Friday, July 11

Lady Attacks Venita Akpofure on Instagram for Threatening Girls that Snatch People's Men

What you are about to read will leave your mouth wide open.  Former video vixen Venita Akpofure had shared the post above on her IG page, a shout-out to the girls that only know how to chase people's men. Not knowing that by so doing, she just set off a time bomb that will so consume her! Just read on...

Who Rocked it Better?: Kris Jenner VS Cameron Diaz

Both Kris and Cameron are in a heart print Saint Laurent dress. What do you think?

Photo: Flavour N'Abania Pictured With Miley & Nicky


Bride to-be Adanna Ohakim & her Sisters Stun in New Photos

Pictured above are the Ohakim girls - Adanna, her twin sister Adanma and their sister, Oma. Adanna will be having her white weddng come July 19th and her siblings have arrived Dublin to celebrate with her. Here's them out for food tasting today. There are more pics after the cut

HIV Virus Returns In Baby Thought To Be Cured

Not actual baby

A toddler born with the AIDS virus, who scientists thought had been cured after she received aggressive drug treatment within the first 30 hours of life, has shown signs of infection again.

The Mississippi child’s stunning story, first disclosed in March 2013, was the first account of an HIV-infected infant achieving what appeared to be a cure after receiving the  aggressive drug treatment. Her case raised hopes that more of the roughly 250,000 children who are born each year infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, might have a shot at a cure.

Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed when the child’s doctors discovered last week that the HIV

Mario Balotelli Posts, then Deletes a Photo of Himself Pointing a Shotgun at his Haters

Mario Balotelli got himself in the news again after posting, and then deleting, this photo of himself pointing a shotgun at his haters on Instagram.

The photo, which was probably removed for glorifying guns and making shooting people seem trivial, angered Balotelli's employers AC Milan but vice president Adriano Galliani admits the club is powerless to stop players using social networks.
Galliani said:
'I have my own ideas about social networks and I've tried many times but our lawyer has always stopped me, saying that it would violate individual rights. In contracts it's written

Kefee Finally Laid to Rest in Sapele (Photos)

The remains of late gospel singer, Evelyn Kefee Don-Momoh has been laid to rest at her hometown in Delta State. Still can't believe she's gone. See more pics after the cut

Behind the Scene Photos from Omotola's Konga Ad Shoot

You've seen the Konga advert with Omosexy, now check out the behind the scenes pictures. More when you continue...

Photo: A Stolen 2-Year Old Baby Found At Lagos Airport 5 Days Later

A two-year old baby girl stolen by unidentified men from her parents' home in Lagos last week Friday after a vigil has been found at the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

The little girl, Mercy Osunbawo, was in captivity for five days before she was found at the airport at about 2: 00 a.m. on Wednesday unaccompanied before she was rescued and handed over to the airport police. It was not certain how Mercy got to the airport.

PMNews reports that Mercy was stolen in the night last week Friday by unidentified men while she was sleeping in between her parents at their Ejigbo home. The incident happened at their residence at

Wow! Halima Abubakar Steps Out Looking so Hot.. (Photo)

That's Hali's look for today. You like?


True or False, Guys?

Do you agree with that?

Pictures from Rev. Chris Okotie’s 56th Birthday


Pastor Chris Okotie of the Household of God Church on the 16th of June turned 56 but his church members had a beautiful service just two days ago, July 9th to celebrate him. See more pics after the cut

Rape Victim, 16, Speaks out after Photos of her Assault Were Spread Online

In an incident that is not only shocking but sickening, a 16-year-old girl from Texas has been forced to speak out after photos of her unconscious body went viral online. Jada had been drugged and raped at a party with her fellow high schoolers.

According to her, she was invited to a party at a fellow high schooler’s house. The boy who was hosting the party gave her a drink that she believes was spiked with a drug that made her lose consciousness.

Jada says she passed out and didn't know what happened for the rest of the night until after the party,

Fearless 9 Year Old Girl Confronts Suspected Abductors (Video)

Wow!!! This young girl is bravery personified. Little Iyabo (renamed Blessing) was abducted at the age of 6, and the last 3 years of her life have been traumatic.

According to the Lagos State Police Command who rescued her, Iyabo had been sold to different people and made to work as a maid. She told reporters that she did domestic work in the various “homes” and each time she complained to people that she had been abducted, they beat her. She was on her way to school when a woman wearing a pudah took  her away in her car.

Eventually Iyabo was rescued and her abductors arrested. The police say they are currently working to nab the ringleader of the abductors, so Iyabo can be reunited with her family. But until then, the young girl will remain in custody of the police, while the suspects will be charged to court.

Just watch Iyabo confront these wicked women. You would definitely love her courage. Video is after the cut

Guess Who Won our Most Fashionable Reader of the Week Competition?!

*louddd drum rollsss* Pretty Enedayi did!

She got the highest votes so we celebrating her this week. Enedayi dear, your photos are up on our sidebars now. So, I'm waiting for your mail indicating your network of choice so I can send you your win.

 Big congratulations to you and thank you so much for gracing our page. This week's competition was a fierce, close one. Enedayi won by just a fewer votes than Zita. 10 votes actually. I also want to remind us all that Anonymous votes don't count. We all had agreed on that before now. Even

Bottling Up Your Emotions Is Not Healthy: You Will Soon Snap!

 Post was written by Eleojo
Let's paint a quick picture.
  • Have you always kept your emotions bottled up? 
  • You don't really know why, but you have never been open enough to let people see how you are really feeling.  
  • You always smile and laugh with people and just ignore things that might make your emotions come up. You always try to keep yourself emotionally level, never letting yourself get too upset or happy or annoyed about anything.  
  • You always act the same and try to keep the same level of emotion.
You keep all your emotions bottled up to the point where nothing gets you, nothing affects you because you have put up so many walls and barriers to protect yourself from really getting moved.  
It is most likely that no one has ever seen the real you behind the constant, smiling and

25-year-old Man Mistakenly Impregnates Elder Sister in Kano State

A 25 year  old man, Shamsu Isa, yesterday told a magistrate court in Kano State that he impregnanted his elder sister in error. Isa spoke shortly after appearing before the court, following a report made by the Ward Head of the Takalmawa Quarters, to the police that the accused person was having sexual intercourse with his elder sister, contrary to the law.

Vanguard reports that the First Information Report by the police stated that a case of incest was reported to the police following the discovery that Isa’s elder sister, identified as Na’ima  was carrying her younger brother’s baby.
On July 4, 2014, the Ward Head of Takalmawa Quarters reported to the police that,

Stella Damasus Blasts her Naysayers in New Blog Post

I know it has been a while since my last blog, I wanted to apologize for that but then again I thought if it was intentional and I had my reasons, why act like it was a mistake? 
So instead I said to myself, if you have something really important to say then share it but if you are busy and trying to finish some other projects then don't force yourself to write just anything because you have a blog. This brings me to the topic of this message "seeking unnecessary approval from social media".  
So I read two devotionals today and to my surprise they were saying practically the same things. The first one talked about how we are creatures of approval. We all depend on what other people think of us and say about us before we evaluate ourselves.  
The truth is, a lot of people wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check their social media pages even before they say good morning to anyone. They want

"Sometimes I Feel Depressed that I'm Not Number 1 Yet' - Orezi

orezi 1 Orezi   Shoki (Freestyle)Orezi

Fast-rising singer, Orezi (real name) Esegine Allen, in a new interview with Punch talked about his rocky journey to super stardom. Orezi is very good at what he does but he says he does feel depressed once in a while that he's not gotten to where he should be.
Orezi told Punch:
Before now, I used to think I deserve more than what I am getting since I have put in a lot of work and I have the best videos out there. Although I know some people who came after me and they are more famous than me, I still believe God’s time is the best. The

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