Friday, March 13

Photo: Timaya & his Givenchy Shoe & Bag Cause a Stir at an Airport

Timaya shared this on his IG page...

Kelly Rowland, Hubby & Son Grace the Cover of Essence Magazine

Kelly Rowland and her adorable family are on the cover of Essence magazine, March edition. Beautiful family.

Ex-Super Falcons Star, Cynthia Uwak Releases New Photos

Check out her killer swag! If you catch yourself drooling, don't forget to let us know oo. See more pics after the cut.

Now This is So Mean!! Haba!

#FridayHumour. lmaoooo. See a second after the cut. Viewer's discretion is advised.

Toyin Lawani Shares Adorable New Photo of Son

Awww, some babies are really so like this. Lil Jermaine is so cute like his daddy.

Photos: Pres GEJ Presents Letters/Cheques to Relatives of 2014 NIS Recruitment Tragedy Victims

Our president Goodluck Jonathan today fulfilled his 2014 promise to families that lost relatives in NIS Recruitment Exercise.

He had said he would give employment to three members of each bereaved family and today at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, GEJ did just that when he presented letters of employment into the Nigerian Immigration Service to 33 members of the 15 bereaved families. The rest of the bereaved families, according to Reuben Abati, are yet to present qualified members to take up the offer.

In his remarks at the occasion, the President said that he was deeply saddened by the death of their relatives in circumstances that were completely avoidable and unwarranted.
“Today is a sad day for all of us. First, let me convey our deepest condolences to the

21-year-old South African Man Gets World's First Successful Penis Transplant

The world's first successful penis transplant has been done by a surgical team in South Africa. And its lucky recipient is a 21-year-old man whose identity is being protected.

BBC reports the man had lost his penis in a botched circumcision. He was 18 and already sexually active when he had the circumcision that was part of the transition from boyhood to adulthood in parts of South Africa. Unfortunately, the boy was left with just 1cm of his original penis.

He received his new penis from a deceased donor, whose family were praised by doctors and surgeons at Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital performed the nine-hour operation to attach it.

One of the surgeons, Andre Van der Merwe, who normally performs kidney transplants, told the BBC News website:

Jimi Agbaje Visits Scene Of Yesterday's Bank Robbery Attack In Lekki (Photos)

PDP gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Mr Jimi Agbaje, last night visited the scene of yesterday's robbery incident in Lekki. Jimi also called on the general public, anybody that may have information that can help the police apprehend the robbers to come forward. See more pics after the cut.

''I Did Not Speak with King of Morocco'' - Pres Jonathan Says

The controversy surrounding the alleged telephone conversation between President Goodluck Jonathan and the King of Morocco took another dimension today as  President Goodluck Jonathan Friday evening said he never spoke on phone with the Moroccoan King, adding that he has ordered the Minister of Foreign Affairs to carry out a full scale investigation into the matter and punish those responsible for the national embarrassment.

Addressing a press conference Friday evening, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr Reuben Abati said the president was ‘shocked, surprised and embarrassed” over the

And It's Time for Anything Goes!!!

Happy Friday dearest, fabbest TILB readers! I just got back home from work, so please forgive me for bringing our 'Anything Goes' an hour late. I'm so tired but mehn, I'm still so fired up to read how your own week went. Hope it wasn't so hectic?

You know we want to hear it - what amazing things happened to you this week? Which interesting news headlines did you come across, anywhere on the internet, that so blew your mind? Ladies, what was the trending topic at your favorite beauty salon? You know those kind of 'gossipy gists' you only hear at the salons. lol. What happened on the streets, in your neighbourhood that caught your attention? What have you got planned for the weekend? Spill it, we itching to hear it!!!! Love you all, dearies.

Woow! Check out Kim Kardashian's Paris fashion Week Expensive Wadrobe

This is one of the shoes she rocked at the Paris Fashion Week and it cost £1795 

More jaw dropping pics after the cut

Jealous Blog Reader Needs Help: Feels Her Marriage is Threatened

Dear Laila. My husband has been giving financial assistance to a single lady (a mother of one) that used to be our neighbor. Although I am not very close to the lady, We are not enemies either. The lady is from the same state with my husband and they relate quite well but what baffles me is that they continued to relate after we packed out from our former neighbourhood and behind me too.

Why would my husband keep his gestures towards the other woman from me? people from our old yard call me sometimes to tell me that my hubby comes around to bring things for the woman. This woman is almost my age mate and is not born again. I am wondering if it’s best to pay this woman a visit and ask her to keep away from my husband. When I confronted my husband, he dismissed my claims as non-issue. He said that he does not see any reason why he should consult me before rendering assistance to people that are in need. I have no problems with his ‘charity gestures’ but I am miffed with the fact that he refused to carry me along and I honestly dont trust that woman. she makes up and dresses like a mannequin and may seduce my baby.

I need blog visitors to advise me on how to handle this. I have been married for EIGHT years and we are blessed with 3 kids(two boys and a girl).

Kerri Anne Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction (Photos)

61 yrs old Australian TV anchor, Kerri-Anne Kennerley suffered an intentional wardrobe malfunction in Sydney on Thursday, March 12.

She reportedly intentionally swerved her plunging royal blue dress but it also flaunted her impressive naked behind.

The 61-year-old flashed her toned buttocks and legs as she lifted her dress for the cameras at the 2015 ASTRA Awards.

She was also dripping in diamonds, donning a large bangle on her right wrist which matched her earrings, and a huge diamond ring that complemented her engagement band sitting on her other finger.

As for how she keeps it all together, Kerri reportedly has a healthier way of life with six hours per day practicing in the studio, and a diet plan from her dancing partner, Camelo Pizzino.

What do you guys think? I mean, she is 61!

See the fresh cakes after the cut

Honey !!! Take Me Now. I Surrender to You: :- Must Read

That is what a friend swore is her hubby’s BEDROOM ANTHEM. She said that when other men are busy BEGGING their women to let them ENTER…her man tells her SURRENDER BABY, BABY SURRENDER TO ME…such that the night she put on a night wear that he bought her from his last trip abroad, she had hardly settled on BED when he walked into the bedroom and told her that the particular way she lay on the bed is SURRENDERING POSITION. They had an outing recently, she waited to hear his comment on her dressing, and when it was not forthcoming, she whispered in his ears DON’T I LOOK ‘SURRENDERING’ ENOUGH? He had a good laugh and told her that that will be a matter to be decided at the appropriate PLACE-the bedroom. She told me that these days when she wants to tease him (especially when he is looking smashing), she just says YOU LOOK ‘SURRENDERING’…it never ceases to leave a smile on his face.

I have been fantasizing, since my girl regaled me with this gist. I mean, it’s so lovely when a couple

What the Hell is this? (Photo)

Some ladies can do so many things one can’t even imagine. I thought all a dog gets is little pecks here and there.  I really cannot relate with this lady going all out, eyes closed and really doing the thing...

Would you indulge?

Since April Fools Day is Fast Approaching, What Have Been Your Best April Fool Pranks?

April Fool's Day (April 1st) is approaching fast, guys. Let's share! What have been your best, most hilarious April Fool pranks?

Kathy Griffin has Quit Fashion Police Too (Read her Statement)

The "Fashion Police" force is dwindling. Kathy Griffin has announced her departure from the show. She's following Kelly Osbourne out the door.

Griffin announced her departure on Thursday, after just seven episodes, in this posting on her Twitter account. The tweet was verified by her office. Continues after the cut.

Okagbare Slams Jonathan’s Campaign Group For Using Her Image To Campaign

Reigning African queen of the track, Blessing Okagbare has denounced the use of her image and footage by a body said to be working for President Goodluck Jonathan who is also the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, without seeking her consent.

The advertorial by GoodHouse Nigeria tagged GEJ Okagbare, which has been running on various electronic media in Nigeria and also on Youtube, the athlete said it was wrong for anyone to

Stay in this Bathroom for 24 Hours & Get $75million (See Photo)

Would you stay, guys? How good can you stand cockroaches and bugs crawling over you?

Fans Blast Kayswitch over Graphic Pic of Girl Killed during Lekki FCMB Robbery Attack

Do you believe Kayswitch was selfish with his prayer? K got into trouble this morning, the drama is still on though, with some of his fans after he posted this graphic photo of the young girl that was killed during the FCMB Lekki robbery yesterday. See it after the cut.

Empress Njamah's Swag in these New Photos are Out of This World

She works hard and plays harder. For your drooling pleasure this morning, sweethearts, *winks* check out our baller of the day - Nollywood actress Empress Njamah. Empress is currently enjoying a luxurious vacation in England. Also check her out buying dresses for her dogs after the cut.

SCAM ALERT!: Read This Lagos Man's Compelling Story

Continues after the cut.

ISIS has Accepted Boko Haram's Pledge of Allegiance

In an audio message purportedly from an ISIS spokesman, the group announced that a pledge of allegiance from Nigerian-based Boko Haram has been accepted by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The 28-minute message, according to CNN, was posted online by ISIS supporters. And it says that the caliphate, or Islamic State, has expanded to western Africa and congratulated "our jihadi brothers" there.
“We announce to you to the good news of the expansion of the caliphate to West Africa because the caliph… has accepted the allegiance of  our brothers of the Sunni group for preaching and the jihad,” IS spokesman Mohammed al-Adnani said in the message, using the Arabic name of the Nigerian terror group.
Abu Mohammed al Adnani, encouraged people to join fighters in Africa if they cannot make it to

What Would You do?

You are a very skilled doctor with five dying patients, each of whom needs a different organ in order to live. Unfortunately, there are no organs available to perform any of the transplants. It just so happens that you have a sixth dying patient, suffering from a fatal illness, who will die sooner than the other five if not treated. If this sixth patient dies, you will be able to use his organs to save the five other patients. However, you have a medicine you can give to this sixth patient that will cure his illness and he won’t die. Would you:

a: Wait for the patient to die and then harvest his organs or
b: Save the patient even though the other patients won’t get organs.

If you chose to administer the medicine, would you still do so even if the medicine will not cure the patient, but, instead, delay his death to some short term future date or time after the five patients will have died?


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