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Security Guard Tortures 10-year-old Cousin for Bedwetting (See Photo)

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 27-year-old security guard, Joy Amodu, for allegedly torturing her 10-year-old cousin, Foziya Danjuma for several hours till the little girl fell unconscious. All because Foziya peed on her bed on February 28, 2014.

According to the police, the suspect as punishment, used a spatula to beat the 10-year-old and inserted Aboniki balm (methyl salicylate ointment) inside her private parts and her eyes. The suspect also allegedly inflicted teeth bites all over the girl’s body. It was after the girl fainted during the beating that her aunt rushed her to a hospital in the Ajah area, but she was rejected.  Amodu then took her niece to a military hospital on the Victoria Island, but the victim was referred to the Military Hospital, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. It was at the military hospital that a non-governmental organisation, Hands that Care, took over the case and reported it to the police.

The suspect, crying profusely, said she only beat her niece on three occasions. That the victim was her uncle’s daughter and she would never attempt to kill her.

“I am very sorry for my action. I did not envisage what happened. The first time she wet the bed, I warned her to stop bedwetting because she is too old for that. She was left under my care by her father who is my uncle, so I needed to correct her. This is the second time she wet the bed and I needed to teach her a lesson. As I was beating her, she passed out. She was released to me by her father when I told him about the strange sickness that used to hit me because I was lonely and needed a companion.”

The victim could not talk much, but when asked if she was tortured by her cousin, she nodded in approval. National Coordinator of the Hands that Cares, Mrs. Jacinta Nworie, said  the girl was released to the suspect by her father in Kogi State because Amodu promised to train her in Lagos.

“The victim told us that the suspect bit her, inserted ointment into her private part and used stick to beat her up.”

Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, who expressed shock over the incident, described Amodu’s action as wicked. She said:

“On February 29, 2014, the police at Onikan Division got information that a little girl was in one hospital in critical condition. The officers went there and found the victim with her face and hands swollen as a result of beating. The victim was later referred to the Military Hospital, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi for better treatment. An NGO, Hands that Care, was invited into the case by a good Nigerian. The NGO said it would settle the girl’s hospital bills, but called for Amodu’s prosecution.

It was learnt that the family members were already pleading that the victim and the suspect be released to them, saying it was a family matter. But a police source said since the victim was a minor, the government would decide if the case should be treated as a family matter or not.

- Punch.

Tyler Perry's Mother Lied to Him about Who his Father is, and now, She's Dead!

Writer and producer, Tyler Perry has revealed his anger after he discovered that the man his mother introduced to him as his biological father was truly not his father.

According to the 44-year-old star, while addressing an audience during his recent appearance at the Women's Empowerment 2014 event in Raleigh, North Carolina,  his late mother lied to him about his father's identity. He had always believed that violent Emmitt Perry Snr, a man that regularly, severely beat him up to a point Tyler attempted suicide at the age of 10, was his biological father. So, you can imagine Tyler's shock when  he took a DNA test with his brother and found out the truth.

A disappointed, hurt Perry told his audience, while advising them to be honest with their children:
"I love my mother to death, but she lied to me. Some of you have secrets that your kids need to know. Let the chips fall where they may. For the peace of that person, let them know."

Unfortunately, his mum is now late and Tyler has to now search for his real dad alone. But why a mother would do this to her own grownup child is baffling.

Would you Rock this Outfit, Ladies?

In the photo is 34 year old actress Maggie Q, rocking a black skimpy dress with no underwear, at the L.A. premiere of Divergent on Tuesday, March 18. You like?

What's Wrong with this Photo?


Hottie of the Day: ... Featuring Charly Boy & his New Bald Head (See Photo)

Awwwwww. Charly is hotter now than ever before, right?

Rapper-Turned-Pastor Mase Secretly Filed for Divorce from Wife of 12 years, Twyla Betha

Rapper-turned-pastor Mase, who built a lucrative church and related business partly on his secrets to a successful marriage, according to a new report by TMZ, had ironically, secretly filed for divorce from his pastor wife.

TMZ says they have obtained Mase's divorce filing in Georgia dated January 2nd, citing irreconcilable differences with wife, Twyla Betha. And it sounded nasty. Mase asked for full custody of their two kids and even wanted HER to pay HIM child support. in the filing, Mase claims they separated August 2013 -- after 12 years of marriage.

But just over a month later, the day before Valentine's Day, Mase inexplicably had a change of heart, filing to

Jonathan Orders Moro To Refund N1,000 Fee To Immigration Job Seekers, New Recruitment Exercise to Be Conducted!

President Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly ordered embattled Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, to refund the N1,000 application fee collected from job seekers who wrote the ill fated Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) aptitude test that turned sour last weekend.

While speaking with reporters after the weekly Federal Executive Council, Nigeria’s minister of information, Labaran Maku also announced it has canceled the recruitment exercise, that a panel has been set up to conduct another recruitment exercise. That President Jonathan also ordered three employment slots be left

So TILB Readers, Una no wan Make we Rock our Most Fashionable Reader Contest Again, ba?

Obviously, we can't have our weekly show if no reader is willing to send in their pictures. And y'all can't deny it used to be so much fun. Personally, I miss hosting this show, guys.

Today is Wednesday, Saturday is 3 days away. What do you say about us having one again this Saturday? The first for this year.

Our requirements are still the same:
  • Send in full lenght pictures of you rocking your best outfits. Clear pictures. No 'just my face' photos. 

Islamic Teacher who Sexually Abused Girl, 11, as he Taught her the Koran is Spared Jail, Sparks Outrage!

In a trial that has sparked outrage, an Islamic teacher who repeatedly molested a terrified girl of 11 as he taught her the Koran has escaped jail sentence because according to his defence, his family of six were so dependent on him, his wife’s English is so bad and he is ill with kidney problems.

Suleman Maknojioa, 40, was supposed to be giving the little girl and her two brothers private tuition. He was engaged by the children’s parents in 2012 to teach them about the Islamic faith. But instead of teaching the kids, Maknojioa picked interest in the little girl and repeatedly, began touching the girl’s arms and head, then

Gay Husband Strangles Wife, Burns Her Body After Marrying Her To Hide His Sexuality (Photo)

A bank worker, who married to conceal his homosexuality, is currently in court after he strangled his wife with a metal vacuum pipe and tried to destroy her remains in an incinerator. DailyMail reports that 30 year old Jasvir Ram Ginday had agreed to wed 24 year old Rani, even though he had confided in a friend years earlier that he was attracted to men, just to please his parents. He married Varkha Rani in a lavish ceremony in India last March only to kill her months later in September because he was unable to pretend to be straight.

Before their marriage, Ginday had travelled to  India with his mother to find a bride and met several women before a match-maker known to both families introduced him to Miss Rani. Prosecutor Debbie Gould told a jury the couple became engaged ‘at the end of a meeting which lasted several hours’, with Miss Rani’s family believing Ginday to be ‘a perfect match for their intelligent, well-educated, and attractive young daughter’. The bride, who had completed a degree and a master’s degree in science and information technology in India, moved to the UK to live with Ginday in August after being granted a visa.

But just a month later, police discovered the unrecognisable remains of the 24-year-old bride in the back garden of the home they shared with other members of Ginday’s family. Ginday had strangled his wife before forcing her body into the 22-inch deep incinerator and setting it alight. Then he called police that night to report her missing – claiming she had walked out after assaulting him and had only married him for a visa to get into the UK. 

A witness, Miss Gould said:

‘His ultimate intention was to play the role of victim, safe in the knowledge that he could rely on his married status as a permanent excuse for never having another relationship with a woman...his respectability and that of his family’s would be secured.’

Ginday and his wife had been alone in the  house at Walsall, West Midlands, on September 12, the day of the murder. That afternoon, neighbours saw smoke and likened the smell to that which comes from a crematorium. When one concerned resident knocked on Ginday’s door, he claimed he was simply burning rubbish. Although Ginday had attempted to destroy his wife’s body, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard that a woman police constable ‘lifted the lid (of the incinerator) and found herself looking down on a human skull which was severely burnt’. Officers also discovered Miss Rani’s wedding ring inside the 22-inch deep incinerator.

However, Ginday denies a charge of murder but has admitted manslaughter and a further charge of perverting the course of justice by lying to police. His trial continues.

Nicki Minaj shares New Upclose Shots (Photos)

Nicki's big booty is her selling point and she is sooo flaunting it. She shared these photos of her famous behind on Instagram and says she's still got 5 pounds to go. Whether it's 5 pounds to lose or 5 pounds to add to her already big bum, she didn't indicate. However, the part that really caught my attention, one of her followers chided Nicki that her booty ain't attractive. How can????!!! Hehe..

Would you Let your Little Child Become a Transgender at a Young Age? Meet 3 Parents who Did! (Photos)

Coy Mathis became a trangender when she was 18months old (1 year six months)
Kids are born very innocent but when your little baby wakes up one morning telling you she/he is trapped in the wrong body at such a tender age and your little child is insisting she/he wants to live and be addressed as the opposite sex, what would you do as a parent? Would you encourage them to become transgenders at such a young age? Well, meet 3 parents who did just that, guys...
  • Although she was biologically born a boy, Coy Mathis felt from the very beginning she was a girl. At first, her parents Jeremy and Kathryn Mathis didn’t think much of their son’s behavior. Coy took his sister’s pink blanket, and shunned the car they gave him for Christmas. Then, Coy told them he only wanted to wear girls’ clothes. At school, he became upset when his teacher insisted he line up with the boys. He was becoming depressed and withdrawn, telling his parents at one point he wanted to get “fixed” by doctors.

    When his parents learned he had gender identity disorder — a condition in which someone identifies

Lady Rejects Guy cos He's 'Poor', only to later Discover he's actually very Rich! Read Ada's Story


Ada Okeke shared her true life story online..
My people, I need your advice... I am the one involved!

My cousin (male) came home last Christmas looking for a wife, I told him about my girlfriend and we agreed to invite her over so that he can see her.... At last he liked her, collected her phone number from me, though I told her before doing that... But here is the deal between me and him, he made it clear to me never to disclose what he does for a living to her now, but rather I should tell her he is a security man living in Mushin... ( note: he is a rich business man but he is afraid to disclose his identity now, because according to him, he is looking for a lady that will love him for whom he is and not for what he is)...
They met, he told her the same thing, .. After everything she came to me to know whether it's

Guys, Get Connected to Recruitment Agencies and Employers in Nigeria Here (Must Read!)

Are you in the Nigerian labour market? Looking to be found by Employers in Nigeria? Do you have the necessary skills and qualifications? Do you agree that all job seekers deserve  an equal chance of being found by employers!

If yes, then sign up on Manpower Nigeria today FOR FREE!

Manpower Nigeria is a database of qualified and employable hands from all fields of human endeavor in Nigeria. Anyone in the Nigerian labor market can join. From inexperienced Fresh Graduates to Experienced

Mori Gabriella, Lady Severely Beaten up by Boyfriend & Left to Die Has Recovered (her New Photos)

So sorry I haven't been up to speed, guys. A lot has been happening behind the scene here, reality sets in once in a while but then..  It can only get better... Pleasee..

Meanwhileee, great news guys. You remember Mori Gabriella right? The young model that was beaten up by her boyfriend three weeks ago. Gabriella's boyfriend had constantly questioned her about cheating and flirting. And on that fateful day in a fit of rage, he beat her up so bad, threw her out of his moving vehicle and left her to die. Read the story here if you missed it.

Well, I just checked up on Gabriella and boy, she has made a full recovery! Pictures are all after the cut plus

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