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Photo Of 2 Gay Black Dads Taking Care Of Their Daughters Sparks Hate Comments (Photos)


You remember the last time, a straight dad posted pictures of himself taking care of his adorable daughters and he was blasted for that. Well, two gay dads decided to do same, their picture went viral and once again, hell was let loose.

Power couple Kordale, of Chicago, and Kaleb, of Atlanta, are two gay black dads who obviously love their two daughters and son very much and they decided to show off their happy family by sharing this picture above on Instagram & Twitter.
Unfortunately, while some people saw an adorable daddies-daughters moment, others chose to blast

Ay Comedian Apologises To Jim Iyke About His Helen Paul Deliverance Comedy Video

AY has replied Jim Iyke's Twitter comment about his Helen Paul's deliverance video which Jim Iyke called classless.
Speaking to, AY apologized, saying the skit was designed to be a joke, and is still a joke. That there would be no entertainment industry if everybody starts reacting to jokes comedians tell.
AY said:
It was designed to be a joke, it’s still a joke. I’m a standup comedian and we make people laugh for a living and comedians are social commentators. I’m sorry about it, it wasn’t designed to be detrimental in any way but if you see it that way, bro, I got nothing but love for you…I’m not classless and I know you know that.

Toke Makinwa May Be Pregnant For Hubby Maje Ayida Too

When you see Toke's video with singer Kcee, doing his Pullover dance, you will see it for yourself.
Unfortunately, I'm blogging from my tab now. Will upload the video once I get on my laptop.

Big congrats Toke once again. Double congrats. Felt soooo good typing Maje Ayida as your hubby. No more boyfriend tins.

CONFIRMED: Toke Makinwa Secretly Married Maje Ayida On Wednesday, January 15th!

toke makinwa maje ayida wedding lailasblog

Here's what I just heard oo. Draw closer, sweethearts. Remember you read it here FIRST. *winks*
'They' said:

Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida got married on Wednesday January 15 after their dramatic breakup o. And that the wedding was totally unexpected! Even the bride was unaware of it.
That Maje Ayida had planned with a popular magazine (name withheld) to invite Toke Makinwa to

Another Exclusive Amebo Gist - Check Out Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida's Wedding Pictures (Photos)!!

toke makinwa maje ayida wedding pictures lailasblog

Here are pictures from Maje Ayida and Toke Makinwa's wedding. Another email I just received. Remember you read it here FIRST. *winks*

Wow!! I couldn't sit and see the pictures alone so I thought I bring it here for you guys to see with me.
Sender didn't add the full details, he or she only told me Toke Makinwa''s wedding pictures. That it was a small and intimate party. I gratefully have asked for full details and he/she is yet to reply.

Second picture from their wedding is after the cut

Phyno Denies Getting Artiste Rita Edmond Pregnant

Hip Hop artiste, Phyno, has denied having any relationship with Rita Edmond, not to talk of getting her pregnant. In an interview with Punch Phyno said:
“Believe it or not, I’ve never met or spoken to anyone by that name. I haven’t made any woman pregnant either. If people need three seconds of fame I’m glad that my name could help.” 
Meanwhile, when E-Punch contacted Rita for her reaction, she was evasive. After much persuasion,

Comedienne Princess Blasts Bloggers For Making Up Stories About Her Collapsed Marriage

 In a new interview with Encomium magazine, Comedienne Princess Dammy lashed out at bloggers for making up stories about what caused her marriage collapse.
  • There were some allegations that you were oppressing him financially. They cited an example of both of you in a restaurant where you made it obvious to everyone present that you were the one paying for what the two of you had eaten?
They were there abi? People can say anything. It doesn't matter. The truth is the truth. I did not discuss my marriage breakup with anybody except what I just told you. I am a celebrity, the other person is not a celebrity, so what do you expect?
If Kanye West was dating a non celebrity and not Kim Kardashian, they will say the same thing. So if

Newlywed Bez & Bolatito Off To Turkey For Honeymoon

First celebrity wedded couple of 2014, Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula, aka Bez, and wife Bolatito Ladoja are currently on honeymoon in Turkey.
The couple who are savouring the bliss of married life jetted out for their honeymoon after their wedding on the 4th of Jan, 2014 at Guiding Light Assembly Church, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. They are expected back to Nigeria by the end of the month.

Kim Kardashian Shares New Adorable Pictures Of Kanye Carrying Their Daughter On Ellen

Kim Kardashian shared some super-cute new photos of her daughter North West on US chat show Ellen yesterday, which show 7-month-old North giggling happily, and one of her sitting on her dad Kanye West's shoulders.
More pics after the cut

Many Nigerians Living In Dubai Are HIV Positive!

A UAE-based Nigerian, Prince Eze Kingston Uzosike has raised the alarm over the high number of Nigerians testing positive to HIV in the country. Cos according to him, many people will die like ants in the next 10, 20 years if nothing is done.
The Nigerian immigrant while speaking to a Leadership correspondent who visited Dubai recently also dropped a bombshell:
Many of these Nigerians being deported from abroad are HIV positive. Do you know how many people these people who are HIV positive may have infected since they got back home?
Uzosike who has spent about four years in Diaspora said last December that about 187 blacks who had no immigration papers were caught and tested for HIV and about 93 tested positive.
Out of this number, 80 were Nigerians who were later deported home.
I know within my guts that these people some of whom are married will not tell their wives or even their girlfriends back home, their status. And you know how our girls run after guys who travel out of the country. So you can imagine. My view is that the disease will continue to spread.”

Uzosike who got his papers last year, also narrated a story of a Nigerian who was deported home four months ago.
Nicknamed Chiefo, he was the first guy who started using the internet here and he recently got married in Nigeria leaving his wife behind. But in Dubai here, he has been philandering with so many girls here that when we heard he tested positive to HIV shortly before his deportation, many of us were not surprised. I am sorely afraid if he would tell his wife back home. Many Nigerian men in UAE just sleep with girls anyhow”
According to him, a lot of Nigerian men in UAE are frustrated as they don’t have anything doing so sex is something they use to take their mind off things.
Come here and see our girls hustling for men most especially married women. Come here and see how they mess up. When you talk to them, they say it’s the condition of the country. When you hear some stories happening here, you will weep. Many of our girls who come to shop here engage in sharp practices first before leaving.  
I have clients who travel to Indonesia, Turkey, China , India and Bangladesh. They give me stories when they come back. They tell tales of how our girls throw themselves at them because of papers (laughs). Imagine Chinco (a word used for Chinese). Every blessed day, millions of Naija girls are just trooping out.”
Apart from indulging in sex business, Uzosike also disclosed that many Nigerians are engaged in sleaze over there.
He said over 700 Nigerians were recently duped over residence permit by a construction company who promised to give them employment and resident permit.
Meanwhile, it’s the same Nigerians who connived with the Indians to dupe their fellow brothers.”
Another UAE- based Nigerian, Alloysius  Anosike said that  many Nigerians living in Dubai are illegal immigrants. He said:
About 70 or 80 of every 100 Nigerians living here are illegal. These our fellow brothers use  about $800 to procure two months visa  for some Nigerian girls  who are relatively young to come and ‘work’ for them. At the end of the day, you see these girls working $20,000 for these men. You’ll see them going from one club house to the other ‘working’.
In fact, says, Uzosika:
am convinced that about 20 million Nigerians are HIV positive. You hardly see a Nigerian man here not living with a South African lady and you know that South Africa has the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world. But I know that when our guys here know that HIV test is being enforced at home, they will sit up here. The way things are going, our younger generation has no future. Everyone believes that the future is in abroad where HIV is being marketed”

Wizkid's Manager Deletes & Apologises For Being Rude To Wizkid's Fan Yesterday



Finally it all ends well. Godwin Tom has apologized for being rude yesterday and also deleted the private message photo between himself and Wizkid's female fan from his Instagram page.
His tweets continue after the cut

Photo Of The Day

A reader sent in this hilarious billboard photo. *lol*

Who Else Does This? *lmao* (See Photo)

Messed Up Ghanaian Musician Wanlov Insults President Jonathan & Jesus

I described Wanlov as messed up cos it turns out he really is a very sick man. Himself too wan use Jonathan and the anti gay law shine for Nigeria. I just went through his Twitter and Facebook  TLs, he even had the guts to call Jesus a dead god.
 Wanlov is a Ghanaian afro pop singer. He is threatening not to visit Nigeria cos of the anti gay law.
Continue after the cut to read his tweets and posts

Hot Or Not? :Toke Makinwa's Outfit For Her 'Trending' Talk Show

You know Toke has been shooting episodes for her new TV talk show called 'Trending'. This is her outfit for the latest episode and she so looks amazing in it.
One of her fans suggested she gets a tattoo sha. Would you recommend that too?

'God Doesn't Give Dark Spots' - Dencia Replies Lady Over Her Cream 'Whitenicious' *lol*

Dencia's alleged bleaching cream is still buzzing. This lady just couldn't wrap her head round why people would willingly want to bleach. Denial's reply tho *lol*

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Unbelievable Behind In New Pictures

According to Kim, yesterday just before her Ellen show appearance, zip on her dress for the show broke. So as she needed to quickly change into something else, she took to Instagram to ask her fans if she should rock this look.
Of course once again, everyone went gaga on the amount of a*s on this one woman. Kim is undeniably smoking hot!!
She finally chose to go on Ellen wearing the shorter skirt.

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