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Gani Fawehinmi's Family Rejects Centenary Award

The family of the Late Human Rights crusader, Gani Faweyinmi, SAN, whose patriarch was shortlisted to be honored at the ongoing centenary celebration, earlier today wrote to the secretary to the government of the federation, Senator Ayim Pius Ayim, rejecting the offer.

The letter signed by the scion of the Faweyinmi family, Barrister Mohammed Faweyinmi, reads:

February 27, 2014

Chief Anyim Pius Anyim, Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, Presidency, Abuja
Dear Sir,


We acknowledge the receipt of your letter, dated February 24, 2014, which was routed through Mr Tony Akiotu, Group Managing Director, DAAR Communications, Abuja, wherein our late father, Chief Gani Fawehinmi(SAN) was chosen as one of the awardees of the Centenary celebrations of Nigeria by President Goodluck Jonathan.

We want to thank the Federal Government for considering our late father for this HONOUR. However, for reasons stated here under, our family has decided it would be inexpedient to accept the award:

1.  In the list of the awardees published by the Federal Government, was the name of former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida, who as military president, severally detained and tortured our late father.
In the course of one of such illegal and inhuman detentions, our late father’s cell was sprayed with toxic substances while in Gashua prison in 1987. The cumulative effect of that dastardly action led to our father, a non- smoker, contracting lung cancer which eventually led to his death on September 5, 2009. We therefore, find it morally incongruous and psychologically debilitating for our family to stand on the same podium with General Babangida to receive awards.

2. Our late father was empathetic to the sufferings of our people, particularly students. In the last 72 hours, 59 innocent students were mowed down by the blood- thirsty Boko Haram terrorists in Yobe state, while 20 other girls were similarly abducted by these same band of terrorists. These girls are still in captivity while their fate is unknown. If our late father were to be alive, would he be wining and dining with all the glitterati at a Centenary celebration under these circumstances? Certainly no.

3. In the past few weeks, the polity has been assaulted with putrid odour of corruption with the alleged $20 billion missing in NNPC, a development that became the Achilles heel of Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the suspended Governor of Central Bank.
As an anti-corruption activist, if he were to be alive, our late father would have confronted the issue head-long and possibly gone to court. With the issue still raging, would our late father have accepted this award at this critical moment? Certainly no.

4. Our late father was unrepentantly for the UNITY of Nigeria. However, with the level of profligacy in some of the events celebrating NIGERIA’S Centenary, our late father would have preferred these multi- million Naira expenditures channeled to our decrepit Teaching hospitals, than unproductive razzmatazz that do not improve the socio-Economic well being of our people.

Sir, for these reasons, our family respectfully declines to receive the award about to be conferred on our late father by the government.
Please, accept the assurances of our highest consideration.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

(For and on behalf of late Gani Fawehinmi family)

Gotta Have or Make it Stop?: Daphne Guinness' Towering High Shoes (Photos)

Wow! Daphne Guinness, 46, fashion muse and heiress to the Guinness family fortune, was sported rocking these unusual shoes on the streets of New York yesterday.

Despite the cold winter weather, Daphne wore the very high shoes with tiny black shorts, tights and a black leather and fur coat. And she looks soo relaxed and comfortable in the towering heels. How she managed to stand up in them – let alone walk – is anyone’s guess. Gotta Have or Make it Stop?

*lmao* Another Set of 'Disgusting' Cake Design (See Photo)

Who wants a mouthful?

Spotted: Victoria Inyama Okri with Alex Ekubo in London

Who else misses watching Vicky on TV? Cos I do. She's looking good tho.

Drunk in Love! Must See New Photos of Toyin Aimakhu Johnson & Hubby

Actress Toyin is celebrating her man today. It's his birthday and she just shared this beautiful tweet and pictures.

Omotola J Ekeinde Shares Photos from her Surprise Birthday Party in Ghana

An excited Omotola shared the pictures on Instagram and she says after a hard day's work, hungry and tired, she had been asked to stop for a quick drink and chat with friends Penny and her hussy Steve... Then she saw people...confused,dressed down, she tried to escape !... but it was already too late! And her hubby Captain Ekeinde was in on the surprise party too.

See pictures below. In the last picture are Omotola's hubby and her manager, Michael Djaba.

Wow!! Is this Gov Adams Oshiomole? (See Photo)

Surulere of life photos.

Murder: Governor T. A Orji's Son, Chinedu Tells Own Side Of Story

Following last Saturday’s 15th February 2014 tragic death of my beloved cousin, Mr. John Ndubuka, a section of the online media has been appropriated by mischief makers to prosecute a mindless hatchet job of casting aspersions on my humble self; with innuendos, jaundiced analysis and outright blackmail.

One would not have bothered to join issues with these faceless cowards at this period of emotional devastation, but it is pertinent at this juncture to put facts in proper perspective so that the unsuspecting public would not be hoodwinked.

On Friday 14th February 2014, I came back from a trip outside the State and while we are chatting at home, John informed me how the 9 clans in Ikwuano/Umuahia headed by Chief Onyema Ugochukwu, Chief Vin Ogbulafor, Chief Ukasanya, Senator Adighije, Col. Akobundu, Hon. Udo Ibeji Dr Mrs Uruakpa and host of others had prepared adequately to host Governor T. A Orji at a Grand Civic Reception in Umuahia the following day being Saturday 15th February 2015.

On the D-day, John was visible at the event tying up loose ends. The event was relayed live on AIT and monitored by different news agencies. At the end of the Governor’s speech at the reception, Late John helped me to locate my vehicle from the surging crowd while the driver waited to allow the Governor’s convoy to move before us. John later reached me to ascertain the next direction for proper coordination. He left me to join one of the Hilux trucks. A few minutes later, I heard gunshots to which the shells fell on my car.  I shouted into the two-way radio to ascertain who was firing those shots. My driver noticed that John was probably pushed down and alerted me. We discovered that John was clinging to his chest, his white shirt heavily blood-soaked.

I screamed when I saw the blood and instantly asked them to head to Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia. On my way, I called the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Aballi Chukwu and the Chief Medical Director of Abia State Specialist & Diagnostic Centre- Prof. A. U. Mbanaso who also is the Governor’s personal physician. In fairness to the doctors, they did their best in trying to stabilize him.

They cut open his thorax to drain blood from his lungs. Specialist surgeons were placed on alert in the theatre for instant surgery.  Shockingly, it was discovered that his pulse fell from 70 downwards. At this point, I was joined by the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly and the Deputy Majority Leader, Rt. Hon. Ude Oko Chukwu and Hon. P. C. Onyegbu respectively. Everything was done to save his life, including sourcing blood to resuscitate him. These efforts proved abortive, after one hour of tension-soaked efforts at the hospital. The Chief Medical Director, Dr. Aballi Chukwu later informed me of his death, and I was shaken to my bones to the extent that I needed support to my car as to get back to my house.

After the fruitless efforts to save John’s life, I then enquired of what happened. An eyewitness told me that the trigger was accidentally pulled as one of the policemen on duty at the venue held his gun with one hand and was clearing the surging crowd with the other hand. All these happened in broad daylight and witnessed by thousands of people, predominantly youths who attended the occasion.

I am taking this time and pains to make this explanation because I am a politically exposed person. In previous situations, I had been embarrassed, being a character in many fabricated stories in the media. In one of such situations, I was accused of challenging an Army captain in a supermarket in Umuahia, who rushed to the Army Barracks at Ohafia to mobilize soldiers who eventually mauled me to the point of death. A journey to Ohafia and back would take not less than two hours. Curiously, I waited for them to come back to brutalize me. Can you imagine that? I ignored these fallacies because they were insignificant ploys to set me back.

It is possible that due to my political exposure especially that of being the Governor’s son, that I have by omission or commission, made enemies of my own or may have inherited those of my father. But this situation seems to be orchestrated assiduously from one direction. For instance, scarcely had the shooting incident happened, when an Igbere Facebook T.V page that operates online screened a headline that I directed the execution of my cousin. There are also strong speculations that I was the target but Mr. John Ndubuka was killed.  Another one was that those who wanted him out of the way killed him.

Amid these flying stories, a false picture of the incident was posted on the Internet. The picture supposedly John Ndubuka’s, was wearing a pair of jeans and canvass but everybody saw John at the occasion, dressed in the attire of Ikwuano/Umuahia people that day which was white shirt on top, black pair of trousers with a George Wrapper tied to his waist. The blood-soaked dresses are still in the custody of the FMC Umuahia.

It is therefore curious that such a picture was instantly simulated and placed on the Internet, a few minutes after the incident. From the foregoing, a few questions readily come to mind:

1) How did the Igbere T.V, a Facebook page come to the conclusion that I ordered the killing of John Ndubuka, and how come that nobody in the crowd heard it?

2) If somebody actually wanted John dead, why would he engage a police officer on duty in a public function to commit such a crime?

3) If I was the target as alleged, why didn’t the assailant shoot me directly?

It is very unfortunate that this happened. So tragic that John is dead!

Let me advise the mockers and those faceless, merciless and heartless criminals that death is no respecter of persons and no living creature can escape death. What happened to John could be anybody’s lot but because of the person involved, people have thrown caution to the wind, capitalizing on a tragic incident to score cheap political points. The Holy Bible posits that whatever you sow, you will reap.

Whatever they do, whatever they write on the social media, they cannot dampen my spirit. They couldn’t do it before.

John took it upon himself to assist the Governor of Abia State, Governor T.A. Orji to achieve his vision for the youths and women of Abia State. As people from the same hamlet, I have worked closely with him for over 8 years, moving from the informal to the formal. We are related. In truth, this unfortunate death of my cousin will spur me more in that direction. I am not violent. I will never be! My position as the Governor’s son has never gotten into my head. Neither has it interfered in my personal relationship with people.

For any story to be the truth, it must have one version. In this case, there are more than 20 versions to it. In the process of trying to level all manner of things against me, they have inadvertently made mockery of themselves. They should leave me to mourn my brother in peace. Nothing, absolutely nothing, said on the social media, will dampen my spirit.

Let people be guided by their conscience, if they have any!

FG says Centenary Celebration Events will Hold despite Killings + Paper Publishes Names of the Dead FGC Students

The Federal Government on Wednesday continued preparations  for celebrations of the 100 years of Nigeria’s amalgamation despite the killings in some parts of the country, a day after Boko Haram killed 43  pupils of the  Federal Government College in Buni Yadi, Yobe State. You recall that the gunmen who were said to have arrived at the college at about 2am when the pupils were already asleep, reportedly set  locked hostels on fire before shooting and slitting the throats of those who tried to escape through the windows. Some were burnt  alive.

Punch reports that that same day the attack on the school was carried out, Vice President Namadi Sambo led dignitaries to attend the Nigeria Centenary Charity Ball which was held at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. Then went ahead with the accreditation of delegates and journalists for the International Conference on Human Security, Peace and Development scheduled to hold on Thursday (today) at the International Conference Centre, Abuja as part of activities for the centenary celebration.

When asked penultimate Wednesday why the country could be celebrating while terrorists were still unleashing terror on the north-eastern part of the country, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Pius Anyim, had said the Federal Government was doing everything possible to put the security challenges under control.

“Terror is a worldwide phenomenon. If you compare it with cases all over the world, you will see that the case of Nigeria is under control,” he said.

Meanwhile, Leadership Newspaper has published names of the late students killed in the massacre. May their souls continue to rest in peace.

Singer Adokiye Shows off her Toned Abs

Singer and United Nations Peace Ambassador Adokiye Yvonne Kyrian just shared these pics. Soo cool. 6 packs on a lady... who else finds that sexy?

Death Row Inmate, Rev King's Devotees Celebrate His Birthday with Newspaper Ads

Devotees of Chukwuemeka Ezeugo a.k.a. Rev. King, founder of the Christian Praying Assembly, have marked his birthday in his absentia, describing him as their God.

PMNews reports that the members bought several pages of newspapers to congratulate King who is on deathrow. A women’s group in his church, St. Faith Woman (Daughters of the Kingdom of God), in their advert in a national daily described King as the light of the world.
“Daddy, you are the light of the world, a nation without you is in total darkness,” the group said.

They also described him as God and said they are proud of him because he will lead them to the promiseland just like Joshua led the Israelites in the Bible.“You are the unchangeable, unmovable and unstoppable God. We the entire members of St. Faith Women are happy because you are here on this earth to lead us to the promised land,” the group said in the advert.

Another devotee, Bishop Onyiliagha David King, while congratulating him, said:

“This date is worth remembering and celebrating for mankind especially to me you raised from the dead on 11 September, 2013 when death came over me.”He added: “By your command I came back to life, Daddy G.O. you are too much, even death obeys you, proving that you are the savior of mankind.”

Other devotees and group also congratulated and rejoiced with him on his birthday. They are St. Peters of C.P.A Worldwide, Evan. Clement, Thaddeus Elochukwu Obiora and others.

Justice Joseph Oyewwole of the Lagos High Court on 11 January, 2007 sentenced King to death by hanging for the murder of Ann Uzoh and attempted murder of five other devotees. The cleric appealed against the judgement at the Appeal Court, which affirmed the Lagos High Court verdict. He then headed to the Supreme Court where the matter is still pending. While he is still in prison custody, his church members are keeping his ministry alive.

*lol* This Church in Abuja Gave Members $100 Each for Coming to Church Last Sunday (Photo)

True life story o. And it happened last Sunday. Church is Holyhill Church, address - Immaculate Hotel & Suites, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria. Photo is a member holding up his own money gift.
They hold their services Sundays and Thursdays, incase you want to attend...*hehehe*

'So Called Man of God, (COZA Pastor Biodun) Rejected Me cos of a Scandal' - Singer Kefee

Gospel singer Kefee, in a chat with Encomium Magazine while trying to defend her Kokoroko song with secular singer Tamara, told this interesting story of her experience with now happily married Ese Walter's COZA pastor, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.  Please read:

You started out as a traditional gospel singer, along the line your deviated. Would we say you re-branded?

If you have my album or albums, you would know that I am doing same kind of music, but different genres. For instance, the kind of songs in Branama 1 is the same with other songs, but with improved production and vocals.  

Some people were not happy because you featured Timaya in Kokoroko and he’s a secular singer. How would you react to that?

Before I react to that question, let me tell you this short true story. In 2008, I was invited to perform at a church (name withheld) in Abuja for the second time. The publicity for the show was massive, they had distributed invitation card to guests, people were even calling to confirm if I was going to perform. In fact, I got copies of the flyers weeks before the show.

I was getting ready to go to the airport when I got a call from the pastor’s P.A, asking if I had seen a certain newspaper’s story about me. I said yes, it was a scandal. And he said they don’t want to have anything to do with me because of that scandal. Besides, he added that they have top government officials who worship in their church, and all sort. I said ok, but the so-called senior pastor, who called me initially to plead with me to accept a certain amount because it was a new church couldn’t call me anymore, he had to send his P.A to tell me that. He didn’t care what happened to me, if it was true what said about me by an angry, bitter man. I felt really low not because I didn’t do the show but because they cared less what happened to me, because that would have been the end of my career.

Now, I called Timaya. We met at a studio somewhere in Festac town, and Timaya asked me about the same scandal. And he told me what I expected a man of God would’ve told me. I remember, he said to me:

“Don’t worry, if your hands are clean, you will see God turn things around for you. God will help you, my sister.”

I say this in all sobriety, after which we recorded Kokoroko. When Kokoroko came out and Timi (Dakolo) listened to it, he said “Kefee, you dey make me like God in a different way.”

Now, you tell me, who acted like a good human? Who would have ever thought that the so-called man of God, who now has his share of scandal and is still planning a robust reply would act that weird? So, when I heard people talking about me featuring Timaya, it sounded funny. God can use anything, anybody. Music is an art that transcends all. Timaya was good for that song and he delivered, that’s what matters to me. I don’t judge people. If he was a doctor, you won’t say he shouldn’t treat you because he isn’t a Christian. It won’t matter then. All you would want is have him do his job and that was what he did. He did a good job on that song you can’t deny that. And to me, that’s what counts.

Many people have criticized you because of your way of dressing, saying that it is not Christ-like. How would you react to that?

Really? I dress the way I like, I like my African print and again, everyone can’t like every style or design. So, that’s acceptable.

Ladies, Would you Rock this Hairstyle? (See Photo)

It's called 'carrots weaving'. lol

Reader's Mail: 'My Fiance Says I will be Living with his Parents after our Wedding this August!'

Dear TILB readers, I have a problem and I don't know how to go about it.

My fiance recently told me that I will be living with his parents after our wedding in August this year. It's actually a tough situation - my fiance is the only son and has been taking care of his parents/ paying their house rent, bills since he started working. His kind of job doesn't allow him stay in one specific location for more than three months - He is a bank auditor, so he keeps being transferred to different branches of the bank every 3 months. His parents live in Lagos so

Do You Think Smoking is Disgusting?

Hello Laila, Please let's discuss this on your blog. For me, I think smoking is very disgusting. I hate the smell, the smell that smokers have and we are forced to perceive when you have to sit so close to them either in class or buses after they have finished smoking a joint. I school here in Lagos. I nearly threw up one time this chain smoker in my school leaned so close to me to get something. Yuk.
Worst part - they feel soooo cool with themselves while smoking. I keep thinking 'Why would anyone do this to themselves, waste their money on something that diminishes their health, and possibly reduces life span despite several doctors' warning?

Court Rejects Sanusi’s Bid To Reverse Suspension

Suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s bid  to return to office suffered a setback,Wednesday as the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, dismissed his ex-parte application that sought to reverse his suspension by President Goodluck Jonathan, pending the determination of an interlocutory motion he filed along with a suit he initiated, challenging the suspension.

Shortly after the applicant’s lawyer, Sam Kagbo, informed the court about the application, Justice Kolawole said he felt hesitant and constrained to grant the reliefs sought. He ordered that the respondents be put on

Photos: Actress Hilda Dokubo’s Son, Tuvi, is a Big Boy now (Check out his Photos)

Awww, joy of every parent. Guys meet Tuvi, Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo and husband Akarose Mrakpor first child together. By now, y'all already know Hilda's love story - Hilda and screenwriter/movie director hubby Karo met and wedded in 1986. Then they split in 2008, Karo remarried in 2011 but broke up again with his second wife before reconciling with Hilda last year, 2013. 
Their baby Tuvi is all grown up now and he sure looks like his mum. 

Saheed Balogun Denies Abandoning his 1st Daughter Or Being under a Curse

 Recently Yes International Magazine reported that actor Saheed Balogun was cursed by his first wife for abandoning her and his first child.
Well, a shocked Saheed has reacted to the story in a new interview with ENCOMIUM. Read below:

Let’s talk about key issue. Recently, there was a social media report that your first wife cursed you, that’s why your marriage to Fathia crashed. Not only that, the report also added that you have not seen your first daughter, Zenat, that you abandoned her to her mother. What’s your reaction to this?

I wasn’t the only one that was shocked when they posted it. I believe the whole world was also shocked to read that kind of publication. Even the child they wrote about was also shocked. It was a blogger who only likes blackmailing that reported it. He didn’t even stop at that, he also sent it to all his Blackberry contacts. Then when Zenat saw it, she was just crying. My daughter called me that same morning she saw it, and started crying. She said, ‘Daddy, What’s all this? I saw something now that you have not shown me for the past 12 years. Is this the way this country is going to pay you back, instead of appreciating what you’re doing?’ I now told her, it’s not like that, but what she saw  was the handiwork of some people who think they have the power to blog, and they can post anything they like. Let them go ahead and be posting their rubbish. The shocker was that a lot of people saw the girl acting in my movie recently. Did she fall from the sky to join the cast of the movie? The same guy who wrote that I have not seen my daughter in the last 12 years used the picture of myself , Zenat and Khalid in that same blog not long ago. That means somebody must be sick. Please, help me ask them, the public should also ask them what they want. We need to rest for God’s sake. The whole country is in disarray. They don’t write about that or suggest anyway forward, I keep wondering  if there is no law in Nigeria again. A lot of these things are  happening and we fold ours arms. Those doing this are blackmailers. They are only looking for a way of making money. And the same set of people are complaining about the president, that means if they are allowed to rule, definitely they will deceive us just like they’re doing  now with their blogs.                                                                                                                                                              ;

Journalism is a very good profession and I believe as a journalist, if you see a story or you’re told of anything about somebody, you need to investigate before putting your pen on paper. And as a blogger, you don’t just jump to your blog and start posting what you didn’t confirm, and people will now start reacting. But special thanks to Almighty God, since they posted it people didn’t even react to it because it shocked them. That’s why I keep saying, help me ask these people if there is anything they want from me. They should just voice it out, instead of embarking on cheap blackmail.

Are you sure your daughter is happy with you and you see her often?

Yes, there is no problem between me and my daughter. We are happy. People should just think deeply before they write anything. They shouldn’t write to ruin other people’s tomorrow because of money.

How old is Zenat now?

My beautiful, good looking angel is 15. Like father like daughter, she is much okay. Let the president, ministers or governors be aware, if any of their sons is willing to take her for a wife, they are free (laughs).

What of her mother who they said had cursed you?

She is fine also, we talk regularly. We are happy people. She is very happy where she is, I am also happy where I am. Everybody is just looking for a way forward. My daughter, Zenat wants to be a movie producer and director. So, when you see a happy home like this, is writing something like that the good way of making them happier or spoiling their joy? So, those involved in blackmailing should check themselves.

What of the curse by your first wife, how true is it and when exactly did that happen?

I don’t know anything like that o. What I think is that some years back, there was this kind of rubbish that was written by a magazine but was cleared. So, I don’t know where they got that.

Are you saying nothing like that happened between you and your first wife?

Nothing like that. You can also see from my Facebook. Okay, my daughter featured in my two films, Alanu Aye mi and Eti Keta. So, if there is any problem, would she have participated in any movies? With due respect, there are some fantastic and hardworking bloggers, I give it to them. But we have some whose main job is to blackmail.

There is a tale that you’re planning to wed your new lover, how true is that?

That’s good news and am happy to hear that. Let’s wait and see.

Are you denying that? We even heard that she is pregnant for you?

I have told you, Let’s wait and see. I have no comment on that.

Lest we forget, We learnt you and Fathia share the same birthday, how true is it?

It’s true. We were born on the February 5 but not the same year. We were even born in the same hospital.

What’s the name of the hospital?

That’s military Hospital, Enugu.

Is that why you’re like two drivers in a bus?

No comment, please.

Are you still saying you can’t reconcile with her?

Please, no comment. Thank you.


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