Saturday, August 16

Laila's Blog Finest Face Faceoff: OyeChristy VS Roots VS Mary


And our first female Finest Face faceoff is happening today, guys. Check out our beauties of the day - OyeChristy, Roots and Mary.  
  • OyeChristy is a student at the University of Benin, 3rd year.
  • Roots studied law at Babcock University Ilishan Remo Ogun state.. currently on vacation in the US, back in October for law school.
  • Mary resides in Hamburg Germany. She is a graduate of Pharmacy, University of East London
They are our first female contestants and the winner for today's show gets N5000 cash. Location doesn't matter. So, what do you think, guys? Which of these pretty ladies is getting your vote today? See more photos below 

And our N5k Giveaway Winner is.....

You guys are amazing! Lots of brilliant answers but our winner, who gave the correct answer is:

Please Bear with Me, Dearies

I know you all ain't happy I've been MIA, dearies. But I want to plead with you all to pleaseeee bear with me. I am only going to be here in Dubai till Monday and sincerely, there's been a lot of places to visit. Yesterday, we had to leave early and got back by midnight. Right now, we are off again to Burj Khalifa. We going to the top of the tallest building in the whole world this morning!!! Excited very much.

A reader said maybe I'm now feeling like I have arrived. Hell no! I'm not like that. I never even go anywhere sef to start feeling like that. I can never even feel like that. I think of you guys every minute and I promise, this is only going to be for a while. Just hang in there for me, please?

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