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Check Out These Pictures Of Ex-Gov Orji Uzor Kalu Luxuriously Enjoying His Money!

When you are big, you are big.
This man here needs no introduction.
Check out the pics below:

Hot Or Trashy?


SHOCKING!: Acid Attack Victim Naomi Oni's Alleged Attacker Was Her Friend - Mary Konye!!!

Acid attack victim Naomi Oni’s alleged attacker has been identified as her friend Mary Konye who was jealous of her.

DailyMail reports that 21 years old Mary Konye, who stood trial today, had disguised herself in an Islamic veil showing only her eyes, and followed Naomi Oni home in East London before allegedly dousing her in the corrosive acid.
Ms Oni, 21, who worked at Victoria’s Secret lingerie shop, suffered horrific burns on her face and chest, lost her hair and eyelashes and was left scarred for life in the alleged attack on December 30 2012.

during her trial, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Konye, who was studying business and finance at Hertfordshire University, had been close friends with Ms Oni since secondary school.
But she was envious of the shop worker’s good looks, and the pair had rowed in the past leading Konye to attack her with acid previously, it is alleged.

Konye knew Ms Oni had been deeply 'moved' by Katie Piper's story - Katie is a model and TV presenter who was badly scarred and left blind in one eye after she was attacked with acid in an ambush arranged by her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lynch. 

Knowing this, Konye decided to launch the copycat attack on Naomi Oni that fateful day, jurors were told.

The court heard Ms Oni left work at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, East London, at around 11.30pm with several colleagues. But she was oblivious to the fact she was being closely followed by Konye wearing a full niqab, a hooded black coat, gloves and a grey bag.

CCTV showed the university student had 'lingered waiting to see the victim' at Stratford and 'tailed' her home always making sure to keep a few steps behind her.

On the phone to her boyfriend throughout the journey, Naomi stopped off at takeaway to pick up some food and got the 368 bus to her house.
Unaware she was being followed, she got off the bus at Lodge Avenue, a few hundred yards away from her house.

But she suddenly became aware of a presence behind her and spun around to see someone in a niqab who lobbed a glass of acid at her.

However, Konye, who was arrested on February 22 last year, denied carrying out the attack or ever threatening to throw acid at Naomi.

She said they had had quite a few fallings out, including one very big one, however she said she did not remember ever saying she was going to attack Naomi with acid. 
She denied being in any way jealous of the victim’s looks.

What Sort Of A Devilish Wife Did I Marry?! - Guy Shares His Marriage Story.

Just had to share this story.
Sometimes we married ladies kill our marriages ourselves, then look for someone else, something else to blame for it.
Please read Mr Opetu's really sad story. What's your advice?

My wife has been a thorn on my flesh, giving me headaches daily.

It happened that I met her in my final year in school (fellowship), we got close just as friends and within 7 months of knowing her, one thing led to the other and she got pregnant for me.

Well I accepted my responsibilty. Telling my parents also, it was actually a thing of mixed feelings being that I am the only child of my parents. At least thats like having a second child for them.

Long story short, Idecided to marry her cos of the baby..with the notion dat we woud build our early relationship in marriage .. Now issue is that my wife doesn't like the idea when my parents come to see me in my home.
She always grumbles, she doesn't have a close relationship wit my mom, mom is alwayz sad about this.

I ve been married for 5years now, my kids have only visited my parents for a week.
Anytime I bring up the idea of them goin to see them..we always quarell!!

Just last week sunday, my parents left their home so they come take the kids for the New year break, i didn't tell my wife, but she found out. It was a fight that happened ....with her tearing my clothes..
My old man and momma both cried seeing this, they had to travel back that evening seeing dat my so called wife didnt welcome them in my home.

This is just the little I can narrate !!I have two kids now, i kinda hate having a second child with her, now am thinking divorce, which I don't want to.
Tried to be patient, but its like she's getting evil advice from some places everyday.

How many years more does my parents have on earth that i won't make them happy at least to be with their grandkids!!
At first I thought this was normal, or is it a normal thing for mothers to cling to their child that way?? Maybe am too soft on her!! sigh!
I wish i never married her in the first place, I only wanted to rewrite my mistake by marrying her.

Ladies, Would You Rock This Hairstyle On Chimamanda Adichie?

Pictures are Nigerian Internet entrepreneur, Jason Njoku  with literary star Chimamada Adichie during their interview with BBC's Evan Davis and Nkem Ifejika, as part of the BBC's focus on Nigeria as one of the world's leading emerging economies. 

The hairstyle looks awesome on Chima.
But on you ladies, what do you think?

Adaeze Yobo & Hubby Joseph Celebrate 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Photos)

Adaeze and hubby Joseph Yobo celebrated their 3 years of marriage on the 1st of January, 2014 in Lagos.
And here are pictures.
Wishing them many more happy years together.

Btw, last pic is Ada with her mother in law. See how young her mum in law looks. Sweet!

Pastor Gruesomely Murdered In Ogun State - Killers Disembodied Him, Place His Intestines On His Chest

Tunde Olawuwo, an Area pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, and a senior manager at Red Star Express, a courier company, has been murdered.
According to PMNews, Pastor Tunde's killers were not just content with taking his life, they disembowelled him and placed his intestines on his chest.

Sources said Olawuwo was killed at about 4 a.m on Sunday at his residence in Magboro area of Ogun State.
The killers had arrived the pastor’s house at about 2am but could not gain entrance into the house until 4am.They broke in through the window and began shooting into the ceiling where the pastor was said to have hidden.
The deceased was said to have fallen from the ceiling and was shot several times by the killers. Sources said pleas by his wife were ignored as the killers cut him open and brought out his intestines and placed them on his chest.

The deceased, in his early 50s, was the Chief internal Auditor at Red Star Express PLC and an area pastor in Mount Zion Parish, Agiliti, Mile 12.
The parish is under Lagos Region 2, Province 13, Gbagada.

Olawuwo was born on 7 June and on 8 June last year, he thanked well-wishers on his Facebook page.“I thank God Almighty for Birthday gift He has given to me. I say thank you to my creator. Also, I want to seize this opportunity to appreciate everyone that has wished me well on my Birthday. The God of wonders will visit you today in a special way in the name of Jesus Christ.”
Not knowing the evil one was going to snatch his life so soon.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Jude Okoye Shows Off His Guns & Bullets On Instagram

Wow! This is scary. Jude shared the picture on his Instagram page.
How cool is this, please?
More pics after the cut

First Bank Uyo Shut Down As A Result Of Juju (Photo)

There are reports from Akwa Ibom State that the Plaza branch of First Bank Nigeria PLC, Uyo is currently under a traditional injunction placed at the entrance of the banking hall by unknown persons.

The building which is reportedly owned by Joesco Group of Companies is located at the heart of the

Ahoada High Court In Rivers State Bombed!

A bomb blast reportedly hit the Ahoada High Court, Rivers State today.
A statement by Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP confirmed the incident .

According to reports, the bombing of the court where Justice Charles N. Wali usually holds court, occurred on Monday morning a few hours before a politically charged suit against Hon Evans Bipi,

Okey Bakassi Shows Off His Lovely Wife (Photo)

Okey's wife and kids are based in Canada.
Fine woman..

Tonto Dikeh Shares Pictures From Her Romantic Date With Boyfriend (Photos)

Yesterday Sunday was a beautiful, romantic day for Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh
Her day started with a jolly sunny side up breakfast, which I guess was in bed, thanks to her amazing boyfriend.
Then ended with a very beautiful dinner just for two.

Tonto has been gushing about her joy. She hasn't officially announced him yet but we all already know *winks*
You don't share pictures of gifts by another man while with another man #Malivelihoodtins
See more pics after the cut

True Or False, Guys? See Picture *lol*

What do you think?

Check Out Ini Edo, Oge Okoye's Hot Calabar Carnival Outfits (Photo)

The hot Nollywood actresses with Omoni Oboli were in the Master Planner Band during the Christmas Calabar Carnival.
Hot swag!

Photo: EX-Nigerian Footballer Emeka Ezeugo Convert To Islam

46 years old retired Nigerian football defender and midfielder, also a current coach Emeka Ezeugo has announced that he's embraced Islam after being inspired by the life of Prophet Mohammad.

Emeka went to a Muslim cleric last week along with Mohammedan manager Amirul Islam, his former team-mate Kaiser Hamid, Zaker party leader Amir Faisal and club official Abu Hasan Prince to convert to Islam.

The former footballer, who represented Nigeria in the 1994 World Cup after playing for

Must Watch Video: Shocking News Report On Enugu's Healing Lake

CKN Shares His New Hilarious Experience At Pastor Tunde Bakare's Church - Latter Rain Assembly

*lmao* You remember Chris, last week, shared his experience at Pastor Chris Okotie's church last wee.
Yesterday, Chris visited Pastor Tunde Bakare's church and here's his experience.
 For over two decades, I have nursed the idea of worshipping at Pastor (Politician) Tunde Bakare’s Latter Rain Assembly (aka LRA).
 The reasons are not far fetched: 
  • Pastor Bakare is the fieriest Man of God in Nigeria.  
  • He has made criticism of successive governments a second nature. 
  • His preaching and delivery on television is second to none.  
  • He combines a well articulated ...diction and prose in his sermon. 
  • Most often than not, he switches from Queens English to Yoruba language. 
  • A Moslem by birth, Pastor Tunde Bakare has become a thorn on several former Head of States in Nigeria.
 Who doesn’t know Bakare, the man that predicted that Olusegun Obasanjo won’t get a second term.
 The same Bakare that blew the whistle about the $50,000 given them as transport fare

Happy Birthday To One Of The Purest Souls Ever, Anwuli Oputa

Anwuli love, you are one of the sweetest people I''ve ever met online.
You always see the beauty in others, you are always there to encourage and lift up.

Today is your day, dear, and you deserve to be celebrated. You shall live to see all your dreams come true.
God will take care of you and protect you just like a mother hen does her chicks.
I wish you a very happy birthday and loads of happiness today and always.

Happy birthday, Anwuli Oputa.

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