Wednesday, June 25

Hottie of the Night...

Singer Chris Brown, about an hour ago, arrived the D.C. Superior Court, in Washington looking this sumptuous, guys. *winks* 
Chris had arrived for a hearing on the assault charge he faces after he was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor assault in October. He was accused of hitting a man who tried to get in a photograph that the singer was taking with two women and at the time, Brown was on probation for a 2009 attack on singer Rihanna, his then girlfriend. His trial has been scheduled for Sept. 8.
But in the meantime, who isn't tripping yet? lol. See more photos below

Freeze Blasts Etcetera - 'You are a Shameless Waste, Shut the F**k Up!"

Ohh dear, Freeze is sooo pissed off! Check out the tweets he just shared blasting musician now turned writer, Etcetera. You recall Etcetera in his last article blasted OAPs for ruining, killing Nigeria radio with their fake accents and continuous play of popular songs without supporting upcoming talents. Turns out Freeze is an OAP and he obviously didn't find that article funny one bit!

Tweets continue after the cut. Read them from the very bottom to the top

Graphic Photos: More Images from the Abuja Mall Bomb Blast that Killed 21 People Today

May the souls of all the dead today rest in perfect peace. Police have confirmed that at least 21 people lost their lives in the bomb blast.
No one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast but I guess we already know who they are. Worse part is we don't even know these evil people's next target. We don't even know whose loved ones are going to be gone next. In the midst of plenty, we are so helpless. These people were innocent, ordinary Nigerians like you and me, hustling for their daily bread.
We thank God for the lives of our readers' and their loved ones he spared today. Let's also pray God gives the families of today's bomb blast victims, the fortitude to bear this huge loss. I saw this young girl on AIT, she was weeping uncontrollably. She lost her 3 sisters who were selling, shebi, groundnut with her to the bomb blast.
It's well with Nigeria, guys. Our situation right now is heartbreaking, but please let's not lose hope. Police Superintendent Frank Mba says one suspect has been arrested and investigations have already started.

2014 World Cup: Nigeria Qualifies from Group F

And it's a wrap! The final score - Argentina 3, Nigeria 2. Our Super Eagles have advanced to the 2014 World Cup knockout phase for the first time since 1998!

How did you see the match, guys? Anyone here who lost a bet cos of this outcome?

Bomb Blast Hits Shopping Mall In Abuja - Photos

 There's been another bomb blast in Abuja. Popular Abuja shopping complex Emab Plaza in Wuse II area of Abuja, Nigeria's capital was hit and eyewitnesses say there are body parts scattered at the scene. The explosion occurred at about 4p.m at the gate of the busy plaza and traders at the plaza, who were in tears, say the blast apparently went off in a car that was driving into the mall.

 National Emergency Management Agency say they are unable to confirm the casualty rate just yet. But they are evacuating victims to the nearby Maitama District Hospital. However, according to a PremiumTimes reporter at the Maitama hospital, at least six  victims have been confirmed dead and taken to the morgue. She also counted about 17 injured victims that have so far been brought in,

Why are Some Women Disrespecting their Bodies by Posting 'Sexy' Photos of Themselves on Social Media?

David shared this question. What do you think?
Just a little rant here, correct me if I am wrong. These are just personal thoughts and questions but it’s ridiculous and disturbing.  
And this has translated (probably even greater) right on over to Instagram. The site is filled with image after image of women in the same type of attention-seeking, barely any clothes on, butt posing photos. And the “thirst” isn’t just from women; men are showing their ignorance as well. 
 Seeing how the rise in social media has caused so many to “expose” themselves to the

Happy Birthday to Gorgeous Blog Readers, Queeneth London & Adeola Oyerinde (Photos)

Guys, please join me and wish these wonderful ladies - Queeneth London and Adeola, a happy, swell, merry, joyful birthday. Queeneth is plus one today, Adeola marked hers recently and they sent in these photos so we celebrate with them.

God is going to bless you real good, Queen and Adeola dear. You shall never lack your hearts' needs. Celebrating a new year is a big one and we are thanking God for you. Happy birthday, sweethearts.

Continue after the cut to see more of Adeola's photos.

Toyin Aimakhu - 'There’s No Way I can ever Stop Putting Out Photos of My Hubby & Myself on Social Media'

Toyin Aimakhu in a new interview with Punch has defended the photos of her family that she always posts on social media, even adding that this was just the beginning.

For instance, she recently posted a picture of her husband helping her relax her hair, thus giving the world a peep into their intimate experiences at home. Only for the post to attract some crazy comments Toyin says were not surprising to her.
She told Punch:
People will always have something to say. If my husband was beating me up, then some people pretending to be women right activists have their partners pummel them at any given opportunity. Some people want what you have but when they can’t have it they

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