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Exclusive Interview with Billionaire Wife Caroline Ekanem Danjuma

Hello guys! And welcome to the XPERIENCE with Omaje. I'm really joyful to have Mrs Caroline Ekanem Danjuma as our guest, on the XPERIENCE this week!

Exactly five weeks ago, I sent an invitation to her, and a host of other leading woman to be on my show, so they can share their experience with us, so we could learn a thing or two from them and also get to know them better.

I didn't get a reply from any of them, most of the messages had not even been seen yet. Just yesterday at noon, a message popped up on my phone, and it was her ,saying "Hi, I just saw this, what is this all

TILB Reader Urgently Needs Our Prayers for her Husband

 I just received this sad email from a reader, guys.
Hello Laila, I'm reaching out to you for the first time. Please help post my mail. I am regular visitor to your blog. 
My heart is so heavy as I type this mail. I have never been so down before in my entire life. My hubby stays abroad. For sometime we stopped communicating. I thought it was something I had done but I committed everything to God and I tried reaching through

Rita Dominic May Have Found Mr Right Afterall. (Photo)

Over the weekend, Rita spotted a ring on her fourth finger and this has aroused suspicions from gossips and fans.It was a suggestive salient clue considering her status as one of the most eligible spinsters in Nigeria.

Laila's Grapevine sources embarked on unveiling the lucky man that won the actress' heart and uncovered that Rita is romantically neck deep with a politician from the South South region.

Details later !!!!

Check out the Location of this Nigerian Bank's ATM..

You can comfortably sit and take your time.. lol.

Adorable Photo of Iyanya in Bed too with his Puppies

Awww.... Iyanya loves his pups.

Photo: D'Prince in Bed with Bundles of Cash worth N3million!

I counted like 12 bundles of N500 notes in this photo and that's equal to N3million!! People still keep that amount of cash at home when you can easily go cashless?

OMG! See the Evil a Parent Did to his Child

Twitter user Yo_Hefty shared the photo. Little girl is pictured at the hospital where she's currently receiving treatment for the wounds sustained.

Singer Saeon Shares IG Video after Her Side Boob almost Caused an Accident

We can't deny it - singer Saeon, Uti Nwachukwu's ex-girlfriend, is beautifully endowed. Hope y'all remember her? She and Wizkid one time fell out big time on social media after she featured him on a track and allegedly because Wizkid to tweet about it, she lashed out at him.

Well, our girl is back in the news. And this time, no artiste but her body part is involved. lol. Saeon took to her IG page to share a video announcing how she almost caused an accident by revealing her side boobs. In her own words:
“Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but I just popped in to tell you that I almost caused an accident. Like this side side boob steez is on another level.”
Press play to see the vid after the cut.

My Wife is a Thief : Must Read

It’s wrong for a man to allege that his wife stole his money(which he kept at home). In Africa (since we like going african when it suits our intention), whatever a man owns actually belongs to his better half and I fail to understand why any man would claim that the money his wife found at home and probably solved a family need with is tantamount to stealing...the very money a woman found in her own home? Na gun she take collect the money from you?

Fact is-if some money isn’t to be touched-please keep it where no one (but you) will find it...correct men don’t bat an eye when their women dip hands into our money. The men that give Madam their atm cards, na mumu them be?

What does the word marriage mean to some men sef...some form of subservience-instead of a partnership? So if your woman touched some money you left in the house without discussing it with you (out of courtesy)-the issue you should object to is her failure to let you know her intentions or for spending it on wrong luxuries...don’t call it stealing please. Nobody steals what’s kept in his/her own house.

A woman you give enough to-doesn’t even need to touch the one you keep elsewhere. If your woman has resorted to touching ‘some money’ behind you-consider doing more for her...every action from someone is a message of sorts!

My Sweet Monster: - Must Read

'An average man does not believe he is ugly or unsuitable for any lady’...I learnt, and the hard way too! I had gone to a government parastatal to sort out some documentation issues-something that had been stressing me (time wise), until a friend linked me to a man whom I learnt that every ball (as far as that organization is concerned) stops at his table. I put on every charm that I could muster and went seeking this oga...only for me to get there and met this ugly guy with a hunch back. Refusing to be disoriented by my ‘surprise’. I charmed my way into having him see to my ‘issues’ that very day-and I got everything sorted out within an hour...something that had been dragging on for weeks. I said my sweetest thank you, we exchanged cards and I thought nothing of him afterwards.

A few days later, I received an sms that read ‘’Hi baby, I have been unable to get you out of my mind, please don’t do what I wouldn’t do’’...heeeiii...U sabi that kind irritation wey dey make person delete message and sender’s details at the same time? And that kind ignore (much as you are ‘stewing’) you do-at most.

Have Y'all Met Mrs. Olayinka Adeyemo, the Pregnant Lagos Keke Driver? (Photo)

The first time you meet Mrs. Olayinka Adeyemo in her tricycle (keke), what quickly runs through your mind is, how does this woman cope in a business exclusively reserved for men by society? And then your jaws drop when you realize Mrs. Adeyemo is heavily pregnant! "Women In The Shadows" crew caught up with her for an interview and here is all the lady, who is also a graduate said:

  • Please madam, how did you get into this keke (tricycle) business?

“My brother, I’m a graduate, but rather than stay idle coupled with the responsibility of taking care of my young family, a friend of mine encouraged me to take-up this business. First, I got this tricycle through a hire-purchase arrangement from this friend, but now

Interesting Photos of Ex Falcons Star Chichi Igbo & her Caucasian BFF

The last time Chichi showed off her bf, (See it here), we all believed she meant boyfriend though some other people suggested she meant best friend. Well, Chichi has now released new interesting, cuddly photos of herself and her bff with the caption you see above. I took the screenshots from a video she shared on her IG page. See them all after the cut.

Nigerian Businessman Loses Everything after Woman He Met on Internet Falsely Accused Him of Rape

A businessman who spent three weeks in jail after falsely being accused of rape by a woman he met on the internet is suing the police for malicious prosecution and wrongful imprisonment.

Kayode Modupe-Ojo, a former boyfriend of David Beckham’s sister Joanne, said his reputation has been destroyed and he lost his business because police failed to investigate properly the woman’s fictitious allegations – including that he possessed firearms – or the glaring inconsistencies in her story.

DailyMail reports that the 28-year-old former spa owner was arrested at his home in Cheshire shortly after spending two days with the woman. His accuser gave a harrowing but entirely false account of being tied up and moved around the north-east of England against her will, after a sexual encounter

Brymo Defends Having a Child Out of Wedlock - ''A Child is a Product of Love, not Marriage''

Last month February, Brymo presented his pregnant baby mama to the world via his Instagram page. And now, in a new interview with Kemi Lanre-Aremu, he has explained why he's having a child out of wedlock. Excerpts from the interview below:
  • How does it feel to be an expectant father?
It feels exciting and I can’t wait to lay my eyes on the little one. The excitement is skyscraper high.
  • Why did you choose to have a child out of wedlock?

Death Threat: Enugu Bishops Meet Mbaka Today

The Catholic Diocese of Enugu, which oversees the Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka-led Adoration Ministry, has said it will meet with the cleric today to investigate his claim that President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience, want him dead. This is as the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria on Saturday said Rev. Fr. Mbaka, had yet to report to the said allegations to it.

Mbaka, who has repeatedly stated his opposition to the President’s re-election, had alleged during a sermon he delivered in his church, as seen in a recent video uploaded on YouTube last Sunday that President Jonathan and his wife want to kill him.

The controversial cleric had said:

Serena Williams Stuns on the April Cover of Vogue Magazine

Fresh off her nineteenth Grand Slam, the number one–ranked female player in the world, Serena Williams is currently sitting pretty on the cover of Vogue magazine. The athlete is on the mag's April issue, it's her second time on the prestigious magazine and this time in her feature, Serena talked about her friendship with tennis champion (and competitor) Caroline Wozniacki and how she used to hate her toned arms.

Y'all notice Serena is rocking natural makeup on the cover, right? Well, it has sparked an intense debate on social media with some people hating it and asking why she didn't go more glam. I think the look is gorgeous, What do you think? You like? See a second pic after the cut.

Pope Francis Eats Lunch with Gay, Transgender and HIV-positive Inmates at Italian Prison

In yet another groundbreaking move, Pope Francis yesterday Saturday enjoyed lunch with inmates  of an Italian prison – and along the line, gay and transgender inmates were invited to join.

While on a visit to Naples, Italy, Pope Francis visited the Giuseppe Salvia Detention Center in Poggiorale, outside of Naples. And even though it was not on his original schedule, insisted on the visit including lunch with inmates.

 According to the AssociatedPress, around 90 inmates randomly chosen by lottery, attended the lunch, and that group included 10 inmates from a section of the prison reserved for gay and

Wow! What da Heck is Nicki Minaj Wearing?

Nicki Minaj is currently on her ThePinkPrint European tour. For her show in Amsterdam, check out what the superstar wore. You see the front and you are like.. okay, nice outfit. Then she turns and the back hits you.. Pow! lol. See what I mean after the cut.

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