Monday, November 30

Something Urgent to Ponder On...


Ladies, Celebrity Stylist SwankyJerry has a Question for Y'all

Oya, why do you people keep on ignoring security guards? Jerry is waiting for your replies. lmao.

Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe & Follower Fight Dirty on Instagram

Like seriously, no be small fight o. Mercy threw caution to the wind and went ballistic on her follower just some hours ago after the young lady abused her for posting a collage of herself and her 14-year-old daughter and asked her fans to choose whose selfie was better.

According to the fan, Mercy is exposing her underage child to a filthy world that she should be protected from. Mercy at her own end lashed out that if she doesn't flaunt her own child, is it the moron in the name of her IG follower that she should flaunt? Their heated drama continues after the cut. Hope you are ready to read curses!

Agbani Darego Slams Body Shaming Trolls Who Told Her to Add Flesh to her 'Skinny Ass'

Supermodel and former Miss World Agbani Darego is not letting negative comments about her body get to her. Just yesterday, she shared this photo of herself all ready and set to leave for an event only for some trolls to fire back that she should add some weight.

The model deleted the nasty comments and has now posted a short note on her IG page to trolls who made them. Read what she wrote after the cut.

See What these Evil People Did to Actress Halima Abubakar's Photo

Can you imagine?! 

'Demon Possessed Woman Dies After Excorcism Performed In Church (Photos)

A young woman died after her parents allegedly performed an exorcism to get rid of the "demon" inside her.

The 22-year-old, named as Jaqueline Sanchez by media in Belize, Central America, died after she suffered a cardio respiratory arrest.

Local media also reported claims that her body had been "lifted" up in the air inside the church and she had spoken in a man's voice.

How do we Explain This?

Another photo after the cut:

New Photo Of Denrele Rocking Edgy High Fashion

How does he walk on those stilettos?? Do you notice the expression on the faces of the fellas behind him? Lol

Michael Proudly Shows Off His Wife After His Pastor Advised Him Not to Marry Her (Photos)


Hello Laila
Am proud of my wife, our baby can not be left out too lol!
Ours was indeed a true love. We met in 2009, then we live in the same community and attend the same church. I have always admired her from far. Luckily one day our way cross part when she was returning from work then I was taking a walk too in the evening, we just exchanged pleasantries and for like two minutes we just stood looking at each others eyes without saying any words, I guess that was when love struck. We exchanged numbers and got talking. Later on I found out that there were several guys in the church that was following her matter seriously lol,  I tried playing matured and calmness though it wasn't easy and as a lady she played her game well (she made me jealous enough ehnn...), especially when I see her with those guys chatting her up, asking her out and trying to please her.

Laila's Cupid: Are You Single? Get in Here. Dr. Chibuike Needs a Wife

not actual photo
Good day Sis Laila. Hope this mail meets you well. How are you and your family? My name is Dr. Chukwubuikem. I'm from Anambra state but work at Asaba. I'm a medical doctor. I have been a blog reader for more than 2 years now. I just recently started commenting with my blog I'd. I have a very big problem which I want to confide in you.

Genevieve Gets All Cozy With Oris Erhuero In Allure Photoshoot (Photos)

Genevieve Nnaji has shared elegant photos from her photoshoot with her Oris Erhuero, her co-star  in the movie 'Road to Yesterday', for the prestigious Vanguard Allure.

Do you notice anything unusual in this photo? Look closely...

Meanwhile, see more beautiful photos after the cut

Hot And Fierce Blog Reader Chynasa Graduates From College (Photos)

Hello Laila, I am proud to announce to the entire TILB family that I am now officially a graduate. I am so grateful to God, My family and to you Laila and to the entire blog readers, You guys are part of my success and I am deeply grateful.


More photos of chynasa after the cut:

Peter Okoye Shares Adorable Photo Of Daughter Aliona

Awww, they grow up so fast...

Proud daddy Peter Okoye shared this lovely photo of his second child, Aliona Amarachi Okoye on his IG page...

He captioned it:

T.B Joshua Absent In Court As Trial Over Building Collapse Commences

The founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Joshua, was absent in court on Monday at the start of the trial over the collapse of a refurbished six-storey building inside his church premises in 2014.

The building collapse killed 116 people, mostly South Africans.

Lol...Checkout This Hilarious Nollywood Poster


What other hilarious Nollywood poster have you come across?

After VIC O Promises His Fans N500K, See How Twitter Reacted

Vic O dropped his much anticipated 'Hello' cover today, and to every one's surprise, Mavin boss Don Jazzy went on social media to praise his effort.

The Nigerian rapper was overjoyed and went on Twitter to post the below

And since then, Twitter has experienced a Vic O meltdown, with twitter users making the most hilarious comments.

 See more hilarious tweets after the cut

Would You Wear This Shocking Condom Dress? (Bizarre Photo)

What were they thinking?

Blog Reader Amanda Blasts Gov. Obiano For Wasting N900M on Churches (Photos)

I am catholic so before you get all sentimental and talk about what I don't want know, let me say it here . Gov "Willie wont work" Obiano of Anambra state should be impeached immediately and the catholic and anglican churches made to return that money.

If You Know Any Filling Station Selling Above N87/L, Here Are The Numbers To Call

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has made public the location of 15 DPR field offices and their contact phone numbers in their efforts to combat the crippling fuel scarcity in the country.

If you know any fuel station hoarding or selling fuel above the official pump price please call these numbers. We cannot continue to suffer in the midst of plenty.

Lets start calling, people.

Aproko Gist Vol. 4 - Monday Special - Hot Hot Hot !!!

Lailans, abeg make una nor too vex for Inspector Nifemi for the late submission of Aproko Gist ... She was on a highly classified, highly dangerous mission. So she couldn't blog from where she was. But the gist is hot as usual sha, so make una enjoy.... *kisses*

Tweet Of The Day From Ben Bruce

From the Nigerian senator of 'Common Sense'

Have You Seen The Sugar Visual? (Photo)

It's so unbelievable...

Farmer Refuses To Eat This 'Sexy' Potato He Pulled Out His Farmyard (Photo)

The farmer said it messed with his mind. It messed with mine too. Lmao!!!

A farmer was stunned by the sultry shape of one of his home-grown potatoes - and then refused to eat.

The hot sweet potato bears a striking resemblance to someone with a rather shapely behind bending over, and it's messing with Ben Fletch's mind.

OMG !!! What is Wrong With This Photo?

See anything?

Iara Oshiomole Dazzles In Native Attire (Photos)

The beautiful wife Of Adams Oshiomole, Edo State Governor, Mrs Iara Oshiomole was a speaker at an APC function which took place in Benin city, Edo state over the weekend.

Mrs Oshiomole, a  native of Cape Verde was absolutely gorgeous in native attire.

Hilarious! Characteristics Of A Typical Ibibio Man, by Uwem Brown

Hi, trust u had a great week.  A friend of mine wrote this and I thought It would be good enough for a read. Hope you don't mind!


A typical Ibibio man can be found in South-South Nigeria, he is related to An Anang and Efik man in tribe, he is from Akwa Ibom State.

The Ibibio's are very hardworking, their men are upright and loving, but they are few other negative lifestyles identified as the way some Ibibio men behave.

Highlighting this few lifestyles, the following may be the most glaring bad behaviors from them.

He is one of those men that have issues with anger, he will throw a bowl of soup at his wife when the soup contains no meat and fish inside even when he did not give the wife enough money to cook a befitting soup.

Guys, Hot Seat Mondays Is Here Again !!!!!!!!!!

Our Darling Bonita had a chat with our celeb for today and trust me, you'll love it... Shaving stick things *coughs*... Enjoy
Darling readers,welcome to another scintillating episode of Hot seat Mondays,where we make celebrities out of our readers.Yo! You read me right.Today on the hot seat,is a young genial fellow whose presence has helped coloured the blog in amazing ways.To some he's a fine writer, to others he's a sweetheart,while to many, he's one hell of a consistent and loyal reader.In whatever light you see choose to see him,you can't ignore  the fact that this chap is part of the family.
Today,we have our one and only Derrick on the hot seat.Dearies,keep your eyes glued to your phone and computer screen as we explore the world of this amazing young man.

Blog Reader Needs Your Advice On How To Tackle Her Skin Problems (Photos)

Good morning dear Laila 

Hope you are good?

Please I have a problem with my skin and it don't know if you can help me post it. I scar very easily on my skin.little things like mosquito bites or starches leave a scar on my skin. 

Growing up I didn't really care but now that I'm an adult and I see pictures of girls flaunting their legs. I get so jealous. In a way I feel ugly because of this and anytime people stare at me I tend to feel they are staring at my leg. I have attached photos you can share . 

Revenge Porn Victim Speaks Of Humiliation After Ex Posted Her Naked Pictures On Facebook

A revenge porn victim has told how she was left humiliated when her ex-boyfriend posted explicit photographs of her on Facebook.

Twisted Richard Crabtree, 34, put naked pictures of Ella Robinson, 23, online after when their break-up became acrimonious.

Undisputed King of Rap Vic.O @VICOTVS has Released his 'Hello' Cover (LISTEN)

The king of rap VIC O is back again, guys. This time he serves his fans with some hot sound that they have been waiting for. It's the cover of " Hello" by Adele. Kindly find artwork and song attached.

lmao. Vic O is trending because of this. Read Don Jazzy's review about the song after the cut.

Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Posts & Quickly Deletes a Selfie Featuring His Eggplant (See)

Like Rapper The Game, Nicki Minaj's ex Safaree has an eggplant and he just shared it with the world.

Click HERE to see the uncensored photo. Safaree shared the pic but quickly deleted it later.

Flavour and Chidinma Passionately Kiss at #PhynoFest in Onitsha

The chemistry between Flavour & Chidinma is undeniable. See what they were up to last night at Phyno's concert in Onitsha.

They had just performed their Ololufe song and decided to seal it with a kiss.

Couple who Survived Tunisian Beach Massacre Cancels Wedding after Trauma Tears their Relationship Apart

A couple who survived the Tunisian beach massacre have ended their eight year relationship after the trauma of the attack tore their relationship apart.

Kirsty Murray and Radley Ruszkiewicz called off their wedding five months after the attack in June, which left 38 dead, including 30 British holidaymakers.
The couple became separated during the attack, and Radley believed Kirsty was dead until being tearfully reunited 24-hours later.

They vowed to never be separated again, delighted by the 'second chance' they had been given.
But it wasn't to be: despite their determination to stay together and start the life they had dreamed of,

Sunday, November 29

And It's Time to Reach Out and Bless a Fellow Reader!

With God on our side, we can be successful in many things.

When we pray for one another, it's amazing the results we get. Dearies, it's time to REACH OUT and bless a fellow reader. Time to be our brother's keeper... Time to bless the new week of that reader of your choice. Trust me, prayers go a long a way, especially prayers for someone. It shows selflessness

Lailans Miz Tee, Ifeoma, Danny & Twin Sisters Idyhanz, Jannyhanz Show Off What They Wore to Church Today

Guys, check out what my stars wore to church today! First up are twin sisters Idyhanz & Jannyhanz:

Hi Laila, my name is Idyhanz and my twinny Jannyhanz....we attend St Marys Catholic Church, Calabar....I love my church cos we are born catholic and we try to focus on God before anything else.
See their cute second photo below.

A Lailan Spotted This in Abeokuta...

Hi Laila, Trust you are good. I just want to send you this picture I captured when I went to make transactions at Fidelity bank in Abeokuta, where I'm serving.

Just for laughs cos I really laughed hard when I saw this. Happy sunday.

Alex Okoroji's The Naked Talk Hits First Anniversary With Acclaims From Around The World...

It was like yesterday, Actress & Writer - Alex Okoroji, who is a Multi-Platform Ambassador for Self Empowerment & Transformation,  premiered her first Internet radio episode, LIVE in December 2014 on BlogTalkRadio (A NewYork based Internet Radio Network) where she broadcasts live from Lagos, Nigeria to the rest of the world and syndicates the show on some of the most popular Internet radio platforms like Stitcher Radio, ITunes and Tune-In Radio to their Millions of community listeners.

Her Talk Radio show- THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji has featured Live, Unscripted Round Table Conversations and One-on-One Unfiltered Interviews, centred on REAL Transient issues & Experiences, as she motivates her Guests to tell it like it is...And help her Listeners build a Presence of Mind while finding their Voice. The show has become a virtual hub to 46 Global Achievers and

Have You'll Seen these Sad Pics of Kylie Jenner's Starving Dogs?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga may not be feeding their dogs – at least that’s what it looked like on Kylie’s Snapchat yesterday. 

The youngest Kardashian posted a video of her dogs running around and the Italian Greyhound caught people's eyes. Its rib cage is almost popping out of its skin. See more photos below:

Stella Damasus Stuns in New Photos

Beautiful as always...

Annie Idibia Sets her IG on Fire with New Photo of Her Nails; Fans Accuse Her of Bleaching

Some Nigerians have got no chill whatsoever! A fierce exchange of words and abuses is going on right now on Annie Idibia's Instagram page. She had posted this new photo flaunting her nails only for all hell to be let loose.

Fans who believe she's bleaching won't stop yelling while her fans who love her die won't let the haters stand strong either. Their drama continues below. Ihemkwa!

Ghanaian Actress Wearing 4 Waist Trainers Collapses at Mall in Accra - Story is FALSE

Yesterday, this story went viral and now, the said actress has put up a statement on her IG page that this story about her is false.

According to reports online, aspiring Ghanaian actress who has been identified as Moesha Boduong reportedly fell flat on her bum yesterday afternoon while window shopping at Ghana’s biggest mall-West Hills.

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