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Jim Iyke Talks About Nadia Buari in New Interview

You all must have seen Jim Iyke’s cover for Glam Africa Magazine's Spring 2015 issue. It was out last week, but guess what, just tonight, excerpts from the explosive interview he had with the mag got released. And in it, Jim Iyke addressed his relationship with new mum Nadia Buari, his ex Kenturah and for the first time talked at length about his TB Joshua deliverance that had him trending all over Africa for weeks!

Jim also took some seconds to shade the heck out of Charles Novia for ridiculing his deliverance.

Speaking of being controversial and why it is the case, Jim quotes John Travolta saying “that this is the worst time to be a celebrity with the advent of social media.
What we do right now with all due respect is really beyond Africa. Its not continental anymore, it has a global appeal. I represent the continent to the world. Controversy is something that finds you, you don't find it, it is a mysterious propensity. 
I have a knack for speaking my mind, a knack for doing something completely out of the

PDP Exposes APC's Alleged Plan to Release Documentary about GEJ & Dame's Private Lives

Femi Fani-Kayode has announced that the APC is plotting to expose details about the private lives of President Goodluck Jonathan, First Lady, Patience Jonathan and Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke and some of the allegation bothers on Gay sex.

Fani-Kayode said that the APC is planning to reveal the intimate secrets via a documentary sponsored by its leaders.

The statement reads:

“We invited you here today to intimate the Nigerian people, through your esteemed media organisations, about a despicable and wicked agenda that is being orchestrated by the opposition to scandalise, undermine and bring into disrepute our candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR), his wife, the First Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan, our Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison Maduekwe and other key government functionaries and members of his administration.”

“The special operations and intelligence wing of my Directorate has been reliably informed that the opposition is planning to air a documentary about the private lives of President Jonathan, the First Lady and the Minister of Petroleum Resources.”

“The documentary is riddled with falsehood and it is vulgar, smutty, cheap, shameful and salacious.  This initiative is being spearheaded by the entire leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and is being funded and organised by two serving governors and one former governor who controls his state through his hand-picked stooge.”

Update On DHL Truck that Allegedly Killed LASU Student & Still Trying to Get Away With It

I just received this mail from Stanley's family, guys. You all remember that back in February, they had cried out for justice after their son, a final year student of Lagos State University student Stanley Ipogah was killed by a DHL truck that knocked him down.

According to family sources, Stanley was standing on his lane at Iba bus-stop along Iba-Igando expressway on January 28th when the tragic incident happened. They contacted DHL to report but were told by DHL that the truck didn't belong to them.

There is an update now and the mail they sent in reads: (Graphic photo after the cut. Viewer's discretion is advised)
Up till now, DHL and Excel  contract Logistics are still dilly dallying. They sent SCIB insurance brokers and Lead-way  insurance company to us who have not been forthcoming after series of meetings at the law firm of the lawyer handling the case, L.O. Ozimende & Co at No.48, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 
We have submitted all the documents they requested for including that of the late

Flavour Spotted With His Furry Friends (Photo)

The "ukwu sara mbara" crooner has cute dogs and always shows them off whenever he gets the opportunity. 

What The Hell is This? (Photo)

Does this remind you of any thing? See photo HERE

Would You Dare This Look? (18+ Photos)

This was black Chyna last Halloween. Would you wear this?

2Yr Old Multi Millionaire Rocks The Runway For The Money (Photos)

Sire Curtis Jackson, The 2 yr old son of 50 Cents who signed a multimillion modelling contract last week has already resumed work officially.

See more photos after the cut:

Kendall Jenner Makes Calvin Klein Debut (Photos)

Kendall Jenner is to be the new face of Calvin Klein. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has signed on to be the latest face and body of the popular underwear brand, the New York Post newspaper's PageSix reports.

The 19-year-old beauty has been showing her support for the label over the past year, posting numerous selfies of her wearing their underwear on Instagram while tagging their official account.

See another photo after the cut:

At Last: Kim Kardashian in Fashion Fail (Photos)

Kim Kardashian has been rocking a range of interesting outfits since Paris Fashion Week kicked off.

But she's definitely missed the fashion mark with this latest creation. I think she may have mistakenly allowed Kanye to style her today

The 34-year-old star was on her way to the Louis Vuitton show with hubby Kanye West when she was pictured wearing an unusual long black dress.

The star kept her ample assets covered up in the high-necked frock, which had ruffles running down the front and a small split in the middle.

See more photos after the cut

Spanish Female Politician Campaigns Nude (18+ Photo)

A top female politician in Spain, Yolanda Couceiro Morin, has released a campaign poster featuring her unclad body covered only by her own hands with the title, “Politicians have left us stark unclad.”

Morin, a member of the right-wing Partido por la Libertad – Manos Limpias, or “Party for Freedom – Clean Hands,” told Spanish daily she hopes the “eye catching” ad will convince Portugalete voters to “focus on the problems of their neighbors.”

Morin’s poster appears to take inspiration from a 2006 poster for centrist party Ciudadanos, which depicted party founder Albert Rivera striking a similar pose in the buff.

To see uncensored image, Click Here

Would You Rock This New Fashion by Dolce And Gabbana? (Photo)

Dolce & Gabbana made headlines, not just when it sent models carrying their children down the runway, but also with what the models were wearing on their heads.

D & G has produced glittering headphones in red, green and gold, some are embellished with crystals and pearls, while others were outfitted in fur.

The fashionable headphones include a hunter green pair in nappa leather, embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls and fox fur, which is perhaps the most exquisite, with a pre-sale asking price just shy of $8,000 on Moda Operandi, a red nappa leather pair embroidered with Swarovski crystals and pearls without fur at $7,095 and if you want to feel special, D&G made sure to include a pair that doubles as a gold tiara and is iPhone compatible.

Would you rock this?

Checkout Emeka Enyiocha's Adorable Son (Photo)

The actor shared the above photo as his son celebrated his birthday a few days back

Heartbreaking Photos of 11 month old Baby Brutalized by Parents over Witchcraft Allegation

See photo here

Alvan and Ugonwa Orji, from Ikot Nakanda, Akpabuyo local government area of Cross River State are now in police detention at the state Police Command, after a concerned neighbour reported how they have been physically abusing their 11-month-old baby boy over accusations that the toddler is bewitched and is the one behind their misfortunes.

The complainant, Barr. James Ibor, the Principal Counsel of Basic Rights Council Initiative (BRCI), a child rights advocate group, told the police that he received a complain from an undisclosed person

Meet Toke Makinwa in Another Body (Photos)

Mrs Toke Makinwa Ayida just shared a photo of her sister Ope who bares a remarkable resemblance to her.

31-year-old Ope is the older sister to the media personality and she looks as glamorous as Toke in their flawless make up and orange lace outfits.

Proud big sister Toke, shared this awesome pic and captioned it
 "Sister love, it’s not Thursday but this picture is making me all mushy inside. My sister is awesome. If the world had more people like her, it will be a much better place to live in. Always so supportive, my mother, my confidant. MyOpyMaks….Don’t be jealous.

See another photo after the cut:

Mr X Spoils Tonto Dike With Love (Photo)

Tonto Dikeh does not send anybody. The claims that she is dating a married man is not big enough to pull her down.

The actress tweeted just how happy she is to be dating 'Mr X' real name Lanre Churchill Oladunni

She wrote:

Mr X has been described as a delicious man who is very good in bed. He also likes to treat his boo Tonto Dikeh to expensive gifts quite frequently,

The Sugar Rush singer has confirmed that he is indeed paying a huge chunk of her bills.

How lovely !!

The Wisdom of Madness: - Must read

A young female friend wondered aloud to me the other day. She said that men of this age seem to be interested in only big girls. She concluded with ‘’every lady should start packaging herself… If she doesn’t want any man to look down on her’’. I opined that men of substance(not lazy men) actually look for focused ladies… Someone who knows what to do with her time and makes efforts to improve herself.
As far as i am concerned, the so called packaging is another name for fake life style. Projecting an image that is far from one’s reality!

I do not get why an unemployed girl would be living way above her means just to net a rich guy and actually justifies her ways by a mistaken notion that if she appears cheap(?)…such a man would think she is classless. For real? Except the man is in your league (mentally)… He should actually be interested in finding out if your source of livelihood justifies your life style.

The word moderation seems to have vanished from our vocabulary and I wonder if mothers are still doing their job or is it a case of social influence having the upper hand? I also think every lady should make an attempt to retrain herself at some point in life… Whoever that is realistic with herself should have an idea of what her flaws are. How can you be comfortable carrying a phone of close to 100,000 Naira around when you have no job? Even if it’s a gift, I have no doubt that the person that can give you such gifts will have no problems paying for you to get; further educated, Acquire skills or even start up some entrepreneurial ventures. It’s almost like the percentage of girls that don’t do brazilian(and co) weave ons is fast nearing zero because for some odd reason…wearing the big hair has become the obsession of mostly those that can’t afford it.

A lot of girls have come across people who genuinely want to assist but for some misguided attitude on the part of these girls. A friend told me that he met a lady that he genuinely wanted to encourage after learning that she was still an undergraduate. He was sending her money regularly for her upkeep but had to close shop with her when all her demands centered on the latest smartphone and weave ons in town. The one that horrified me most is a demand to visit Bianca’s Spa at Enugu on a weekly basis.… He did not need to be told that she was a mistake. He didn’t expect such from a girl who should be more concerned with getting funding for her education and creating a business in school.

I truly can’t say what drives a lot of our girls but diligence and moderation is not one of them. Why should you be more eager to entertain the passes of every man that comes your way than you are willing to add value to yourself? A young lady(in her late 20s) chatted me up a few days back and I was most impressed to learn that she is learning a trade(on baby stuffs) and makeup -despite being a graduate. For a girl that is that focused…some of her mates are busy traveling all over the country to meet men.

Packaging is actually in the efforts you make to live a life of purpose(what you do with your time and the way you carry yourself-manners wise)…it has nothing to do with fake and unrealistic lifestyle. Again, ‘not having a job’ is not the issue (with a man of substance) but the way you engage your time and the efforts you make at improving yourself!!!

Hope I have pissed you off enough.... I wont be this raw next time.. I promise



HELP!!! Angry Blog Reader About to Send His Wife of 16Yrs Packing

Madam Laila, hope you are good. I have been sitting on my desk all day but I cant do any work. My head is aching. My marriage is 16 years old. in the past 6-7 months, I discovered that my wife has been chatting with one Dafe on BBM on a regular basis and would be laughing out profusely even when I am sitting next to her. One day, during one of these their conversations, I asked her who her new BBM addiction is and she stated that she was chatting up our eldest daughter. However, I had managed to peep the name on the screen as I was sitting on a higher chair next to her and noticed she was lying to me. I kept quiet and played along and waited until she had gone to bed. I then scrolled through the conversations which had been going on for several days. I realized that this man has been trying to toast my wife, although my wife has not agreed to any relationship with him. he didnt say any explicit thing but why would you be asking a married woman is she slept ok..if she was happy? if she has eaten food?..that is BS. I however kept monitoring their conversations which i admit is wrong but necessary. I realized that their own relationship was now cropping into daily chats, I confronted my wife. She stated he was just an old course mate who she ran into after many years. she said that they established a BBM connection through a bbm group. I kept quiet even though I smelt a rat.

Laila, this morning she was at the kitchen frying plantain for the kids when her phone rang. I picked up the phone to go give her at the kitchen but when I gave her the phone, she picked the call and would not say a word. It was like she wanted me to leave the kitchen before she could speak to who so ever it was on the line. after about 6 seconds waiting and realizing that i was going no where, she switched off the call. I asked to know who was on the line and she said it is just friend. I asked male or female and she exploded. she said a lot of trash today but the one that has been ringing in my head all day is that I always behave like an over grown baby  full of insecurities. I was shocked.. this was a girl I practically made a woman.

I know she is having an affair. sexual or not. but cheating and then insulting me in tow is a warning sign of greater things to follow. She has never spoken to me with such disrespect. but I think I have had enough. I will speak to her father this evening because she will reach home for some time. I need to do this to save my marriage.

I might be over reacting thats why I am writing you. I need to take a solid stand on this so she dosnt ever try it again. My wife reads your blog. I want her to see other women's opinion of her behaviour this morning. they will judge If i am really an overgrown baby full of insecurities because I dont want to allow you ruin our marriage. You cannot cheat on me under my own roof. You can continue chatting with dafe in your village where unfortunately there is no network

Laila. Thanks if you find time to post this

Rihanna Allegedly Moved in With Leonardo Di Caprio

Rihanna has allegedly moved into Leonardo DiCaprio house despite no confirmation if they are truly dating.

Sources say the juicy couple have been spending so much time together at the 40-year-old actor's home.

Yahoo Celebrity reports that RiRi has her very own 'smoking room' at Leo's mansion.

"It's like she's practically moved in. Leo has been sweet and cornered off little areas for her in the home that are just for her, like a smoke room," a source said of the hotties' relationship.

Open Letter to D'Banj From a Concerned Fan

I thought we had passed this phase of Dbanj’s career? Sizing up his phallus, suggesting sexual machismo, endorsing chauvinism and being a general nuisance?

For all of his self-proclaimed virtues, we now know Dbanj is incapable of making another hit song. It’s like losing your wife and realising all those years of “great sex” was untrue, because the minute she left and you hooked up with another woman, she tells you- without the advantage of love- that your skills are lame.

Dbanj has struggled. Oh dear! Every song- and you can see that he lost sleep, sweated blood, outdid himself and upped his braggadocio, STILL  a hit track has eluded him like sanity eludes the streets of Lagos.

The problem is not that he cannot save his music, the problem is he IS trying to save it.

Let it go, KOKO master. That thing, unfortunately,  is limp.

Fortunately, there’s more to his brand than music. Leave Olamide to thrill Lagos fans even without opening his mouth, it is his time. You, Dbanj, lost it when you lost it.

It is time to reinvent the enigma that you are.

You are Dbanj. For whatever reason, you will continue to be relevant for as long as you realise music is not where it is going to happen. See what these small-small boyz are doing to King MI, for instance, messing up his palace with graffiti having more punch than his best lines.

It is hard out here, bro. So take advantage of what you have:

You have the looks (at least women like what they see), you have charisma, you have good style, you know some of the biggest names from oil to corporate Nigeria to politics, you have dated their daughters. You have a standing and clout in social crowds.

Dear Dbanj, it is time to reinvent you. Enough of these idiotic dance steps.

It is time to become a media mogul, forget one-one kobo songs, leave it to the talented. Focus on your Koko phones, Koko garri, Koko pure water- exporter/importer tinz.

Get into fashion, get a Mai Atafo to build a fashion label around your brand and get that friend of yours- Kanye West to wear one of your samples. Then send another one to that other dude that keeps sending you gifts from France. Send another to Big Sean. Use your networks well.

What else? Start a proper music business. Get two hot artistes and invest in their music. Let them sing what you left inside Don Jazzy’s mouth. Be the boss.

Dbanj, it is time to be the Bawse! This has been true for P.Diddy (aka Sean Puffy Combs)

Can Diddy sing? No!

Can he rap? Hell NO!

Is he richer than many Americans and their unborn kids? YES! YES!! YES!!!

I might not be a fan, but I liked your shoes at your first MTV Award event some years back. That should count for something.

So here’s wishing all the best.

And hopefully, we do not see you in this state of hopelessness, hoping to woo the crowd by all means ever again.

Joy Isi Bewaji

Lagbaja Knocks Doyin Okupe Out in New Thought Provoking Piece

The man behind the masked act, Lagbaja has made it clear that the present government is a failure full of lies, he posted an epistle on Facebook lambasting Presidential Special Assistant, Dr. Doyin Okupe for saying Nigeria is not America and can therefore not afford new trains, as the economy is not strong enough.

The singer had this to say to the insensitive statement;
Did you hear the latest from the clown Doyin Okupe?
Did he really insist that our economy cannot support new trains?
At last …it should be clear to doubting Thomases
That this government has been lying about its achievements
Now, finally, they have unwittingly admitted that their great railway
Is a fraud based on outdated and archaic equipmentHis declaration is also clear proof that this government
Has no business remaining in power
They are incurably deceitful… and
They have no idea how to make great things happen
Soon they will lecture us about how Nigeria is too backward
For steady electric power

Wole Soyinka Attacks Patience Jonathan Again in New Speech

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka has criticized Mama Peace for the use of what he terms crude and vulgar language in her recent comments..The eminent playwright made the comments on Tuesday, March 10, in Lagos during the public presentation of a book titled “Modern and Tradition Elite in the Politics of Lagos” written by Ambassador Patrick Dele Cole.

Professor Soyinka accused the Presidency of taking a prominent part in the crudeness using a recent statement attributed to First Lady, Patience Jonathan as an example.
“Speaking as objectively as is possible in such circumstances, I would say that, among the various camps, the most reckless and indecorous has sadly proved the incumbency camp, where restraint has been thrown to the wind with such abandon that even highly privileged spouses have publicly urged supporters to stone any voices raised in opposition to their cause, All of us here have passed through the electoral process furnace before now and I suspect we would mostly agree that never before have we been subjected to this level of sheer venom, crudity of and vulgar abuse of language in such prodigal quantities as in this current political exercise, The very gift of communication, considered the distinguishing mark of cultured humanity even in polemical situations, has been debased, affecting even thought processes, I often suspect,” he added.

Mrs. Jonathan urged her supporters to stone members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rally in Lokoja, Kogi State

DJ Xclusive Acquires New N30M Bentley (Photo)

Top Nigerian disc jockey and The Empire Mates Entertainment official disc jockey DJ Xclusive whose real name is Rotimi Alakija took to his Instagram page to share his excitement on buying a new Bentley which cost about N30M.

The British born DJ who is the nephew of the wealthiest black woman Folorunsho Alakija has expanded his work to include releasing hit song and videos

Mogbe! Woman Caught Having Sex While Hubby laid in Hospital Very Sick

Makoni’s husband, Aaron Mukanda has reportedly been on admission at Rusape General Hospital for about two weeks.
The incident occurred at R214 in Vengere, in Rusape district of Zimbabwe at about 10 am after following a tip-off, threatening to beat up his estranged auntie and labelling her “loose and a disgrace”.

According to, angry relatives and neighbours invaded the house chanting denigrating songs, and police had to be called in to save the situation from degenerating into a bloodbath.
The woman’s partner in crime disclosed that the woman never told him she was married since he met and started a sexual relationship with her last September.

HIAN!!! Buy House and Get Wife for Free!!!

There is nothing we won't see or hear in this world.

An advert for a house in Indonesia has gone viral online after the woman selling it offered to throw in an unusual extra feature for free — her hand in marriage.

The Internet ad reads for the most part like a regular house listing, saying that the single-storey property has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a parking space and a fish pond.

But it also proposes to buyers a “rare offer” — “when you buy this house, you can ask the owner to marry you”, alongside a picture of Wina Lia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, leaning against a car in front of the house.

Question for the Day: Where are the Men in the House, This is for You

Oya over to the guys. Which one will you choose, be honest o

I know most of the guys will let their girl check their text messages instead of tampering with their beards. Lool!

This is Sick!!! ISIS Allows a 10 Yr Old Boy Shoot an Israeli's Spy at Point Blank Range

Islamic State militants have released a sickening new video that purports to show a boy shooting dead a 19-year-old Israeli-Arab who was taken hostage by the terror group.

The film shows a man identified as Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam describing how he was sent by Israeli intelligence to infiltrate ISIS in Syria, where the group claim he was captured last year.

Wearing an orange jumpsuit, the hostage is later kneeling at the feet of two uniformed militants, one of whom appears to be no older than 10, before being shot in the forehead at point-blank range. 

But while ISIS claim the child - described in the video as one of the 'cubs of the caliphate' - was the shooter, careful editing means it is impossible to tell whether he pulled the trigger.

So Sad, Dance Queen, Kaaffy Loses Mom

Kaffy took to instagram to announce the sad event. May her soul rest in peace, amen

See what she wrote after the cut

I remember every smile

I remember every wink of ur eye
I remember how u move nd turn heads in parties
I remember how heavy u were with my brother in ur womb yet u organized d best one year birthday for me.
I remember the good,the bad ,the wealth of experience.
I remember a lot more than tears will allow my shaking hands write
And I thank you ,for everything has made me who I am today.
It hurts that this day has come sooner than expected but God knows best.
Rest well as you are now in His care forever.
Goodbye Mum
My dance Queen

Kaduna Denies Buhari Access to Rally Venue – APC

The All Progressives Congress in Kaduna State on Tuesday said the Kaduna State government denied the party’s presidential candidate, Maj. Gen Muhammmadu Buhari (retd.), access to the Murtala Mohammed Square, Kaduna, for his North-West zonal rally ahead of the rescheduled March 28 and April 11 general elections.

PUNCH reports that preparation for the rally, which is expected hold today (Wednesday), had reached an advanced stage when the zonal office of the party was informed that the state had refused the party the permit to use the facility.
“The PDP is jittery already. They are simply afraid of the popularity strength of the APC

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