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Police, Schools Deny Boko Haram's Abduction Of 20 Borno Girls

According to a new report by LeadershipNews, the police authorities in Borno state yesterday denied the claims that insurgents abducted 20 girls during a recent attack in Konduga local government.

Also, the management of Government Girls Secondary School, Konduga has denied knowledge of any student missing after the attack on the town early last month.

The police said they were amazed by the general outcry within and outside the country over the alleged abduction of the 20 girls, even as they insisted that there was never a report from parents or the school

What's Wrong With this Picture?

Or is it my eyes? *rubs eyes with 2 hands* lol. Love struck Nadia Buari shared these darling photos of she and her man, Jim Iyke on Twitter.
See more photos below

From Another TILB Reader: "I'm about to Get Married. Should I Send my Sisters Away?

I remember we have discussed a similar issue here before now. But all the same, Tony is one of us and he genuinely needs to read what you think about his situation. Here's Tony's mail:
Hi Laila, I'm an avid reader of your blog & I need prompt advice. I'm about to get married. However 2 of my younger sisters live with me. One of them is unemployed, while the other just started work. My fiancee is a year older than one of my sisters' & a year younger than the other. I stay in a 2 bedroom apartment. Would it be advisable if we can all live together?


Kenyan's Maheeda, Huddah Munroe, Sizzles in New Photos

Huddah needs no introduction anymore. Just like Maheeda, she says at her Real Estate business, no one cares about what she does or doesn't do as long as she delivers. She was on set today for a photoshoot. Check out the photos, more photos after the jump.

Compared to Maheeda, who do you think is hotter?

TILB Reader Shares her Very Painful True Life Experience with 'Wicked' Nigerian Nurses


This is so heartbreaking. And to think it can happen to any of us. Guys, please read Dara's story. She needs our help with how best to address this situation. Appropriate contacts, numbers to call will be appreciated.
Hello Laila,
I just thought to share my very unpleasant experience with fellow readers. I used to hear horror stories about Nigerian nurses and hospitals, I used to think some were merely exaggerations and myths- however, I was astounded to learn  that  it might be true afterall, and then some-at least I can deduce that from my experience this past month.

My father was to undergo surgery at the Orthopedic hospital in Lagos last month (February2014). While he was being prepped for surgery, the doctors informed us that his blood sugar level was very high so surgery was postponed.
To reduce his blood sugar level, he was given insulin shots. However, the nurses were not

Iyanya talks about his Movie with Ex-lover, Yvonne Nelson

When news went viral that Kukere master Iyanya would be featured in a Nollywood movie, alongside his ex lover, Yvonne Nelson, many wondered if the former lovebirds would be comfortable with each other on set; especially if producers ask them to act like lovers again. Well, Iyanya made his feelings about that public  in an interview with Nollywoodreporter.com.
Iyanya said this when he was asked:

Would you be comfortable with Yvonne Nelson on a movie Set?

I have never been with her on a movie set so I don’t know how comfortable I will be.

But you don’t have a problem being in a movie with her?

I don’t have any problem. I am doing business. I am not here for celebration or family ties. Pay me for the movie. If you want me to do a movie with anybody from anywhere, pay me and I will do it.

Some fans have spun tales that the reason Yvonne isn’t so comfortable with being with you in a movie is because Elvis Chuks might have you both do a sex scene.

That’s bullsh-t. Just pay me. If you want me to do a movie with anybody, pay me and I will do it.

Okay, so you would do a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson.

I didn’t say that oh. It’s you that said it oh. I said pay me oh. Later I go see am for twitter that Iyanya said he will do a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson then the girl go come dey talk nonsense for Twitter. Abeg oh! [General Laughter]

Beverly Osu Tweets about Being in Love Again.....

Seems Beverly Osu is back to being deeply in love again. Awwww. She tweeted this earlier on today and who the lucky man is, we will soon find out. Beverly made sure she tweeted a warning to her haters who would want to say a thing or two about her in love tweet. lol.

Chidi Mokeme On why He & Wife are Involved in a Long Distance Marriage

Fine man, Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme,  and wife, Jean celebrated their love with a beautiful wedding April, 28, 2012. And just like some other Nollywood couples, Chidi and wife live in different countries. In a new chat with Yes! magazine, he explained why they made that choice and how they cope with it.

You got married years ago, how is married life treating you?

Oh! Very well! Very well!! I mean, it’s an experience that I’m still getting a grasp on and so far, so good.

How come you live in Nigeria and your wife, Jean lives in America? It’s a new marriage and both of you are supposed to be together…

Well, when I met my wife, this was our default setting, let me put it like that. Our default setting was that I live in Nigeria, my wife lives in America and then we started a relationship and decided to take the relationship further and decided we are gonna be man and wife. So, having taken that decision and having crossed that level, the next thing is to find a way to ease into a location. Everybody knows that you don’t just pack your bag and move in one day. There are things that need to be sorted, relocation needs to be sorted. So, we are taking our time with it.
But then again, by virtue of my job, I have a pretty much very flexible timing. I own my time, I decide when to work, when not to work. So, really, I can be with my wife anytime, everytime that I so desire and it makes it easy for us. If I was working a 9-5 and she was working a 9-5, then we will always have to wait for when somebody was on leave. But that’s not the case. I can be on leave the whole year round, if I want, just to be with my wife.

So, when are you people going to start making babies? And building a family…

Well, Azuh, if you are expecting me to tell you a secret now, you are not going to get the secret. But when the secret pops, you will be there (Laughing). When it drops, you will be there.   

So sorry guys, it's that work time of the week again.

Ladies Get In and Register For Miss Entertainment Beauty Pageant

Sponsored Post

Miss Entertainment Pageant 2014 is very timely as we witness a wave of growth in Nigeria's entertainment and creative industries from fashion to the ever popular Nollywood. As tens of thousands of Nigerian youth focus their interest and energies in creative pursuits, the contest is well positioned to give the talented ones a chance to realizes their dream and provide jobs for many more.

Our vision is to reach every willing young female beauty in Nigeria with talent anywhere in the country. And like it's slogan “Beauty Meets Talent” suggests, Miss Entertainment aims to provide a viable platform for

Actors Chinwetalu Agu & Ngozi Ezeonu Go Back to Secondary School (Photos)

Photos are from the set of a new Nollywood movie titled 'Mama ukwu goes to school", starring actress Ngozi Ezeonu (as Mama Ukwu) and veteran actor Chinwetalu Agu.
See more pics after the jump

Should I Allow my Single Girlfriend Come Live with Me & My Husband?

A reader sent in this mail a while ago, unfortunately, I just got to read it today. Cos she sent it on Facebook. So sorry for the delay, dear. I still decided to share your mail, cos you never know who else might be in a similar situation.

Hi Laila. I am one of your readers. I love your blog a lot. Please I have something that has been troubling my mind and I would want advice from your readers.
I am married, recently but no kids yet. I have a friend (single) just met her recently from work and all. She is having accommodation issues and all and every time she tells me about it, I feel so sorry for her.
Where I stay is quite big as it's just my hubby and I, and really I have been contemplating

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