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New Mummy Toyin Lawani Off To Winter Wonderland With Her Daughter

Good to know Toyin is strong enough to take her older child out just 4 days after putting to bed.
Strong woman!

Ladies, Stop Asking Men To Buy You Things - OAP Gbemi


Gbemi is an OAP with BeatFM and she shared these words about transactional relationships on Twitter which made a lot of sense.
Remember that's what really sparked the outrage towards Basketmouth's rape tweet.

So, after Gbemi made her tweets, to her surprise, her followers replied her saying she was being too American by sharing these tweets.
That here is not Yankee and this is how relationships work in Nigeria - money for hand, back for

Guy Shares Story Of How He Would Destroyed His Life With S*x On The 31st Night

Written by Ellidude
Some decisions are made out of Ignorance.. Certainly my case was more than just ignorance. Peer pressure almost added to my PRESAGED MISTAKE.. 
I met a lady online some two weeks ago [2yrs older than me] we got along so well..Like we were dating..She's more of a Nymphomaniac.. 
Knowing about this, I made a sex proposal to her and she accepted. 
Seeming so excited, I made plans on how it would happen for it's my first time of going

Shocking!: Human Body Parts 'Fall From Sky' In Saudi Arabia!

Human body parts fell from the sky today in the Saudi city of Jeddah.
And according to police, they could be the remains of someone trapped in an aircraft's undercarriage bay.

Eyewitnesses had called the police to report the fall of human remains in their area - an intersection

Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Working On Her First New Music Single (Photo)

Nollywood actress Susan Peters has announced that she is currently working on her first single which will mark her induction into the Nollywood actress cum singers club.
Explaining her decision to go into music, Susan says it's not that she just discovered her singing talent - she has always been a singer but in the choir and she insists her song ain't going to be wack.

Woman Rushed To Hospital After Painful 3 Hour Orgasm (Photos)

Three hours into the orgasm: Eric rushed Liz to hospital when the orgasm wouldn't fade
For one Seattle woman, a mind-blowing orgasm sent her to heaven - and then to the emergency room.

DailyMail reports Elizabeth had just had sex with her partner Eric, but well after he climbed out of bed, Liz was hitting new peaks of pleasure.
About an hour into her epic climax, Liz started to panic.
By the second hour, the panting woman was rushed to hospital where medical staff thought she was in labor.
Liz's orgasm lasted for over three hours before she finally found relief.
The young couple shared their bizarre story during last night's TLC show 'Sex Sent Me to the ER'.

Liz, who didn't give her last name, recounted how she tried everything from jumping to drinking to

Popular Soul Singer, Soul E, Weds Secretly (Photos)

Popular soul singer, Emmanuel Okose, better known with the stage name Soul E, has secretly married his heartthrob Petula Delinda on 2nd January 2014 in Delta State, where the couple hail from.
This marriage, according to Soul E “is my first and final marriage”, putting to rest speculations that he was once married to Queen Ure.
Petula was his longtime Abuja-based banker girlfriend.

More pics when you continue

Dino Melaye & Ex-Wife Tokunbo's Divorce: Tokunbo Cries Out To God On Twitter!

According to Tokunbo Fabiyi, she is yet to hear from her 3 kids since September 2013. Cos her ex-husband Dino Melaye has refused her seeing them.
She says she only prays they are okay.

Some hours ago, the heartbroken but strong woman took to Twitter to cry out to God.
And share her advice to women in abusive relationships.
Tweets continue after the cut

People Lash Out at Basketmouth, Demand That Glo Dumps Him After His Insulting Tweet About Rape

So, earlier on today, Basketmouth shared this tweet which to him seemed harmless.
Unfortunately, it pissed a whole lot of people off.

Basketmouth has since deleted the tweet and has apologized but reactions continue to pour in.
Some people are strongly asking brands for whom Basketmouth is an ambassador to dump him.
A Zimbabwean mother of four even wrote in from the States lashing out at the comedian.
A hashtag #RapeIsNoJoke has already been created to pursue the cause.

More tweets after the cut

I Haven't Removed Balogun From My Name - Fathia Balogun

My Daughter Has Never Seen My Nude Pictures, She's Not Even Allowed Access To Social Media - Maheeda

Maheeda in a new chat with Punch:

I am 31 and I had my daughter when I was 17. I do not think this is going to affect her in any way. If my mother did something like this; there is no way it would have affected me.
My daughter is not even aware these nude pictures exist even though she has seen pictures of me in bikini. She is not even allowed access to the social media. Even if she gets to view them eventually, it’s not going to mean anything to her because she has the European mentality.
When my daughter is 18, then she can decide what she wants.

Currently, she is under my care and I won’t let her do what I am doing.

 I know what I am doing. The pictures are not targeted at anything. It is all about attention and there is no mistake about it.
This business of music is called showbusiness and I am convinced I am on the right track. I owe no apologies.
I just realised this way will be a faster hit than any other way. The pictures are working for me. As you can see, there’s so much attention on me.
All of a sudden, people want to listen to my old singles and are looking forward to my debut album.

In this life, everybody gets criticised whether you do good or bad. I have read and heard so much about me that I am now used to it. Thanks to them, they have helped me develop a thick skin.

I am married and my husband is Dutch. What I am doing is not alien to him or his family and he understands.
I met him at a bar when he just came to Nigeria. We are happily married. Even before we got married, he understood my kind of person. He was aware of my vision. He has always been supportive.
He just laughs whenever he comes across any of my pictures. It’s in Africa that we attach much importance to such things and consider it sacrilegious.

Ramsey Nouah Shares His Growing Up Rich, Fall To Grass, Then Back To Grace Story

Nollywood top actor Ramsey Nouah in a new interview with SunNews got to share his growing up story.
According to him, what we don't know is he was born with a silver spoon but along the line, his family lost all their wealth.
They were reduced to nothing but through God's mercy, they rose back to grace again.

Tell us about your growing up?

My growing up was like tasting the two sides of a coin.
When I said tasting the two sides of a coin; I mean tasting being a rich man and a poor man. I grew up with my mother, and with a silver spoon, I had it all. When I began to realize that I had good things to show off, everything disappeared.

We started from grace to grass; that has helped me a lot because it totally balanced the equation of life. It gives me confidence in all spheres.
For instance, I can hang out with the enlightened or the rich. I can mingle with them very easily without any complication or complex whatsoever.
Also, if it is the low class or poor people, I can mingle very easily with them.

I can eat a fantastic dinner in a huge, expensive restaurant and I can go eat amala at a buka and I would not feel anything. I don’t care being a popular actor or a role model. I am a role model to everybody.

Are you saying that fame has not denied you anything in life?

It has denied me a few, but it has not denied me being as natural as I want to be. I won’t let that happen. It has happened to some of my colleagues. Fame has taken them away from what they wanted to do or be.
There was a time I went to a bank to pay my NEPA bill and I was wearing a short and T-shirt, because it was on Monday morning somebody came down and said ‘Ramsey Noah, you are a role model, you shouldn’t have been wearing this’.
I didn’t take it likely with him.

For you, what was the worst scenario when life was so cruel?

Those were the times when things got really bad for my mother and I and we had nothing. It was so bad that we didn’t have a home or shelter to live in.
We had to stay in a store, a small store that could take only one mat. My mother and I squeezed ourselves in that mat. We didn’t even have a cup to drink water not to talk of a stove to cook. And my mother had to borrow, beg and stuff like that.
These were moments when I was young I didn’t realize the gravity of poverty we were in, I couldn’t tell.
But it was a good orientation for me. It was moments that I thank God for making me past through, because that has sustained and helped me even as an actor. The ability to deliver all the roles they give me because I have tasted both sides of the coin.

With all these experiences, what has life taught you?

Life has taught me never to look down on anybody because the person you disregard might just be your saviour tomorrow.
I realized that all my mother’s property was washed away by rain. We couldn’t sleep all through the night because of the flood. It was really terrible.
Like I said, it is a life lesson.

Is there anything that can make you cry or shed tears after all you passed through?

Yeah, those moments; those terrible moments when we had nothing and we were living off people. People were just helping us out.
There were times we didn’t have food to eat three or four days. You haven’t eaten and your stomach is rumbling but you don’t have any place to go.
There was a time I lived on the street, in shops. There was a time I slept under the bridge.
It was unfortunate that there were no records so that we can have memories we could play back now. To me, I am so extremely grateful that I went through it. At that time I hated everybody around me. In fact, I used to question why God was doing this to me. But I think God knew that I needed this for my future.

They Will Try To Kill Jonathan, Pray For Dame Patience - Prophet Warns

A prophet, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, in a new interview with NigeriaTribune has listed out the prophecies he saw concerning Nigeria and our politicians.
Primate Babatunde is the founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos.

Many people only know you as a prophet but few know your background. When did you start developing the gift of prophecy?

I never intended to be a prophet. I just attended church and prayed while growing up. I was around 17 years old when I fell into a trance for 21 days.
It actually happened like this.
I was washing my mother’s clothes and the next day was to be my birthday. I was thinking that I had not really fasted. My father would always say that I should fast. But I didn’t like it.
So that day, when it was 12 noon, I told myself that I should go and eat but before I knew what was happening, I fell in a trance. That was all.
It was after that that I decided what church to attend. I joined the Christ Apostolic Church. When I got there, the woman in charge gave me the responsibility of leading prayer sessions. 
After a while, I went to Aviation School in Zaria where I joined the Celestial Church of Christ. After that, I joined the Scripture Union.
After which I joined a gospel church.
It was after that that I joined the Cherubim and Seraphim church. Every church that I attended gave me one responsibility or the other to handle.

After the 21 days of being in a trance, what happened?

All I said were written and they all came to pass. So, many things happened.

In January every year, prophets come out with different but largely negative prophecies...

I will not take that. There is nothing negative about the warning of God.
The problem is usually the way that we take these prophecies. We are far away from the truth. It is the manner in which these prophecies are portrayed by the press. It is also the way that people react to these prophecies.
We take many things for granted in this country. We are too critical. We don’t fear God. Every country has its own prophets.

What do we expect this year and the nearest future?

*This year, Jonathan will cajole Nigerians and some other politicians.
Some people will want to defect to APC. APC will goof. It will not make the presidency despite all the shakeups that will come up.

*Jonathan will beg Obasanjo. There will be moves by PDP to reconcile. There will be negotiations on the office of the Vice-President, Chief of Staff, SGF, and in the process some people will ask Jonathan to step down.
Jonathan will then begin to struggle for a second term. Some of the governors who left PDP will return in the nearest future. Jonathan will be the last president that PDP will produce.
It will not be easy for the PDP.

*Tukur will be relieved of his position. Northern leaders will not support Jonathan in 2015.

Tambuwal should not contest for the presidency. He will not win. He will be under pressure to leave PDP.
If he leaves the PDP, he will have a lot of issues. He will face a lot of crises. He must be careful.

*Despite all its present problems, PDP will face a lot of challenges this year. PDP will win the presidency but they may lose some states.
Jonathan should consult God for a second term. If Jonathan eventually becomes Nigeria’s president for a second time, he should watch his health.
His second term will not be as peaceful as he expects.

*We should pray for the First Lady.

I see chaos and political revolution. Nigeria cannot stay together for another 100 years. 

*If Buhari is not given APC presidential ticket, he will neither be here nor there.
He may threaten to pull out of the APC. Buhari is expecting that ticket.

*Jonathan is the cause of all these problems because he did not listen to warnings.
There will be an attempt on Jonathan’s life. He must be conscious of what he takes. His health needs prayers.

Jonathan’s presidential economic team will fail him.
Some ministers will be eased out while new ones will come in.

*Aviation and the oil and gas ministries will be probed by the House of Representatives. There will be more threats to remove them.

Nothing serious will come out of SEC.
The DG of SEC will face a probe panel. The House of Reps will probe the Finance Minister this year. Their jobs will be under threat this year.
There will be troubles.

The excess crude oil account will cause problems.
I see that Nigeria will borrow money. I don’t know when this will come up but Aba will be the China of Nigeria where Nigeria will produce vehicles, motorcycles and tricycles.

*Exotic guns will be made in Nigeria.
I am not saying it will happen in 2014 but it is part of the things that we should be expecting in the nearest future. It will be a pleasure if we can manage these crises and then I see a greater Nigeria.  

*In Lagos State, there will be clamour for a Christian governor.
If Lagos does not produce a Christian governorship candidate, APC will lose Lagos. I see an unknown man ruling Lagos in 2015.
If APC wants to retain Lagos in 2015, it must produce a Christian as a candidate. The person might have been in government.
I do not see Ikuforiji, Ashafa winning that seat. The direction is from Ikorodu area. 

*International politics
There will be crisis in Lebanon. I see crisis in Rwanda too.
There will be bloodbath in Pakistan. I forsee trouble in South África, Angola.

*Nollywood star
Let’s pray not to lose any Nollywood star. I see the passing away of a Nollywood star in Yoruba and English. ANTP will have crisis.

Nigeria’s economy will not be fantastic in 2014. The price of food items will go up.
Some markets will be shut down in the Eastern part of the country and in the Southern part. Prices of garri, palm oil and flour will go up. Price of vegetable will go up.

Photo Of The Morning - Olamide Eating Garri & Soup With Small Stout & Red Bull

*lol* Badoo!!

Beverly Osu Tweets That She Still Misses Angelo

Beverly was truly in love with this dude.
That follower's reply..... some pple sef.

What's This Celebrity's Name?

*winks* What's her name? ... Daz all.

Who Rocked It Berra? Toyin Lawani VS Betty

*lol* Just for laffs.
Hope you are getting ready for church or you back already? Which one?

Toyin Lawani & New Baby Leave UK Hospital (Photos)

4 days after her 2nd baby was born, Tiannah Styling CEO Toyin Lawani, her daughter and new baby have left the hospital for home.
Daddy Trig wasn't with his family when his baby was born.
Yesterday, he shared a picture of himself and Davido cruising in Davido's new ride.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Butt Again In A Sexy Workout Selfie (Photos)

Kim Kardashian keeps getting hotter everyday cos her post-baby workouts are sooo paying off.
She shared these pictures on Instagram three hours ago and the internet is going gaga already!

That lady with her too...*boom!!* ... some chicks are beautifully endowed jare *lol*

Actor Mike Ezuruonye Shares New Pictures

Check out the fineness on this young man *winks* Nollywood's finest boy!
Mike is currently in Toronto, holidaying.

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