Saturday, December 6

Housemaid Serving The Husband: Is it Right Or Wrong?

What is your opinion about this common practice in many Nigerian homes?

14 Signs that You’re a Terrible Girlfriend

We all know that men and women are not made equally. We all have our flaws and our setbacks. However, there are some women out there who really don’t fit the mold when it comes to being a good girlfriend. While some men will openly speak out about it, others will keep it to themselves, never revealing how much their relationship sucks from their point of view. In case your man is a part of the latter group, here are 14 signs that you’re the girlfriend from hell — and you’re making his life miserable.

If Your Partner Hits You ONE Time, Would You Leave Or Stay?

Most violent relationships start out as loving ones. With that in mind, guys, would you leave your BF/GF/Fiance/Fiancee/Husband/Wife if s/he hit you ONE TIME or would you stay?

If you stay, what if it happened a SECOND TIME, even after they promised it would NEVER happen again? Would you leave then?

How many times would it take him or her hitting you, before you leave, IF you decide to leave?

Today's TILB Faceoff Winner Gets N5000, Who Will it Be?! John VS Ezekiel VS Henry

TILB readers are the best, anyday! Just last Wednesday, I had sent out an SOS asking for readers' photos. 2 days later, check out the amazing response - we are having an exciting male faceoff this morning! Thank you so much, guys. Y'all rock!!

Our delicious men of the day are here, so please meet: John, Ezekiel and Henry.
  • John is based in Canada. He's studying nursing at the university of Toronto. John says he hopes he wins and will send the account number of his cousin in Nigeria so he can use the cash for Xmas.
  • Ezekiel is a student and a model. 
  • Henry is schooling at the University of Ghana, 300 level, Business Management and Computer Science. He is based in Port harcourt.
Our winner gets N5000 worth of airtime, network of his choice or the cash equivalent in his bank account. And I'm soo excited to announce that yet again - we have a blog reader sponsoring this week's competition. And he is Engr Onyeka Jay! Engr dear, you are blessed!! Thank you for supporting our fun contest. May love and laughter light your days, warm your heart and home. May this Christmas season bring the best to you and yours!

Who is going to be our lucky winner, guys? Which of these handsome men is getting your vote today? See more hot photos after the cut.

Blog Reader Needs Your Advice.. Urgently. She HATES her Dad So Much

Hello Laila, 
I know I should not use that word but please, who else despises their father as much as I do??? If he should die tomorrow, I swear I will not shed a tear and I would not rejoice just because I know it is not good but I know God will see deep down my heart that I will feel some huge relief... 
Why does he do something for us and feels that he needs to remind us??? Why is it that he feels entitled to an apology but he "never does any wrong" and "never apologizes?" He is the type that when you do something, he will try to turn everyone against you and he will give my siblings something and not give me so that it will pain me...I must say tho that people say he loves us but his way of showing us love is by running his mouth up and down.
Maybe my use of hate is because of the way he treats my mum...he has been cheating on

Photos: Baby Girl Dies after being Kissed by Mystery Person with Virus

A newborn baby has died after being kissed by a mystery person with cold sores.

Little Eloise Lampton was born healthily on November 1 via caesarean but died just 24 days later after becoming infected with the herpes virus, which proved fatal. Her devastated parents, Sarah Pugh, 28, and Douglas Lampton, don't even know who unknowingly passed the infection onto their newborn daughter.

Talking to DailyMail, Ms Pugh said:
'Doctors initially thought it was a feeding issue. When we came home she just wanted to sleep... she wasn't a crying baby.' 
But Eloise lost almost a kilo in the week after her birth and her health started to deteriorate quickly.

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