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Ludacris' Longtime GF Forgives Him For Impregnating Babymama, Says She Will Still Marry Him.

Ludacris' longtime girlfriend Eudoxie is turning a blind eye to her boyfriend's infidelities that produced a baby with another woman.
And she's still determined to marry him.

According to TMZ, sources say Eudoxie has forgiven Ludacris for impregnating baby mama Tamika Fuller. 
Luda claims he and Eudoxie were on a break when he hooked up with Tamika.  

Eudoxie, who's been dating Luda since 2009, is emotionally hurt, but she too is taking the position they weren't a couple at the time of conception even though their Instagram suggests otherwise.

As for Ludacris' impending child support battle with Tamika, Eudoxie says she will make sure the rapper supports the kid like a responsible father.

Alero Falope Is Dino Melaye's New Lover's Name (More Photos Of Her)

Days ago, Otunba Dino Melaye showed off his new woman on Twitter, Facebook.
Her identity has been unravelled.

The pretty fair skinned lady is Alero Falope.
And according to reports, she is a niece to popular socialite, Daisy Danjuma, and also a graduate of the University of Ibadan.
She too was a married woman but reportedly left her husband, taking their daughter Victoria with her. 
That she too is as 'violent' as Dino.

Like we all know,  Dino and his exwife, Tokunbo Melaye are still in court for a divorce and fighting each other over the custody of their 3 beautiful kids.

Here's A Picture Of Annie & Tuface Idibia's New Baby Girl

Proud mummy and daughter.
They ain't showing her face just yet.
So adorable.

See another photo after the cut

Meet OJB's 3 Wives And 8 Kids (Photos)

OJB's 3 wives and kids

It's no longer news that OJB is married to 3 women.
And here are their pictures plus those of their kids.
OJB has 8 kids - three kids with his first wife Mabel, three with his second, Ama and two with his third, Korede.  And he is actively involved in the lives of his wives and children.

In the pictures below:
  • Here is OJB's 1st wife Mabel with her kids.
Mabel currently stays with OJB at his Surulere home with the kids. She is fondly called Mama J by her

Can You See The Ghost In This Picture? (Photos)

A ghostly figure was caught on camera in London standing outside Parliament on New Year's Eve.

The spooky image shows a transparent figure dressed in modern clothing gazing out over the Thames near Westminster Bridge in London.
Dailymail reports that professional photographer Jules Annan took the image on New Year's Eve  - but only noticed the ghostly apparition when he got home.
Jules said:

'Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I can't explain it.
There was no one there when I took the photograph and it is not a double exposure or a long exposure. 

What do you think?

*lol* You Need To Read This Love Message Some Guy Sent EME Niyola

Niyola shared this on Instagram with the caption 'Sigh' as her reply.
*lol* Poor guy.

Maje Ayida Finally Talks About His Breakup From Toke Makinwa

He didn't say much though but here is the little Maje said concerning his relationship with Toke Makinwa in a new interview with ThisDay.

You seem quiet but your publicised relationship via social media and blogs just hit the rocks after 12 years. How did you handle a relationship for that long and what happened?

I don’t think relationships are things you handle or manage.
Relationships are part of your life. They are part of who you are and probably the most complex thing in the world.

Earlier this year, you did the first part of traditional introduction to your ex’s family. What exactly went wrong after that?

Wrong? I don’t think I got that memo, and if that memo got circulated, I can’t discuss it here.
Everything about our lives here is a journey; a journey that I’m just glad to be on.

You guys have been on and off for 12 years. Do you see yourself going back to her considering all your tweets about your ex not focusing on your relationship rather attending events and making appearances as she claims in blogs?

I write a lot of stuff on social media. Some about me, some about life, maybe something I saw, maybe someone else’s experience, maybe my mood at the time.
The idea is that someone somewhere may be feeling that same thing. Sort of like the comfort you get on knowing that you’re not alone when you hear a song that speaks what you feel.
One thing I will say just as a general life tip, ‘don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.’ (not my words).

Who is your kind of woman or are you one of those who love to date women in the limelight?

I’m like the United Nations. I have love for everyone. I feel anyone that says they would only date a particular type of person is limiting themselves from the beauty that is the human soul.
It can take a lifetime to truly know someone; we are continually evolving. Two people together grow together and transform one another, just as experiences in life transform the individual. In other words, no, I’m not after women in the limelight.

Chika Ike Spends N810, 000 A Night To Lodge At The World's Most Expensive Hotel In Abu Dhabi (Photos)

According to the story sent out to the media, Chika Ike, who is still on her luxurious Abu Dhabi vacation, is enjoying this holiday, lodged in one of the most expensive hotels in the world - Emirates Palace Hotel.
Where room rates go for as much as from N810, 000 a night ie $5,000 to $17,000 a night.

Chiq is balling!

Check Out The Most Dangerous Photos Yet From The 2014 'Selfie Olympics'

There's a new game this year called the 'Selfie Olympics' and after three days, it's already become an internet sensation among teenagers and those who are young and careless at heart.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users are asked to join in the game of making the most dangerous and outlandish selfie ever and to then post it on social media.

Business Insider reports that a facebook page created this morning already has 30,000 likes. There are over 28,000 pictures on Instragram already, and the selfie game is trending on twitter.

See more pictures after the cut

Mercy Johnson Talks About Her Growing Up Poor, Before Acting Changed Her Life!


Mercy Johnson-Okojie in a new touching interview with Nigerian Tribune got to talk about her humble beginning - living in an uncompleted building with lizards and her family members.
And how her brother had to take a menial job, working as a bricklayer to provide for the family.
  • How has it been through fame and glamour?
There have been the good and bad times; there have been rumours and scandals. Sometimes when I cry in movies, it isn’t the script that makes me cry.
When I recall my humble beginning, I give thanks to God. When I remember how we moved into an uncompleted building and had to take cover whenever it rained because of the condition of the house;

Abuja Female Banker Sends Hubby Packing After He Impregnated Their 2 Househelps In 1 Year!

There's this hot gist about an Abuja top banker, Onome, who is in her late thirties, early forties. Who, a few days back, sent her husband of 4 years packing after it became obvious he was too much to handle.

According to CityPeople, it all started shortly after their marriage in the city’s registry in AREA 10 Garki, Abuja.
Less than two weeks in the marriage, Dickson, her husband was always seen cruising her car about town with young ladies while she was busy at work.

Reports of his activities came to her hearing but she turned a deaf ear thinking it was out of jealousy

INCREDIBLE!: WAEC Exam 'Cheaters' Return Certificates After Christ Touched Them

In what may come as a big surprise to most people, no fewer than 15 persons recently returned certificates issued to them by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).
Cos according to them, they had to give up the certificates because they cheated during the examination, and now as Born Again Christians, they could not live with “the sin.”

SunNews reports that some individuals approached WAEC through letters seeking restitution after confessing how they dubiously acquired their certificates when they wrote the examinations at various periods.

The Council wrote back to them, stating that what they were expected to do was to return the

Yvonne Nelson's Look At Rukky Sanda's Movie Premiere (Photos)

See more photos after the cut

Photo: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 17 Years Ago

One of Africa’s most popular pastors, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome pictured at a camp meeting in 1997.

Hot Or Not? Rukky Sanda's Oufit To Her Movie Premiere 'Gold Digging'

The premiere held yesterday in Lagos.
You like?
See another picture after the cut

Photos: Baby Gets Born With Strange Islamic Sign Shaped Ears In Ondo

According to DailyPost, when little Mahmud Kosija was born by his mother, Hajia Abibat Kosija two months ago, he came to this world with mysteries which had been attracting several residents of Ondo Kingdom and its neighbouring communities to their family house at Igbomoba Street, beside a central mosque.

Mahmud, a son of an Islamic cleric was said:
  • to have been born with 'a strange ear shape',
  • to have shouted “Allah” “Allah”’ immediately he was delivered at the Mother and Child Hospital in Ondo Town.
  • The baby that was born at about 12 noon in the State owned hospital was discharged on the

First Pictures From Soul Singer Bez & Bolatito's Wedding Going On Right Now

The newest couple of the new year 2014 - Soul singer Bez and boo Bolatito Ladoja, daughter of the former Governor of Oyo state Rasheed Ladoja, are exchanging vows right now in Lagos.
Their reception ceremony will kick off by 2 PM at the Landmark Village, Victoria Island, Lagos. 
Wishing them a happy married life.
More pictures when you continue.

Kcee Replies Female Follower Who Asked Why He Always Looks Gay


So, singer Kcee shared this picture of himself, his manager Soso and Flavour on Instagram.
This female follower look the picture finish and this is what comes to her mind.
 *lol* Some people sef.

See another photo of the hot artistes together below:

Chika Ike Shares Pictures Of Herself At The Famous Abu Dhabi Mosque

Chika took to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to show off once again the high class fun she's so having on her super cool Abu Dhabi vacation.
In this first pic, she said her Gucci handbag was taking her shine. Big gurl.

Yesterday she visited the magnificent, practically all gold everything Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the 4th largest mosque in the world.
More pics after the cut.

Nollywood Actress Benita Nzeribe Announced As Nigerian Airspace Management Authority Ambassador

Nollywood actress, Benita Nzeribe has joined the league of brand ambassadors as she, few days to end of 2013, signed an ambassadorial deal with the Nigerian Airspace Management Authority (NAMA).
An excited Benita Nzeribe told Vanguard:
“I feel good to be NAMA ambassador. We just finished the photo shots and it will soon go on air. NAMA is seriously doing their job well to ensure that runways and every other air facilities are put in place. I promise to do my best to represent them well. 
I will be attending their events within and outside the shores of the country  when the need arises,” 
Big congrats to her.

Nigerian Guy Writes A Hilarious Letter To His Future Wife - 'I Hope You Are Still A Virgin For Me'

Tosin - This letter's writer
 Hey wifey.

I have often wondered how life with you would be.
I often imagine how we will look together.
  • To start with, I strongly believe you are a daughter of Zion who is very much in love with the Father.
You have to love Him more than you love me.
See, that is a necessity. We would together study the word, pray and teach others how to live according to the dictates of the Bible. We would build a home whose foundation is Christ the Lord. And with that settled, we can move to the other less important things.

Jeez, I get frightened sometimes about the many responsibilities that come with marriage.
  • I hope you don’t use excessive make-up because I am such a fan of the natural not the

SHOCKING Stories Of Lesbians "Corrective Rape" Was Used On To Cure Them Of Lesbianism In South Africa

Mvuleni stands in the alley where she was abducted (Clare Carter)
Corrective rape is a hate crime wielded to convert lesbians to heterosexuality – an attempt to 'cure' them of being gay.
The term was coined in South Africa in the early 2000s when charity workers first noticed an influx of such attacks.
But despite recognition and international coverage, corrective rape in the region is escalating in severity.

Here are shocking, horrible stories of South African lesbians who have fallen victim to the practice.
  • Mvuleni Fana was walking down a quiet alleyway in Springs – 30 miles east of Johannesburg –

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