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Jonathan And His Wife Are Trying To Assassinate me. Rev. Fr. Mbaka

Enugu-based Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Mbaka has disclosed in a new video sermon uploaded on youtube that President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience, are planning to kill him over political disagreements regarding his opposition to President Jonathan's re-election.

He also addressed allegations that he received some money from Mrs. Joanthan during her visit to his church. He added that president Jonathan tried to bribe him through Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, but that he refused to be bought, he further stated that the money Mrs. Jonathan gave as offering at the church's offertory was equally returned to her.

See video Here


I spent the weekend gisting with a friend who had an interesting  lesson to teach. She told me that there was a serious mis-understanding between her and her husband and she was quite bitter about things. Naturally, such disputes are allowed to drag on-either as a result of EGO (on the part of the man) or UNFORGIVENESS/BITTERNESS on the part of the lady-not until someone really begs, at least. This HE MUST BEG had always been the norm between them until a thought struck her (while she was in the kitchen) one morning. 

She said that her mind simply said CHANGE STRATEGY . She found herself questioning  the outcome (so far) of her HE MUST BEG ME stance all along. If anything- things seemed to be deteriorating between them. Immediately she sent him an sms that read PLEASE COME BACK EARLY...WE MUST MAKE LOVE. WEED DON FULL THE PLACE SEF. I DONT CARE IF WE ARE FIGHTING. ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU CANT RUN AWAY FROM THIS ONE. She said that his response came less than two minutes later with DAMN YOU WOMAN, I CAN’T EVEN CONCENTRATE ON MY JOB ANYMORE-DON’T PUNISH ME THIS WAY AGAIN PLEASE! This is actually coming from a man that she had not been on speaking terms with for days...he usually comes home(from work) as from 7-8pm(depending on the traffic situation) but on this day-he was home by 5pm. She made sure she welcomed him back home in the nude after having sent the kids to a neighbours apartment.

See what Happened to some Abuja Policemen when They Tried Pursuing a Traffic Offender

I just received this email and picture from a TILB reader:
Hello Laila,
‎A cab man beat traffic in Maitama Abuja and the police wanted to catch him. You can imagine how far the cab had gone before the police push-started their van.

Blog Reader Needs Help in Arranging a First Date

Good day Laila,

Hope you had a great weekend. I must thank you specially for everything (Laila's Cupid) and I will definitely keep you posted.  ***** is a good man and I am in love. We speak on phone 4/5 time daily and he sounds smitten. I have spoken to his mum and his younger sister too.  My reason for writing you is because I have been wondering if Its right for me to visit first. We have been disagreeing on this. When a man and a lady meet on a social networking site and have been having serious communication for a while. Now that it’s time for them to meet…who should do the visiting-considering the fact that we do not reside in the same state? I am in Owerri while he is in the FCT. Please, I want the opinion of blog readers on this matter.…I am wondering who should do the visiting first but am not so sure anymore. maybe its me... I have always been of the opinion that a guy should visit first but he is making me sound so it appropriate for me to go visiting him or he should be the one to come visit me? He is a doctor. I am in my final year in the Univeristy.

He is 33years old while I am 25.

What is Wrong With This Photo?

An anchor for Network Ten TV in Australia, Natarsha Belling, sported this green top while hosting her regular weekend news programme. The 39-year-old has since been trending online.
Look at the photo very, very well. Can you figure out why she is trending? lol.

OMG!!! Is This Bravery or Madness?

An insane cyclist has taken death-defying to a new and most dangerous level by riding his bike horizontally on a very steep vertical surfaced rock.

Michal Kollbeck risked his life to take on the White Line in Sedona, known as a near impossible route carved into a sheer rock face.

The jaw-dropping one minute clip filmed by an overhead drone camera has appeared on YouTube and shows the daredevil gradually making his way along the route in Arizona, America. He has reportedly survived many accidents and isn't planningon stopping anytime soon. See more pics after the cut.

Anselm Madubuko's New Wife Confirms She is Pregnant

After rumours that the award-winning gospel artiste was heavy with child about a year ago but has seperated with her hubby, it has now been confirmed that the Kenyan “Taunet Nalel” singer Emmy Kosgey and her Nigerian husband Anselm Madubuko of Revival Assembly Church are soon becoming parents.

Emmy Kosgey confirmed this during an interview with WordIS and, where she also refuted the rumour that their marriage had hit a dead end.
"Everything (in our marriage is going on normally and becoming even better everyday. The rumours (about divorce) were just dubious and malicious, propagated by people of bad will. People talk a lot of things and much of that is very untrue. But I never dwell on such thing. My marriage is intact and yes, there is a baby on the way" she said.

Court Sacks Ibinabo Fiberesima as AGN President

Ibinabo Fiberesima was this morning removed as President of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) on the orders of a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos.

Justice James Tsoho who gave the ruling, said the election was conducted against court order and ordered all parties involved to maintain the status quo. The suit was filed by an actor, St. Maradona Mikevine, who was the national treasurer in the election that produced another popular actor, Emeka Ike, as AGN president.

Mikevine, in his suit, argued that the election that brought Ibinabo into office was conducted in the

Maheeda Teases Fans in New Decently Provocative Photos

Only controversial nudity diva and The Queen of X, Maheeda can turn a decent outfit into a provocative one. Check out the new photos she shared on her IG page.

Hot or Not? (Photos)

29 year old Nigerian born body building mogul Christine Ajisafe is ripped all-over and packs a lot of tight muscles on her super-fit slender frame, Yet, she is as hot and sexy as they come. What do you think, guys?

See more photos after the cut:

Police Disrupts Rugged Man's Show in China. Arrests Many Nigerian Fans

Ruggedman is currently on a tour of China, However the tour suffered a setback as the rapper’s first show in China was invaded by Chinese police while Ruggedman was performing at a club in Guangzhou. reports that Ruggedman's management said that his show was going smoothly and the turn up was loud. As a matter of fact, Super Eagles player. Aaron Samuel and B2Ks Demarion were there with Ruggedman, and all of a sudden the police just came in to stop the show. We later found out that it was a competing show promoter in China that called the police because they felt jealous. His other shows in other cities are still on course.’...

Many Nigerians who have expired visas were arrested and in detention.

Looking For a Job?... Join Us Here

Good morning dearies, so I've been thinking hard lately. And came up with this idea which I decided to kick off today.

I've been getting lots of mails from readers who desperately are looking for jobs. Some are looking for company jobs, while some don't even mind doing domestic chores for fellow readers and being paid for it.  So I was thinking - how can we help out? The economy is so tight now, people have bills to pay and truthfully, there are lots of Nigerians who are willing to earn money the right way instead of turning to stealing and internet fraud. So I came up with this, guys.

We will be having this session every Monday by 10am. If you are looking for a job, you can sell

How To Detect a Hidden Camera in a Room

  • When you stay in an hotel, how do you know there is no room pinhole camera?

When you travel or take a business trip, and stay in a hotel or a guest house or room you could unknowingly be photographed.

You can use this method to check your room:

When you enter into the room, turn off the lights, and close the curtains, open your phone camera, do not turn the flash light on.Turn around the room with your cell phone.

When a red dot is found, that means that a hidden web camera is installed. If no red dots, the room is ok.

Please forward this message to your friends who travel a lot or take business trips. Best wishes to you Brainnews Nigeria.

Photo of Mrs Aisha Buhari Frying Akara in Abuja

After Mrs Buhari was spotted buying suya with Mrs Osinbajo yesterday in Abuja, she also got to do this - help a woman selling fries on the roadside with her frying.

WTH is This?!

Would you rock this hairstyle, ladies? lmao.

Landlord Rapes Tenant's 8year Old Daughter (Pictured)

Madam Bola (surname withheld) moved into a new accommodation at Sakapena, Idi-Arere area of Ibadan, Oyo State about seven months ago but she never envisaged her recent discovery that her eight-year-old daughter (names withheld) could have been having sexual intercourse. And no other person was accused of involvement than her landlord, Mr Aderemi Babatunde a.k.a Baba Sango, a Sango worshipper.

The landlord, who was initially arrested by detectives from Mapo police station, was transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Iyaganku, Ibadan where he was interrogated by detectives to ascertain his culpability on the allegation against him or otherwise.

Information gathered by Crime Reports revealed that Madam Bola reported at Mapo police station on February 17, 2015 that she left her daughter with a neighbour along the street where she lived while


Received this story from freelance journalist Ihechukwu Njoku:
On Sunday 15th March 2015, Nigerian cleric T.B. Joshua gave a warning to Nigerians over the upcoming elections, further adding that he foresaw an imminent plane crash within Nigeria.

“Pray for Nigeria because I am seeing a plane crash,” Joshua stated in a service televised live via Christian channel Emmanuel TV. “It’s not a good thing to lose personalities again,” he added, specifying that prayer and fasting should be especially offered from 19th to 23rd.

Addressing the contentious elections scheduled to hold on March 28th, the cleric stated,

TILB Reader is Worried her Boyfriend May be Cheating with his Married Neighbour

Hello Laila, Kindly publish this for me.
Dear TILB readers, I need your candid advice... I once saw my boo in church 6 months ago with his neighbour's wife ('newlyweds') at the end of service. They both went home together. Then he also took her and her hubby out on Val's day while I was bored at home. This made me give him some space. 
Today he met me after service, while chatting, he suddenly said he came with his neighbour 's wife that he has to take her home and dashed off. I called him afterwards and asked him if he has anything to do with her than what I know of. He said no...that I am accusing him falsely, that he's not that kind of guy, that we should put it behind us. 
please, I need the opinion of others to help me take a firm stand. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Blog Reader Needs Our Help to Win a Contest, Guys

Mimi in her video submission - She had walked in and caught  her fiance Jack and her sister Lucy in bed 
Our blog reader, Mimi, she one time won our Finest Fce Faceoff, is involved in a movie audition contest, guys and she needs our help to win. Here's the mail she sent in:
Hello Laila and dearest TILB readers, Please I need your help to win a contest. I entered for a contest called 'Entreat contest' by Bp Vision Ltd. The whole idea of the contest is to make a video interpreting the role given in 60sec. The one with the highest votes wins. And gets a chance to win an acting role in a blockbuster movie - Entreat with the biggest actors in Nollywood. 
I have just 5 days remaining. Let's do this. Vote for Meeryan Nnanyere. Here's the link God bless you and your household.
Click HERE to watch Mimi's entry and vote, dearies. 

Study in the UK for an MBA in International Human Resource Management – April 2015

Interested in studying in Coventry University London Campus this April 2015 for an MBA in International Human Resource Management?

Hurry now!

  • CALL 01 342 8034, 08169970063, 07083993204 
  • or EMAIL and  for further enquiries.

Wow! Must See Photos of Lady that Looks Exactly Like Kylie Jenner

Wow!! See who I just found on IG, guys! Her name is Dani and no, she's not Kylie Jenner. Unbelievable, right? Well, see more pics after the cut.

Lekki Robbery: Lagos Yet to Release Girl’s Corpse

The relatives of 15-year-old Sarah Ibikunle, who was killed during the Thursday robbery in the Lekki area of Lagos while hawking fish, say her corpse has yet to be released by the state government hospital in Yaba.

The deceased’s family said the management of the Yaba mortuary had requested N100,000 as fees for embalming her remains.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro on the telephone on Sunday, Ibikunle’s aunt, Omolafe, said she hoped

Bish Stole My Look!: Mercy Aigbe VS Toke Makinwa

Coincidentally, Toke Makinwa and actress Mercy Aigbe stepped out yesterday rocking the same dress. Who would you say nailed it better? More pics after the cut.

13 Deported Nigerian Students Sue Qatar Airways for N2.9billion

Lagos State Chief Judge, Justice Funmilayo Atilade
Some young Nigerian scholars have taken Qatar Airways Nigeria Limited before a Lagos State High Court in Ikeja and they are claiming about N2.9bn in damages.

The students, 13 in number, are blaming their deportation from the Republic of the Philippines sometime in November last year on the airline.

PUNCH reports that the deported students who sued are Opoola Kayode, Ogundana Joshua, Oyeniran

Check Out this Amazing New Photo of Sade Adu

56 year old beautiful British Nigerian singer Sade Adu is pictured above with her daughter, Ila celebrating Mothers Day yesterday.

Lekki Bank Robbery: We Know the Robbers — Police

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Kayode Aderanti, weekend, said that the command had clue of who the robbers that stormed a second generation bank last Thursday, killing three policemen and a teenager, were, assuring that it would soon round them up.

Investigation as gathered had begun by joint crack detectives from the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS and those from the newly instituted Tactical Operation Unit. The operatives as gathered would also spread their dragnet to neighbouring Benin Republic where the fleeing armed men were suspected to have taken refuge
Impeccable police sources hinted that part of the on going investigation included the monitoring of

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