Friday, March 7

Gorg: Kate Henshaw & Joselyn Dumas @ the AMVCA Nominess Cocktail Party Tonight

Before the main event which comes up tomorrow, Saturday, March 8, at the Eko Hotel Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, all the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Award nominees were hosted to a pre event cocktail at the same venue tonight Friday, March 7, 2014. And above are Kate Henshaw and Joselyn at the event.
Guys, check out the hips on Joselyn!!!! #Nohomo lol

Continue to see Mummy Joke Silva at the event with Wangi, MD Africa Magic...

Miley Cyrus Tweets Photos

I'm sure you didn't even realize that Miley Cyrus was holding up a sex toy in this photo, right?

Well, Miley posted that picture plus the one you will see after the cut on her Twitter account. The dildo looks like a mannequin hand, but that's actually a dildo that goes by the name  "The Hand of Adonis". It's an

Malaysian Police Allegedly Kill Nigerian Student in Malaysia (Graphic Photo)

Just got home now to see this mail from some very angry Nigerian students in Malaysia in my mailbox.

And according to them, a young Nigerian, Adelabu Tunde from Ise Ekiti, Ekiti State was recently killed in Malaysia, so they are calling on International Human Right organizations for proper justice.
  • How Adelabu was killed - Police was raiding another apartment, Tunde and his friends came back from school...then the police car followed them.....Tunde ran and got shot in the head by the police man. Please share the truth. He was not fighting, he was shot by police that came for extra pocket money! And the police left the scene as soon as he was shot. Which police that was doing raid, then shoot somebody and ran off? We don't know that now” — Witness
 The angry students are also calling for the removal of the Nigerian ambassador to Malaysia, cos according

Photos: Davido & Brother, Wale, Celebrate Their Billionaire Dad, Deji Adeleke

Yesterday, March 6, 2014, Davido's billionaire dad, Deji Adeleke turned 57. And to celebrate him, Davido and elder brother Adewale Adeleke shared new photos of them with him with sweet birthday messages too.

See more pics after the cut

Who Owns these Awesome Rides Spotted Somewhere in Lagos? (See Photo)

One is a Lamborghini, the other is Rolls Royce. Whose cars are these, and where in Lagos does this biggest man live? Let's see who's got the right answer here *winks*

Who Do you Blame?: Man Loses Appeal after He's Jailed for Poking Holes in Condom to Get his Girlfriend Pregnant!

A love-struck Canadian who pricked holes in his girlfriend's condoms in a desperate bid to save their dying relationship by getting her pregnant, has lost his appeal in The Supreme Court of Canada and will serve the remainder of his sexual assault sentence.

Craig Jaret Hutchinson was sentenced to 18 months in jail in December 2011 after he pierced his girlfriend's condoms with a pin in 2006 so she would get pregnant and not break up with him.

Mr Hutchinson and his girlfriend, who was named only as N.C., began dating in January of 2006 but by that same summer, despite an active sex life together, she started to lose interest. In order to pin her down with

‘Why I'm always Playing Bad Roles' – Star Actress, Patience Ozokwor

Who doesn't love Patience Ozokwor? Personally, I rate her as my favorite Nollywood actress. Movie lovers call her Margaret Thatcher of Nollywood, but she is so tender and kind-hearted when she is not on set. Patience Ozokwor, aka Mama G, in a new interview with Yes magazine, explained why she usually plays wicked, evil woman roles.
  • Why do you always take up the role of a bad woman in movies?
People should admit that I have something to play! People are known for stunts, romance, bad boys and girls, gigolo and so on, but I have that as my strong point. It was when I was coming up that I thought I might get hurt or be hated for playing those roles but I never knew it was going to even make me popular and loved. 
The roles I play most times are very vibrant and make people want to watch all my movies; even if I play the role of a good woman now my fans will start complaining, you understand? And if your fans start complaining that they don’t want you in a particular role, it makes the producers want to give me those bad woman roles the more.

I don’t ask for it, they just give it to me and if the script I get has something new and my fans are anxious of what the role is going to be like, I can make it different from what I used to do.
It is not easy to play bad roles at all times. Ask any artiste around you and they will tell you it’s not easy to cry and shout on set at the same time when it isn’t your normal self. It is not an easy task at all.


Chika Ike Lands in Paris in Style (Photos)

Big girl. See another below

Fab Photos from Rita Dominic's Photoshoot for Genevieve Magazine

Genevieve Magazine shared these beautiful pictures from their photoshoot with their February cover star Rita Dominic.
 More pics when you continue

Can You Solve This? (See Photo)

This riddle looks soo easy but there's a huge argument on what the correct answer should be. Let's read what y'all think. Do good to add how you got your answer.

Toyin Aimakhu Johnson Tweets about her Favourite Sx Position.....

So, Mrs Toyin Aimakhu Johnson had a Question & Answers session with her fans recently on Twitter where she was asked a lot of questions and she answered all truthfully. When Toyin was asked about her favourite sex position, read her reply after the cut. *hehe*

Terrible: 13 Students Collapse After Inhaling Poisonous Chemical In Lagos School

No fewer than 13 students yesterday suddenly collapsed at Ogba Junior Grammar School in Lagos after inhaling gaseous emission from unknown chemical at the school premises. And according to ThisDay, this is happening again barely after five months 25 students in the same school became unconscious after inhaling similar emission, which the Lagos State Government is yet to unravel.

The latest incident occurred around 1p.m yesterday. The affected students, 12 girls and one boy, were suddenly overwhelmed and started collapsing one after the other while in class. Other students immediately

Obesere's Former Manager, Don Pedro Okojie Defends Obesere, Says his Enemies will Fail!

Multiple award winning artiste manager and music promoter Don Pedro Okojie just shared this on his Facebook page.
“Abass Akande Obesere is like my son. I discovered, promoted & managed him in Nigeria, took him on international tours to the USA and Europe.
There are things I am privileged to know about him as a person who was very close to me. He never drinks any alcohol, nor smokes. He doesn't womanise, they always throw themselves at

This Female Student Cultist Allegedly Arranged her Friend’s Gang-rape in Kwara State (Photo)

 Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Ambrose Aisabor, yesterday, paraded  a female student of the College of Technology, Offa, Miss Mary Awolola, alleged to be a cultist, for allegedly luring her friend to be gang-raped by five of her cult members.

Vanguard reports that Mary confessed at the Police headquarters in Ilorin that she was also gang-raped much earlier by four boys before she was initiated into the cult group. She said she lured her friend to be raped by her cultist friends because she refused to join them in spite of the pressure mounted on her.

Mary also said she regretted her action having been arrested by the Police and more importantly that she

Photos from Toyin Lawani's 32nd Birthday Party in London

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Toyin Lawani was a year older March 1st and she had a real fun party in London with her friends and family. Toyin has been in London since she had her baby boy in January.
Her fiance and baby daddy Triggakess unfortunately wasn't at the party but he made sure to send his woman a birthday present she gushed about as the sweetest birthday present.

More pics after the jump

Photos: Maheeda New Music Video Again!

Maheeda has gone nude again for a music video. lol. It sold the first time, so she is doing it again. Here are pictures from her latest video shoot for her new single 'Lasgidi Chick'.
More pics after the cut

Lynxx Shares a photo of Himself & Chidinma Ehkile in Love

And he capped the photo with this beautiful caption. Awwwww. Rapper Lynxxx had always said he has a huge crush, love for Chidinma during interviews.
Lovely couple....

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