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Queen Latifah Getting Ready To Announce That She Is A Lesbian - National Enquirer


The National Enquirer may not exactly be the most reputable Hollywood news source but none the less, they claim to have a source close to Dana Elaine Owens aka Queen Latifah who says Latifah may be getting ready to come out of the closet – thanks to the inspiration of “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts, who recently acknowledged she’s gay.

According to National Enquirer's source, the 43-year-old talk-show host is telling pals that Robin’s lesbian admission has Latifah contemplating following in her footsteps in 2014.
The source told National Enquirer:
Latifah never wanted to be labeled a gay spokesperson or role model – that’s why she’s never come out. Her sexuality has been one of Hollywood’s biggest non-secrets for

Is It Ok For A Lady To Carry A Condom In Her Handbag?

Written by Mumumugu

Seriously, why carry condoms around in your handbag?
Are you afraid sex is going to break out at any moment and you’ll want to be a part of it? Or that all shops and drug stores in your town will be closed when you want to get down and dirty?
If a lady is carrying a condom in her bag does that make her a ‘slut’ or ‘easy’?

If you are debating whether it’s okay or not to bring condoms with you ---here are the top five reasons why you should ALWAYS have a condom with you.
  • 1. Because you can’t expect men to remember to pack one.
Let’s face it ladies, men do not carry a purse like we do.
Unlike men who can leave the house without carrying a single thing, save for themselves, women

Which Of These Can Cause More Traffic Jam? (See Photo)

*lol* A reader sent this in.
Would love to read what y'all think.

Virgin Killer's Mother Says Her Son Lied Against Pastor Sign Fireman!

18 years old virgin killer Ikechukwu who implicated controversial Lagos pastor Sign Fireman in his alleged ritual murder of a 12 year old girl, Bose Ogoja, has been accused of lying by his own mother.

And according to his mum, her son is a serial rapist, who became one after he was cursed by a neighbor in 2009. That the alleged ritual killing had nothing to do with rituals or Pastor Fireman but was a clear case of rape that led to murder.

Talking with reporters yesterday, Mrs Esther Egbo said:
My son has been under a spell since 2009 when he was cursed by one of my neighbours in Badagry. Sometimes, he suddenly sees young girls, grabs them and starts trying to molest them. He only behaves like that in the afternoon and the whole neighborhood knows.  

In 2011, he was arrested after touching a 15-year-old girl inappropriately. Later, he was

Peter & Paul PSquare To Wed Their Brides Lola & Anita In Dubai, April 2014?

All things being equal, according to Maestromedia, Paul and Peter PSquare, will walk their beautiful brides Anita and Lola down the aisle this April, 2014.

The twins haven't picked a particular date in the month of April yet, but they are reportedly quietly

Ejigbo Women Assault: 1 Victim Confirmed Dead, Perpetrators Were OPC Members!

It has now been confirmed that one of the ladies who was brutally tortured by some men in Ejigbo Lagos in 2013 has died.
ChannelsTV reports that the woman who was identified as Julie was said to have been brought from her home town in Topa, Badagry to work as a canteen attendant.
It was also gathered that three women were tortured and not two as seen in the videos.
The third woman is the mother of the two ladies shown in the video.

Recounting her ordeal, Mrs Ajoke Agomah said that she was also stripped, tortured and blended

PSquare Apologise For Their Horrible Glo CAF Awards Performance

Right now, PSquare is trending on Twitter.
And it's all thanks to their shocking performance at the Glo CAF Awards that held tonight at the Eko Hotel, Lagos.
Practically everyone was shocked, and Peter just took to Twitter to apologize for that.
Tweets continue after the cut

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