Saturday, March 1

Photo: Wizkid at a Party with his Mum & Dad

Guys, meet Wizkid's wonderful parents, Mr & Mrs Balogun, the two people that birthed the wonder kid that has taken the world by surprise. This picture was taken at a party they all attended today. Wizkid's daddy, Mr Balogun turned 70 last year. I don't exactly know how old his mum is. But all the same, what more can a parent wish for her kids.

Also read the beautiful message Wizkid shared with this picture of his parents on Instagram, after the cut

Rita Dominic Looked very Stylish Today as she Stepped out in a Casual Wear

She's not rocking her signature hairstyle too. Amazeballs!

Twin Explosions Rock Maiduguri!

file photo
 Culled from PremiumTimes:
Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, has come under attack from insurgents believed to be members of
the extremist Boko Haram sect, residents have told PREMIUM TIMES.
Two thunderous explosions, suspected to be from detonated bombs, were heard in the city at about 6:15 p.m. The blast occurred at an area called Ngomari area of the capital. Yahaya Adamu, a mechanic living in the area, told PREMIUM TIMES on telephone that:
“There is heavy dust and smoke everywhere now, and I am running home now to see if my family are safe”.
 It cannot be ascertained immediately if the blast was targeted at civilians. No one could also

Would you Rock this Pair of Shoes, Ladies? (See Photo)

Gorgeous: Waje Stuns in Red for her Centenary Awards Performance (Photos)

Waje dazzled her audience in this red outfit, then later on in a second outfit, during her Centenary celebration performance last night in Abuja. She was styled by D'Mogulette. She looks amazing!

Photos: This Woman has Slept with 300 People

A 'hypersexual' woman who claims to have slept with 300 people is so addicted to carnal pleasure that she spends up to five hours a day having sex or pleasuring herself.
Nessa Jay, 24, from Cromer, Norfolk, finds her addiction to sex so hard to deal with that she is even having therapy to try to curb it. Speaking to The Sun's Jennifer Tippett, Nessa said:
'I get sweaty palms, I feel angry and I need to satisfy myself if I don't get at least five orgasms a day through sex.'
Nessa says sex addiction is hard to deal with. She first discovered her thirst for sex after losing her virginity at the age of 16 and within 8 years, has had sex with 300 people. She used to have sex with 'anyone I could'. Nessa says she even used to meet sexual partners in the supermarkets.
'First I chat to them a bit to make sure they're not dangerous or odd but once I know they are OK we go home together,' she said.
Nessa also says she's enjoyed sex with women and has had threesomes. Her sexual appetite has in the past wreaked havoc with her friendships and many of her female friends cut ties with her because they were afraid, worried that their boyfriends may be attracted to her.
But trying to curb her nymphomaniac habit, Nessa now channels much of her sexual energy in to her work as a sex toy reviewer. She has tested 2,000 toys, and says the nature of her job helps her to deal with her cravings.  However, while she has been polyamorous in the past, she has one partner at the moment. 
Nessa doesn't want her nymphomania to define her and hopes people will view people with hypersexuality as 'normal'. She said:
'I live an average life which most people my age would live. I see friends, I write, I have hobbies; it's pretty normal and pretty boring at times actually. My sex drive may be higher than some but it's healthy because I'm positive about it. I always make sure I have incredibly safe sex and get tested regularly.'I'm perfectly healthy. I can't change who I am or how I act and I wouldn't want to,' she added.
- Daily Mail UK

Horror: Islamist Extremists Cut off Man's Hand as Punishment for Stealing, then Posted the Pics LIVE on Twitter

A group of Syrian Islamist militants, of the militant organisation ISIS - Islamist State in Iraq and Syria, some days ago  posted horrifying photographs of a man having his hand cut off in a live-update on Twitter. According to them, the man, an alleged thief, had admitted to his crimes and requested to be punished in this way, to 'cleanse him of sin'.

One photo shows the blindfolded man with his hand being held down on a table while surrounded by a large group of militant rebels. A man dressed in a traditional white robe stands in front of the table, and on the right side is a man in a black balaclava holding a large sword. A later photo shows the man with his hand severed, the limb resting on the bloodied table,  the man seemingly passed out after his hand had been severed.

The live-feed of the amputation, which was carried out in the northern town of Maskanah, near Aleppo, was re-tweeted by several Jihadi social media channels. However, the pictures have been deleted from Twitter and the Twitter account that posted the images suspended from the social networking site.


D'Banj is Still with G.O.O.D Music - Manager

So, last week, D’banj edited his Twitter bio and somehow, when he was done, his G, O.O.D music affiliation was off the bio. This got everyone talking, and immediately possible reasons for the split emerged. Some said Kanye and D'Banj's partnership got bitter since all D’banj could gain from it was Kanye’s appearance on his Oliver Twist video, a verse in the Scapegoat remix and a not more than three seconds appearance in the Mercy video. Some others  claimed it was over cos D’banj ‘gained’ paying hefty fees to have G.O.O.D Music acts, Pusha T, Big Sean and affiliate 2Chainz  to feature on his annual show, the Koko Concert.

But in a new interview with Punch, D'Banj's manager, Tony Nwakolor says the breakup story is so untrue, that D'Banj is still with Kanye. Tony said:

“It is a lie that D’banj has left G.O.O.D music. He changed his bio on his twitter account and people started forming all sorts of story. He is still with Kanye West.”

Trainee Catholic nun, 26, Pleads Guilty to Killing her Newborn after Giving Birth in Convent

A trainee Catholic nun has pleaded guilty to smothering her newborn after giving birth in her room at a Washington, D.C. convent so no-one would hear him cry.

Sosefina Amoa, 26, gave birth just five days after moving to the U.S. to begin a five-month program to officially join the convent. DailyMail reports that on that fateful day, October 10,  Amoa asked to be excused from her duties and went to her room.  She delivered Joseph that morning.  Afraid the nuns would hear her newborn's cries and discover she had lied about her sexual activity, Amoa allegedly covered the crying boy's mouth and nose with a wool garment for several minutes.The young woman told police she didn't know what to do, and was afraid that someone would learn of her pregnancy. 

When she removed the garment, the child had stopped breathing. She wrapped the child in Samoan garb, placed the child on her bed...remained in her room' until the next morning when she showed the infant to a sister at the convent. reports say Amoa told the nun she had found the baby outside the convent and both women took the body in a black bag to the hospital.

Amoa has now  accepted a plea deal for voluntary manslaughter, punishable by 30 years behind bars, after admitting she killed baby Joseph at Little Sisters of the Poor convent on October 10. She was charged with first-degree murder after the death was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation. At the incident, she told police she did not know she was pregnant.

The Little Sisters of the Poor said: 'We all feel this is a very tragic situation. We are just praying for everyone involved. Now that it is in the hands of the legal system, we will not be providing any further comment'

According to the arrest warrant, Amoa 'began Religious Formation, which included religious classes, doctrine, and prayer life'.The woman was considered a postulant - someone who wants to be admitted to the order. 

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