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Newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Can't Keep their Tongues Away from Each Other (Photos)

The look of love: The couple displayed their easy rapport with one another as Kim cheekily poked her tongue out at her new husband as they snuggled up close on the ornate antique lounge on the lush lawn

Power couple Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West attended Kanye's stylist's wedding today in Czech Republic. And while there, the newly weds were spotted cuddling and giggling, with Kim even cheekily poking her tongue out at her husband before going in for an open-mouth kiss.

Kim and Kanye looked so relaxed and carefree as they indulged in some public displays of affection, seemingly oblivious to everyone else around them. Continue to see more photos...

Meriam Ibrahim: Sudan 'to Free' Deathrow Mum of 2 Convicted for Apostasy!

The 27 year old mum of two who was sentenced to death after marrying a Christian would be released within a few days. A senior Khartoum official told the BBC this today, following worldwide protests about her treatment.. According to him, Sudan guaranteed religious freedom and was committed to protecting the woman

Ms Ibrahim, 27, was brought up as an Orthodox Christian, but a Sudanese judge ruled earlier this
month that she should be regarded as Muslim because that had been her father's faith. She refused to

Parents Share Moving Video about their 6 year old Transgender Son and Why they Allowed Her Change from Girl to Boy

Ryland as a girl; Second pic is Ryland, now a boy
When Jeff and Hillary Whittington, of San Diego, got the news in 2007 that they were having a daughter, the couple say had no idea that in a few years' time they will be raising a son instead. Cos according to them, right from the moment their baby could talk, Ryland declared to his parents: 'I am a boy.'
Even though the toddler lived in a room painted pink, sported long blonde hair and was dressed by her parents in girly outfits, she naturally gravitated toward everything masculine. At first her parents

Let's Say A Word of Prayer For Singer Kefee Don Momoh!

There's some serious news that singer Kefee allegedly had a brain damage, is right now in coma and on life support in a Las Vegas hospital.
Yesterday, Kefee had collapsed mid-air on a flight to Chicago, Illinois. The plane had to reportedly make an emergency landing in Los Angeles, California so she could receive medical care. Later on, from her Twitter account, she thanked fans for their support and well wishes. But today, SDK is

Freda Francis Sizzles in New Photos..

The gorg socialite looks hot. Continue to see more photos

Very Naughty Photo of the Day!

Ghanaian footballer, Michael Essien, stretching before his Black Stars team's friendly match tonight against Holland....

Man gets Stranded In South Korea Because His Son Used His Passport As A Sketchbook (Photo)

A four-year-old boy showed his talents as a budding artist in this nice drawing he did… all over his dad’s passport. According to reports, the child got busy during a recent family trip to South Korea, where he took to the back page of his dad’s Chinese passport with a black pen and drew some really nice pictures of people, animals, and – obviously – added a bit more hair to his dad’s face. Classic.

The only problem is that now his dad is stuck in South Korea because of his unrecognisable documentation, and authorities have warned it is likely he won’t be able to travel home with his son,

19-yr-old, who Tested HIV-Positive after She was Gang-Raped in Lagos, Seeks Justice

Like any lady of her age, Helen, 19, dreamt of a bright future. That dream brought her from her hometown in Benue State, to Bariga, Lagos State, where she stayed with her sister. But in her quest for a better life, her dream was shattered last January when she was gang-raped. The incident dramatically altered her life.

Helen, who is now living with the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV), is seeking justice against those who violated her. She tells her story to Senior TheNation Correspondent, EVELYN OSAGIE.
HELEN (surname withheld) will be 20 years on October 10. But she now bears a burden that is too heavy for her age. She was gang-raped in January this year and was diagnosed with HIV last month.  
After secondary school in 2008, Helen wanted to further her education, but being the fifth of 11 children comes with its own challenge. However, determined that she would return to school some day, she began working as a cleaner in a big firm at Lekki, Lagos,

Dear Nigerian Babes: 'Don’t Come & Suffer In Jand! Signs to Look Out For if Bobo Says Come Join Me in 'Paradise'!

Post was written by Ruonah Agbroko Meyer.
Dear Nigerian girls, it’s time to wake up and smell the kunu! Why? Because many of your predecessors now litter the streets, parties, churches and workplaces of London complaining to everyone, including complete strangers, about how they were tricked by men into “coming to suffer in jand.” 
This is one area where ignorance is grief, not bliss.  And so, if you have a bobo in Jand who is asking you to come over and join him in paradise, here are specific signs you have to look for, to be sure that his net worth equals his current bed-worth. 
  • 1. HIS HOUSE
He says he lives in London; don’t get all relaxed because no be like dat. Ask him where exactly, and try to visit, or ask him to show you around via Skype. If he lives in a council flat you’ll know; they often look somewhat like 1004 flats, with none of the prestige or famous tenants like Tiwa Savage. If you visit and discover that the area smells then it is likely to be a council flat because, often, the trash is never collected on time.  
Now go inside. If the guy says he lives alone, look about for his pictures. If there are none and if the guy isn’t comfortable showing you the kitchen on Skype, or he leads you to chill in the room throughout your stay, then he is in a glorified “room-and-parlour” situation, aka flat-share.  
Electricity bills are also important. If you see none, then “there is a problem.” It means your boo is definitely sharing the flat with others and therefore they pay for electricity using a pre-paid stick, just like a recharge card. The problem with this is that you may marry into that house and one day, while you are having a bath the light, water and everything else will go off because your oga or flatmates cannot pay. Even worse is if your oga-to-be has no flatmates but decides to use a pre-paid stick; that definitely confirms he is Ebenezer Scrooge. Be wise. So that cold no go kill you. Ehen, here is a picture of the stick and payment cards, so you can recognise it if you see it in his flat or in a picture.

pre-paid stick
In my dating years I avoided guys who didn’t have Cable TV. Don’t judge me biko. Who would you encourage your daughter to date; someone who has StarTimes or someone who has DSTV?  
In Jand, the equivalent of DSTV is Sky TV – full Sky subscription costs £807 annually. Any guy willing to shell that out is a keeper; he appreciates the finer things of life, and the channels will keep you busy and happy when you move to Jand. You’ll still be able to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and TLC.  
But be aware, there is a cheaper Sky subscription, which doesn’t give you movies and sports, costing £258 annually. Give such guys a miss and take the man who has Virgin Media TV with TiVo because this is better, even if with fewer channels. The best men use the full package of broadband and telephone calls – it shows they don’t do things by half. So when you relocate, you won’t suffer from lack of internet and can update your Facebook and Instagram every second with those #IwokeUpLikeThis selfies.

Again, here is a picture of the distinctive Sky box and remote control to help your hustle.

 Sky box
*In addition, steer clear of guys who only watch “catch-up TV” on their iPads. It shows they don’t even have a TV, much less Sky at home. RUN from a guy who has letters warning him he will be prosecuted for not paying his TV license. These types are either illegal immigrants hoping to soon disappear from their current address or worse; they own flat screen TVs and use Sky but won’t pay for a TV license because as ELdee warned us already;  all na wash. Remove those Louboutins and…TAKE OFF.

Forget passports; visas can be faked. To get an accurate grasp of his immigration status and living arrangements, say you want to send him a letter from Nigeria and get his address. Once you have a postcode, you can search online on the electoral roll (our voters’ register in Jand) to see if the guy lives alone, or is shacking up with someone else (real wife or flatmate). 
Why the electoral roll? Because it not only confirms the address, it shows that the bobo has some claim to Jand. To be on the electoral roll, you have to be a British citizen or a UK resident. Even better is to google the dates of elections in Jand and ask him in conversation if he will vote, then proceed to shriek with delight and tell him to take a selfie with his letter of notification. If you are visiting, sift through his post…you will see such documents and then you can breathe. 

Finally, take note during those long calls he makes to you in Nigeria where he says he loves you more than his mother. If he continues to complain about “network,” innocently ask him what service provider he uses. If he says 02, Vodafone, EE then all is well. The minute he says “Lebara,” then be aware you may have a stingy cheapskate on your hands. 
Lebara is some provider that gives free minutes to Nigeria and is basically for the masses, who only tolerate the shitty network because of the “1,000 free minutes.” If he is so keen on CUTTING COSTS that he sticks with Lebara then he is probably CUTTING SHOWS and using the free minutes to call other ladies because they do free minutes to Ghana as well. Just saying. 
And regarding the actual handset, be wary of any guy who visits Nigeria with tons of phones for sale, which all need unlocking. Clearly he has taken out numerous contracts on those phones and is living off credit.  
The best kind of guys in jand buy their gadgets upfront, with no fuss, no debt. You gerrit?. 
If you visit, check for such contracts and bills. You might as well keep an eye out for bank statements because you can’t go wrong with those. 
Again, you can also quickly look at the type of grocery bags in the house. If they are from Waitrose and M&S, then marry the guy. If his bags show he shops at ASDA and Morissons, there’s potential. For those who only shop at Poundland and Iceland, I suggest you do an Usain Bolt, except you are NOT allergic to poverty 
So, there you have it, ladies. You can see that I have gone to great detail to save you lot from all these wash-wash jand guys. Don’t be fooled by their fresh skin (the weather gives it to us all for free) and don’t get carried away by their pot-bellies straining against TM Lewin shirts (food is cheap and they wait till TM Lewin does sales).

Julius Agwu and Wife Celebrate 6th Wedding Anniversary

Comedian Julius Agwu & his beautiful wife, Ibiere are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary today. Wishing them many more blissful years ahead.

Iyanya Shows Off his Bulges in New Photo

Fine guy..... Someone he looks like Usher in this photo. You think so?

An Anonymous Donor is Giving Away Cash through Twitter!

Things you wish would happen in Nigeria! An anonymous donor, known only by his Twitter handle, @HiddenCash has gotten tens of thousands of people in the United States on the hunt for free cash. 

Communicating with prospective hunters on Twitter, @HiddenCash leaves huge wads of cash around San Francisco, California, encouraging those who find the envelopes to take photos of them, post them onto Twitter and give him a shoutout. He also gives clues as to where the next envelope is

'The World would Soon Get To Know My Fiance' - Karen Igho

Ever since Big Brother Africa star and Nollywood actress, OAP Karen Igho announced she's engaged, congratulations have been pouring in with everyone wanting to know who her lucky man is. People like me have been following leads upon leads to find out who he is. So, if  you have any info - *winks*

Well,  Karen Igho, through her publicist, Tayo Afolabi in a chat with Punch, says the world would get to know him soon and that her fiancé is not even in the entertainment industry.
Tayo told Punch:
“Karen is really engaged now. We didn’t want everybody to know about it. It was our decision to keep the relationship under wraps. Nobody knows him yet. When the time comes, the whole world will know him.”

I'm Still 'at War' with Ibinabo Fiberesima - Clarion Chukwurah

This picture of the warring actresses, Clarion Chukwura and Ibinabo Fiberesima together recently went viral sparking hopes that the two have reconciled. However, Clarion, in a new chat with Saturday Punch says she's surprised that the picture found its way to the Internet.

Clarion, who won the Best Actress award at the recently held Africa Movie Academy Award, said the picture was taken when Ibinabo congratulated her on the award.
“When I got the award, I came and met my team, the Royal Arts Academy, and we all hugged and took pictures. As I was going back to my seat, Ibinabo got up and hugged me and beckoned the photographers to take our picture. As I stepped away, Rita Dominic also got up and hugged me and also asked the press photographers to take our pictures.

How Many of You Think You Will Own a Home like This One Day?

Twenty years from now, you will be soooo disappointed that you didn't do the things you knew you were supposed to do today to get you the life you have always wanted.
How many of you think you will own a home this 'palacious' someday? Your dreams can happen, you know..

Would you Rock these Poses for a Photoshoot, Guys?

The guys are taking over now o. lol. Check out promo photos from Italian/Nigerian citizen, Osaro Agho aka BabiBevis' latest shoot.

Sexy or Trashy?

Nigerian Man Violently Beats up Wife Infront of their Little Baby while in Traffic in Lagos

Not actual photo

The very shocking story you are about to read, as told by Moe Odele who experienced it first hand and shared them on Twitter will blow your mind. This happened in Lagos, just last Monday. Read the tweets from the very bottom to the top, after the cut.

This is sooo sad and unfortunate. To even think the lady being violently abused REFUSED the help she was offered cos according to her, she has nowhere else to go, heartbreaking. 

Tonto Dikeh's Outfit for the Premiere of 'Musical Whispers'

You like?

We've Got Our Men On the Most Fashionable Reader's Show Today.. and They are Looking So Delicious! (Photos)


Eddy Wiz
Just check them out, guys - Busayo, Eddy Wiz and Ebuka. Standing like royalty, decked out in fab outfits.
  • Busayo Sadiq just finished his MSc; degree in Information Technology, DeMontfort Uni UK. He loves songs, travelling and designing signs n logos.
  • The one and only Eddy Wiz is from Edo State.. student of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida Niger State...
  • Ebuka is a student, Covenant University, a fashion lover and a fun person
So, which of them deserves to be our Most Fashionable Reader of the Week? More hot pics after the cut

Friday, May 30

Ini Edo Looks Stunning in her New Selfie! (See Photo)

Reno Omokri Lists President Jonathan's Achievements to Shut Haters Up!

Reno Omokri is the Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media. And he just took to Twitter to list out the changes that have happened in Nigeria since President Jonathan took over. This he said he's doing so that incase these haters, in the form of politwitters, tell you President Jonathan hasn't achieved anything, you can challenge them with the facts below.

Tweets continue after the cut

Agbani Darego Shares Sexy Photo of Her Bikini Bod

Agbani recently was in Greece with the Igbinedions to celebrate Ivie's birthday. Pretty lady.

Lil PSquare, Andre Okoye, Poses with Uncle Jude's New Hummer Beast!

Too cute...

Photos: Man Invents Condom that Covers Just the Tip Of Peens, Leaves Shaft Exposed

An American has invented a new condom which he says is stronger, safer and enables better sensitivity. And the new condom is called the Galactic Cap Condom (Penis Helmet)

This new condom sits only on the very tip of the penis, leaving the shaft exposed boosting sensitivity and enabling easier application. It was developed by LA-based Charles Powell after one of his friends contracted HIV.

The condom comprises two parts - a U-shape polyurethane adhesive film that wraps around the penis

Former Oyo State Governor, Ladoja Loses Son, Debo, in Auto Crash (Photos)

Tragedy struck in Lagos, on Thursday, on the Eko Bridge, when the son of a former governor of Oyo State, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, died in an auto accident.
The incident reportedly occurred around 3.30 p.m, when the deceased, Adebola Ladoja's Volkswagen Golf car with Lagos registration number AKD 107 CJ, driving toward Lagos Island was crushed by a DAF truck, with registration number JJJ 59 XA driven by one  Osaghai  Justice Eko.
Eyewitnesses say the truck driver lost control and hit the median in the middle of the road, before crushing the car driven by the former governor’s son.
“It took several hours before those who came to the rescue of the victim could break into the vehicle. He was trapped behind the wheel with blood gushing out of his head as a

And Our Most Fashionable Reader Of the Week is.......!

Guys, it's Abby!! *loud drum rollsssss* Abby got the highest votes so she is our big winner!! Big congratulations to you, dear. Your pics are up on our sidebars now. So send me your preferred network so we can send you your N3000 win.

Thank you so much to Abby, Hadiza and Bola for participating in last Saturday's competition. You ladies are so beautiful, one of the most perfect set ever. Thank you so much.

Another one is coming up tomorrow, 8am prompt, guys. So make sure you here with your friends to

Thursday, May 29

Tiwa Savage Thanks Venita Akpofure & Gbemi for Defending her 'Wanted' Video Against Haters

Tiwa had earlier on today arrived Nigeria to hear about the commotion her new music video has caused. Guess she's done reading people's comments now and she's taken to Instagram to thank all the people that supported her video. She also thanked Tuface, Skales. See it after the cut

Jonathan Declares Amnesty for Boko Haram Members - Minister

Before you read this, a source at the Nigerian Presidency has denied this story. But all the same, local media reports have quoted the Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Boni Haruna, on Thursday as saying that President Goodluck Jonathan has announced amnesty for members of the Boko Haram sect as parts of his administration’s youths-friendly programmes and policies.

Haruna reportedly disclosed this at a special event tagged “A day with young leaders of Nigeria” to mark the nation’s Democracy Day in Abuja. The minister said:
 “President Goodluck Jonathan has also declared amnesty for members of the Boko

Check out Tania Omotayo's New Look...

We are all used to seeing Tania in long hair. But she recently decided to switch things up and right now, she's rocking braids which she showed off on Twitter. Compared to her usual hairstyle,

HILARIOUS: Has This Ever Happened to You, Guys?

Or have you done this to your man, ladies? Talk true ooo. lol

Actress Laverne Cox Becomes First Transgender To Grace Cover of 'TIME' Magazine! (Photos)

On TIME’s cover this week is an unlikely icon: Hollywood actress Laverne Cox who was born a man and according to her, was bullied and harassed for appearing feminine while growing up. Eventually, Laverne came out as transgender while living in New York City and she's now a star on the Netflix drama Orange Is the New Black.
Laverne has emerged as a public leader of the trans movement, using her increasingly prominent perch to make the case for equal rights for transgenders. Continue after the cut to see more pictures I found of her.

Ex-Minister, Dr Ibrahim Lame, Loses his 2 Kids after they Locked Themselves in his Car

Tragedy struck on Tuesday afternoon at the Abuja home of former Police Affairs Minister Ibrahim Yakubu Lame as his two children suffocated to death in a locked car. Two-year-old Farida, who was Dr. Lame’s daughter, and her 1-year-old cousin Isah Abubakar Tahir died after being trapped for over an hour playing in one of the cars parked in the house.

The grieving fathers of the children, Dr. Lame and Abubakar Isah Tahir narrated to Daily Trust what happened. Farida’s father, who discovered the bodies, said it happened around 1.30 pm on Tuesday.
“The house driver came back around 1.30pm and when the children saw him while they were playing in the compound pleaded with him to take them out for a drive. The driver, who wanted to put them off, told them not to worry and should let him pray and come

5 Men Gang Rape & Kill 2 Sisters Aged 14 & 15, Spark International Outrage (Photo)


Police in India are hunting a gang of men who raped and killed two teenage girls, before hanging their bodies from a tree. The horrendous attack, in the village of Karta in the Uttar Pradesh region, is said to have happened on Tuesday night after the two cousins, aged 14 and 15, went missing from their homes.

NDTV reports the girls - from the low-caste Dalit community previously known as the "untouchables" - disappeared after stepping out to go to toilet in the bush as they had none at home, prompting their families to search through the night. Their bodies were found at dawn, hanging from

Photos: Hotel Made Entirely from SALT - from the Walls to the Beds & Tables

Staying in a hotel made entirely of salt - from the walls to the beds - is definitely bound to leave you thirsty. Guys, check out the Palacio de Sal hotel which was built from one million blocks of salt over a two-year period and sits on the world's largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni.
Everything from the walls and floors to the beds and tables have been carved out of salt taken from the Salar de Uyuni salt flat. Even the quirky retreat's swimming pool, tables and chairs in the dining room and nine-hole golf course are made from sodium chloride.

Creator Don Juan Quesada dreamt up the idea of the world's first salt hotel as it was the most

Chat of the Day..

*lol* Tuface Idibia (Photos)

Annie just shared the photos from her fun night with hubby and Iyanya last night. hahha. Tubabaa. Continue to see more photos..

Is Pastor Chris & Anita Oyakhilome's Marriage in Trouble? Concerned Church Members Create Facebook Page Insinuating it is!

There seems to be a very big storm brewing within Christ Embassy Church. Earlier on in January this year, there was news that popular man of God, who also serves as the President of Believers' Love World Incorporated aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has relocated to Johannesburg in South Africa. While his wife is based in the UK.

According to sources close to the stylish and urbane pastor, he had relocated to South Africa ‘to further spread the gospel of Christ and win more souls for the Kingdom of God.’ That this was an agreement reached by the couple and it does not affect their relationship contrary to some media reports sometime ago that they were about to divorce. A source had said:
You know they are both servants of God and it would be counter-productive for them to stay in one country as this would not help the spread of the gospel. That was why they agreed to stay in different countries so that they could get across to as many people as possible in their different locations and the feedback has been great”. 
But according to posts made on a new Facebook page created by some concerned Christ Embassy members, there's more to Pastors Chris & Anita's separation and living in 2 countries!
They say Pastor Chris, recently, has never been never spotted with his wife by his side - not during ministry conferences, not during conferences by other ministers and NEVER during the monthly communion service transmitted live from a TV studio. Meanwhile other high ranking women in the ministry close to Pst. Chris always travel with him and are seen around him. That Rev Anita has not been seen in church since January 2014 and Pst. Chris does not find it fit to address his congregation who support him with so much money.
Continue to read their posts after the cut.

Explosion in Abuja was a Controlled Blast – Army Spokesperson

A loud explosion was heard this morning in Kurudu, a community on the outskirts of Abuja which caused panic in Kurudu, Jikoyi and other adjoining areas as residents scampered for safety.

Thankfully, according to the spokesperson of the Nigerian Army, Olajide Olaleye, the explosion was a “controlled blast.” He said a rock had been blocking a new road being constructed from Karishi to

Police Uncover Hideout, Arrest 26 Lesbians In Delta State

File photo
Police detectives in Asaba, Delta State have uncovered a hideout of lesbians around Awai road Asaba and have arrested 26 suspects.

The public relations officer of the state police command, DSP Celestina Kalu who confirmed the arrest of the suspects, said they were arrested while allegedly having sex with one another at their hideout. The police spokesperson who explained that the suspects were caught naked, averred that the

Charles Novia Thrashes Tiwa Savage's 'Wanted' Music Video.. Do You Agree With Him?



Tiwa has sooo stepped up her game!! She released her 'Wanted' music video yesterday, Nigerians went gaga. Her hubby has acknowledged she so has his support but our dear Mr Charles Novia thinks this is so wrong! Read his tweets, from very bottom to top after the cut and let's know if you agree with him.
Tiwa ain't doing kelekele music videos no more. Oh dear! lol.

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