Wednesday, April 16

Monalisa Chinda Quits Monalisa Magazine, Releases Statement

Ever since Monalisa launched her Monalisa magazine, it has been drama upon drama. At first, even before news of her launching a magazine became officially confirmed, one of her editors publicly lashed out at her for 'defrauding' him. He announced his resignation, another editor took over and barely weeks later, the new editor resigned too. Then there was gist that the magazine was doing so poorly. It wasn't selling out as expected.

And now, the big one - Monalisa has announced she's quitting the magazine. And this also marks the end of her partnership with boo Lanre Nzeribe. Here is a statement from Monalisa's publicist. Y'all must have read it by now, all the same let's read what you think. You think this is a wise decision for Monalisa?
The statement reads:
We regret to officially announce the resignation of Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda from Monalisa Magazine, which also marks the end of her partnership with Mr. Lanre Nzeribe, due to irreconcilable professional differences. 
 Over the past few months, both parties have made concerted efforts to retain their
partnership, to no avail, which led to their mutual agreement that a separation would be the best course of action. 
 Though she has, so far, committed so much time, energy and resources into the project, it is high time she moved on as she pursues renewed ethos to raise her standards of professionalism and focus on projects closer to her heart. 
 Monalisa Chinda extends her sincere appreciation to the entire staff of the company for the great working experience during the time being. She wishes Mr. Nzeribe and the staff all the best in their future endeavours. 
 She also wishes to express her profound gratitude to her wonderful fans for their unreserved support through the years. Thank you for your continued support as the Monalisa brand promises greater things to come. 
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  1. Life is not bed of roses so all she is just experiencing is a part of life..... Be strong gal and keep doing what yu do best....

  2. What's up with the bleaching?

  3. Try sth else dear if dis didn't work.

  4. Mona focus on your life and everything else will fall into place

  5. It's a shame it didn't work out as she had hoped. Seems like there was always differences in opinions that could not be accommodated. Hope she has better luck in her next project.

    1. Lanre Nzeribe is full of shit, so am not suprised

  6. Irreconcilable professional differences... Hmmm

  7. Lanre Nzeribe d ladies man

  8. Lanre Nzeribe with Grace Egbagbe, Stella Damasus, Kate Henshaw n now Monalisa, mumu celebrities! Did I forget to mention Mama Bakassi?


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