Saturday, February 21

Ladies Get in Here: Bode George's Son, Yinka is Hot (Photos)

Yinka Bode George is the 5th child of former PDP Chieftain, Chief Bode George. The 26 year old is a top model based in Canada and he is hot.

Flavour Spotted Frolicking With Another Babe

The "Ukwu Sara Mbara" maestro may be planning another kiss.. Hold your breath Guys. See the photo here.

The Sad Tale of Nigerian Girls Hustling in Italy (Photos)

Nigerian girls are being subjected to mandatory prostitution daily in other to survive in Europe. Most of them are victims of human trafficking and never envisaged that they would ever become sex hawkers.

Rose thought she was coming to Europe to study and earn some money with a part-time job. What the Nigerian girl didn't realise was that books would be a distant dream and the work she would be doing was prostitution.
"Two people working in an apparently-normal travel agency arranged my journey. But once we arrived in Europe, we were locked in an apartment for a month and a half," she recounts. "They emptied our bags and seized our documents. 
if i dont pay they will kill me and dump my body in a canal in Verona, i dont want to die. i am an only child and i am all my mother has""

Zahra Buhari Meets Ovation Boss, Dele Momodu in London

The pretty daughter of General Buhari who trended some few weeks back was spotted at Piccadilly square London with Ovation boss, Dele Momodu

Tinsel Actress Joju Mose And Her Numerous S*x Toys

Tinsel actress, Joju Mose in a recent interview with Mary Ekah talks about her career, s*x life and why she prefers s*x toys to men


You look more like a tomboy. Are you in a relationship at all?
No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I am not a tomboy but I come across as a tomboy to people because I’m always on my snickers, T-shirt and jeans. I feel comfortable in those things. I don’t feel comfortable putting on dresses, gown, they don’t make me work fast. They don’t make me do things fact. I just prefer that simple, on-the-toe kind of dressing. Sometimes I go out without make up, if I see that making up will take a lot of my time. I just go without any make up.

Who else Misses the Era of 'Yo Mama Jokes???

I remember when Yo Mama Jokes were the most popular.

So i was surfing the web and came across some of them and decided to share with you guys

More jokes after the cut. Laugh and forget your worries.... loool!!

Tonto Dike Admits That Jeremiah Ogbodo is Her Sugar Daddy (Photos)

The star actress and the Swanky Signature boss Jerry are on some monkey business. Thank God though, cos Ghanaian beauty Juliet Ibrahim was also in the building in-case things get out of hand.
More photos after the cut

WOW!!! GUYS Check out these Top Ten Most Beautiful Houses in the World

Who said money is not good? See these pictures of the most beautiful houses in the world.

Who else wants to live in one of these houses

More pics after the cut

Wow! How is This even Possible in a Marriage?

Tweets continue after the cut.

Kris Jenner Says Someone Hacked into her iCloud & Stole a Nude Video of Her

According to TMZ, Kris Jenner says someone has a nude video of her that was shot in her house, and she's being extorted over the video right now.

Kris plans to publicly reveal this on her upcoming show but sources connected with the production have already spilled how it plays out. They told TMZ that during one of the Season 10 shows, Kris has a family meeting and says she's being extorted over the video.

She says someone broke into her iCloud and jacked surveillance of her inside the house, which captures her buck naked. Kris tells the kids that someone wants money for the video and everyone present is disgusted ... EXCEPT KIM! Sources confirmed that when Kris called the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and filed a criminal complaint that someone was harassing her and hacking into her iCloud, one of the items she claimed was stolen was the surveillance video.

lmao.. Toyin Aimakhu Just Replied Stella Damasus's Mean Tweet Video Reply

Ghen ghen! Guys, it seems we are about to have our own Amber Rose vs Kardashian klan showdown. Thanks to Nollywood actress Stella Damasus & Toyin Aimakhu. lol.

Brought you the gist here yesterday. Eight months ago, Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu shaded her senior colleague Stella Damasus in a mean tweet where she insinuated that Stella had kidnapped Doris Simeon's son, so she should bring the boy back. See it below. Better late than never, while responding to mean tweets that had been directed at her in a video she released yesterday, Stella addressed Toyin's tweet.

Seems Toyin believes she shouldn't let Stella have the last word cos she just took to her IG page to post a lengthy reply to Stella that has more shade in it! Post continues after the cut.

UPDATE: Toyin has deleted her reply from Instagram.

Saturday EPL Fixtures

This is debuting for EPL loving blog readers.
Any predictions Guys?

Photos from Rihanna's 27th Surprise Birthday Party

Where is Don Jazzy andd Lynxx? lol. Their wife Rihanna yesterday celebrated her 27th birthday with a surprise birthday party from friends. More pics after the cut.

Buhari Refuses to Jump the Queue at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport

Ahmad Sajoh shared his encounter with APC's presidential candidate on his Facebook page.

Graphic Photos of an Armed Robber Covered in Blood Caught in Ogun State

According to an eyewitness, this happened early this morning at Iya Iyesi Ota in Ogun state. Armed robbers had stormed the area, but things turned against them when the entire neighbourhood descended on them instead. This armed robber was caught and tortured before he was handed over to the Nigerian police.

Warning: Viewer's discretion is advised.

Boy Killed in Kaduna during Fight over Pres GEJ's Billboard

A teenage boy has been killed in a row over a campaign billboard of President Goodluck Jonathan in Zangon Aya, Igabi local government of Kaduna State. Sama’ila Umar was stabbed in the back and later fell down a deep well after a brief argument over the erection of Jonathan’s billboard in the town.

Police confirmed the incident and said one Mohammed Suleiman was arrested. A source in Zangon Aya told Weekly Trust yesterday that the incident happened on Thursday at about 7pm. He said:
“Mohammed Suleiman came with posters of the president and was looking for a spot to erect a giant billboard. The deceased, Umar, told him not to place any poster or erect a campaign billboard in the town because the area was the stronghold of the opposition party and billboard might be damaged.”
The source said Suleiman refused to heed the advice and was angered when Umar kept pleading with

''Police Blamed Me for My Daughter’s Rape'' – Mother of 8-year-old Girl Raped by Security Man

Thirty-six-year-old Sola Adebisi was sobbing when she spoke with PUNCH on Thursday. She wasn’t sobbing because of the sexual attack on her eight-year-old daughter, Lola (not real name), who was defiled by a security guard but because she and her daughter are now being victimised by the police for reporting the case.
“One of the policemen even said to my face ‘Like daughter like mother.’ Are they implying my daughter deserved to be sexually assaulted?” she said.
According to the single mother of two, who sells food at Benson Junction, Ikorodu, Lagos, it all began on Monday, January 26, 2015 when she sent her daughter on an errand around the area where she vends food.

She told Saturday PUNCH:
 “Usually, at the close of work, I keep the containers I use to sell food behind a house at the bus stop where I sell food. Sometimes I send my daughter or her younger brother to take the containers there. 
But on that Monday, I was busy with something and sent my daughter around 7.30pm to

Sex is Like Breathing - Olu Maintain

Olu Maintain has declared his love for sex and the role of sex in music. The Yahoozee crooner,  in a chat with Showtime revealed thus
"I like sex, every body likes sex. Sex plays an integral part in human nature whether its entertainment or anything Sex is part of human nature. Sex is like breathing. You cannot eradicate that in human nature".

SHOCKER !!! Murder of Abuja Business Man Traced Back to His Best Friend

The gruesome murder of Tony Eze, a 39-year-old International businessman based in Abuja and a trader at the Abuja Aluminium market,  have been unravelled by detectives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Force Headquarters, Abuja. The late Eze, from Umuagede village in Nsukka L.G.A. of Enugu State met his untimely death after a night out with friends when assasins hired by his best friend shot him dead

Eyewitness account said he was shot dead by two young men on a motor bike who closed in on him while he was trying to avoid a porthole, just a few meters away from the refreshment garden at Tungama area of Zuba in the outskirts of Abuja.

Laila's Blog Finest Face Faceoff - Kris VS Tosin VS Charles


And our dashing men of the day are here, guys. Please meet Kris, Tosin and Charles.

  • Kris is a graduate of Computer Engineering, Michael Okpara University, currently serving in Lagos.
  • Tosin a.k.a Tsparks is a graduate of Political Science. Likes making friends, traveling and surfing the internet. 
  • Charles is yet to send in his profile. So, in the meantime, we will let his photos do the talking. 

Our winner gets N3000 worth of airtime, network of his choice. So who are you voting for today, guys? Don't make up your mind till you've seen all their gorg pics which are after the cut.

TRUST or MADNESS?: Heart Stopping Moment Man Smashes Coconut on Wife's Throat with Machete

So what will you call this, Trust or Madness??

This is the heart-stopping moment a man smashes a coconut on his wife's throat with a machete.

Wielding the huge knife, the man spins the weapon in the air several times before bringing it down hard on the coconut, which was balanced between the woman's neck and chest.

Balashankar Budati often performs the death defying stunts with sticks, stones, knives and other sharp objects to entertain the public in their village, Chirala Mandal, in India and it's usually his wife, Bhramharamba who is in the firing line when her husband gets up to show off his tricks.

Guys, would you trust your wife or hubby with this stunt?

TILB Reader Just Found Out Her Hubby is SC after Baby was Born SS

Hello Laila, hope this mail meet you well. Please we need your advice and the advice of fellow readers as my friend just discovered today that her little baby is SS. 
Their earlier test revealed that the husband is AA while my friend is AS but another test has been carried out which shows that the husband is SC rather than friend is weeping now profusely. 
The question now is that should she stay with her man and bring pregnancy from outside or she should walk out of the marriage for good? Please post this as we are both readers of the blog. THANKS BIG SIS.

I'm confused. Is it possible for a man to not know he's SS well into adulthood?

True or False?

Yvonne Nelson shared this on her IG page and surprisingly, the education part sparked an argument. Some people didn't get why a woman needs to have a degree if she can afford it before getting into marriage. Do you agree with the quote?

Croatian President Hits the Beach in Hot Bikini (Photos)

Kolinda Grabar -Kitarovic, the first woman president of Croatia, was recently pictured at the beach looking super hot. Someone said Nigerian First Lady is also expected to hit Elegushi beach next week in a similar pattern to canvass for votes for PDP. lol. You like? See more photos after the cut

Behold the Most Expensive University in Nigeria

A TILB reader sent in this very sad mail yesterday. It reads:
Please help us stop this exploitation by AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY, ADO-EKITI. This is a cry for help. SOS!! 
In view of the current hike in fees which is really bizarre we as students have expressed our sincere disappointment but this is not a single battle. Initially, the fees was approximately 1.7 M but rose overnight to 2.6M.  
Our parents are complaining and we are feeling their pains because they want us to

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Boxing Bout Set For May 2

After years of frustration and disappointment, following many starts and stops, perhaps the most talked about boxing match in history is finally a reality.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Friday that he's agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao in a welterweight bout May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. It's a bout the public has been calling for since late 2009 and pits the two finest boxers of their generation in a historic event.
"I am glad my decision to meet with Manny and discuss making this fight happen helped get the deal done," said Mayweather. "Giving the fans what they want to see is always my main focus. This will be the biggest event in the history of the sport. Boxing fans and

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Unveils New Haircut, Sends Twitter into Meltdown... LOL

This is what you get when everybody in your nation is terrified of you - nobody will tell you your hair looks bad. lol. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last Wednesday sent Twitter into a meltdown after photos of him rocking a new hairstyle and two hyphen-sized mini-brows went viral.

The Dear Leader had chosen a political meeting on Wednesday to show off his new cut. At the meeting, he was all business, reportedly ordering acolytes to “wage an all-party intensive campaign against abuse of power, bureaucratism, irregularities and corruption,” but his hair had other ideas.

The unique creation sparked immediate speculation over what instructions Kim gave his hairdresser, and who exactly he looks to for inspiration. Twitter users went in saying his new hairstyle looked like an old telephone, while another says it resembles a cross between 1990s rapper Vanilla Ice's iconic cut and Donald Trump's unique 'do.

Mischievous web-users have even mocked up an image to show what President Barack Obama would look like if he sported Kim's new style. lol. See the hilarious pics after the cut.

Which of These is the Hardest to Find?

Someone said it can never be jobs. That if you're serious person, you'll employ yourself if no one employs you. What do you say, guys?

Good morninggg everybody! Hope y'all had a great night rest? Thank God it's Saturday!

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