Sunday, October 12

God TV Founder Gets Led Astray by the Devil - Abandons Wife, Elopes with Divorced Woman

A Jerusalem-based Christian evangelical TV network that reaches hundreds of millions of homes is in very public chaos after the founder’s wife revealed her husband had run off with another woman under the influence of “the devil”.

In a broadcast on the international television station  last week, a tearful Wendy Alec told viewers that her husband Rory now lives on a farm in South Africa with a divorced jazz musician.

Problems started in March this year for the couple when her husband returned from a visit to South

Photo: Annie Idibia in her Kitchen with baby Olivia Tied to her Back

This is the real life, guys.

Who has the best caption for this photo?

Health Worker who Treated Thomas Duncan Tests Positive for Ebola

A Texas health worker who provided care for Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, has tested positive for the deadly virus despite wearing a gown, gloves, mask, and gear.

Reuters reports that the health care worker at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital reported a low-grade fever Friday night and was isolated and referred for testing. Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of

Fire Guts UNILAG Hostel

There was a fire outbreak this morning at the popular Madam Tinubu Hall of the University of Lagos. The fire reportedly started around 4am Sunday morning and thankfully, no life was lost.

Who Would You Pick, Guys?

Billionaire Wife, Ada Emeka Offor, Shows Off her Post Baby Bod

Ada Emeka Offor and hubby, billionaire businessman Sir Emeka Offor welcomed their first baby together, Ethan about a month ago.
Check out the new mummy's look. See more pics after the cut

Blog Reader Needs Your Advice: She's Pregnant & Considering Abortion

Found this in the comments from last night.
Can't sleep, am so sad, need to talk to somebody, sadly I don't have anybody to talk to, am all alone. Can't confide in my siblings, my boyfriend jus travelled out of the country, won't be back till next year, been feeling a lil ill, loss of appetite and all. So, I went to see a doctor, then he gives me d worst news ever! Am pregnant!  
I can't have a baby now, I never imagined I could put myself in such a situation, am so scared of having an abortion. Just turned 24, my job won't give me the time to take care of myself. Am just worked up, am scared, if my folks find out, it won't be funny!  
I know what you may be thinking, when I was having unprotected sex I didn't know. Well I admit it, I was reckless, feel so alone. All my friends are in different parts of the country, so apart from my siblings am kinda of on my own. Can't tell anybody in my office, the girls there are huge gossips! Just needed to vent, Keeping the baby is not an option. Wish the circumstances were different, me and my boyfriend are nowhere near marriage. Forgive my typos.

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