Tuesday, June 24

Video: A Police Officer Beats, Allegedly Tears Pregnant Woman's Clothes in Lagos

A police officer, Aurthur Okeke  (ID. No.453255) has been caught on tape violently harassing a heavily pregnant woman in Lagos and her family members are right now demanding justice.

According to Busayomi who tweeted the incident earlier on today, she is the victim's sister in-law, Arthur had dragged her pregnant sister who is in her 3rd trimester out of the bus, beat her and even tore her cloth just because he wanted to rest his head on her back rest. This happened

Luis Suarez 'Bites' Italy Defender, Giorgio Chiellini during World Cup Match (Photos)

Liverpool striker, Uruguay's Luis Suarez has caused another storm, after apparently biting an opponent for the THIRD time in under four years, in a controversial World Cup incident.

During Uruguay's must-win World Cup match against Italy, Suarez was involved in a clash with Italy's Giorgio Chiellini, and apparently took a bite of the Azzurri defender's shoulder. Television replays showed him apparently biting Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder and it happened about a

Photos: Meet Ava Sabrina London, the Transsexual Mistress Hank Baskett Allegedly Cheated on Kendra Wilkinson With!


Meet Ava Sabrina London, the transsexual model who's about to wreck Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage. 

National Enquirer reports Baskett secretly hooked up with the transsexual model while his wife, Wilkinson was roughly eight months pregnant with their baby daughter, Alijah.  Unfortunately, his affair with the woman exploded Friday, when the ex-Philadelphia Eagles player was seen leaving the home he shares with Wilkinson with bags in hand, as he checked into a hotel.

Insiders claim Baskett and London first met up around April 22 in Sherman Oaks, California. He had called her twice before they met in person. He said he’d seen her YouTube videos online, and he

Hilarious Video: Movie Director Makes Yvonne Nelson Chant Iyanya's Name in Movie Role

I'll let you just watch the video. lol. It's after the cut

Check Out the First Photos of Kerry Washington’s Daughter, Isabelle Asomugha

The first photos of Kerry Washington’s daughter, Isabelle Asomugha, are finally here, guys!

Aside: Forgive my absence, pleaseeee. Won't be for long.

The protective mom and her Nigerian hubby, retired NFL footballer, Nnamdi Asomugha stepped out together for the first time on Sunday, June 22 in Los Angeles, with their 2 month old daughter, Isabelle Amarachi to attend a friend's BBQ. Even though the little one is all bundled up and hidden from view, feels good to finally see lil Amarachi out and about.

More photos below

5 Years A Slave: How to Get a British Passport Through Marriage!

Post was written by Ruona Agbroko Meyer
Naija boys, it’s your turn – wake up and smell the Alomo Bitters! This column is sponsored by the Side-Chicks Association of Nigeria because many Naija guys in Jand are calling, texting and WhatsApping their exes, former fiancées and current girlfriends in Nigeria. 
I mean, grown men are crying out, in hastily-made phone calls, that their balls are being busted by their Nigerian-British spouses. These are the same boys who popped their collars with swagger as they passed through Naija airports to fly to Jand to meet their Britico wives. Their mothers even gave testimonies in church and danced to the altar to celebrate their visa, and the first week they arrived they changed DP like 20 times per

Blog Reader, Barong Nku, Shares Photos from her Sister's Wedding

Saturday, June 21st was blog reader Barong Nku's elder sister's big day. And an excited Barong sent in these photos so we all can rejoice with her family, guys.
Dear Barong's sister, you look so beautiful. Marriage is a beautiful thing, sis, you are blessed and favored by God. HE started this journey in your life, he will lead you all the way through. Your marriage will be a happy, exciting, fruitful one. Big congrats to you, dear. Barong is wishing you a happy married life and also says a bigg thank you to the bridesmaids. 
And she has one last word for 'potential haters', guys. Read that after the jump.. lol

Kim Kardashian finally Wears a Bra & Decides to Show it Off too (Photos)

Kim Kardashian has been criticized plenty times recently for her cleavage baring, obviously on no bra outfits. Guess what! The 33-year-old reality star, on Monday, finally decided to wear one but it was clear she was in still in her much more revealing mood.

For a day of shopping in Calabasas, Kim rocked this outfit which from the front, looked as though she had covered up in a rather formal white outfit. However, once seen from behind... the rest is history. You like? See more photos below..

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