Sunday, March 30

Davido Issues an Apology to his fans in New York

Angry fans had yesterday blasted Davido for showing up late only to perform for just 15minutes. Some were demanding for a refund. Davido has now apologised, saying the concert's promoters picked him up late and he had to stop during his performance cos of the police's instruction.

Don Jazzy Introduces his Fans to his Mum & her Nose *hehe* (Photos)


 Still in the spirit of Mothers' Day. Don Jazzy is so funny. He just shared these adorable photos of his mum with a beautiful Mothers' Day message to her. More when you continue

'Should I still Go Ahead with my Wedding Knowing very well I'll soon be Jobless?'

What would you do if you were in Richard's shoes? He shared his true life story online:
Hello my fellow Nigerians, please I need your advice. am confused. I have been dating my fiancee for almost 3 yrs she is 25 & 4 months old and we've done introduction. we love each other but sometimes have mostly little misunderstanding over money. we've fixed our Trad dis April 2014.

I work as an engineer as contract staff in a Chinese company. I have been taking care of my fiancee by giving her love and monthly allowance between 17k and 20k and give her other treats & gift girls like. Though she works and earns about 45k a month & stingy. Around Dec

'Why Rich Nigerian Pastors Milk their Poor Members' - Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor shares his View

 President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in an interview with Punch yesterday bared his mind on the notion that Nigerian pastors milk their poor church members. Excerpts:
  • People claim churches milk the poor and live big on them. What’s your take on this?
It is cheap to criticise; even to criticise what you don’t understand. People don’t understand what they say about the church milking the poor. Can a poor man have money to pay tithe? A man who has no job, can he pay tithe? No, he won’t be able to pay. So how do you milk a man who has no milk? 
In a church, you have both the poor and the rich. It is generally not the poor that finance the church. It is those with the means. A man, for example, who earns N10,000, how much is his

What's not Wrong with this Photo?

 Celebrity photographer Obi Somto caught in the act.... of photography, that is. *lol*

CharlyBoy Sizzles in New Makeup Photos

Charly is rocking his bald head with great style. Here are new photos he just released, with the caption : "Bald and Bold. New Life". See more pictures below

Check out this Aww'racious New Photo of Kate Middleton & Williams' Son, Prince George

It is a tender, natural and intimate portrait of young Prince George, released on his first Mothering Sunday. Prince George is 8months old now and this official portrait depicts the lil cutie as a curious, affectionate toddler, gazing into the eyes of the family’s beloved Lupo. Meanwhile, his parents look naturally and happily into the camera’s lens.

Video gone Viral: The Moment a Six-year-old Boy Learns He's getting a Third Younger Sister

When a couple came up with a cute way of telling their kids they were expecting a baby girl, they never foresaw the melodramatic breakdown that would ensue. In the video, now so gone viral, watch the little boy, who already has two younger sisters, break down in tears when he cuts open a white cake and discovers the inside is pink, meaning there's yet another girl on the way.

'It's a girl!' he miserably exclaims before collapsing onto his chair in tears. 'It's another girl! I hate girls! Every time it's girl, girl, girl, girl!!'

Some people found the video funny, a lot more found it offensive especially after the boy's father also said he too was shocked when he learnt it was a girl. Watch video after the cut

Photos: Annie Idibia shares a Photo of herself Breastfeeding her Baby Olivia


More photos after the cut

Happily Wedded Tchidi Chikere Tweets about his Joy at being Married Again


... Touts who judge issues the know NOTHING about. This would be the first time Tchidi is publicly saying anything since the drama between his new wife Nuella and his kids' mother Sophia. He's glad he's remarried  now.

Happy Mother's Day to All TILB Mums, Mums to be & Our Mums too

Motherhood is a divine gift, not a title. A divine privilege not a right. An honour God confers on His daughters. To HIM be all the glory whom it pleased to bestow this most wonderful gift on our mums and then us too. We definitely shall live long to enjoy all the fruits of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day, ladies!!!
What did you get for your mum today, guys?

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