Monday, March 31

Soul E Says Boko Haram's Shooting Around Aso Rock Yesterday Confirms His Prophecy!

The singer now prophet shared this on his Facebook page earlier on today. You recall there had been heavy gunfire exchange around Aso Rock yesterday as SoulE kinda predicted. That he saw Aso Rock on fire. Inmates at the SSS detention facility in Abuja had overpowered guards on Sunday and briefly took over the

Reader's Mail: Are You Afraid of Death or Dying?

Sometimes I think about it, and it scares me to think there is nothing after life. Witnessed an accident today, an okada driver was hit and pieces'ed by a car. It was such a horrible sight and made me pause to put my life in perspective.
Does the thought of no longer existing ever freak you out sometimes too?

'I will Never Get a Tattoo' - Dammy Krane

While singers his age are covering themselves up with tattoos, Hypertek singer Dammy Krane in a new interview with HipHopWorldMagazine revealed  he's never going to get one. Excerpts:

HHW: You said sometimes ago that when you and your mum reunited after ten years, she was proud to see that you hadn’t got any tattoos nor piercings, what’s your take on body piercings and tattoos?

Dammy Krane: When people ask me that question, you know what I always tell them? You can’t intentionally scratch a Bentley!

HHW: Pretty interesting. So that means there’s no possibility of Dammy Krane ever getting a tattoo?

Dammy Krane: At all. Never!

Girl Stabs her Best Friend 65 times after Best Friend Posted their Naked pics on Facebook

Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez (right) ruthlessly murdered her friend Anel Baez after a dispute over some Facebook photos (Picture: CEN)
 A 16-year-old girl was so outraged after a Facebook dispute with her best friend that she murdered the young girl by stabbing her in the back 65 times.

MetroNewsUK reports that Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez was furious after she received messages that alerted her to the fact that her friend had uploaded naked pictures of the pair to the social network. She told her friend, Anel Baez, also 16, that she would be lucky to survive until the end of the year.
‘It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times,’ Gutierrez wrote to Baez via Twitter.
Laughing off Gutierrez’s threat that she would ‘bury’ her ’before the end of the year’, the unwitting Baez

8 year old Bodybuilder, Brandon Blake, Becomes Online Sensation, thanks to his Bulging Muscles...

An eight-year-old bodybuilder has become an internet sensation after pictures of his incredible physique, showing off his rippling six-pack went viral. Thanks to renowned fitness guru Frank Medrano who shared the little boy's picture on his Facebook page after seeing them on Instagram and learning that Brandon looked up to him as his mentor.

Brandon Blake from County Kildare in Ireland, who actually is in infant school, has the body of a weightlifter three times his age. And instead of playing with toys, the little boy prefers spending his spare time doing chin-ups or bouncing on his trampoline.

Recounting the experience, Brandon’s dad Mark said:
 ‘It went viral and people were talking about Brandon in Hong Kong and Australia. It was crazy. He’s developed (his shape) over the past year – it is crazy looking at him. Brandon is happy and healthy and his core strength is amazing, he is an inspiration,’ he added.
Although many have remarked that strenuous exercise for such a young person is unhealthy, his dad is adamant that Brandon has never lifted weights in his life.

Dillish Finally Admits she's got a Crush on Flavour (Photo)


Na so e dey start... lol.. We see you Dillish. MCM there means Man Crush Monday. Won't they make a cute couple?

Would you Let your Baby Rock one of these? *lol* (See Photo)

Watch Zara Gretti's Last Interview with Yemisi Ilo's Battabox, Lady who Says Ignorance Killed Zara, not MS

Zara's interview held in Yemisi Ilo's parents house
According to Yemisi Ilo, CEO Ileke Media & Battabox, she too has MS and she's currently in Singapore – where by God's grace she will finally halt the progression and hopefully and prayerfully reverse some if not all disability. She spoke to Zara on Tuesday. Watch Zara's interview with Yemisi's Battabox after the cut.
Yemisi continues:
Zara said she was being given ‘Agbo’ to drink by her family and that it was killing her. Those were her exact words. I told her to NOT drink it. With an already compromised immune system – Agbo is bullshit. It is poison. MS is not malaria. I gave Zara clear details of exactly

Nigerian Guy Proposes to Girlfriend on Arik Plane While they were Airborne (Photos)

Nkemjika said he was having a bad day when suddenly, this happened onboard the Arik plane he was on. So romantic.... Read tweets from very bottom to top.

Timi Dakolo Sends Wife the Most Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Message (Photos)

Timi Dakolo and his wife Busola are celebrating their wedding anniversary today, March 31st. Been 2 years now and the wonderful couple are parents to three cute kids too. Read their beautiful messages to each other below with the pics they shared.

Pissed off Blog Reader Replies Blog Reader who Sent in a Mail that Husbands can't be Snatched!

Hello Laila , I am a regular visitor to your blog. I have never emailed you about anything but I am honestly sickened by this whole Nuella and Tchidi case and also by the reader who emailed in about no husband can be snatched.

My take on this whole thing is why on earth will any female see a man in a relationship and decide to be a side chick ? It really disgusts me. What has our generation turned into? Why is this only so rampant in Nigeria? Why is it not like this in the UK and US? I am not saying it doesn't happen but the rate at which it happens in Nigeria is disgusting.

I blame the girl's reason being because any female I have ever spoken to or tried to advice about dating a married man has used the excuse of "he chased me". My question now is if someone tells you to escort them to the Bermuda Triangle will you do so because they asked you? Why will you want to be anyone's second best? Why will you want to be the reason for another woman's pain? You will be in a relationship you cherish in the future and a lady with the same values as you will come in your relationship as the other woman and you damn right sure she will cause more havoc than you did in the past.

I have heard so many young girls giving the excuse of "married men pay better" , my question now is, are you a prostitute? Why not work hard to earn money? It may be difficult but if you keep working hard you will surely make it. Why will any female want to settle for less? It baffles me why will you want to be a side chick? Why are you good enough to be his side chick but not his wife? Most of you also sit down and hate on the wife which is generally where the problem comes in. The wife doesn't know you exist , she might suspect but she doesn't know you as a person. Yet you on the other hand you probably know the wife you have gone on Instagram to search for her pictures, you've gone to look for what she does, what kind of person she is...this is where the main problem starts so you will now put yourself in a competition with the woman and because you have the upper as per not having much to lose you are more likely to hurt her more than she can ever hurt you.

The sad truth is no man in his right senses will ever leave his wife for any side chick because the way that girl fucked you while you are married is the same way she will fuck any other man while she is married because of lack of regards for marriage. I have seen side chicks going out of their way just to spite the wife and I find that totally mental. No matter the amount of harm you try to bring the man will always make you look like a mentally deranged person when push comes to shove . Why will you want to be that?

Men are not innocent in this. Do not get married if you know you are marrying your wife just to leave her at home every weekend be in the club with your friends chasing little girls that do not match up to your wifey. AIDS is real and shit happens why wait until something terrible happens ? A grown man should be able to have self discipline and control himself and any man that doesn't have self control isn't a man. That person is a little boy no matter their age. When your wife finds out about your affairs what do you plan on telling her? Sorry? Thunder fire you. If it was your wife, what will you say or do?

How come men that are not African especially Nigerian don't do the "all men are cheaters shit" ? This is because they value their relationship and they are scared of the wife leaving but because of the way Nigeria is set up and women are automatically less important, our opinions seize to matter and we are expected to sit in the marriage no matter what but the man can leave when the woman cheats if she does, which is a nasty thing! After all the extra marital affairs men get into how do they look at their wife's? Isn't that when they find faults in her they didn't know that existed before? So use that as a reason to start staying away from home. Running away from their responsibilities. Why can you take your side chick out but not your wife? Isn't she good enough anymore? She was good enough when you married her and the minute you allowed extras into your relationship she became not good enough to you.

My advice is stay away from extra marital affairs whether you are a married man, married woman, single lady, single man. It will forever cause problems! Marriages without outsiders last longer and more fun! Do not give into temptations.

To side chicks... Karma is a BITCH! Nemesis will follow you till your death bed until you beg for forgiveness pray and change your ways. Nigerians should learn to respect and value marriage more.

Reader's Mail: 'Is a Happy Life without Romantic Love Possible?'

Dear Laila, I have spent half my life after men but have been left broken-hearted. So, I'm fed up now and thinking of giving up on love. Cos after so much thinking, I've realized this so called romantic love is full of betrayal, lies, cheaters and heartache.
I'm worried now though cos a senior friend says being constantly single can be mentally unhealthy for ladies. How true is that, TILB readers? Can't a person be fulfilled and happy without romantic love? I am in my middle thirties.

Sexy or Trashy?


Photos: Lady Gaga takes a Tumble in her Crazy High Platform Shoes

Fierce Lady Gaga turned heads yet again when she showed up in this typical Gagaesque outfit for her 28th birthday party after party. Bearing angel wings and a tinsel-like leotard, Gaga seemed composed as she tottered along on massive pink platforms, unfortunately disaster soon struck.

After hours of partying at a small bar, the hitmaker took a tumble in her massive shoes and was spotted falling to the ground after stumbling on a step. Gaga tried to quickly get back up by holding on to the

Memo to all Ladies - 'There’s no Such Thing as a Home-Wrecker, Husband Snatcher!!'

A reader sent this in.
It always disappoints yet amazes me the number of women who blame and hate on “the other woman”.  Yes, affairs and cheating are heart-breaking, and for most couples, it’s the kiss of death. But it still makes me cringe when I hear the wife or girlfriend screaming at the other woman, blaming her, and asking how could she/he do this!? Don’t they have any respect? What normal person with morals would tempt a husband or wife?  
Though I understand the pain of being cheated on (I’ve been through it myself), and I can understand that in those moments of vulnerability and pain, that we want to lash out at the “other woman”, the bitter truth is that it’s actually got nothing to do with the other woman. 
There is no such thing as a home-wrecker simply because if a third party can enter your

Sunday, March 30

Davido Issues an Apology to his fans in New York

Angry fans had yesterday blasted Davido for showing up late only to perform for just 15minutes. Some were demanding for a refund. Davido has now apologised, saying the concert's promoters picked him up late and he had to stop during his performance cos of the police's instruction.

Don Jazzy Introduces his Fans to his Mum & her Nose *hehe* (Photos)


 Still in the spirit of Mothers' Day. Don Jazzy is so funny. He just shared these adorable photos of his mum with a beautiful Mothers' Day message to her. More when you continue

'Should I still Go Ahead with my Wedding Knowing very well I'll soon be Jobless?'

What would you do if you were in Richard's shoes? He shared his true life story online:
Hello my fellow Nigerians, please I need your advice. am confused. I have been dating my fiancee for almost 3 yrs she is 25 & 4 months old and we've done introduction. we love each other but sometimes have mostly little misunderstanding over money. we've fixed our Trad dis April 2014.

I work as an engineer as contract staff in a Chinese company. I have been taking care of my fiancee by giving her love and monthly allowance between 17k and 20k and give her other treats & gift girls like. Though she works and earns about 45k a month & stingy. Around Dec

'Why Rich Nigerian Pastors Milk their Poor Members' - Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor shares his View

 President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in an interview with Punch yesterday bared his mind on the notion that Nigerian pastors milk their poor church members. Excerpts:
  • People claim churches milk the poor and live big on them. What’s your take on this?
It is cheap to criticise; even to criticise what you don’t understand. People don’t understand what they say about the church milking the poor. Can a poor man have money to pay tithe? A man who has no job, can he pay tithe? No, he won’t be able to pay. So how do you milk a man who has no milk? 
In a church, you have both the poor and the rich. It is generally not the poor that finance the church. It is those with the means. A man, for example, who earns N10,000, how much is his

What's not Wrong with this Photo?

 Celebrity photographer Obi Somto caught in the act.... of photography, that is. *lol*

CharlyBoy Sizzles in New Makeup Photos

Charly is rocking his bald head with great style. Here are new photos he just released, with the caption : "Bald and Bold. New Life". See more pictures below

Check out this Aww'racious New Photo of Kate Middleton & Williams' Son, Prince George

It is a tender, natural and intimate portrait of young Prince George, released on his first Mothering Sunday. Prince George is 8months old now and this official portrait depicts the lil cutie as a curious, affectionate toddler, gazing into the eyes of the family’s beloved Lupo. Meanwhile, his parents look naturally and happily into the camera’s lens.

Video gone Viral: The Moment a Six-year-old Boy Learns He's getting a Third Younger Sister

When a couple came up with a cute way of telling their kids they were expecting a baby girl, they never foresaw the melodramatic breakdown that would ensue. In the video, now so gone viral, watch the little boy, who already has two younger sisters, break down in tears when he cuts open a white cake and discovers the inside is pink, meaning there's yet another girl on the way.

'It's a girl!' he miserably exclaims before collapsing onto his chair in tears. 'It's another girl! I hate girls! Every time it's girl, girl, girl, girl!!'

Some people found the video funny, a lot more found it offensive especially after the boy's father also said he too was shocked when he learnt it was a girl. Watch video after the cut

Photos: Annie Idibia shares a Photo of herself Breastfeeding her Baby Olivia


More photos after the cut

Happily Wedded Tchidi Chikere Tweets about his Joy at being Married Again


... Touts who judge issues the know NOTHING about. This would be the first time Tchidi is publicly saying anything since the drama between his new wife Nuella and his kids' mother Sophia. He's glad he's remarried  now.

Happy Mother's Day to All TILB Mums, Mums to be & Our Mums too

Motherhood is a divine gift, not a title. A divine privilege not a right. An honour God confers on His daughters. To HIM be all the glory whom it pleased to bestow this most wonderful gift on our mums and then us too. We definitely shall live long to enjoy all the fruits of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day, ladies!!!
What did you get for your mum today, guys?

Saturday, March 29

Photos: Beyonce Breaks Down on Stage as her Mrs Carter Tour finally Comes to an End

 On Thursday, March 27, Beyonce wrapped up her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour with a final concert at the MEO Arena in Lisbon, Portugal -- and as she thanked fans for their support, Beyonce was so overcome with sentimentality she broke downon stage.

As she wallowed in the acclaim from the crowd, Beyonce could not resist triumphantly addressing them on the magnitude of the moment. The sweet singer told her screaming fans:
 'I want a spot[light]. I want them to see me. If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago. And I want to say, this has been such a journey. In the past year, we've been so much together -- the Super Bowl,

Drunk in Love: Foluke Daramola & Hubby take a Hot Pose

Someone is possessing his possessions o. Lol.

Have you seen a N164million worth Wristwatch Before? Well, Check it Out! (Photo)

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn't knock you out, his new watch, dripping in 60 Carats of flawless diamonds, will definitely do the job ... and TMZ has the first pics. According to TMZ, a source with direct knowledge of the deal says Floyd dropped $1 million to have the icy timepiece custom made from Russian cut diamonds. Floyd flew to NYC this week to check out the watch and from the look on his face, was thrilled with the result. The watch is covered in diamonds, with just the white gold hands and the leather band not made of diamonds.

Best part - TMZ reports Floyd owns the trademark on the design, meaning it can't be duplicated without his permission. Dope!!!
Pictures via TMZ

UPDATED Photos: Nuella Njubigbo Weds Tchidi Chikere

Finally, it's happened........ And I hear it was low key. Nuella and Tchidi are now officially man and wife. No going back. See more photos after the cut

Hottie of the Day: Fafa Flaunts her Mad Curves on Instagram (Photos)

And the guys are all going gaga, drooling all over her Instagram page. Flygirl Fafa is Nigerian, 23 years old and a business owner. She's living her life like it's golden. More pics after the jump

*lol* Angry Fans Blast Davido, Recount their Horrible Experience at Davido's New York Concert Last Night

Contrary to what Davido tweeted some minutes, that his concert in New York was shut down by the New York Police Department because of the too much love and support he got from fans, a lot of angry fans have taken to Twitter, Instagram to blast the singer, hurling insults at him for a messed up concert. With some thinking of demanding a refund. According to one of them, Ronke:
I guess we all should have known better. He's 21 and he went on stage high and intoxicated! Where they do that at? I'm not an artist and I understand that they do need a little extra something to perform infront of a huge crowd but dude was out of it. I thank God I never waste good money on an outfit for that bastard!
A lot more people are ranting, please manage these ones that I could munch. Guys there were ready to beat the hell out of Davido! A lady was even caught in the men's bathroom, getting f*cked! Read tweets from the very bottom to the top

Photos from Ese Walter & Benny Ark's White Wedding today.. Uti Nwachukwu is Best Man!

And it's official. Congratulations to Ese Walters and hubby Benny Ark. Ese also turned 30 today, same day with her wedding. May God bless this Union. More pics below

Ini Edo is the Boss Lady in New Photo! Check her Out!!

Smoking hot!! Meanwhile, check out Ini Edo's message for her haters, after the cut. According to her, that the story of her life. lol

Mike Adenuga's Daughter Bella Disu & Hubby Welcome their Second Baby


Big congrats to Otunba Mike Adenuga's daughter- Bella Adenuga-Disu and hubby Jameel who welcomed their second baby nearly two weeks ago. The baby's naming ceremony was celebrated four days ago Tuesday, March 25, 2014.
Bella and hubby already have a 3 year old son (pictured above).

Joselyn Dumas Sizzles in New Photos

Do describe with one word...Very sexy woman..hehe

Frustrated Ogboni Cult Member Blows Open Their Secret in New Confession...

Truly sounds like a story out of Nollywood, but according to DailySun, 54 year old frustrated former Ogboni member, Chris Obi, in a new interview with them is crying out that after being a member of the cult for 15 years, a cult he joined cos they promised to make him wealthy overnight, he has nothing to show for it. Then when he finally made up his mind to leave, which he eventually did, the cult people came for his life.

Obi who is based in Onitsha, Anambra State is bitter that he lost 15 of his early years in search of wealth where nothing is given free. Not ready to keep sealed lips, Obi, who was once a machine operator with a firm in Onitsha before turning to merchandise, told Saturday Sun his story:
 “I joined Ogboni because I wanted to be very rich. I was deceived by friends. But I was in it for 15 years without getting any riches. I was only dining with the high and mighty. They were only feeding me. Whenever we go for meetings, which we call club meetings, I used to eat sumptuous meals and drink so much. That would make me happy but once I come back home, I became sad because I was still poor and couldn’t feed my family.
Before I was accepted to join the society, I was registered. I even paid a registration fee. It was

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