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You Want to be Rich by All Means & This Happens.. What Would You Do?

Honest answers only... lmao. What would you do, guys?

Mr President GEJ Wows in Suit yet again During Visit to NSE

Our dear President Jonathan was at the Stock Exchange in Lagos today March 12 to commission the X-Gen Platform, a new online mobile platform targeted at increasing the number of local investors in the country. Fine man. See more pics after the cut.

‘I was Mistaken for a Nigerian Fraudster’ - Samuel Eto'o

Samuel Eto'o is determined to rid football of racism. And in an eye opening chat with CNN has recounted the day he was mistaken for a Nigerian fraudster at a London jewellery shop. According to him, he had decided to purchase one particular model, one which cost $15,000.

For a former Premier League footballer, a hero in his native Cameroon, and one of the most successful African footballers of all time, the prospect of buying a watch was hardly the most daring of ordeals.

So after taking a glance at the watch and getting out his credit card, he says he asked the sales assistant for some help.
"I asked the saleswoman -- who was also black like me -- 'Could you show me that watch please?' 
"First, I saw her turn and look at her coworkers like, 'Uh, what should I do?' 

Bloody Clash between Ladipo Traders and Mortuary Attendants Wound Many

Ladipo market

There was a bloody clash between traders and mortuary attendants on Wednesday at the Ladipo Market in Mushin, Lagos, after the mortuary attendants formed a parallel executive.

Many traders were wounded following the clash during which guns, machetes and axes were freely used. The market was temporary closed before the police intervened and restored peace.

The fighting which paralysed activities in the market was between the leadership of the market’s central body called Ladipo Auto Central Executive, LACEC and mortuary attendants led by Monday

LOOOL!! See This definition of Drama

I got confused halfway. This na real drama lool! To think that things like this actually happen.

'SOS TO JAMB REGISTRAR" - TILB Reader Cries Out after He was Neglected cos He Refused to Pay JAMB Bribe

TILB reader Valentine sent in this email 12 times, I'm not exaggerating, within 2 hours. He really is pained and wants everyone to know what he says happened to him today at the centre where he sat to write his 2015 JAMB exam this morning. Email he sent in was titled ''SOS TO JAMB REGISTRAR"
Please read:
Goodday Laila, I wrote my JAMB exam on the 12th of March 2015 which was scheduled for 6am but was written 8am at  "G*** l**** School ***** ICT centre Aba, #45 D*** road off N*** road by east, Aba, Abia State". 
Laila, can you believe we were asked to pay one thousand naira for a seat and some money "For EXPO" (answers). This is so unfair. Just because I refused paying, when my computer went off I called the invigilators attention. He ignored me severally. My computer went off 3times and came on before it finally went off. I had 94 minutes left, I could have finished my mathematics, I was at number 10, leaving 40  Questions

See the Videos from the Lekki Phase 1 FCMB Bank Robbery Attack

Press play to watch. This is the frightening moment people had to run for their dear lives after 12 armed robbers dressed in military uniforms attacked the First City Monument Bank in Lekki Phase 1 this afternoon. You can hear the gunshots ringing out non stop. Video credit - Twitter user Akintayo Adisa.

See a second video after the cut.

More Photos from the Armed Robbery Attack at Lekki Phase1 Today

Four people were killed today after a gang of armed robbers invaded the branch of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) at Plot B, Waterfront Plaza, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state.

According to a witness, the four people were three police escorts of a passing civilian Coaster bus and a fish seller. The robbers, numbering at least 12, had arrived a few minutes before 5pm via a boat, and immediately began firing gunshots into the air in an operation that lasted exactly 25 minutes.
“It was a well-coordinated attack,” the witness told CableNG. “The robbers arrived in military camouflage and immediately distributed themselves, three of them manning each of the four exits of the bank. As I am talking to you now, the bodies of the three policemen that were killed are still on the ground.”
He added that after forcing their way into the banking hall, the robbers immediately announced their

TILB Hookup Thursday: Looking For Love? Join us Here


List updated:
Hi Laila, 
Am a 28 years old, 6.2 feet tall gentle man, a professional banker. I don't have time to relate with people and it is kind of leading me to a depression. Will kindly wish to meet female friends whom we can be friends with. 
My job kind of entails working late and leaving early, and am a bit on the quiet side.
Am Open. Please kindly assist me. Am already thinking how boring my weekend will be. 

  • 1 SHE IS:

*From Rivers state

Wow! How The Heck Did This Happen? (Photos)

This bizarre story took place at the turn of the 20th century. A prisoner by the name of Will West arrived at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1903. After seeing his mug shots, the prison clerk took one look at the photos and insisted she had seen him before. Mr. West explained he had never been to Leavenworth, and that she was mistaken.

The clerk, convinced that she was correct, collected Mr. West’s Bertillon measurements (the identification method used to identify prisoners up until this case) and dug through the archives of inmates. Eerily, she pulled out a file that undoubtedly was the face of the man standing in front of

Guy Tells His Story - How He Saved a Girl from Rape Only for Her to Rob Him in Uyo

A Nairaland user, Charles, just shared his story:
Hey folks, 
I was in Uyo yesterday for an event, So we chilled in a popular hotel.  
At about 2am, I started hearing loud shout on the next room. The noise lingered to a point that we were beginning to ask questions, if the hotel and clients were aware of the noise.  
Suddenly, I heard a loud bang on my door, I opened and a dark skinned tall lady ran in and was screaming they are raping my friend" please help. 
So I stepped into the next room and saw two men striping a girl to her panties. I talked to

Dog Kicked by Driver Returns with a Pack of Friends & Trashes Driver's Car (Photos)

They say you should let sleeping dogs lie - advice that one driver in China paid the price for ignoring.
He drove back to his home in Chongqing to find a stray dog lying in his favourite parking spot, so he got out and kicked it.

However, as far as the dog was concerned, that was not the end of the matter. Because it returned later on with some of its pals and proceeded to exact its revenge by chewing the bodywork and

"I Do Doggy Style to Keep My Husband," Nollywood Actress Mide Martins

A few weeks back, a UK-based Nigerian Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo warned married couples against unholy sexual acts and immoral positions like spice it up, doggie style, cowboy or cowgirl.

He said the only position that is holy in God’s sight is the face-to-face position with the husband on top.

Well, in a new revealing interview with YNaija, popular Yoruba movie star, Mide Funmi-Martins Owo, who has been happily married for 12 years now, says one of the secrets to her happy home is their spicy sex life.

She said:

Do You See Anything Wrong with this Photo?

See Photo HERE

Nicki Minaj spotted on the set of a video shoot last night!

Wife Divorces Hubby For Impregnating Lunatic in Lagos

For reportedly impregnating a mentally sick woman, a housewife, Mrs Titi Kareem, has dumped her husband, Mr Rafiu Kareem.

However, it was learnt that the mentally sick woman later died due to pregnancy-related complications in Lagos State.

As a result of the public outcry over the act, the 13-year-old marriage has crashed as the wife who could not withstand the shame moved out of her matrimonial home at Igando Road, Ikotun, Lagos.

Mrs Kareem, according to Leadership, also filed a suit before a Customary Court sitting in Ejigbo area of the state, seeking for the dissolution of the marriage.

The mother of four kids said she could not cope with the behaviour of her husband because she no

The Essence of Womanhood: - Must Read

I am a woman and I don’t want to be anything but a woman. I enjoy being a woman. The new woman today does not want to have power over a man,she wants to have power over herself. She wants to understand self actualization. She wants to give the best of herself.

But you know what they say-nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. The new woman must have mentors and "mentees" but she must choose them carefully,lest she ends up like Naomi Campbell-who lost her husband to her "mentee". Every woman must look for a mentor or "mentee" that she can connect with,someone who wants you to be a better you. Avoid women who are likely to be potential threats.

There will be a time when you will be knocked down in life. And when that time comes,stay down.Don’t talk to anybody,not even your Pastor.Don’t run to Papa.Stay down,be angry,cry.Do whatever you need to do.Experience it yourself and get out of it yourself. Know that there is beauty in going through it all and like a phoenix;rise up from your ashes. There is nothing like a woman who has been knocked down and can rise all the time. If you haven’t fallen down-you can’t mentor anyone.

Husband and Wife Being in Same Profession; Is It Healthy for Their Marriage?

Do you think a husband and wife being in the same profession is good for their married life? Especially for very demanding professions like medical doctors, bankers, entertainment artistes, etc.

Personally, before I got married, I decided I was never going to marry a fellow banker. Because I know how hectic our lives can be and how it can affect the kids and home. What is your opinion, guys?

As more and more couples compete in the same job market, is it possible to be in the same line of work, not resent your partner's success and have a happy, working marriage?

See What a Die Hard Ambode Supporter Did to his Hair


If Your Boo Suspects You of Cheating, How Would You Like to be Approached?

He or she may be right or wrong about what he or she suspects. But how can they get the truth from you? Would you like to be:

  • A. Investigated by your boo?
  • B. Confronted?
  • C. Or you prefer he/she keep it to themselves until you are caught red-handed?

''There's No Evidence Linking Boko Haram to ISIS'' says Fed Govt

The Federal Government yesterday said it does not have any evidence yet linking Boko Haram with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mike Omeri, who spoke with reporters and other security chiefs, said it was an act of desperation by the Boko Haram sect to be identifying with the ISIS.
“It can best be described as an act of sympathy and desperation by the sect to be identifying with ISIS; it is unacceptable. 
We wish to state that there is no evidence that the IS operates in Nigeria and the latest

lmao.. See What Fans Did to Meek Mill after he 'Disrespected' Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree

Meek Mill took over after Nicki Minaj and her ex boo Safaree (aka SBStunts) bitterly broke up. He got away with Nicki's heart but Safaree's fans made sure Meek Mill wasn't spared after he disrespected Safaree on social media last night.

What happened was this, lol. While trying to shoot a video for his next single in Booklyn, Safaree was rudely told to take his camera and get off the block by a group of pissed off dudes. In the 15 second video which was posted on Instagram, (see it after the cut) Safaree and his fur is seen being driven out of the neighborhood. One of the men can be heard saying “get up outta here n**** real

What Do You Do when You Have a Child Who Steals?

How do you react when you have a young child that steals? You've talked to him/her several times, told him/her everything that has to be said about the consequences of pilfering. You do ALL you can to provide his needs and wants. But he keeps 'doing it'. How do you help or stop such a child? A reader sent this in yesterday:
Hello Laila,  
My son steals from me, my husband, my mother, his grandparents, his friends, everybody!! Please, let's discuss this on your blog because I'm sure I'm not the only mother having this problem. If it's not money, it's things as small as tiny toys and games from neighbors. Sincerely, it's gotten so bad I don't know what to do with him anymore. My husband and I now have locks on our bedroom door to keep him out. 
Problem started when he was 11 and got into boarding school. He is 13 now. I've threatened him that next time he steals, I would have the police involved. Of course I don't want to or plan to do that but I don't know what else to do. 

''Nigeria Lied, Our King Did Not Talk to Jonathan'' - Morocco Fires Back

The Moroccan authorities have denounced as a lie the claim by the Federal Government that President Goodluck Jonathan had a telephone conversation with King Mohammed VI. And reacting immediately, recalled its ambassador from Nigeria, accusing the Jonathan’s led government of using King Mohammed VI in election campaign.

In two separate statements issued within 24 hours on Wednesday, Rabat said that it was stating in   the “clearest and strongest terms,” that “there has never been a telephone conversation” between the two leaders. The two statements were posted on the kingdom’s official website,, Punch reports.

The first was titled, ‘Morocco Denies False Allegations About Alleged Phone Conversation Between

Gunmen kill NURTW Chief in Lagos

Sympathisers | credits: Afeez Hanafi
Market women, friends and sympathisers on Wednesday converged on Queen Street in the Oyingbo area of Lagos State to mourn the Chairman, National Union of Road Transport Workers, Yaba Unit, Babajide Dosunmu, a.k.a Mados, who was killed by some yet-to-be identified gunmen.

Forty six-year-old Mados, who was also said to be the Vice Chairman, Lagos Mainland branch of the NURTW, was reportedly shot dead at the back of his house by the assailants while parking his car.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the incident happened around 8pm on Tuesday, shortly after the deceased

Court Orders AIT to Stop Damaging Documentary on Osinbajo

The Federal High Court in Lagos has restrained Daar Communications Plc (AIT) from broadcasting any video documentaries against All Progressives Congress (APC) Vice-Presidential candidate Prof Yemi Osinbajo (SAN).

Justice James Tsoho, who made the order on Wednesday, also ordered the Nigerian Television Authority and any other broadcast station under the control of the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria, to stop airing similar videos forthwith.

The judge made the order in positive answer to the ex parte application brought before him by

Esther Ijewere Slams Media Reports: ''Tonto Dikeh Did Not Initiate the Walk Against Rape Camapign''

Esther is standing beside Annie Idibia

The fifth edition of the Walk Against Rape campaign held two days ago March 10th in Lagos and along with some other Nigerian celebrities, popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh participated in making the event a huge success. However, the initiator of the campaign, Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye is currently not happy that some media platforms chose to report that the event was a Tonto Dikeh's campaign.

A pissed off Esther shared this on her Facebook wall some hours ago. Continues after the cut.

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