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Olamide Denies His Longtime Girlfriend is Pregnant for Him, Vents his Anger on Twitter...

Olamide has denied the story now gone viral that his long-time girlfriend, Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman, is expecting a baby for him. Netng first reported that story and according to them, after a source told them about the pregnancy, they tried to get Olamide to say a thing about it. But he didn't say anything and instead deleted all the photos of his girl from his Instagram page.  More tweets when you continue...

Come See Cuteness! Stephanie Kalu Uche Steps out with Her Cute Daughter Michelle & Family

Steph recently had her second baby, you remember right? She looks amazinggg... awesomely repping Nigeria in New York.

Ladies, Would you Let a Guy Hop on You Like this For a Dance? (See Photos)

 lol. Here are pictures of the World's fastest man, Usain Bolt performing crude dance moves at a pre-carnival party in Trinidad and Tobago. The Olympic legend was pictured in Momentum nightclub 'daggering' with a participating female.

The controversial dance, which originated in Mr Bolt's native Jamaica, is designed to imitate sexual intercourse. Often seen during carnivals, the dance is known for its sexually explicit style and is usually performed to dancehall music.

The Olympic record holder appeared happy to be photographed as he took part in the dance in front of fans. The girl too... speechless. This is a dance Jamaican doctors say has reportedly resulted in a rise in the number of men fracturing and damaging their penises.

Check out Joseph Benjamin's Transformation on Set as a Benin King with Rita Dominic as Queen...

Nollywood actor Benjamin Joseph looked nothing like his usual young self for his movie role in a new Frank Rajah directed movie he's been on location with Rita Dominic for.. The movie, shot in Benin, is a period film set in the 70's and is based on Benin Kingdom, their royalty, love and re-incarnation..

You won't even recognize Joseph when you see the pics. See more after the cut. Nollywood is so stepping up...

Pictures from Chika Ike's Unveiling As Bullet Energy Drink Ambassador in London

 Nollywood actress Chika Ike has been officially unveiled as the new brand ambassador for Bullet Energy Drink. The deal is worth millions of Naira and was done at the Sunmark Office in London, UK. Pictures continue after the jump 

Oh Dear! Mrs Dora Akunyili's New Look will Shock You! (Photo)


There have been rumours and counter rumours that former Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili was down with a life threatening ailment, that she was bedridden and that all hope is lost on her recovery.

But after CKN Nigeria reached out to the Prof who is a delegate to the National Conference going on in Abuja, this is her reply to her inquiry on her state of health.

Thank you for your enquiry. There is a saying in Igboland that goes this way: “Let the sickness

'They Slept with Me, I Saw them Slaughter about 50 People' - Female Boko Haram Survivors Tell their Story

Two ladies residing in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria have given a moving account of their ordeal in the hands of suspected members of the Boko Haram sect and how they managed to escape.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC Hausa service monitored in Kaduna on Monday, Liatu, aged 23, said she spent 12 days in the hands of her abductors inside the Sambisa forest before she escaped. According to her, she had left Maiduguri on her way to the village when she was abducted, adding that the Boko Haram

A Crying Cossy Orjiakor Tweets about her Broken Toy (Photo)

Lol. Cossy, Cossy. Now we officially know how thick she likes her joysticks too.....

Guys, Pretty Alexis Is Our Most Fashionable Reader Of The Week!

She came, she saw, she conquered! *loud drum rolls* And today, she is our winner! Alexis is our new Most Fashionable Reader of the week, guys!!! Our very first for 2014!!! *louder drum rolls* lol

Alexis had the highest votes - beat Oluchi to emerge the winner by 17 votes. So, hearty congratulations Alexis dear. Your pictures are now on our sidebars, with a link to your hot Instagram page www.Instagram.com/official_china_barbie. Do check her out and follow her page too,dearies. Our gurl is

Can't a Guy Spend Money on a Lady Without Him Thinking of Getting Laid in Return?

Here's a question from Articul8:
I was discussing with my friend today and he was gisting me about a female friend who asked him for a favour. Though he once asked the lady out but she declined his proposal. Later, the lady then asked him to lend her 20k and my friend was already making plans on how to get down with her cos she asked him for a favour.
Where is our sense of brotherly love? Must we always want something in return for every

10 Reasons why Polygamy is a Great Thing! You Agree or Disagree?

Article written by Paul Harry:

In many different ways, members of our society continue to weigh in on many social issues, whether it is about prostitution, gay marriage, capital punishment, unfaithfulness in relationships or some other social issue. In this current article, I wish to look at polygamy – specifically, polygyny or male polygamy – presenting ten reasons why everyone should welcome, support and promote it.

First of all, almost all men already like having as many female partners as possible.

They have that natural penchant to be with scores of women. If we forbid it because of some so-called Bible teaching, we only create problems, including unfaithfulness, because men, generally speaking, will still go out to satisfy that desire to be with many women. Let’s give men the unhindered chance to do what they enjoy doing – keeping many women as his partners.

Second reason: Polygamy promotes individual rights and freedom.

It is obvious that everyone wants to be free to associate, choose, decide and so on, and this applies to the practice of polygamy. The decision to practice polygamy should be left with the individual; it is a personal decision that no person or institution should interfere with. If a man wishes to practice polygamy, or if a woman wants to live in a polygamous marriage, the decision should be left with the person. No one should deprive that individual of this right. To do otherwise is to trample upon the right of the individual to choose what is good for him.

Third, polygamy helps to prevent or minimize adultery.

Since, generally speaking, a man enjoys having multiple sexual relationships, or since a man is more likely to cheat on his wife, if a man is allowed to have as many wives as he wants, he will have no, or less, need to practice extra-marital sex. Having only one wife creates a condition for the temptation to cheat to flourish. Polygamy can help solve this problem.

Fourth, polygamy is part of some culture.

By practicing this form of culture, the people feel proud and dignified. Why should some people feel that their one-man-one-wife culture should be more acceptable, or is better, than a one-man-many-wives culture? Is this not what we call ethnocentrism?  It is this ethnocentric tendency that has caused many unique cultural practices to be destroyed completely. We must not allow this to happen to polygamy. We must protect our culture.

Fifth, polygamy was practiced by great men of both the Bible and the Koran.

Abraham had more than one wife. Jacob had more than one wife. David had more than one wife. Solomon had more than one wife. Mohamed had several wives. God did not condemn or punish any of these men for practicing polygamy. In fact, the Koran puts it clearly – a man is allowed to have up to four wives. Those who think that polygamy is wrong because Adam had only one wife don’t understand that Adam had no choice. If God had placed several Eves into the Garden of Eden or somewhere near it, forget it, Adam would have taken them all as wives.

Sixth, polygamy helps to reduce the number of unmarried women in a society.

In other words, it brings hope to the single women among us. If polygamy is enthusiastically welcome and promoted and accepted, the number of married women in our society will be less. We all know what problems most unmarried women face, don’t we? Polygamy can help solve these problems. You see what joy and balance polygamy can bring to a society?

Seventh, polygamy helps men with leadership ability.

Most men and women know that women are one of the most difficult creatures to deal with in this world. So, for a man to control a home of three or four wives with different backgrounds and behavior, for example, is a great leadership responsibility. And if a man can successfully manage this, then he’s most likely to manage great institutions or people. If one can understand and deal with women easily and successfully, then he has great management and leadership skills.

Eighth, polygamy teaches a man to learn how to be patient.

Many of us know that patience is a great virtue. Most of us also know that women do all kinds of things that annoy, infuriate or frustrate men. As mentioned in the previous argument, women, generally speaking, are troublesome creatures. If a man who has two or three wives can learn to keep them in his life for years, in spite of their troublesome nature, then that man has obtained one of the greatest virtues of life. Do we need impatient people in our society, or patient people?

Ninth, polygamy is good in that it proves that men have a humanitarian spirit in them – they want to help others.

We all know that, as experience has shown, it is the man’s responsibility to provide for the home. So, imagine a man who has four wives, each having three children. If this man can willingly, readily and ably provide food, clothing, shelter and other things for the four women and their children, isn’t he helping to sustain humanity? Isn’t he a humanitarian? Do you know what would happen to those women if they had no one to help them? This is the humanitarian side of polygamy, and it is another reason why we should support it and encourage both men and women to welcome and promote it.

Finally, polygamy, like prostitution, is an age-old normal human practice.

Polygamy has been with us for ages. It started long before the Flood of Noah came. Some say that the first man to have ever practiced polygamy was Lemech, a man who married two women. It has been practiced since that time. Let’s not frustrate its continuation.

To conclude, there are many good reasons why polygamy is a fantastic practice, but because of time and space, only ten reasons have been proffered. Indeed, supporting polygamy is a sensible thing to do because men already like having many partners, it enhances personal freedom, helps to prevent or minimize adultery, is an integral part of some culture, was practiced by great men of Christianity and Islam and other religions, helps to decrease the number of single women in society, helps men with leadership ability, it indicates that men are humanitarian, and it is a normal human practice.

Go for it, Nigerians! Believe me, my people. We will never stop following the issues. If you also think this would benefit society, state why please. If not, also state why. Thank you.

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