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D'Banj Pictured With Bill Gates, the Richest Man in the World

The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote recently endorsed D'Banj's Koko garri. Now, D'Banj has moved even higher! Pictured above is D'Banj with Bill Gates, the richest man in the world and from his tweet earlier on today, seems they are working together on a new project. D'Banj is unstoppable!
Meanwhile, his father celebrated his birthday today. See a photo from the family celebration after the cut

''Teebillz Told Me He Would Marry Me the 1st Day We Met'' - Tiwa Savage

They are one of the most talked about love birds in the music industry and according to a recent report on CityPeople magazine, Tiwa Savage revealed how she and hubby Teebillz met, fell in love and are married today.
  • How they met:
I met Tee Billz in Los Angeles, at Timaya's concert actually and I was at that time looking for a manager and he didn’t listen to my cd unfortunately. So when I saw him, I was a bit angry , I was like I dropped my songs  a few weeks ago and am the next big thing and you are missing out  and he was like wow calm down ,who are you? And then

Meet the Mechanic Dating the Identical Twins who Spent $240,000 to Look More Alike

Ben Byrne is 31, an electrical mechanic and he is the lucky guy sharing the bed of Perth identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque who spent more than $240,000 on surgeries to look more alike.
Speaking with Woman's Day for the very first time after his unorthodox relationship with the 28-year-olds came to light earlier this year, Ben says he won the hearts of both girls after they added him on Facebook on the suggestion of mutual friends.
At first, he had trouble balancing the demands of two girlfriends, but very early on into their 18-

FAAN to Close Abuja Airport Runway for 3 Days


The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria has announced that the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja will be closed for three days beginning from Saturday. This, they say, is for the authority to carry out maintenance on the facility, which when completed, would further enhance safety and security at the airport. Dates are Saturday, July 5 to Monday, July 7, 2014.

Hello TILB Men, Stephanie Okereke Linus has a Question for Y'all

Which lady would you date? 
  • Lady A
Graduate. Looking for a job. Average looks. Goes to church everyday. Prays every night. Can only cook rice. Not stylish. Lives in a one bedroom with eight siblings.  
  • Lady B

Dino Melaye Denies 2nd Wife Abuse Story, Family Source Replies Him With Chats between Alero & Tokunbo

Practically everyone was shocked when Dino Melaye's ex brother in-law, Moses Fabiyi revealed on Twitter today that Dino's second wife, Alero Falope has also abandoned their marriage. Reason cited was domestic violence, same reason Dino's ex-wife and mum of his three kids, Tokunbo Fabiyi left their marriage and is now asking for a divorce and custody of kids.
Some concerned fans immediately reached out to Dino after the news went out, asking him to clear the air only for Dino to say all the stories were lies. 
Unfortunately for him, barely minutes after he denied the story, a family source took to Twitter to share private messages between his first wife Tokunbo Fabiyi and his second wife, Alero. In the messages, Alero revealed why she had to abandon her marriage to Dino. She also took out time to apologise to Tokunbo Fabiyi, Dino's first wife, telling her that Dino has been brainwashing her sons, against her!
Read it all after the cut

Hafsat Bako, Female Boko Haram Informant & Accomplice has been Arrested

The National Orientation Agency shared this a while ago on their Twitter page.

Uti Nwachukwu Blasts Nigerians for their Nagging, Ungrateful Attitude!

Our dearest Uti Nwachukwu is so pissed off and he wants everyone to listen! Read the memo he published on his Facebook page earlier on today for all Nigerians.

 I think one major bane of the success of our country is SOCIAL MEDIA! Ironically this same tool has been used to develop so many countries including ours to an extent- but would you call it negative or positive .... (Search your heart and answer).  
 You see everything that is happening now has happened before and will happen again! Life is very spiritual and all answers are in the Bible on your coffee table. Before I start

'Successful Career Women Can't Have it All' - Pepsi CEO, Indra Nooyi

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, an Indian-born American, is a business executive and the current Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business on in the world.  And at the same time, she still is a mom, wife and daughter back home.

In a new interview with David Bradley, who owns The Atlantic, Indra was asked how does she play the two roles and still have a perfect work-life balance?
Below is the transcript of her great reply:
  • Q. You came home one day as president of the company, just appointed, and your mom was not that impressed. Would you tell that story?
This is about 14 years ago. I was working in the office. I work very late, and we were in the middle of the Quaker Oats acquisition. And I got a call about 9:30 in the night from the existing chairman and CEO at that time. He said:
 Indra, we're going to announce you as president and put you on the board of directors
... I was overwhelmed, because look at my background and where I came from—to be president of an

Alero Falope, Dino Melaye's New Wife has Left Him!

And the gist is according to Moses Fabiyi, Dino's ex-wife Tokunbo Fabiyi's brother. Alero had traditionally wedded Dino last year December and the excited new hubby took to Facebook, Twitter later in January to show off his new bride. Read the story here.
Now, reportedly 5months old pregnant Alero has abandoned her marital home, barely after 7 months of marriage. Tweets continue after the cut

Chilean Striker Gets a Tattoo of the Agonizing Moment He MISSED a Winning Goal at the World Cup

Many players would want to forget the agony of hitting the crossbar in the last minute of a World Cup exit but Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla instead, got an image of his failed shot against Brazil last Saturday tattooed on his back.
Pinilla’s tattoo echoes the frustration of most Chileans. Thousands of them jumped up in the stands at Mineirao Stadium — and millions at home — on Saturday in the final moments only to watch Pinilla’s shot hit the bar. The story is well-known by now: Brazil ended up winning, Chile was sent home in tears.

Pinilla says it was an inerasable wound and that he hasn't stopped thinking about that moment, in what could have happened if the ball had been a few centimetres lower.
See more photos of his new tatt below

Lola Omotayo-Okoye Stuns in New Photos

Talk true, what was the first word that came out of your lips? This lady is damn too gorgeous, guys. 

Nigerian Bisi Alimi Named Among Most Influential Gay Persons in the World

Nigerian LGBT activist, Bisi Alimi has been named among the top 100 most influential gay persons in the world, according to a newly published list of 2014′s leading LGBT figures worldwide. Bisi was listed for being the first Nigerian to come out as gay on national TV and he's sitting on the #77 spot.

Published by The Guardian on the weekend that Gay Pride marches were taking place across the globe, the title claimed its World Pride Power List came ‘at a time where homosexuality remains illegal in 80 countries’. Adding that: “The list is a chance to celebrate what has been, and is being, done to promote equality.”

Also on the list are Ellen Degeneres, 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita, Elton John, Laverne Cox and Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller .

Question of the Day.....

Yesterday, we had a revealing moment with the pills. What about this one, guys? Which two would you pick and why?

Photos: Pres. Jonathan Breaking Ramadan Fast with VP Sambo & Senior Govt Officials

 Presidential aide, Reuben Abati shared the photos last night. Continue to see more after the jump

Policemen, Families Escape Death as Lagos Barracks Collapse (Photo)

The collapsed building
Some policemen and their families escaped being crushed on Monday night when a two-storey building in the Pedro Police Barracks, Somolu, Lagos, collapsed at about 8.30pm.
PUNCH Metro reports that the building, which served as the kitchen, bathroom and toilet extension, collapsed most of the residents were in their sitting rooms and bedrooms.
A resident, who identified herself simply as Faith, explained that the collapse was not surprising considering the dilapidated state of the barracks.
Faith, wife of a sergeant in the barracks, said: 
“It was around 8.30pm yesterday (Monday) evening. We just heard a rumble as if an earthquake had occurred. When we rushed out, we saw that a two-storey building, which is an extension of the main building, had collapsed with the staircases. We were using

Meriam Ibrahim May Face New Trial after her own Brother Blocked her Escape to the US

Meriam Ibrahim, the mother condemned to death in Sudan for marrying a Christian is being prevented from fleeing the country by her callous brother - and could face an entirely new trial.

She has been hit with a new petition by Al Samani Al Hadi who has publicly vowed to execute her if he gets the chance. She faces forgery charges that relate to the documents she used to try and flee Sudan  - and could be hauled before a judge again, delaying her departure by weeks or months.

The twist represents the latest setback for Meriam in her attempt to leave Sudan and fly to the US.
She was freed on June 30 after spending eight months behind bars in a horrific women's prison in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

During her time in the facility she gave birth to daughter Maya, one month, in shackles whilst her son

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