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Robbers Raid a Church in Ilorin

A gang of armed robbers were said to have invaded Emmanuel Baptist Church Cathedral, Sabo Oke in Ilorin, Kwara State in the early hours of Monday.

A church source said that the men of the underworld were suspected to be looking for the proceeds of an earlier fund raising event by the church.

It was learnt that the robbers, six in number scaled the fence of the church from the back and overpowered the five private security personnel on duty.

They were said to have commandeered one of the security men to lead them to the Church strong room where they made use of axe, diggers and sledge hammers to break the safe but however could not find any money in it.

Apparently disappointed, the robbers were reported to have demanded to be taken to the vicarage which they forced open and ordered the vicar (names witheld) to produce the church money or be shot dead.
The source explained that it took a plea and explanation from one of the security guards to save the life of the pastor.

The guard was quoted to have told the deadly hoodlums that as a Baptist pastor, he did not have anything to with the church money other than being paid his due salary only adding that the pastor is only senior to the guards who are also paid salaries and nothing more.

The robbers, who reportedly operated from 2am to 5am, out of anger that they could not get to their target, dispossessed the entire residents living in the expansive premises of their laptops, trinkets and liquid cash before leaving.

What is This: Love or Madness? (Photos)

I dont understand this ooooo

OUCH!!! This is so Heart Breaking but True

Sometimes we forget to check up on my parents because we are too busy. Take a few minutes today and call your parents.

Ladies !!! Think You Can Handle The Hotness? Get in Here (18+ Photos)

Yinka Bode George is here again with his hot bud and tempting egg plant. See more hotness after the cut:

Blog Visitor in Sex Tape Scandal Needs Help

Aunty Laila, I am finished. I am done for. my daddy is a pastor, my mum is a deaconess. Aunty, I am dead. please help me oo.

I am a Law student at Igbinedion University Okada. I had too much to drink at the last LAWSA dinner. The event went on far into the night and ended around 11pm. My friend and course mate suggested that I spend the night in his house which was nearer to the hotel where the event held instead of going home. I accepted because i knew i was tipsy and afraid to head home alone. I dont know what happened but I woke up the next morning feeling all sore and battered. A look at my body confirmed my fears, my panties was no where to be found. my Bra was hanging by the door. I couldn't remember a thing, I was so ashamed of my self and all this boy did was smile like a fool. I asked for my undies and he told me that he helped me wash them as he knew I would need them in the morning. I felt he drugged and raped me because I couldnt recollet anything from immediatly after we left the dinner hall. I threatened to report him for rape but he claimed  that I actually begged him for sex. I quickly jumped into my cloths and ran home so confused.

I Juggle Three Men Every Night- Confessions of A Sex Addict

A self-identified sex addict admits to hooking up with three different men in one night and meeting with guys just to have sex.

“They wouldn’t even have to take me to dinner first,” the anonymous woman wrote in a confession to Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin. “You don’t want to get too full before a bedroom romp, after all.”
Being in a monogamous relationship makes dealing with her condition a little easier because “you always have someone to get your fix with and don’t have to worry about catching anything because of your addiction,” she shares.

Her life is often a balancing act. One night she slept with two men before moving on to the third, whom she was “supposed to be seeing at the time.” She’s also tried to juggle three sexual partners with the same first name.

“You really have to be careful when sending a text message in a hurry, especially when they’re of the opinion you’re only seeing them,” she wrote.

The woman admits to feeling especially guilty and ashamed because she always thought of men as the sex-obsessed gender.

“Aren’t (women) the ones who are supposed to feign a headache to get out of doing the deed?” she asks in her confession.

 She comments that if she had the time she'd sneak off to the bathrooms to alleviate her urges and says there are little 'key-ring vibrators' that can be used in an emergency. 

Would you Allow This Monster Around Your Child? (Photos)

A super-sized pit bull named 'Hulk' - may not be your average pet, but the owner, A 24-year-old mum sees no problem in letting her child play with him.

Mrs Grennan, who lives in New Hampshire in the US with her husband, said:
 "They go through enormous amounts of training and are more used to going up against multiple grown men and hearing loud noises."So the little things a kid might do to startle a regular dog isn't going to phase ours at all."

The couple run a business supplying security pets to celebrities and the wealthy
Onlookers were left stunned when they saw Lisa's three-year-old toddler playing with the family's 12-stone monster pit bull, but she insists that the mammoth hound is misunderstood.
 He is only tough on bad guys but he loves kids : she said.
More photos after the cut:

Biology Teacher Infects 13 Female Students With HIV/AIDS

A Biology teacher in Adamawa State decision to practicalise his biology lessons has led to the infection of 13 students with HIV/AIDS. The sad incident occurred at Tappare-Ganye Community Islamic Centre, Adamawa state.

The teacher, Alhassan Adamu, was said to have started sexually assaulting his victims eight years ago, but it came into the open when one of his victims, scheduled to get married on March 13, started manifesting illness that was later discovered to be HIV/AIDS.

The would-be husband demanded health screening before the wedding. This led to the discovery of the randy teacher’s dirty game. The police spokesman in the state, DSP Othman Abubakar, said that the suspect was helping the State Criminal Investigation Department in its investigation.

Abubakar warned female students to be wary of randy teachers who would lure them on pretext of “mark grading”.

Seyi Shay Goes Raunchy on GEJ? (Photo)

The controversial female singer wore this revealing outfit to the Meet the President youth programme that held in Eko Hotel , Lagos .

Speculation are rife on twitter because of GEJ's tell tale reaction which involved instantly crossing his legs and using his hands to cover his manhood.

Off course you can’t meet the president dressed like that and few Nigerians on Twitter came for her.

I have known Lupita Nyong'o Oscar Dress was a Fake since Oscar Night- Piers Morgan

Acording to TMZ, Piers Morgan said he knew Lupita's gown was a fake since the Oscar night after he rubbed elbows with her

Read their report below

It didn't take a fashion expert to know stolen Lupita Nyong'o's "pearl" dress was fake -- since Piers Morgan claims he knew it was bogus the second he saw it on Oscar night.
We got Morgan in NYC Monday ... and he says he rubbed elbows with the Oscar winner at the Vanity Fair party, and was close to enough to realize the gown was all smoke and mirrors.
As for the theft of the dress originally believed to be worth over $150K ... well he only sees one loser in all of this.
We'll hand it to Piers ... his take on the heist is entertaining, but it might be slightly off -- since it turns out Lupita attended the VF bash in a different gown ... a slinky gold number.

What is Wrong With This Photo of Toyin Aimakhu?

The internet has been set abuzz by this photo of Toyin Aimakhu while she was hosting the GEJ Youth interactive session a few days back. Its been alleged by some people that she was kissing an Alhaji. I think the camera angle should be blamed for the speculation.

What do you see?

It is Your Fault You Got Raped - Delhi Rapist Blames Victim

One of the group of Indian men convicted of the notorious Delhi gang rape of 2012 has prompted outrage by claiming that his victim was to blame for her brutal sexual assault and murder.
In an interview from jail, Mukesh Singh said that women who went out at night had only themselves to blame if they attracted the attention of gangs of male molesters. "A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy," he said.

RMD is the Newest Grandad

The popular nollywod actor, Richard Mofe Damijo is now a grandaddy. His son Oghenekome Mofe and his wife Eniola Abiodun who got married December 2013 has welcomed their first son. Congrats to the family

Oghenekome and new son

Would You Tie The Knot in This Mobile Church (Photos)

The tiny mobile wedding  is a business movement that was launched In order to help couples planning affordable and small weddings. Rev. Bill Malbon constructed a micro-mobile church and launched the Tiny Chapel Weddings last month.

The church consist of a petite, 100-square-foot chapel, which includes rustic wood flooring, beams, a teeny bathroom and even a retractable alter.

"It's kind of designed like a old country church," he says, which is absolutely of the point. Before building the space, Malbon officiated numerous small weddings. What he found were couples frustrated about their venue options.

Prices start at $100 for a 30-minute, non-denominational, on-site ceremony, and top out at $450-$500 for a 60-minute ceremony (including time for a toast and photos) at any location.

More photos after the cut:

PHOTOS: Tiamiyu Aderonke and Mike Godson Cover House of Maliq Magazine

Beautiful Aderonke and Handsome Mike Godson covers the new issue of House of Maliq magazine and they look so take away.
More pics after the cut

Checkout New Stunning Photos of Eke Edewor And Lynxx

The Glo fine boy Lynxx was at Delta State last weekend with the Crew of Thisday Newspapers for a Thisday Style photo shoot with Eku Edewor. This two would make a fine couple.

More photos after the cut:

Miss Bum Bum Brazil Runner Up is Back in the Hospital Because her Bum Bum Implants got Infected

The 2012 runner up for Miss bum bum Brazil, Miss Andressa Urach who was in intensive care unit for one month because the fillers in her leg got infected is back again in the hospital because her Bum Bum implants got infected.

The Place of Denomination/Religion in Choosing a Spouse. Must Read

So they met,seem to like each other but she raises the issue that he is Catholic while she is Pentecostal. Somehow,this "doesn’t attend" my church thing seems to be a huge issue with ladies and I was forced to sermonize to one recently. These were my words and that’s my message for today… I do not know why church should be an issue. Who has made one Church more Godly than the other? Isn’t it the same God that all Christians worship again? All these church discrimination for someone that is a Christian…if he is of another religion nko? The brothers in your church…dem no dey marry? Dem no dey see you?

A lot of the cases of marital deceit and meanness that we have handled on this blog actually happened between couples who attend the same Church. A single blog reader lamented last year that her father who is a catholic knight has rejected 4 men who came to marry her because they were all Anglicans. I actually expect people to learn to beam the torchlight on the character of the individual that has come their way and not which church he/she attends. I mean, your beliefs don’t make you a better person…your behaviour does!

Married Blog Reader Needs Help in Stopping an Ex From Breaking His Marriage

‘’Dearest Laila. Please I want blog visitors to advise me on this issue. I am a married man(with two children) but I have a lady that I used to be very close to-especially at a time that my relationship with my was going through a rough patch. I have advised this lady (since two years ago) to move on with her life-as she is not getting younger and needs a man to call her own but she wouldn’t let go. In fact,she frowns any time I tell her that I can not marry two wives. I want to remain a good friend to her-if she will simply agree to us being ‘just friends’ as she goes in search of a man to call her own. My fear is the obsessive way she is going about this whole issue. She could send me text messages all night-if I ever fail to pick her calls(which usually come in at inappropriate times). These days ,I switch off my phone as soon as I get home because one never knows what will come over her and she would start calling and sending text messages incessantly. Please advise me on how best to get this lady off my neck for good.My wife must not find out about this lady…it will affect my home severely. We are all from the South West. I am employed. The lady in question is a fashion designer(but a graduate). I am 37 years old while the lady is 33.’’

Father Shoots His Three Children to Discipline Them (Photos)

A father was arrested and charged for attempted murder, domestic battery and child abuse after he allegedly shot his 3 children with a gun as a form of discipline, police in West Virginia said.

Weirton Police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Joseph Majewski, after being accused of using his Baretta gun to discipline his children.

The incident happened Monday morning when the kids failed to wake up and get ready for school after he allegedly woke them earlier. Mr. Majewski was said has have gone berserk at the apparent lack of discipline and reached for his pistol. He was alleged to have shot the two older kids on the leg and the last baby on the buttocks.

Busted !!! Judge Caught Driving a Car he Seized From Criminal

A federal high court judge in Brazil, has been caught driving a car, which he seized from a billionaire. The judge once presided over criminal proceedings against Eike Batista, who was once Brazil’s richest man.

Judge Flavio Roberto de Souza, who oversees Batista’s trial for insider trading, was caught driving the billionaire’s white Porsche Cayenne, after he ordered it to be seized. The Porsche was one of a number of luxury vehicles seized by police earlier this month, after the court order by judge de Souza.

Authorities seized the car due to concerns that Batista had been selling or donating assets that were frozen as part of the insider trading case.

After the judge was caught driving the car to his home and was asked why he was driving it, he allegedly said: “The Federal Police did not have a safe place to store the car and it was exposed to rain, sun, and possible damage. I took it to an enclosed parking space in the building where I live.”

The cars were supposed to be put up for auction this week, but Batista’s lawyer secured an injunction to stop the sale. Court officials have now requested that judge de Souza recuse himself from the billionaire’s case, a federal prosecutor said.

Babies Rock The Runway For Dolce And Gabbana (Photos)

Dolce & Gabbana came up with toddler models at the Fashion Week in Milan as they paid tribute to mothers and babies.

The Italian designers equipped their models with babies as they took the runway to model the collection.

The babies seemed to be aware that they were dressed in thousands of dollars worth of luxury fashion, and did not throw a "North West".

See adorable photos after the cut:

Flavour Breaks Baby Mama's Heart in New Interview

Flavour is hot and widely adored by his fans especially the ladies. he has been linked to some ex-Beautiful Queens.

In an interview with City People on March 2, 2015 about his relationship status.

Flavour declared: 
"Yes though I have a baby mama, But I am still very much single and searching. Not that I wouldn't want to get married one day, I will definitely get married but I don't have the time to settle down for marriage now. I am all over the place pursuing my career. I will want to give my family attention and the best when I finally decide to settle down as my parents gave me. My family raised me up by monitoring my activities so I will like to do same for my family. But that is not my priority now because I need more time to plan for that and I need to pursue my career first"

Flavour who was once linked to dating former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Anna Banner, Namibian beauty and BBA winner Dillish Mathews declares that he  is still a single man and searching for love. He said categorically that there's no woman in his life at the moment despite the fact that he has a baby mama, Sandra Okagbue who had a baby girl for him in September 2014.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye Marks His Birthday in Style (Photos)

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, who clocks 73 today had a quiet celebration with family.

Happy Birthday daddy !!!!

Another photo after the cut

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