Tuesday, December 16

Nigerian Musicians Get 90 Million Naira From COSON

The Oranmiyan Hall of Lagos Airport Hotel was bustling at its seams this past Tuesday, December 16, 2014 as musicians of all generations from every nook and cranny of Nigeria stormed the COSON Extraordinary General Meeting. From the likes of the iconic Dan Maraya Jos, Chris Ajilo, Laolu Akins et al to the magical Majek Fashek, OJB Jezreel, Azeezat, Black O’ Rice, Kenny St Best, the atmosphere was that of a carnival as gaily dressed musicians back slapped each other. 

Video: World's Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal Ever

I couldn't control my tears after watching this video. I have to agree that, this is the best and most romantic marriage proposal ever. It is so touching I don't think any one would ever break this record.

Oops! Just Almost...Cynthia Morgan Almost Spilled Out During Performance (Photos)

Pictures dont lie, do they?..During her energetic and scintillating performance at the Headies Awards, Cynthia Morgan almost, just almost got her b'oobs outside for the world to see. Hmm, something here looks like an areola. Continue to see another pic

Caption This Photo Of Yemi Alade..Looks Like She Has Something Under Her Navel

Yemi Alade just shared this photo. But wait o, look below her navel area. Hmm..What could it possibly be? Pregnancy or fat?

Bill Cosby’s Daughter Evin Fires Back at her Father’s Accusers

Camille Cosby, Evin Cosby and Bill Cosby 
On the heels of Bill Cosby’s wife Camille publicly supporting her embattled husband, the comic’s 38
year old daughter Evin has also come out to show her support. Evin took to Facebook to defend her dad in the wake of all the rape accusations and slam his haters too. She wrote:
"Rape is a serious allegation and it is suppose to be taken VERY seriously but so is Falsely accusing someone. When someone rapes a person they go to prison. THAT should also happen to the person that has wrongfully accused an innocent victim. They are not ONLY destroying innocent people's life they are ALSO making it hard for the MEN and Women to find justice when they have been raped. 
"Drugged- you can remember the whole damn day but you were drugged? Just sayin. Memory- you can remember you looked at (allegedly) eachother, people were starring

Lol..Flavour Plays Music For His Dogs


Flavour's love for his dogs is very evident. He spends part of his free time gearing them up and having a full house play around with them. Today, Flavour decided to sing a lullaby to his dogs, so they can catch some sleep. The dogs who go by the names Miley, Major Banks, Nicky and 2pac are seen this picture lying on the ground and enjoying the music being played to them by their loving master.

KCee Says He's So Happy, Shares Exciting Photo

Fashion icon Mr Limpopo is obviously having a blast!

NIMN Steps Up Plans to Boost Marketing in Nigeria

Chairman body of Fellows, NIMN, Dr Ify Uraih, Ann Agbakoba, Guest Speaker, Mr Ayeni Ekundayo, President & Chairman of Council, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Mr Ganiyu Koledoye, CEO of Sola Jooce, David Agbakoba and NIMN Council Member, Mr Sola Kolawole at the 2014 Mike Agbakoba’s Memorial Lecture in Lagos.

The umbrella body for Marketers in Nigeria, the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, has reiterated its commitment to the betterment of all professional marketers in Nigeria. This was at the two-in-one impactful event which included the award for Best Student in Marketing and the Mike Agbakoba Memorial Lecture which took place recently at Planet One, Maryland, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, The NIMN President Mr Ganiyu Koledoye, opined that
“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fit him and sells itself”. 
Commenting further, he explained that:
“Change is difficult, but as good marketers, we need to be flexible in our thinking to

10 Things You Love That Are Banned in the Bible

This ridiculous, albeit interesting post is according to this site... It was fun to read, that's why i am putting it up for you guys to also read and have fun..lolz.. They even brought out bible references to back up their claims.... Some of the points are true though..lol
See it after the cut....

Photos: Khloe Kardashian's Bum is Now Bigger than Nicki Minaj's

Khloe Kardashian was spotted taking care of business in LA. Nice plate number. You like? lmao.

Woman Writes Honest and Heartfelt Letter to her Ex Husband’s New Wife

29 year old Ashley and Candice's daughter at her dad's wedding
This will melt your heart, guys. Candice Curry is 39 years old. She and her husband got divorced and he recently moved on by wedding another woman named Ashley Parish who is 10 years younger than Candice. Candice had hoped she and her 14 year old daughter with her ex-husband will hate Ashley, she had hoped she and Ashley will be very bitter enemies but something unexpected happened!

Denrele Retweets all the Nastiest Comments ever Tweeted about Him

A lot of trash has been said about media personality, Denrele Edun on social media. He's been called gay, lost sheep but nahhh, dude doesn't care and he wants all his haters to know that. To let it sink in, Denrele took to his Twitter page earlier on today and started retweeting all the nastiest comments Nigerian Twitter users have ever tweeted about him. Some are from as far back as 2013 and you will find some more unbelievably rude. Continues after the cut.

Supreme Court Dismisses Case against Jonathan’s Eligibility to Re-contest in 2015

The Supreme Court ‎has dismissed the appeal filed by a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Umar Ardo, challenging the decision of the court of appeal which stopped him from joining in the lawsuit challenging President Goodluck Jonathan’s eligibility to re-contest in 2015.

The dismissal was sequel to an oral application by counsel to Ardo, Dr Amuda Kannike, seeking to withdraw the appeal.

In dismissing the appeal, the panel of seven justices led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mohammed Mahmud, said the appellant had ‎no business joining in the appeal challenging Jonathan’s eligibility, as no law stopped him from participating in the just concluded convention of the party.

A litigant, Cyriacus Njoku, had earlier approached an Abuja High Court to stop President Jonathan from re-contesting in 2015, but had his suit dismissed on the ground that the court lacked jurisdiction to entertain it.

Unsatisfied, Njoku approached the Court of Appeal to challenge the decision of the lower court.
Attempts by Mr Umar Ardo t to join in the suit were denied on ground that he did not show a reasonable interest that could have warranted his joinder.

Photo: President Jonathan Rocks a Pair of D’Banj’s ‘Beats by Dre’ Headphone

Iyanya was the first to get a D'Banj's 'Beats by Dre' headphone. See who just got one and is proudly rocking his too.

Official Photos from Dabota Lawson & Sunny Aku’s Wedding

Their love story got every Nigerian talking. But that didn't stop Dabota Lawson from wedding her billionaire fiance Sunny Aku last Saturday at the Sky Terrace Hall, Oriental Hotel in Lagos. Check out the beautiful bride, very excited hubby, guys. Any person wey still get talk, na you sabi. lol. These two are man and wife now. Big congrats to you Dabota dear. See more photos after the cut.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off her Incredibly Toned Body

At 45-years-old, mother-of-two Jennifer Lopez still is at the top of her game. Check out the pics from her 2015 cover for Self Magazine. The incredible shots show her flaunting her toned abs, as she does a number of workout poses. Jen shared the pics on her IG page adding that she is still working on herself, and plans to face her fears in 2015.

Angelina Jolie's 8 year old Daughter, Shiloh, is Androgynous (Photos)

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is a perfect picture of her mother and father and pictured above is the young girl with her dad and brothers at the premiere of Unbroken last night. Lil girl is androgynous. According to her mum, Shiloh had always loved to dress like a boy.
'She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers...She dresses like a little dude. She likes tracksuits, she likes [regular] suits.'
When she was three, the first biological child of Brangelina began to only answer to the name John.
'We've got to call her John,' Brad told an interviewer in 2010, noting that when he started to ask, 'Shi, do you want...' she would interrupt with: "John. I'm John."' Brad continued: 'I'll say, "John, would you like some orange juice?" And she goes, "No!"'
The self-possessed girl developed her unique, androgynous style early on and it reportedly confused her conservative Republican grandmother Jane Pitt.  See more photos after the cut.

More than 100 Children Killed in Deadly School Attack (Photos)

Pakistani volunteers carry a student injured in the shootout at a school under attack by Taliban gunmen

At least 126 people were killed today when Taliban gunmen attacked a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan. More than 100 of the dead were children aged between 12 to 16 years old, officials said.

The horrific attack which has been described as the worst to hit the country in years was carried out by a relatively small number of militants from the Tehreek-e-Taliban group, a Pakistani militant group trying to overthrow the government.

The attack began in the morning hours, with about half a dozen gunmen entering the school - and shooting at random. Army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and started exchanging fire with

Beyonce Paid For Sister Solange's Honeymoon In Brazil

Jay Z and Beyonce at Solange's all white wedding

Despite the elevator incident between Solange and Jay Z in May, 2014 the Knowles - Carter put on a united front and attended the wedding like one big happy family.

Solange 28, and her husband Alan Ferguson 51, spent their honeymoon in Transoco, Brazil and older sister Beyonce 32, reported footed the bill for the entire trip. Beyonce allegedly put down about $140,000 for the newly weds.

Gay Wedding: Tennis legend, Martina Navratilova Marries Her Lesbian Partner

Female Tennis legend Martina Navratilova got married yesterday to her Russian boo, Julia Lemigova. Martina proposed to her at the 2014 US open in the public.

Martina, who is a  58 year-old Czech born American 18-time grand slam winner disclosed in 1981

Country with the Highest Sex Duration was Nigeria

Thanks to Kasapreko and Alomo bitters.

Tweet of the Day

Some people are mean! lmao.

An Open Letter to the President

Sahara Reporters is claiming they just laid their hands on an open letter allegedly written by a commanding officerpresently stationed in the North East. It is actually addressed to President Jonathan and The Senate President, David Mark.  Please read.. it is very revealing.

See it after the cut

Video: Stella Damasus Defends 'Snatching' Daniel Ademinokan from Doris Simeon

The long-awaited Stella Damasus' interview with Golden Icons is finally out!! And wow!, she really did bare it all. To clear the air regarding her relationship with fellow actress Doris Simeon's ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan. Stella had all this to say.

According to her, yes, Daniel is all hers now but she never snatched or stole him from anybody. She also was not going to give a name to what they have together and specifically said ‘The real deal between Daniel and I is the real deal’. Videos are after the cut too.
"Let me put it this way. Let me help you hit the nail on the head. One of the comments I have seen consistently, over and over again, is ‘Stella snatches somebody’s husband’, ‘Stella the husband snatcher’, which is what has been going on. And I had sworn that I would never talk about it, or even listen or stress myself about this thing but I have decided to do this now, so that I end this once and for all. 
First of all, let me paint a picture for you and you let me know what makes sense to you. When I looked up the word snatch or steal, ehh, let’s go to the dictionary. It means, forcefully taking something away from its original position. Forcefully. From its original

Tunde Bakare Reveals Obasanjo Almost Killed Him As A Unilag Student

The founder of the Latter Rain Assembly, pastor Tunde Bakare has accused former President, Olusegun Obasanjo of killing students’ unionism in the country when he was the military Head of State in 1978.

Bakare, who was a running mate to Buhari in the last presidential election made the claim on Monday at the 2014 anniversary of the International Day of Students.

Humans Turn To Wild Beasts To Devour Live Stock - Nigeria Tourism Chief

what wont we hear in this country...lolz..
This bizarre report is according to Premium times, guys...lolz... Let me just put it exactly how they reported it.... Please read and tell us if this claim makes any sense at all.. lol

Do Guys Like to Hug Ladies Because of Their Bosoms?

A female Nairaland user just asked this question online, guys. lmao. What do you all think?
Do guys like to hug ladies because of their boobs? Because when I hug some guys, it always feels like they are squeezing my chest against them. I don't know if guys try to feel something from a hug?

Maradona Accused Of Taking Four Doses Of Viagra Daily To Keep Up With Girlfriend

Argentine football legend, Diego Amando Maradona has been accused of multiple drug usage, up to four doses of viagra daily to keep up with the sex drive of his 23 year-old girlfriend, Rocio Oliva; despite his past problems with heart failure.

It is no longer news that Maradona is a womaniser and he prefers them young but at 53, it is hard to keep up with a younger hottie in bed, so how he manages to be him was brought to the fore by an Argentine TV show, El Diario de Mariana, accusing him of popping four Viagra pills per day.

Patoranking's Boo, Leila Congratulates Him on his Headies Win

Fine couple they sure are.

Blog Reader Needs Your Advice... Urgently

 Good/Bad news... which one are you interested in first? Ok... the good...I was paid 2 months salary after 5 months... the bad... I was paid half my normal salary. That means I was paid my 1 month salary twice all in the name of Biometric attendance but they see me in the office right... like... I'm always present right? 
This is wickedness. #Christmasperiodfaa... Aunty Laila... I'm not happy. I'm seriously sad. How can people be so wicked and cruel? Just coz you are in  power. Imagine salary that I don't receive on time been deducted again. Pls I need another job or is there any other thing you think I can do? I need an urgent advice, guys coz I'm loosing my sanity gradually.

Blog Reader Needs Our Help to Win a Contest, Guys

My Big Nigerian Wedding is Nigeria's Biggest Wedding contest and reality show where the winning couple gets the wedding of their dreams sponsored to the tune of N15Million! Our blog reader, Florence is involved, guys and she needs our help. Here's the mail she sent in:
Hello Laila and dearest TILB readers, I registered for my big Nigerian wedding and I plead that you all please make my dream wedding come true. This is the link to vote http://t.co/JGE4WaYv0w but first their page which is WED Daily has to be liked on Facebook. This is my picture there too and it's simple - just click on vote on the pic. Voting is once a day. Thank you so much and God bless you and TLIBERS richly.
Click HERE to vote, dearies.

PHOTOS: Miss Ambassador For Peace 2014 Winners and Crew Tour Europe As Queens Apologise For Impression

Peace Ambassador Agency, the brand organisers of Miss Ambassador for Peace pageant and Peace Ambassador award has added another feather to their already feathered cap with the successful tour to four high profile European countries.

The trip which involved all the crew members and newly crowned Beauty Queens was specially packaged for a tourism experience and international exposure. The team had a fun filled experience at the capital cities of Germany, Spain, France and Italy. The CEO Amb. Kingsley Amafibe who recently contested  under the PDP  for the Delta state House of Assembly led the team to this all important peace adventure. Hed also had a short visit to New York as the tour continued.

It would be recalled that the European trip was not part of the entitlements of the winners instead it

I Implore Obasanjo to Stop Lying Before He Dies” - General Alabi-Isama

General Godwin Alabi-Isama has blasted Chief Olusegun Obasanjo over the contents of his recently released book, “My Watch,” saying it is an embodiment of lies. Read his explosive response to Obasanjo below, via SaharaReporters.
''I'm gravely pained to be trading words with General Olusegun Obasanjo once again on the history of Nigeria-Biafra War. He is an elder and a former ruler who, ordinarily, should be treated with utmost respect. But how can one genuinely respect an old man who tells lies like a badly raised child? 
Obasanjo has obviously not recovered from the shock inflicted on him by my book, The Tragedy of Victory in which I exposed the tissues of lies in his civil war memoir, My Command. It is said that a lie may travel for a thousand miles, but it takes just one step of truth to catch up with it. 
I’m alive to stand up to him on the lies he has told on the war because I was a major

This Dad Gave his Kids the Worst Xmas Gifts Ever, their Reaction will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

This is so adorable, guys. Just had to share after watching it myself. Tim Cocker worried his kids might be spoiled, so he tried an experiment. Two weeks before Christmas, he let them each open one present. These presents were far from the toys they were expecting, but the kids' responses will melt your heart.

True or False? Things Men Do that Upset Women


Tonto Dikeh Wakes Up to a New Set of Luxury Jewelry from her Man (Photo)

Tonto woke up with love on her neck this morning, guys. A lot of y'all want to be like her when you grow up, right? lol.

Beyoncé Reveals her Stunningly Appointed Christmas Tree (Photos)

When you are Beyoncé, tree decorating is certainly a fashionable affair. The 33-year-old revealed her very glamorous Christmas tree adorned with shiny green, silver and crystal balls, glass tear drops, snowflakes and even stuffed toy elephants on IG yesterday. See more pics after the cut.

Touts at Ijora-Olopa, Lagos Almost Destroyed this Lady Last Night

Read and stay alert, dearies. Twitter user Precious shared her harrowing experience at Ijora-Olopa last night online. Tweets continue after the cut.

APC Leaders Fail to Agree on Buhari’s Running Mate

A marathon meeting by the leaders of the All Progressives Congress ended in the early hours of Tuesday (today) without a consensus on the running mate for the party’s presidential candidate, Maj.Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

PUNCH reports that unlike the national convention/ primary which produced Buhari on Thursday without much rancour, the meeting which started at about 10.30pm on Wednesday and ended at about 1.58am on Tuesday was said to have been characterised by intense horse-trading.

Different caucuses of the APC had started a series of meetings which   culminated in a larger one that

Serena Williams Flaunts her Massive Behind in New Photos

Serena Williams last Sunday participated in the Ultimate Run South Beach and here are photos from the event. The bod on this woman is insane! See more pics after the cut.

Aww, How Cute is this Sean Diddy Comb's Family Christmas Card?

 Move over, whoever has to move over, the Combs are here! lol. As he does every year, Diddy has released his 2014 family Christmas card which features his 45 year old self and his 6 kids from 3 babymamas. You like?

Camille Cosby Breaks Silence on Husband Bill's Sexual Assault Allegations

As weeks and months went by with one accuser after another stepping forward to tell a story of a decades-old rape incident involving her husband, Camille Cosby never said anything. However, she has now issued a statement, defending her husband. Read it below.

According to Camille, her "kind," "generous" and "funny" husband is not the person the media has painted him as in light of the recent accusations.

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