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Video: Watch As South African Police Men Brutalize Nigerian Citizen

This is sooo going to piss you off. Yesterday it was Nigerians in Malaysia voicing out their anger at the way they are maltreated there. Today, this video gets uploaded on Youtube, and the alleged story behind it is that the man you will see being brutalised in the video is a Nigerian. He's stripped and beaten up by police, then one of them actually hits him in the balls.

Like WTF!!!!

UPDATE:  I just learnt South Africa's Police Service is currently investigating this misconduct by officers in Cape Town after the footage was posted on Facebook yesterday. According to a local news report, South African News organisation, ENCA, the man being beaten was arrested for interferring with Police business, he was later released without being charged. His nationality wasn't mentioned either. The two officers involved have now been suspended.

Hot Or Not? Denrele Edun's Outfit To The AMVCA 2014 Awards

*hehhe* You like? See another photo after the cut

All the Photos: Celebrities' Outfits to the AMVCA 2014 Awards

AMVCA 2014 hosts
See more photos after the cut

Photo: Iceprince Chilling with his Son, Jamal & Wizkid's Son, Boluwatife

This is Iceprince, today Saturday with the Boiz - Jamal and Tife!
Adorable kids.

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Anita Joseph Says she Rejected her Lover's Proposal cos she Can't Afford to be a Housewife

Well endowed Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, popularly known as Nita J was in the news a couple of weeks back for rejecting her European lover's marriage proposal.. And in a new chat with Encomium, the curvy chiq explained why she allowed that opportunity go just like that.

  • Why did you reject your lover’s marriage proposal?
I rejected it because I cannot be a full housewife.  He wants me to quit acting and become a full housewife. But I am not that type that sits at home all day.  I love working. I love being busy.  He said when we get

Photos: These Twin Sisters Share the Same Boyfriend & Spent $200K on Plastic Surgery to Look More Identical

Anna and Lucy DeCinque at 19

Twin sisters, 28 year old Anna and Lucy DeCinque, decided they wanted to look so identical in order to be able to share everything in their lives: house, bed, boyfriend, Facebook account, phone, car and even a job.
So they invested in a more than $200,000 plastic surgery to ensure that happens.

According to NewYorkPost, Anna and Lucy DeCinque have had countless procedures in their bid to look exactly like each other - breast implants, lip enhancements and tattooed eyebrows.
The ladies also undergo weekly skin peels and infra-red sauna treatments, ensure they have the same diets,

Obesere's Alleged Rape Case: Alleged Victim's Friend Opens Up

Still on the Obesere alleged rape matter, guys. The lady who says she introduced Obesere to his accuser who is also her friend, Olanike Olaiya has come out to corroborate Obesere's story that Olaiya is trying to blackmail him for money.

And according to Bola Okoro, speaking to newsmen on Friday in Ibadan, Oyo State, she has been responsible for Olaiya and her daughter, Folawe,'s upkeep for more than five years, adding that Olaiya had earlier revealed to her a plan to blackmail Obesere for N10 million.
“I warned her not to try such a thing and I thought she had taken to my advice. Obesere is my business partner and I introduced Olanike to him in order for him to help her with her business

Gang 0f 50 Armed Men Attack Enugu State Govt House - One Killed, 3 Arrested!

 An attempt by about 50 armed youth to forcefully take over the Government House, Enugu in the early hours of Saturday, was repelled by security operatives attached to the Enugu State seat of power.

Vanguard reports that although the mission of the youth, who were armed with machetes carrying flags with different inscriptions and insignia is yet to be ascertained, an eyewitness said the men had arrived the Government House at about 4.30am in buses.
They reportedly parked their vehicles along Nza Street and marched to the Government House gate where they met the security operatives.

They were said to have told the security men to open the gate claiming that they were at the Government

Ex Governor Peter Odili's 3rd Daughter, Njideka, Shows off Baby Bump (Photos)

Beautiful Njideka Iheme Nwosu, nee Odili, the third daughter of former governor of Rivers State, Peter Odili and her hubby  Uzoma Iheme Nwosu, the son of Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Chioma Iheme-Nwosu are expecting! The rich society couple celebrated their wedding last year and this would be their first baby together. Big congrats to them.

See another photo after the jump

Hot or Not? Yvonne Nelson in her Outfit for 'Apaye, A Mother's Love' Movie Premiere

Royal Arts Academy yesterday  premiered its new film, 'Apaye, A Mother's Love ' at Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island ... And this was Yvonne Nelson's look at the event. You like?

Why Abacha Got A Centenary Award - Reuben Abati 

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, has defended the posthumous award given to Abacha during Nigeria’s centenary celebration last week. And according to him,  the award was not meant to celebrate moral virtues.
A cross section of Nigerians had questioned the government for honouring some controversial recipients, one of whom was Abacha. Even Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, rejected his nomination for the centenary award, saying he could not share the award with Abacha, who he described as a “murderer and thief of no redeeming quality”.

Abati told Saturday PUNCH:

“This (award) does not in any means translate to supporting sharp practices or corrupt practices. It is important to make the clear distinction in this regard. The centenary award, like every award, has its own criteria. That centenary award was in relation to the amalgamation, the national unity, the history of Nigeria and the roles played by certain individuals. The centenary award was not a test of sainthood.

In giving the award to the former Head of State, Gen. Abacha, the committee in charge made it very clear that the award in the category in which the former Head of State appeared was awarded with regard to the contributions of those individuals in keeping Nigeria together. You will find out that under that category, there were largely former Heads of State, persons who have at one time or the other presided over Nigeria and under whose watch, in spite of whatever challenges they might have faced, helped to sustain the unity of the country and helped to defend the integrity and sovereignty of the country. That was a specific criterion in this particular category. Of course, every award at all, be it for beauty or any other thing has its own criteria.

Abacha was honoured during the nation’s centenary award last Friday under the category of “outstanding promoters of unity, patriotism and national development.” The reason given for his nomination was that “he took over power when the nation was on the brink of precipice. He mobilised the nation’s most prominent political class into his cabinet and succeeded in ensuring the continued unity of the nation. He also raised Nigeria’s international standing for his peace keeping military interventions in Sierra Leone and Liberia.”

Would you Report a Boss who tried to Molest you at Work, Ladies?

What would you do if you were in this situation , dearies?

You have a boss who has shown you in every way that each time he looks at you, all he sees is you naked and in bed with him. Quite alright, you are soo single, in your late twenties, attractive woman. The salary you earn is very good too. You really need the money as well. Then your boss, though he's not the most superior, is a married man, in his fourties with kids.

Everyday at the office, once the opportunity presents itself, he tries to touch your boobs or tap your butt. For example, he always has a 'good' stupid reason for bumping into you and his hands brushing your boobs or bum. One thing or the other. He's even one time, tried to grab you when it was just the two of you in his office. He's also the one that appraises your work performance.

If you were this lady, would you report him to your superiors and risk the consequences, which of course won't be minor?

I know someone this happened to and when we asked her why she never complained, she said she didn't want to embarrass him. She personally knew the man's wife one on one. Eventually, the man was transferred to another branch so that's how my friend got her 'freedom'. She knows I'm sharing this here.

so, what would you do? Let's say there was no hope of him being transferred, would you resign?

EXPOSED: A Bar in Lagos Where Homosexuality Thrives

A bar by the roadside in Agege, Lagos has been exposed as offering comfort to pockets of gay people living in fear as a result of the recent Nigeria's anti gay law. A Saturday PUNCH correspondent visited the bar to investigate. And Punch just revealed what they discovered.

According to Punch, aware of how dangerous this kind of curiosity could be, their correspondent went under the guise of being a model looking for where to have fun and also “organise” young men and women for his homosexual clients.
  • The bar, which is located next to a popular petrol station in the area, brings to mind the popular saying that the best way to hide anything is to put it in plain sight.
Dressed casually to blend with the crowd, Punch's correspondent learnt on getting to the bar that a

More Photos: Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Rukky Sanda, Ramsey Nouah @ The AMVCA Pre Award Party

Beautiful ladies...

More pics after the jump - Ramsey Nouah, Rukky Sanda, Uti, Susan Peters....

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