Tuesday, February 25

Check Out Obafemi Martins' Mercedes Benz CLK Convertible (Photo)

Obafemi shared the photo on his Instagram page. Super cool ride.

Photo of The Day, Guys *hehe*

Graphic: Photo of the Fed Govt College Students Killed By Boko Haram Today

Earlier on today, suspected terrorist group Boko Haram unleashed terror and pain on innocent male students of the Federal Government College, Yobe. Initially, reports said 29 students were killed but right now, the death toll from the school massacre has risen to 43.
A senior medical source at the Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital in Yobe’s capital Damaturu on condition of anonymity told AFP:
“Ambulances have been bringing in bodies from Federal Government College in the town of Buni Yadi. So far 43 bodies have been brought and are lying at the morgue,”
 See a photo of some of the dead students after the cut. GRAPHIC PHOTO! VIEWER'S DISCRETION STRONGLY ADVISED

Spotted: Actor Hanks Anuku @ a Bar in Ghana (See Photo)

Hanks still looks every inch the Nollywood tough guy we all know him to be. Ghana is his second home and Hanks is obviously enjoying his life there.

This Girl's Hair Grew Mold after She Wore her Weave-on for 6 Straight Months (Photo)


Wow!! This young lady's hair grew mold after she wore her weavon for 6 looong months! She eventually had to shave all her hair off to get treatment!

Iyanya Shares a Photo of his Tattoo for Late Mum, Dad & Brother

In 2008, successful Nigerian singer Iyanya lost his mother who was a head mistress at the age of 42 and his father who was a forester, at the age of 50.
Iyanya's elder brother died around the same time of his parents' death as well and in their memory, Iyanya inked this tatt on his left breast which he shared a photo of on Instagram.

Rapper Lynxxx Stands Up for Gabriella, Lady her Boyfriend Kicked out of Moving Vehicle

Rapper Lynxx has lent his voice to saying no to domestic violence. Read his comment about Gabriella's story after the cut

Boko Haram Gunmen Attack Federal Govt College Yobe, Kill 29 Students! (Photo)

Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members, early hours of today attacked a boarding school in Yobe State - Federal Government College Buni Yadi, Yobe State. and killed 29 innocent students, many of whom died in flames as the school was burned to the ground.

"Some of the students bodies were burned to ashes," said Yobe state Police Commissioner, Sanusi A Rufai who confirmed that twenty nine male students were killed and twenty four structures that include the

Maheeda Talks about her Baby Daddy + her Addiction to Sx in New Interview

Naija's bad girl singer Maheeda is on a roll and nothing anybody says, according to her, is ever going to stop her. Please read excerpts from her revealing interview with TheNet.ng about how she got pregnant at 17, was offered N2m to leave her baby, her growing up an orphan, and how she too now gets paid to attend events.  Plus she is addicted to sex. hehhe.
  • You just got back from a foreign trip, Was it for business or pleasure?
It was for business. I went for a birthday party of one big shot and all I needed to do was just sit down and cross my legs and then I got money in my account, which was pretty cool.
  • Did you get to perform?
No. I just sat down, sipped some champagne and made some money. I just went to cross my legs and made $3000.
  • You recently shared a story about your daughter where you said things were pretty rough at

Horror: Lady Gets Severely Beaten up by Boyfriend, Kicked Out of Moving Vehicle & Left to Die (Photo)

This is a true life story and the lady you see in this picture, an aspiring Victoria's secret model and actress Gabriella, is still in hospital and needs prayers. The wickedness in the hearts of some men, who are supposed to be our lovers, husbands, who are supposed to protect us can be mind blowing! Pleaseeeeeee, do not allow yourself be a victim, ladies. For no reason whatsoever. Please!!!

Read Gabriella's story plus see her pictures before her abusive boyfriend beat her up and left her for dead

Actress Foluke Daramola’s Hubby Opens up on why Ex- wife Abandoned their Marriage

Foluke Daramola and hubby Kayode Salako are still trying to get people to understand their love and for the first time too, in a chat with CityPeople, Kayode revealed the actual reason, according to him, his ex wife left their marriage.

"I am granting this interview because I believe it is time for me to tell the world, why my ex wife decided to leave. That is the essence of this interview.
I want the whole world to know that Bukola did not leave me because of 3 things (1) that I am irresponsible (2) that Foluke used juju to drive her away (3) because members of my family wanted to kill her.
I need to give you a clear picture of what happened so that my wife can be free from that mess. I want to say that Bukola was the one who packed up the marriage and left. But I know it was a very painful decision for her.

Even before I met Foluke, the two of us have been discussing it. We have been thinking on how to go about it. Bukola did not enjoy that 13 years she lived with me, because I was treating one ailment or the other. She was always in and out of the hospital.


I don’t know. I don’t fall sick. I am AA blood group. Foluke is AA. She is AA. My ex-wife is AA. When you are AA you don’t have business with sickness. I am telling you that since I know myself to be a human being, I have never been to the hospital. Foluke has never fallen ill since I married her. In my family, we don’t fall sick and we have longevity.

In my ex-wife family too, they don’t die young. They don’t fall sick. But unfortunately she never enjoyed that 13 years because she was always falling sick. Today we will treat eye problem with excruciating pain. Tomorrow it will be ear, then teeth, then the back. It was always from one mysterious problem to another throughout the 13 years.

Even before I started my Fasholamania project that brought me to limelight. We have been going through all that. But how many people will I tell that outside. There was a time I slept in the hospital for almost 6 months. Even before she gave birth to my 3 boys I saw hell because from day I of the pregnancy, it was hell till she delivered. But one thing that is mysterious is that Bukola did not know the mystery behind her health problems in the marriage.

I, the husband was not falling sick. There was even a time, Bukola died in the hospital. She was certified died. About 20 minutes after she opened her eyes again and came back to life. You can go to Life center Hospital at Amore Street in Ikeja. The hospital is own by Redeemed Church. They can tell you our story there. How we always come in and out of there.

That hospital was not only our hospital. We had several hospitals. Sometimes I will have to rush my wife to the hospital at 1 am to 2 am at night when her health condition starts. So throughout all the 13 years, Bukola never enjoyed the marriage. It was so mysterious that I had to go out to consult some Pastors to pray.

Please take us back to when we first her (Foluke). How did you hit it off?

In a nice way. Foluke did not jump at me at first. At the time we met she was already preparing to leave Nigeria, to relocate to Canada. So she was only gathering money to travel with her children. She didn’t want to prostitute like other women. She is a principled person to the core. She does not believe in using sex to build a relationship. So she didn’t jump at me, in fact she gave me a hell of a problem. I was confused. I later understood her and we became friends. I think maybe I touched the better part of her heart, maybe from the subtle way I related with her. We used to talk a lot and we used to relate as friends.

I am like that too. I am 43 years old but I am young at heart.  I behave like a child. That is what got to Foluke. I was hanging around her like a natural friends, agelessly. I just discover that after a while Foluke started liking me unusually she started becoming drawn to me.  At the end of the day we became very good friends and she was even ready to be learning from me. She began to take my advice. At a time, she now saw me beyond just being friends. She now began to see me as an elder brother and a true companion and someone she could always count on. That was how the whole story started. We didn’t start by sleeping with each other.

What one Bukola Fasuyi was saying around last year was all fallacy. There was no truth in it. My own Foluke is not the kind of woman who needs to do juju to a man. That is not her orientation. She is a woman who believes in going to school to acquire more and more certificates. I have lived with Foluke for one year now and I can say she is the best thing that has happened to my life.

Right now, she has become a natural part of me. I am so used to her to the extent that I sometimes forget that I have lived with a woman before. We discussed everything. I live in her now and she lives in me. That is how we started it and that is what we have built it up to. So, I want to disabuse that public impression that my wife used juju to woo me. I want to say I am not that type of a man any woman can use juju to woo or snatch. Foluke knows the kind of person I am. Before she even tries it, I will  know.

Nicki Minaj's Rumoured Boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, Shows Off His Two New Tattoos of her [Photos]

This is how you know a man is so drunk in love. Nicki Minaj’s rumored boyfriend last week on Instagram showed off his two new tatts of the curvy vixen/rapper. Samuels posted a photo of himself shirtless, revealing on the right side of his chest - a face tattoo of Nicki, and on the left, her first name with stars surrounding it.

Samuels first made headlines for his Nicki Minaj tattoos when he videotaped himself getting a tattoo of the 31-year-old’s face on his arm last year in November. Seems one tatt just wasn't enough. While the pair has never confirmed their relationship, Samuels has been by Nicki’s side as her “hypeman” ever since she became famous.

Naija men can't love like this. Lol. Lai lai.

When Your Man's Family Calls You Wifey, Knowing Fully Well You Are Not His Only Woman

This very interesting and so true article was written by Obehi Agbonifo. Obehi writes a wonderful blog - www.Bride2Mum.com. Please do check it out. But in the meantime, enjoy this and let's read if you agree with her.
I have forgotten where I saw this but it goes thus: "if you know how many of your boyfriend's friends and family members knew you were not the only girl but yet called you in law...."
Hence my candid advice to every lady here: please whenever anyone calls you 'Our wife' or 'in law' and you are not yet married to the guy, please politely say "No dear I am not your wife or in law yet" because sometimes these people know what you don't know and they are the first to tell a story of how you answered in pride when they called you in law...Before I am misquoted, please if it is your boyfriend's dad or mum calling you in-law, just smile because it will be downright rude.
2. Another saying I have read somewhere is this - "In those days, when a guy introduces you to his family, then you can be certain you guys are going to get married but nowadays he may not stop at the family, you will even meet his ancestors and there is no guarantee you will get married"
Please please and please again ladies, if you meet his family, it is no guarantee that you are the wife. You may not even be the first or last girl to be introduced, so don't start making his mum your best friend, calling her everyday to gossip about her son or to check on her. Don't go adding all his sisters on your Blackberry list therefore making the break-up process long and awkward incase it doesn't work out.
I am not saying there are no exceptions to this but just know it is better to be safe than sorry. I remember  while dating my husband, his cousin would call me 'our wife' and I will jokingly tell her ' I am not your wife o' with a big smile...The truth is that there is plenty time to be best friends with your mother and father in law, his sisters and brothers in marriage. I mean, I am not saying you should distant yourself especially if the guy wants you to be close to them but just don't push yourself all over the place especially while dating. You are not his wife till he marries you...
3. This just reminded me to add that if your boyfriend calls you my wife and you don't like it, I beg stop him. Guys, we appreciate you want to make us feel secure but we don't really like it, at least some of us. This is even more annoying when you have been dating for five years and there is no ring...For those of us that like it though, please Mr boyfriend if you want to call us your wife, show some more level of commitment.
4. Ladies, also stop calling a guy husband when he isn't your husband yet. It definitely scares him but the reason why I will not stress on this issue is because I want to believe there are very few girls that do so...
Let me not just make conclusions here though, so guys why do you call us wife/ wifey when we are not yet married and girls do you like to be called wifey with no commitment?

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