Thursday, February 6

Photos: Check Out This Male Hair Stylist, Tokyo Stylez, Who Looks Not Much Like A Man!!

Going through hair stylist Tokyo Stylez's pictures on the internet was a wow experience for me, and trust me to always share what I find with you guys. Wow!! What do you think about his looks?
Just like our transgender Amiyah Scott whose pictures I shared sometime ago, Tokyo has got a hot boyfriend too and they flaunting their love. Check them out!!

Would You Date an HIV Positive Person? Read Sweettee's Story!

Sweettee shared her true life story online.
I actually had an ex-boyfriend who always tried to get back with me always, and I always denied him and told him no because he slept with everyone and I do mean everyone. Well he contacted AIDS from a chic he was engaged to for two years. The sad thing about it is she did not even tell him, because he always cheated on her. I guess she was paying him back. Eventually, he found out. 
 Anyway his mom and myself had become really close over all the years, best friends and when

Am I An Awful Girlfriend For Doing This?

Dear TILB readers, please help me.

I have been dating my boyfriend (he's 27 years old) for about four months now and I do a lot for him! At least when I am in the mood. But recently, we have been quarreling over his expectations of me as his girlfriend.
My boyfriend believes that as his girlfriend, even though we are not yet married, not even a single word of commitment in sight, that I am supposed to always cook for him, clean up when he is done, do his laundry and still warm his bed. Forgetting that I am a student and I have a very busy life too, plus my parents' errands to run too.

I have told him yes, I don't mind taking care of these things. But it shouldn't be every time. He expects me to

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