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Fun Game

Lol. Let's see how good you are. Real butt here means the real, God given booty. Then fake means Adobe Photoshopped booty. So now that you know that, let's see if you can tell which one picture is actually real. Study long and hard. More pics after the jump

Eight-year-old Girl Commits Suicide in Enugu

An 8-year-old girl, Chiemerie Asadu, allegedly committed suicide on Monday at the Ofulonu, Nsukka area of Enugu State. And according to Punch, the little girl hanged herself to death in the bathroom and no one in her neighborhood could give  any reason behind the alleged suicide.

A relative of the deceased, Mr. David Ajibo, told PUNCH Metro that the victim was the daughter of his brother in-law, and was living with him.
“This girl has been staying with us since her father died. I am shocked. I don’t know what to say. Only God knows what happened. She was hale and hearty when I left the house in the

You Have Any Advice For This Lady? (See Photo)


Nigerian Couple Arrested In Britain For Keeping a now 38 year old Man as a Slave For 25 Years!

A Nigerian couple, two senior workers in Britain’s health sector - Dr Emmanuel Edet, 59, and his wife Antan Edet, 56, have been accused of secretly enslaving a man for a quarter of a century. And according to DailyMail, Scotland Yard is investigating after the alleged slave, also a Nigerian man, walked into a police station and claimed he was being held as a slave.

Ofonime Sunday Edet, 38, told officers he has been held against his will since being trafficked to Britain in 1989, when he was just 13. That he fell into the hands of his alleged captors after his father died when he was a young boy in Nigeria and he was forced to support his younger siblings.

The couple had promised him work, lodging and an education so he could support his family. They changed

Photos: Newborn Baby Pronounced Dead at Birth Miraculously Comes Back To Life 28 Minutes Later!

A newborn pronounced dead at birth miraculously began breathing on her own 28 minutes later. According to Metro Halifax, 34 year old Robin Cyr gave birth to her fourth child last Saturday morning in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but was told the baby girl had died from being wedged in the birth canal during delivery.

Doctors tried to revive the baby for 25 minutes to no avail. So they took her out of the delivery room but a few minutes later, a stuttering, breathless nurse rushed back into the room to say the baby had started breathing again.

Recounting her ordeal, Robin said she laid on the bed waiting after delivery, for 25 minutes, for any sign of

Amazing Photos: Girls Loses Half her Bodyweight just so that Justin Bieber would Notice Her

A Justin Bieber super fan who used to weigh 120kg lost practically half her body weight all in a bid to make her pop star idol notice her.

Now weighing 67kg , Bryanna Debinder, 20, shed an incredible 53kg in just a year after becoming jealous of the slim girls who were pulled on stage by Bieber during his concerts. So, she vowed to lose weight and embarked on a diet that has seen her looking more beautiful than ever before.

'Every time I saw him pull up a pretty, slim girl on stage, I just thought: 'that should be me',' said Bryanna, of

*lol* Flavour Shares Photo of Himself

Please describe in just one word! Lol.

A Vexed Senator Florence Ita-Giwa Lashes out at Her Haters in a Press Release!

You recall last month, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa celebrated her 68th birthday party in Lagos and as usual, practically all the Nigerian big shots and entertainment celebrities were in attendance and everyone had a good time.  Pictures were released on blogs but Senator Florence was shocked when she read very negative comments by people who insinuated she was a self seeking indulgent socialite, who squanders money and wasn't doing anything in charity. 

An angry Senator Florence has now released a statement to address her haters and set the record straight. She also explained why she's always spotted with Nigerian entertainment celebrities who her critics say are not even her mates.
The PR reads:

"To say that I am upset about the cheap pot shots taken at me for celebrating my 68th birthday will be stating the obvious. If the authors of the hack job that was posted on net which attracted many adverse comments had bothered to research my antecedents before going to town with the tainted piece, they may not have put the cynical slant that they did on a routine celebration.

First of all , let it be known that I have no apologies to make for celebrating my birthday in the manner it was done. I, more than anybody else have every cause to celebrate as elaborately as possible given the many blessings and triumphs that God in his mercy has bestowed on me. I have had an amazing life journey, which has seen me through many deep valley experiences and exhilarating mountain top moments, so I have every reason to thank God and celebrate with my many friends, whose goodwill and prayers have enriched my life.

To attempt to portray me as an uncaring and frivolous member of the ruling class is to do a disservice to my political life’s work. From the time I entered the political arena over twenty years ago, I had sworn to put the welfare of my people above mine, and even casual observers of politics can attest to this fact. Ordinarily, I would have overlooked the story of my birthday posted on the internet as one of those things that prominent persons are bound to experience from time to time, but the negative comments the piece attracted leaves me with no option.

Perception as they say is reality and I owe it to the thousands of youths who have adopted me as their role model to correct the fundamentally flawed piece. Modesty demands that one should not advertise one's good deeds, however at a time like this when my honour is being questioned, I am constrained to mention a few of the activities that I have committed my life to:

Last Christmas I organized a Christmas party for 3000 displaced Bakassi children, in addition to distributing relief materials to displaced Bakassi persons on a regular basis over the years. At considerable personal cost, I have championed the agitation for the resettlement of the Bakassi people. Every year, I organize The Children Of Bakassi Red Ball where I invite my Nigerian and Expatriate friends to raise funds to address the issues confronting my Bakassi people.
I have adopted over 12 Bakassi children, they all attend the most prestigious school in Calabar ( Access School).

While these activities are by no means all that I do on behalf of my people, I think they are enough to put a lie to the insinuation that I am a self seeking indulgent socialite. As a matter of fact, my birthday celebrations are usually used as an avenue to further advance my agitation for the resettlement of my people. This year as part of the ceremonies, we unveiled the Crest of my Traditional Title as Mother Of The Efik Kingdom with the motto‘’ SERVICE TO HUMANITY’’ a creed that I live by.

While we are at it , I might as well address the other issues that appear to agitate some of my detractors, chief of which is my relationship with members of the entertainment industry. I have no reason to be ashamed of this group of patriotic Nigerians who have raised the profile of our nation beyond our wildest dreams. These young people have always offered their services to my many causes at little or no cost, it is only natural that I reciprocate their affection by being identified with them.

The other issue that appears to give my traducers sleepless nights is the fact that I don’t look my age. If they must know, in addition to God blessing me with good genes, I have made a habit of working out and eating right. I am 68 years old and have no desire to turn back the hand of time. Indeed I am proud of the fact that I am aging gracefully.

As long as I have life in me, I will continue to live up to my creed , which is ‘’ SERVICE TO HUMANITY’’ regardless of what ever my detractors say. My life is an open book, only the truly mischievous will seek to tarnish my hard earned reputation”.

Obesere's Wife is very Angry with her Husband over his Alleged Rape Case

In a new chat with, Oyo State-born musical top Fuji musician revealed that no one else is as hurt as his wife and mum to his 5 kids over his involvement with businesswoman Olaiya who accused him of raping her and inserting a ring in her private part for rituals. His wife is very disappointed but Obesere insists this scandal will not affect his family.

When he was asked why he moved the case to State CID and about his wife's reaction, Obesere told theNet:

Police officers in Isolo think I’m an illiterate simply because I am a Fuji artiste. I am not an illiterate and I refuse to be intimidated, which is why I asked for the case to be transferred. How can a girl accuse me of rape four days after sex? What is her proof? Since the case was transferred to the SCID, she has not reported to the station. If truly she was raped, she should come to the SCID with her proof. My wife Abike is angry with me, but I am her husband, so she will forgive me.

Obesere's family is not the only thing being threatened.  His freedom and career will also be affected if he is found guilty as the Lagos State Criminal law prescribes life sentence as punishment for rape.
Meanwhile, below is a photo of Obesere's house where the alleged rape took place.

Mercy Johnson Turns Fulani Cattle Rearer (Photos)

You just gotta love this woman. Here are new pictures of Mercy Johnson on set as a cattle herdsman.

Annie Idibia Finally Back in Lagos 'to Take Care of her Man' hehehe (Photos)

Annie Idibia is finally back in  Nigeria months after she left the country to have her baby in the States. Annie shared the news on her Instagram page.
She also showed off her new tattoo - 'Idibia'. 

Photos: Comedian IGODYE's 2nd Multimillion Dollar Royal Castle Nears Completion

Trust Comedian IGoDye, who now travels country to county to entertain Presidents and Governors, to go all out to enjoy his wealth. His new castle, a "French Luxury Chateaux des Reves Design", has entered its finishing stages.
Check out the photos below. 
This is IGoDye's second luxury mansion in Benin city.

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