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18 year old Student Sparks Outrage (Photos)

An 18 year old Duke University student, Miriam Weeks, has caused nationwide outrage in the US for revealing she is paying for her $US60,000 tuition fees, about N9.6m, by acting in blue movies. Ironically, since the story emerged last week, Miriam has become the hottest name in porn.

Miriam — known as “Belle Knox” to porn fans — began her thriving porn career quietly, until she was outed by a fellow student a couple of weeks ago. A fellow Duke student, Thomas Bagley, had noticed her online, and she confided her secret in him.

However, Bagley revealed the secret that very night to a couple of fraternity brothers, and word spread
like wild-fire. Bagley later apologized, but the damage was done already. Criticism and bullying hit Miriam from all sides, forcing her to publicly come out.

When she was asked 'but why would you do porn?', Miriam replied:
People often ask me this question. However, the answer is actually quite simple. I couldn't afford $60,000 in tuition, my family has undergone significant financial burden, and I saw a way to graduate from my dream school free of debt, doing something I absolutely love. Because to be clear: My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering.
The next question is always: "But when you graduate, you won’t be able to get a job, will you? I mean, who would hire you?" I simply shrug and say, “I wouldn’t want to work for someone who discriminates against sex workers.
I am not ashamed of porn. On the contrary, doing pornography fulfills me. That said, I vehemently want to have my privacy respected -- and I ask that anyone who knows my real name respect the fact that I am only discussing this publicly because it was made a public matter when I was confronted by a fraternity member who chose to tell hundreds of other men in the Greek scene.
You want to see me naked. And then you want to judge me for letting you see me naked. Today, I am choosing to reveal my porn identity to the world. My name is Belle Knox, and I wear my Scarlet Letter with pride.”
Miriam's father
 Miriam’s Catholic father Kevin and mother Harcharan, have been ‘floored’ by their daughter’s decision to turn to porn to fund her school fees. But they won’t abandon her, a family member told MailOnline exclusively.

While Miriam seemed to be flourishing in her fifteen minutes of fame, she did admit to one pang of conscience – keeping it all from her parents.
 'I regret not telling my family from the get-go. I think that was a really big mistake.'

Members Desert Late Ajanaku's Church, Family Spends Half a million Naira to Preserve his Corpse!

Barely six months after the demise of the controversial  Gbogan, Osun born spiritualist and former spiritual father of Yoruba gospel singer, Tope Alabi, late Prophet Ajanaku, members have dumped the once buoyant ministry.

ENCOMIUM Weekly checks revealed that the ministry which recorded over 2,000 members at times during the era of the late prophet now barely records over 150. And according to sources, this is not unconnected to the fact that many miracle seekers became members due to the spiritual power of the prophet and his prophetic messages which is now conspicuously missing.

A source squealed to Encomium that he left because he was comfortable with the way and manner they

Nigeria is the 2nd Country in the World Having the Least Sx!

According to a recent Durex international intimate survey which polled around 26,000 people over 26 countries, Nigeria is the 2nd country in the world whose citizens have the least sex on a weekly basis!
Durex says Nigerians are only better off than Japan who has only 34% of her population having sex weekly.

Yvonne Nelson Tweets about her Day being almost Ruined by 2 Nigerian Guys Yesterday....


Full story of what really happened isn't known yet but according to Ghanaian top actress, Yvonne Nelson, her rather beautiful day yesterday would have been totally ruined by 4 guys - 2 Nigerians, 2 Ghanaians who she believes were definitely sent by her haters, if not for the quick intervention of the Ghana Police Service.  Tweets continue after the cut

''Here's my Face when I See a Toothpick Di#k' - Maheeda (Photo)

*chuckles* Another photo when you continue

This 15 year old Schoolgirl was Raped, Robbed & Abandoned by an Unknown Man in Agege, Lagos (Photo)


 Members of the O’odua People’s Congress, OPC, and concerned Lagosians have rescued a teenager (name witheld), who was raped, robbed and abandoned by an unidentified man in Agege area of Lagos State.

P.M.NEWS learnt that the OPC members saw the secondary schoolgirl on Sunday, 9 March in a traumatized state at a public toilet near NITEL Office, at Oko Oba, AgegeAnd after giving her first aid treatment, the teenager was handed over to the police at the Agege Elere Police Divisional Headquarters, who referred her to Orile Agege General Hospital,  Agege for a comprehensive medical treatment.

The teenager, who will be 15 years by August, narrated that she came from Osun State and was on her way

"Alleged Boko Haram attack on TB Joshua's Synagogue Church is Hogwash " - Lagos CP, Umar Manko

The Lagos State Police Commissioner, Umar Manko has asked Nigerians to disregard the confession of  alleged Boko Haram bomber, Mustapha from Adamawa State who claimed he and 4 others had been sent to bomb Prophet TB Joshua's Synagogue Church in Lagos.

According to the commissioner, who spoke at the decoration of  newly-promoted officers, TV Continental, the confession has no substance, is baseless, and that the command had no fact yet to ascertain its authenticity.

Photos: Singer Kelly Handsome Arrives On Stage In A Coffin

 Kelly Hansome (6)

Controversial Nigerian singer, Kelly Handsome 'shocked' his audience during one of  his shows in Owerri last month when he showed up on stage in a coffin. Kelly, definitely out to make a grand entrance had his team carry the coffin on stage. And when the time was right, Kelly burst it open and jumped out, sending his audience into a frenzy. See more pics after the jump

Emmy Collins Slams Chika Ike, Funke Akindele, Toke Makinwa, Uche Jombo & Monalisa Chinda's AMVCA Outfits

Avant-garde and versatile designer Emmy Collins is sooo at it again. lol. Emmy, who celebrities have on so many occasions rained abuses on for mocking their red carpet outfits has published on his blog his thoughts about Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda, Toke Makinwa, Funke Akindele and Chika Ike's oufits to the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards.
And here's all the mean things he wrote. Emmy says he no send anybody cos it is quite funny how some women take offence even though all you are trying to do is to inspire them.
  • On Uche Jombo's oufit:
I don`t even know what a neck piece is doing on her neck really. These lasses should fathom when less is more. The only good news is that when I consider the black slit cum butchered

An Overwhelmed Mercy Aigbe Can't Stop Flaunting her AMVCA Award (New Photos)

Awww. You remember last year, Mercylicious Mercy Aigbe called out Africa Magic for ignoring Yoruba actors. So you can imagine her excitement when she heard her name mentioned as a winner this year. Perfect dream come true. An obviously super excited Mercy walked up on stage and profusely, in between trying to catch her breath cos she was surprised she won, thanked her hubby and kids with a spontaneous love speech that got her audience and viewers at home loling.

Mercy has been sharing photos of herself with her award ever since,  that right now she says she's even run out of captions. Hehe. Big congrats to her tho.

Adanna Ohakim & Hubby David are still Making Lovely Dance Videos! Check out these New Ones! (Videos)

Newly weds Ada and her German hubby David are undeniably a hot couple and they are back to making their too cute dance videos, which we all love, days after their wedding in Germany.

I've shared two of their videos on this blog before now, click here to watch if you missed them, and here are two new frosh ones for your viewing pleasure. The way Ada's hubby, David aka Udo whines his waist will definitely crack you up. lol. Enjoyy....after the cut though

Obesere Rape Saga: 'Save Me from Untimely Death' - Victim

The 29-year-old businesswoman, Olanike Olaiya, who was allegedly raped by popular Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, aka Obesere, has cried out one more time, calling on police authorities not to allow her matter with Obesere to be swept under the carpet so that she will not die.

According to the lady who spoke with Vanguard yesterday, Obesere’s insertion of his ring in her private part, leading to bleeding and pain, may not be unconnected with ritual activities. She refuted allegations made by Obesere claiming they were lovers and that she wanted to use the rape saga to blackmail and extort money from him.
The graduate of Ibadan Polytechnic also said she was not impressed by the way the case was being handled at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos. She accused the Investigating Police Officer, simply known as Jacob, of wanting to frustrate the investigation in favour of Obesere.

Olaiya told Vanguard:

“I knew him barely two weeks ago and we were talking business. But he raped me on our first meeting in his house. Like I told you earlier, I met him through a friend who is much older than me — she is over 49 year old— and she told me that Obesere helped her in her business and he could do same for me. She was the one who arranged the meeting at Obesere’s house, but Obesere made me wait for at least five hours until it became late for me to go after the meeting.
Even when I insisted, he refused to let me go claiming his area was not safe and that everybody knew I was in his house. I slept over, but not in his room. He raped me and inserted a ring in my private part. I wouldn’t have gone to the Police if it was just the rape because it was my fault. As an adult, I should have known the danger of passing the night in a stranger’s house. 

“Why I went to Police”

“I went to the police because I was bleeding and when I informed him about it, he didn’t take me seriously. He asked me to go to a private hospital in Ejigbo. But when I got there, the doctor did not even touch or examine me in any way. He just asked that I go for a scan, which is not done in that hospital. I left the hospital in pain and I reported the matter to the police. I wanted the police to be aware of what happened and prosecute him for forcefully having sex with me against my wish.
I also have to clarify the issue of wanting to blackmail him. From the beginning, I rejected all the money he offered me as settlement. You can ask the DPO at Isolo. He is aware that I rejected all the money he offered me. All I wanted was for him to be prosecuted for taking advantage of me because I slept in his house.“Also, I wanted him to explain to the Police why he inserted a ring into my private part that made bleed for two weeks and possibly reverse any ritual step he may have taken.

Alleges conspiracy

“As I speak with you, I am still going through pains. After the bleeding stopped, I have continued to have problems with my reproductive organs. That was why I went to the police, I wanted them to investigate and prosecute him. But what I am getting from the IPO is terrible. He is trying to destroy the case and set Obesere free at the expense of my life and dignity. He discarded the medical report from the General Hospital and he upheld that of Obesere’s private hospital, saying their report was the correct one. As I speak with you I am not feeling well at all.”

WTF!.... Check Out these Piercings and Tattoos from Hell (Photos)

If you have ever loved tattoos, I'm so sure you are going to be having a rethink after seeing these pictures, of some totally weird guys rocking the crazies tatts and piercings.
The things some human beings have done to their beautiful bodies in the name of flowing with the trend eh.... Crazy. Let's read what you think. Which of the tatts would you proudly rock? lol. More pics after the jump

The Woman My Husband Cheated With has been Threatening us....Swears to Make our Life Hell!

Please TILB  readers, help me. Things happen and you think you can handle them on your own but it's come to a point I think I need your thoughts please. Lagos looks big but at the end of the day, it's still a small world afterall. I have little children to protect.

I recently found out my husband was cheating on me with this young lady who is also based in this Lagos. My husband is a businessman and always travels on business trips. So, sometimes, under the guise that he is travelling for business, it never occured to me my hubby was actually meeting and spending days with this lady.

I always had my suspicions that my husband was cheating on me but since I had no concrete evidence, what could I do? I just told myself I had to be strong for myself and my kids. No man ever died and his wife was buried with him or vice versa.

Eventually, I got to catch him redhanded one day with this woman. My husband and I have been through a whole lot. 7 years of marriage, right from the scratch is no beans. I just broke down and wept bitterly. My husband was ashamed, he was very sorry and he openly confessed everything to me. He was practically living in two homes with me and the other woman who didn't mind my husband was a married man.

The affair is over now. But my nightmare now is the other woman is very upset about it. She says my husband was a very big liar who ultimately used her and dumped her. And now she is bent on making our life hell. She has shown up in our neighbourhood unannounced several times. Has called my phone severally, telling me how much of a jerk my husband is. That because of my husband, she shunned so many other viable relationships cos of his promises. That my husband only used her for sex and had the guts to abandon her after making her abort a baby for him. An abortion my husband strongly denies. He says she is using it to make me unhappy and hate him.

Frankly, I don't even know who to believe. My husband lied to me several times in the past. This woman keeps calling, crying, then at some point she will switch to screaming, threatening to deal with my husband mercilessly for causing her so much pain. One minute she is begging me to understand how she feels, the next she is swearing on Amadioha's name that curses will follow my husband and his generation. His generation which are my own children.

I am confused. How do I handle this insanity?

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