Friday, January 24

True Or False, Guys? (See Photo )

Check Out This Super Cute Photo Of Baby North West & Penelope Disick Kim Kardashian Just Shared!

Kim Kardashian just instagrammed this new sweet picture of cousins - her 7-month-old baby Nori with Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's 18-month-old daughter Penelope Disick.
Kim simply captioned it: "BFFs!"

Hot Or Not? ..Featuring Lady Gaga

27 years old singer Lady Gaga at the Louvre art gallery in Paris last week.
She's rocking a Gianni Versace metallic chequered catsuit, long silver braided wig and huge black platform shoes.
You like?

Mary J. Blige’s Father In Critical Condition After Ex-GF Stabs Him In The Neck

Mary J. Blige’s father is reportedly in critical condition at a hospital in Michigan after being stabbed early Thursday morning.
Thomas Blige, age 63, was stabbed in the neck by his ex-girlfriend in a domestic dispute at an apartment complex in  Michigan.He had confronted his girlfriend because he believed she had

Guys, Let's Share: Do You Believe Money Rituals Are Real & Truly Can Make You Rich?

Last year in October, the Osun State Police Command made a startling discovery of a shrine at Mosarajo village, in  Osun State, built purposely to swindle undetecting people who are seeking spiritual help from traditional doctors.
For those who are not strong hearted, a visit to the shrine would send shivers down their spine while they are likely to have nightmares over and over again because of the scary images and fetish objects found within the premises.

Information revealed that the hideout, built deep into the bush, by one Aliyu Mutairu, a.k.a. Abu

So Weird: Meet The Girl With The Longest Tongue In The World (Photos)

Chanel Tapper, a student from California, USA, has the world's longest tongue, measuring 9.75 cm (3.8 in), from tip to top lip.
Her lizard-like tongue is twice as long as the average, as long as the world's largest cockroach, as wide as your palm, the same volume as a quarter pounder hamburger and around the same length as an iPhone!!
Here what she told Guinness World Records about her record-breaking body part in an interview.
  • When did you first realise that your tongue was longer than average? What happened?
 I was eight and my mom and I were taking pictures for Halloween.
In one of the pictures we stuck our tongues out. I noticed I had a long tongue when the pictures from

50Cent Shares Adorable Pictures Of His Son With Very Funny Captions (Photos)

American top rapper 50cent has been posting some real cute pictures of his baby Sire Jackson along with a bunch of real funny captions too.
Sire is 50's second child and he's just a year old. He's sooo cute. 
50cent also has a 16-year-old son named Marquise Jackson with another woman and his fans are bashing him though that he didn't show off his all black son like this.
See more cute pics after the cut

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