Hmm na wa oo Naija Boys Representing Everywhere!

  14. Kinda funny tho..9ja n miracles" it is well

  15. Mk e happen 4 lagos oo°°oo°•o



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