Wednesday, February 19

Karen Igho is Back, Tweets that She's Cancer Free!

Awww, Karen Igho is back guys. She just shared these tweets on Twitter.. Karen has been in the UK since last year for cancer treatment.

Disturbing: Chinese Father Strips Daughter And Drags Her Along Street (Photos)


A Sichuan man has caused public outcry in China after photos of him violently stripping his young daughter and dragging her 100 metres down a street emerged online on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.
According to reports, the man in the images lost his patience after his little girl refused for hours to wear her jacket.

In anger, the man aggressively took his daughter's top and jacket off, exposing her naked body in the cold weather. Then dragged the distraught child into the middle of the road and down the street.
The disturbing scenes were captured by a bystander who took the photos on a smart phone from within

Davido's Mystery Girl Revealed (Photos)

The young lady Davido was kissing in the picture he shared and quickly deleted from Instagram some days has been identified as super hot South African video vixen - Faith Nketsi. Faith is well endowed and was in Nigeria to spend her val with boo Davido.
Check out her pics below:

Cultists Kill Bowen Student for Being Too Proud & Rejecting Sxual Advances

The life of a 17-year-old student of Bowen University, Opeyemi Odusanya, has been cut short by some cult members in Lagos. And according to Punch, the undergraduate was murdered for allegedly rejecting sexual advances from some youths in the area and also for “being too proud.”
Police authorities said Opeyemi, a 300 level student of Biochemistry at the university, was stabbed to death by the cultists at her parents’ house in the Alakuko area of Lagos on February 3, 2014.
Police sources told PUNCH Metro that investigations had revealed that the culprits were residents of the area.
A police officer, who wished to remain anonymous, said:
“In the afternoon of February 3, 2014, the deceased went to buy airtime for her telephone. As she was returning, a group of cult members trailed and entered the house with her. Opeyemi was alone at home when the guys entered. They instructed her to turn on the generator so that if she screamed, no one would hear. We believe that they wanted to rape the girl, but she must have put up a fierce struggle as the whole house was scattered. The guys subsequently stabbed her in the stomach several times and ripped out her intestines.
After killing her, they took her phone and the keys to her parents’ vehicle, a jeep, which was on the table. They stole the jeep, which was parked in the compound, after killing the girl.”
The sources told Punch that after the guys had fled, they used Opeyemi’s telephone line to send a text message to her mother, explaining why they killed the 17-year-old.The text message, which was typed in English and Yoruba languages read:
“Your child has been proud. We have been toasting her, but she has refused to accept. We have killed her to teach a lesson. We have also driven your car away. If you want your car back, come to Lakas Hotel or Cele Bus Stop around Mile 2 to pick it up. If we see policemen around, we will kill everybody.”
Residents of the area said the victim’s mother, Olayinka, had a panic attack after reading the message and quickly informed those that were with her.However, a phone call from the family’s housemaid was said to have confirmed Olayinka’s fears that the text message was not a bluff. It was learnt that she returned to the house to meet the lifeless body of her child.
PUNCH Metro gathered that the mother of the deceased, who is a senior official at the Mushin Local Government secretariat, later reported the incident at the Alakuko Police Division. A police source told Punch that the murder weapon had been recovered.
“By all indications, the girl was not raped because her clothes were intact. The knife used in killing her has been recovered,” the policeman said.
It was gathered that the parents of the girl had relocated to the Redemption Camp on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. On the young girl's Facebook page, tributes had been pouring in for the 300 level student.
When contacted on the telephone, Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ngozi Braide, said, “I have called the Divisional Police Officer at the Alakuko Police Division and he said he was not aware of the incident.”

My Boyfriend has Serious Anger Management Issues & I Want to Leave Him....

Please TILB readers, I have a boyfriend who really is violent when he is angry. He has a very hot temper that even the most little things can trigger him. And in two seconds, he doesn't mind throwing whatever he lays his hand on on whoever got him angry. He doesn't mind destroying things around. His reply is always - 'it's my money, it's my house. It's my life, I can always replace whatever.'

Truth is he is a mild stammerer, he is a very jealous, possessive lover, always monitoring me and gets verbally abusive, rains abuses/curses on me, sometimes on my friends and family when I do things he doesn't like. His personality scares me a whole lot.

Sincerely, I have tried to cope but frankly, I can no longer endure. This is not the kind of man I want for myself, to be the father of my kids. He will kill us before our time. We have been dating for like almost a year now. We both are working and live in our own houses. Though I visit him weekends and we try to catch up.

I tried to see if I could manage cos I know if I leave him, he will be broken but I am no longer in love with this man. What do I do? How can I end this relationship without looking heartless?

Wow! Creepy Photos of a 'Stabbed' Nollywood Actor Emeka Enyiocha On Set (See Photos)

#Nollywoodthings. Pictures are from the movie set for 'Blood is Money". What do you think of the makeup?
 See more pics after the cut

One Year Later....Rest In Peace Justus Esiri

Still seems like yesterday, but today marks one year since veteran Nollywood actor Justus Esiri left us. RIP Chief Justus ... continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.

Meanwhile, read his son, Andrew Esiri's touching rememberance tribute after the jump

Memo to All Desperate Single Ladies Who Keep 'Claiming' Unavailable Single Men as their Husbands!


I couldn't resist sharing this story, even though it seems so long. But trust me, guys this is a must read to the end. You will thank me later *winks*
Brother Unmarried walks into the church, goes into the balcony and sits in a certain spot. Several unmarried women notice him at the same time but none say anything. The women in question are Sister Blue Shoes, Sister Black Shoes, Sister Red Shoes, and Sister High Heels. All are single, over 25 and quite available and hopeful for a husband.
The next week they look up and notice him again. The brother is alone again---, and no ring on his left finger. And he's not bad to look at either. On top of that, he's toting a bible that looks quite worn. He must be serious about the Lord!
Week three, he appears again, Bible in hand, eyes focused on the pastor.
Week four.......he must be a new member of the church and he sits in the same general area

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