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'My Brother was Robbed by Armed Police at Orile Today' - Lady Shares her Story on Twitter


Guys, you all need to read this shameful, though for now alleged story, Nigerian Twitter user, Chizzy, shared some hours ago. Her brother had been harassed by some policemen at Orile, Lagos today. Practically all the cash he had on him, which was meant for his new business, was taken away after the policemen accused him of being an armed robber. It's quite a pathetic story.
Thankfully, Abayomi Shogunle, the Deputy Force PRO, Nigeria Police Force got to read the tweets and has announced he is investigating the case now. Read the tweets from the very bottom to top... Has anyone here ever experienced this? Let's read your story.

Wendy Williams Addresses the Folks who Swear She is a Transgender

Talk show host, Wendy Williams has been in the business for a long time, and of course, she knows people have said the nastiest things about her. While promoting her new stand-up comedy show "Lipshtick" in Las Vegas, Wendy had this to say about being called a transgender:
“People do think I was born a man. That is absolutely not [true]. I get it. I’ve got a strong face, a strong body, I’m 5’11. I wear wigs. There’s no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like a man, but once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman.”
 Wendy will be turning the BIG 50 July 18!

Bamidele Aturu Dead At 49..

The death of prominent Human Rights activist, Bamidele Aturu has been announced. Bamidele came to prominence as a fighter against power abuses when, as a corp member in 1988, he refused to shake the hand of a military administrator of Niger State, Col. Lawan Gwadabe during his NYSC passing out parade. Bamidele had declared then that the military had caused great harm to the democratic aspirations of Nigerians.

Mr. Aturu died today after a period of an undisclosed illness. He was 49 years old. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Mum Suffocates 11-Month-Old-Son Then Mourns His Death On Facebook (Photo)

A sick, demented, New York woman has been arrested and charged with second degree murder after police authorities say she smothered her 11-month-old son, pictured above, before posting pictures of his dead body on Facebook.

Nicole “Nikki” Kelly uploaded an image of 11-month-old Kiam Felix Jr. lying in a white suit and tie with the caption “RIP Tinkabutt,” alongside a picture of his body in a hospital bed. She also posted a rambling Facebook screed in which she admitted she failed to “protect” the boy. Kelly wrote:
“Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life. I feel horrible knowing he passed away. Am his Mother, I was supposed to protect him. I

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2014 Contestants - It's Now Time to Vote for Allison Aberetoa!

The time has come, dearies. Silverbird today released the official photos of the 2014 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria contestants and right now, the online voting has started. You are to click HERE to vote. Our girl, Allison already has 36 votes, guys. Pleaseee, let's get that figure up!! If she wins this, she automatically makes it into the top 15! Yes, we can make this happen! You may vote every 24 hours.
Let Alli's soft gaze pierce through your soul, guys. Let her beauty mesmerize you, and her charm hold you so spellbound that all you get to think about is how to keep voting for her. *lol*. She's our girl, dearies. Let's do this!! Continue to see more photos.....

Ladies, Stephanie Okereke-Linus has a New Question for Y'all....

Kim Kardashian Says Women Can Balance Work And Motherhood If They Prioritize

Hot on the heels of PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi’s candid and controversial admission that she doesn’t think women can have it all, Kim Kardashian has weighed in on the debate.

During an interview alongside sisters Kourtney and Khloé with CNBC’s Closing Bell on Monday, the mom-of-one was asked her thoughts on whether she believes women can raise a family and have a successful career at the same time.
Kim replied:‘
I mean, I think that’s just not really, like, a positive outlook (i.e. Nooyi’s declaration that women simply ‘pretend’ they can have it all) ‘My mom kind of taught us girls we could have it all.’  
You know, [my mom] works hard. She taught us that if you work hard, it’s just all about prioritizing. I think that, yeah, it could get tough after you have a baby. There are so

Man Divorces New Wife After Jealous Ex Sends Him Old Nude Photos Of Her

A bride’s crazy ex-boyfriend completely ruined a newlywed couple’s marriage when he sent the groom provocative photos of the bride, causing the groom to file for divorce immediately.

DailyMail reports that the new couple had only been married for a few hours when the groom was given a bouquet of flowers with a memory stick hidden inside. A note urged the groom to look at the contents of the memory stick, and when he did, he saw his naked wife lying in “intimate circumstances.”

Muslim cleric Sheikh Ghazi Bin Abdul Aziz al-Shammari told Kuwaiti television news that the groom was “under strong emotional trauma” when the incident occurred. The groom “could not bear

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