Friday, April 4

Let's Play a Game, Guys....

Let's play a game, guyssss...
We all already this outfit is trashy, but you can only say something nice about the picture. *winks* ..So, let me start... This lady's shoes perfectly match her gown... It's your turn now.... GO!

Hottie of the Night: Jude Okoye Shows off his 3 Packs

He's sexy and he knows it. hehe.

Ladies, John Dumelo has some good Love Advice for You...*lol*

Spider Man James Franco Sparks Outrage after he tries to Seduce an Underage Girl on Instagram & She Exposes Him (Photos)

Franco & Lucy
A-list Hollywood actor, James Franco sparked outrage online after he unsuccessfully tried to arrange a hotel hookup with a 17-year-old girl on Instagram.

The girl, a small-town Scottish lass named Lucy, says she was on a trip to New York City as an early birthday present, and met Franco at his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men. She took an Instagram video with him, and he told her, "You gotta tag me".
She did, and the 35-year-old Franco began a serious Instagram flirtation with her that ended up with him asking if he should rent a hotel room for them to meet.

When Lucy voiced her concerns that the conversation could be an April Fool by an imposter, Franco posted a picture of himself to prove it was genuine. That was when Lucy rejected him, saying: ‘I’ll

Zara Gretti Buried (Photos)

It's sadly, finally over. Singer Zara Gretti was buried today, 4th of April, in Lagos. She died battling multiple sclerosis for years. May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Nigerian Woman Painfully Mourns her Girlfriend Who was Shot Dead by her Husband in the States on Facebook

Saturday March 22, 2014, Gbemisola's girlfriend, tall, elegant and brilliant Nigerian medical doctor Isioma Ebegbodi was murdered in cold blood by her Nigerian husband, Martin Ebegbodi in Texas, USA.

And according to investigators, at around 3am that fateful day, 63 year old Martin Ebegbodi and his 36 year old wife, Isioma, were having an argument at their home in the 19700 block of Youpon Leaf Way when Martin shot and killed his wife, then went to a neighbor's home and asked him to call police. When deputies arrived, Martin Ebegbodi was arrested and charged with his wife's murder.

A pained Gbemisola couldn't help but take to Facebook to express her shock and mourn her loss,

14 year old Girl gets Rescued From a Forced Marriage to 25 year old Husband in Lagos

A 14-year old girl from Niger Republic has been rescued after she was forcefully married to a Bureau de Change operator in Yaba area of Lagos.

The girl (name withheld) was forcefully married to 25-year old Bashiru Yaya (pictured below) also from Niger Republic on 29 December, 2013 while the girl was still in Senior Secondary I at Ansarudden Academy at Randle, Surulere. The girl’s parents, Mr Hamidu and Mrs Abibat Ahmed were said to have taken the girl away from school while in SS I and married her out to Yaya as his second wife after he allegedly paid 300,000 Cefas, which is equivalent to N100,000 to them.

Officials of the Office of Youth and Social Development, Lagos State Government, however, got

Lagos Celestial Church Prophet gets Arrested over False Prophecy

A self-styled prophet, Alphonsus Ezie, 56, of the Celestial Church of Christ, Igando District, Lagos State, has been remanded in prison over an alleged false prophecy he made to his church members. The prophet allegedly told his church members that he had a vision that they would travel abroad.

P.M.NEWS reports that Ezie landed in trouble when he allegedly prophesied to members of the church during a service that he saw many of them travelling abroad for greener pastures and that they would come back home successfully. He reportedly told them that God had opened their way to

Chika Ike explains why She Flaunts her Foreign Trips on Social Media

Within the last few months, Nollywood actress, Chika Ike, kept Nigerians talking about her. From her recent divorce, which she announced on social media, to her mouthwatering deals, expensive clothes & bags, frequent holiday trips abroad which she keeps showing off on social media. Most of the time, Chika was criticized for doing this but in a new interview with Punch, she says she doesn't care what her critics say anymore. She also shed light on why she shares her pictures.
Read her reply:
“I have stopped searching for my name on the Internet. In fact, I don’t bother myself with gossips and negative comments about me any longer. I have a management team that deals with all that. When my aides want me to see or read whatever has been written

Real Life Psycho: Nigerian Boy learned to Walk in High Heels as part of his Meticulous Plans to Kill his own Mother

A young Nigerian, 21 year old Emmanuel Kalejaiye is currently in court for murdering his mother, 44 year old Tolu Kalejaiye, in her Essex home in September, 2013. And according to prosecutors, Emmanuel purchased women's clothes and learned to walk in high heels so he could kill and then impersonate his mother.

DailyMail reports that Emmanuel is alleged to have bought a pink hoodie, pink jogging bottoms, a scarf and high heels. He planned to wear them as he moved his mother’s car so as to deceive any neighbour who saw him into thinking that she was still alive.

The court also heard Emmanuel wrote his murder plan down on pieces of paper. He had detailed on a

How could a Mother do This to her Own Child?!

Bizarre Photos: Would you & your Lover take Pictures Posed like this to Keep your Love Fresh?


Most couples try all kinds of romantic tricks to keep their love alive, but Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi takes a more literal approach to showing and preserving the love between two people  – he wraps them in plastic, sucks out the air and takes photos of their distorted bodies.
These bizarre images of lovers huddled together in weird positions in vacuumed plastic wrap show two people “packaged” in a 100 by 150 by 74 centimeter plastic bag the artist buys off of the Internet. After carefully arranging their body parts so he can get the best shot, Kawaguchi uses a vacuum

You Have Any Advice for this Lady? (See Photo)

2nd Ritualists' Den gets Discovered in Ogun State, Pregnant Women, Kids Rescued (Photos)

Barely 24 hours after a ritualists’ den was uncovered in Ewekoro Local Government Area of Ogun State, residents of Adigbe community in Abeokuta metropolis yesterday discovered another operational base of ritualists’ syndicate.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the victims held in the den, a pregnant lady, had on Wednesday night escaped. The victim ran into a house located about 200 meters away from the den and pleaded

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