Sunday, July 20

Blog Reader thinks He's Gay But Desperately Wants to Change to Being Straight

Our blog reader Emma, not his real name, sent in this email twice this evening, just to tell you how serious this is for him. So, I'm putting up his 2 mails so we know it's not a joke. He really needs our help, guys. 
Hello, TILB Readers. I am a 21year old final year student of the University of Jos. I want to share a bit of my life experience and hope my dear aunt Laila would post this.. 
 I've been a sweet dude all my life. I'm 5.9' and have been subjected to being GAY. I'm manly but I still don't understand my feelings to have affinity for guys like me. With all my knowledge as a pharmacist, I've been striving so hard to unravel the mystery of my

Another Lady Writes Jude Okoye: "Stop Being Holier than Thou Towards Peter & Lola"

Hmmn, Stacy's post continues after the cut. Stacy is insinuating that Ify being a former beauty queen must have slept with these rich men before hooking up with Jude. Hence Jude has no right whatsoever to make issues about Lola not being good enough for his younger brother Peter.

Lady Claims Jude Okoye is Cheating on Pregnant Wife Ifeoma Okoye on IG

You remember yesterday, now Mrs Ifeoma Jude Okoye had gushed about her man on her IG  page, thanking her friends and family for attending her beautiful wedding. Everyone was happy for her and all that. Well, guess what! Out of nowhere, this lady named Truthtellaah who obviously isn't happy that Ify is happy showed up with some nasty comments to ruin the day. Her IG posts continue after the cut....

Who Rocked it Better? DJ Tee VS Jude Okoye

Both music video directors are rocking Ajewearz by Jude's younger brother. What do you think?

Photo of the Morning!

Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo posted this on his Instagram page...

Jermaine Jackson Attends Tuface Idibia's Ascension Album Release Party (Photos)

Moet & Chandon champagne last night, Saturday 19th July 2014 hosted Tuface Idibia's Ascension album release party at Escape bar and night club at Victoria Island, Lagos. Jermaine Jackson attended the party too.....Scroll down to see more photos.

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