Saturday, December 13

I Would Like To F**k The President - Maheeda

Yes, Maheeda actually wrote this on her twitter page. The controversial gospel artist turned 'Goddess Of X' said she would have loved to f*** the president and collect her own share of the federal money if not that she is married. Maheeda, if na naija president you dey talk about, think am well o because Patient Jonathan no go gree o, abeg no make mama peace lose her peace o. See her tweet below...

And Here are the Winners of our 'Anything Goes' TGIF Giveaway

We had a N30,000 + beautiful mouth watering cake, courtesy blog reader Priscillia, giveaway yesterday and yep, our winners are here! 4 were selected randomly while the other 3 had stories that made us laugh. Our winners are:
  1. Honesty
  2. Kealdy Iboko
  3. Nkechi Udeh
  5. Blossom
  6. Promcy Gal
  7. Our cake winner is Nono Blessedm.
Last minute I decided to throw in an 8th winner and it is our beautiful blog reader:
  • 8. - the lady that gave birth to a baby by herself. My sister, what you did was AMAZING!! Big congrats dear.
So, please guys, if your name appeared above, through email -, send me your bank details so I can credit you immediately. Nono dear, do send me your contact details.

Thank you so much guys for the fun 'Anything Goes' session yesterday. We definitely will do it again next Friday, so get READY!!

Guess Who This Dressed Up Kid Turned Into!

Her young adorable baby is as cute as she is in this photo from wayy back. Can you guess who she is, guys!?

Photos from Dabota Lawson & Billionaire Sunny Aku's Wedding Today

Ex-beauty queen Dabota Lawson today wedded her man, billionaire businessman Sunny Aku. Pictured above are Tonto Dikeh's stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo and Miss Commonwealth Nigeria 2013, Gracélle Olaniyi-Robert at the wedding today. See another pic after the cut, though more will be coming up asap.

Check Out the Dress Linda Ikeji Bought for N1million

Linda bought the Lanre DaSilva dress during an Ebola auction at the 2014 Future Awards Africa for N1million.

'I Want a Flat Bum!' - Kim Kardashian

Of all her talents, Kim Kardashian is best known for her curves. But it seems she is willing to turn her back on the very thing that made her famous.

In a teaser clip from an upcoming episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons, the 34-year-old star revealed that she would like to shrink her derriere. lol. Watch the video after the cut. Kim also added that she feels like younger sister Khloe's behind is 'so big' as she hung out with sister Kourtney and her long-time partner Scott Disick.

BBA Hotshot Tayo Faniran Debunks Rumour That He Was Given $350,000 By Ayiri Emami

There has been a hoax flying around that BBA hotshot Tayo Faniran was given the sum of $350,000 by Warri billionaire, Ayiri Emami. Well, Tayo took to his twiter to debunk the rumour. See his tweet below. . 

Photos: Explosion Hits Arakale Road, Akure. Many Feared Dead

A suspected gas explosion this evening hit Arakale road in Akure and according to eyewitnesses, many people are feared dead. The raging fire reportedly started at a gas station but quickly spread to houses as there was no quick emergency response. Some people allegedly took to cursing the state's governor as a witness said: "This place has been burning for more than one hour and there's been no response".

Man Spotted with his Baby tied to his Back at London Heathrow Airport

Someone said this is the cutest thing ever. Do you agree?

Mediatakeout Claims Karrueche And Chris Brown Are Back Together

Who would think they will come back this quickly with all the cusses and rants. Read the reports from MediaTakeout below:

Chris Brown and Karrueche had one of the MESSIEST breakups ever - with Chris EXPOSING Karrueche's HUEAX antics - like f*cking Drake and engaging in THREESOMES. And Karrueche ran to TMZ and claimed that Chris Brown was MENTALLY ABUSING her.

Well MediaTakeout claim the couple are BACK TOGETHER . .. but trying to keep it on the low.

Must See Pictures of an Astonishingly Well Preserved 1,000 year old Mummy

Guys, check out these incredible photos which show an astonishingly well preserved 1,000 year old mummy which will soon be going on public display for the first time. 

The woman, who died aged 50, was mummified in the foetal position and buried in the ancient settlement of Pachacamac, near Lima, Peru. Her remains were discovered in 2012 and have been kept in storage ever since in exactly the same state in which she was found. She will be unveiled to the public at the Musee de Confluences, in Lyon, France later this month. See more photos after the jump.

D'Banj Spotted with a Bada'ss Miss Endowed

Frosh couple. The figure on Natasha is insane!

Quote of the Day by General Muhammadu Buhari

*clears throat*

Ten Things You Should Know About The Vagina

This is pretty interesting dearies..... Read and enjoy.. lol

 This piece is according to Huffington Post.... They even created an interesting graphics, depicting their findings... lol... check it below

What Would You Do if You Saw This Happen?


Ugandan Maid who Savagely Beat Baby Found Guilty of Assault

The Ugandan maid, Jolly Tumuhirwe, who was secretly filmed beating a little girl under her care has been found guilty of assaulting the toddler.

The abuse came to light when the child's father, Eric Kamanzi, installed a hidden camera in his home after noticing his daughter was bruised and limping. The graphic footage showed Tumuhirwe hitting the child when she resisted feeding and then throwing her to the floor, beating her with a torch before stepping on her and kicking her.

BBC reports that Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, had told the court she had been driven to attack the 18-month-old because the child's mother had beaten her - something the mother denied. A video of the assault caused outrage when it was posted online.

Earlier charges of torture were dropped against Tumuhirwe after prosecutors said they could not be

Guys, Check Out these Exciting Photos of over 6ft Tall Nigerian Women

It's been a long while since we had a drooling session, guys. *winks* So check this list out. Pictured above is sexy, tall, one of Nigeria's top female fitness models, Ada Abanobi. She's a Musclemania Fitness Pro and Figure Competitor, Fitness Model, Former Houston Cheerleader, Personal Trainer, a Nurse that wants African women to embrace fitness and reject excessive fat. What do you think of this hottie? See more after the cut.

Angelina Jolie is Sick with Chicken Pox (Photos)

Angelina Jolie has delivered a special message to fans in a video posted to YouTube: She's got chickenpox! And because of it, will not be able to attend the upcoming promotional events and even the Hollywood premiere for her newly directed movie "Unbroken."

As controversy rages after two Hollywood heavyweights' opinions of the actress were revealed in the Sony hacking scandal, a very spotty Angelina, took the unprecedented step of releasing a video statement. See it after the cut.

Michael Schumacher Dumped by £4million a year Sponsors after Ski Accident

Formula One star Michael Schumacher has been dumped by wealthy sponsors since the ski accident which left him 'paralysed' and close to death.

DailyMail reports that the seven-time champion is expected to lose out on more than £4million a year as a result of the decisions by companies who no longer see him as a role model for their products. Fashion firms Navyboot and Jet Set severed all commercial ties with the recovering coma victim as doubts remain over the chances of a full recovery.

Schumacher, 45, suffered severe head injuries while skiing with his family in the French Alps in

Uche Jombo Tweets about her Miscarriage

So sad. Uche lost her very well celebrated pregnancy back in June but somehow, it got in the news again some daysago. You don't even have to have lost a pregnancy to understand how Uche feels right now.

Brazilian Man Murdered Over 40 People Just For The Fun Of It

A man who could be one of Brazil's most prolific serial killers has confessed to murdering more than 40 people.

Sailson Jose das Gracas told reporters at a police station he killed for pleasure and an adrenaline rush.

He said he murdered for the "fun of it", according to officers.

Das Gracas, who has been described as a psychopath by police, said he preferred to kill white women, whom he allegedly strangled.

Today's TILB Faceoff Winner Gets N5000, Who Will it Be?! Lizzy VS Inemesit VS Aanuoluwa

And our gorgeous ladies of the day are here, guys. Please meet TILB blog readers - Lizzy, Inemesit and Aanuoluwa
  • Elizabeth studied Biochemistry, resides in Lagos and is currently a corp member
  • Inemesit (Sugaryinem) is a graduate, Electrical/ Electronics Engineering, University of Uyo. She is a makeup artist and a dancer. 
  • Aanuoluwa is yet to send in her profile. So while we wait, we'll let her photos do the introduction.
Our winner today gets N5,000, who is it going to be??? Which of these pretty ladies is getting your vote? See more hot photos after the cut.

Guys, Can You Do This For Your Wife? Ladies, Would You Allow Him Do This For You?

Hmmm! Please be sincere.
See photo HERE.

Buhari Declares His Assets On Facebook, Says He Has One Million Naira In His Account

I have at least one million naira in my bank, having paid N5.5 million to pick my form from my party. I have around 150 cattle because I am never comfortable without cows. I have a house each in Kaduna, Kano, and Daura which I borrowed money to build. I never had a foreign account since I

7 Health Benefits Of Kissing

Found this great and informative piece on Yourtango and thought to share it with you guys. Here are 7 health benefits of kissing:

  •  Kissing Prevents Cavities 

Who would ever guess that spit-swapping kinda had the same effect as mouth wash? According to the Academy of General Dentistry, saliva helps build tooth enamel and all that extra saliva built up in a tongue-tangling Frencher washes the bacteria off your teeth, which in turn helps break down oral plaque.

Fidson Healthcare Plc Set to Transform Healthcare Sector with Biotech Plant

Managing Director of Fidson Healthcare Plc, Dr Fidelis Ayebae
Nigeria’s leading pharmaceutical company, Fidson Healthcare Plc is set to transform the country’s pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with the construction of its new World Health Organization (WHO)-standard Biotech Plant, located in Sango Ota area of Ogun State.

The company’s Managing Director, Dr Fidelis Ayebae made this known  recently.

With the new plant in place, Fidson Healthcare Plc will accomplish a world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity, which will compete healthily with its foreign counterparts, thereby placing the country’s healthcare manufacturing sector on a global pedestal, he said.

He further stated that presently, the company is almost exhausting its manufacturing capacity due to

Kim Kardashian's App Cartoon Named Second Most Influential Fictional Character

In real life Kim Kardashian seems to be everywhere, but her avatar is fast giving her a run for her money.

Time Magazine has named the cartoon version of the reality star, which features on her mobile game Kim Kardashian Hollywood, as the one of the Top 15 Most Influential Fictional Characters Of 2015.

The avatar of the 34-year-old landed her in second position just behind Elsa from Frozen.

Daily Mail says while Elsa has become a favourite of little boys and girls everywhere, seems the

Blog Reader Needs Your Help... Urgently

 Good morning Laila and my fellow TILB readers, please I really need help from blog visitors that have things to give away for kids. I'm pregnant and my hubby lost his job. The little business I'm doing is what I've been surviving on and I've not started buying any baby item. Please if you have any baby item to give away, help me. You can contact Laila to get to me. Thank you.

Company Makes Bra for Two Year Olds, Sparks Outrage Online (Photos)

What do you think about this, guys? Is it right or wrong?

A department store, John Lewis has been accused of ‘sexualising toddlers’ after advertising bras for two-year-old girls. The £8 ‘vintage floral bras’ were sold both in store and online as part of John Lewis’s ‘Girl’ range but charities and campaigners last night pounced on the store, condemning them as disgusting and a ‘disgrace’ for selling replica women’s underwear to fit children aged between two and five. Following the outcry, the collection was removed from the retailer’s website. See more pics after the cut.

And Here's Who Won Our Last Week's Finest Face Faceoff

*louddd drum rollsss pleasee*

He had the highest votes, so, hearty congratulations Henry dear!! Your pictures are now on our sidebars - mobile and desktop version. So, please do reply me now, through email, stating your bank account number so I can send you your N5k win.

Thank you so much to the handsome men that sent in their pics for last week's competition - John and Ezekiel. It was a fierce competition and you guys rocked! *kisses* Thank you too for your comments, dear readers, for choosing the winner. God bless you mightily. Our show for today is coming up in minutes. Let's do this!!

Sad News: Woman Brutalised by Police is Pregnant but May Lose it 'cos of Attack

26-year-old Grace Smith who was brutalised along with her husband, Ejeh, and left with horrific injuries last week Wednesday after a beating by Dada Ogunsanya, a policeman attached to the Ikoyi Police Division, Lagos, has got a frightening news.
“We have been looking forward to a child since we got married more than a year ago. I had no idea I was already pregnant at the time of the beating. Now I may lose it,” she told Saturday PUNCH.
When PUNCH spoke with her on Wednesday, Grace explained that she was still bleeding and had to resort to the use of sanitary pad. She had gone for further treatment at a private hospital on Tuesday when a routine check revealed that she was indeed pregnant. Grace sighed and explained that she

'Thank God Our Entertainers Lost their Primaries' - Etcetera

Etcetera just thrashed all the entertainers that lost their primaries in his new article. Chai! Continues after the cut.

My dear entertainers who just lost out in your quest for public office, can you please gbe enu e soun so that we can concentrate on the election at hand? Despite your claims, we all know the reasons why you sought public office in the first place. 
So many Nigerians have hurt their knees in praying to God to rid this nation of political miscreants and people with selfish motives in seeking public offices. So the fact that you all lost your primaries is a gargantuan sign that the system does not see you as worthy representatives of the Nigerian youths. You are the reasons why the youths are only being regarded as the future in a time like this when we are supposed to be the present. 
Why is it surprising to you that you lost in the primaries? The system has been analytically taking notes of your below the par exploits even within the madhouse we

Mercy Aigbe Slams Haters in New Interview

lol. If you are one of dem people that ever abused actress Mercy Aigbe for wearing 'fake' designer labels, well, she dropped a word for you in her new interview with entertainment reporter, Ademola Olonilua. Excerpts:

  • Fans often abuse you on your Instagram page that the clothes you wear are from fake designer labels; how do you react to such comments?

I don’t care about what people think because at the end of the day, it is all about me. If you feel what I wear is fake, it is up to you; it is none of my business. I don’t need anybody to confirm the authenticity of what I wear. Whatever picture I post on my Instagram account reflects my personality and I post them because I want to and not for

Shocking Story of a 500-room House in Lagos Where Tenants Live as Prisoners

This story is insane! Culled from PUNCH, guys... Please read.

Covered in a stream of sweat as he made for the narrow entrance leading outside the block, Okoli Nwabueze (not real name), cursed and grumbled angrily. He was deep in slumber by the time the fan in his room stopped rolling that afternoon and so couldn’t make it out on time to enjoy cool, ‘precious’ breeze. Lacking proper ventilation, electricity supply was the only means to keep the temperature within the room normal.

Last year, when he paid N140, 000 as rent and related charges for 12 months to move into Agboye ‘Estate’, a gigantic structure with over 500 rooms stretching on about four plots of land on Oduntan Street, Ketu, Lagos, this was not what he expected. The situation leaves him deeply frustrated.
“The heat inside my room is crazy,” he said, nodding his head in complete dejection. “There is no ventilation and so whenever there’s power outage the place becomes very hot. This was not what I expected when I paid for the house last year. I never knew I was

Stella Damasus Steps Out Looking Flawless (Photos)

 The Nollywood actress was spotted last night in Atlanta looking this gorgeous for a GloballyIgnitingAfrica event. See more pics after the cut.

Chibok Girls Make AFP’s 10 Most Influential Figures in 2014

The French Press Agency, AFP has published a list of the most influential people in 2014 and the Nigerian Chibok girls made the list. Here, in order, are the 10 people judged to have had the greatest influence on events in 2014:


With the Ukrainian conflict and Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, East-West relations have been plunged into their deepest crisis since the fall of the Berlin Wall. At 62, Putin is the key

Dele Momodu Writes A Passionate Open Letter To General Buhari

The CEO and publisher of Ovation International, Dele Momodu has written an epistle to the newly appointed APC presidential candidate Muhammad Buhari. In this long and-soon-to-be-controversial letter, Dele Momodu congratulates the former head of state for winning the APC presidential primaries. He talks about how he became a supporter of Buhari, how he believes in him, how he thinks he can bring the change Nigeria so need at this time. Read his letter below..

Your Excellency, let me start by congratulating you on a keenly contested Presidential Primary of your party APC which you won resoundingly. Even if I’m not a member of your party, I’m a recent convert to Buharism, as previously explained elsewhere, and I believe every member of the opposition must join forces to work for your victory in 2015. It is for this reason and purpose that I

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