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Snoop Dog Knocks Out Wrestler at WWE Raw (Video)

American rapper, Snoop Dogg made a surprise appearance on WWE Raw along with wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan and put up quite a show on Monday, March 23

Snoop Dogg was challenged by wrestler Curtis Azel in a 'mania' war but Holk Hogan came to the rescue of the rapper.

After Curtis Axel was knocked out by Hulk Hogan, Snoop proceeded to grab the wrestler and threw him outside the ring.

The rap legend in Hulk Hogan legendary signature move, tore his shirt much to the delight of the crowd.

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Married Female Teacher Caught Having Sex With 4 Male Students (Photo)

A married female teacher, Erica Lynne Mesa, 28, has been sentenced to a 22-year stretch in prison after she was convicted for having sex with four of her students in a bizarre foursome. The teenage boys lined up and mounted her one after the other on several occasions on her matrimonial bed while her businessman husband was at work.

Mesa was a Mathematics teacher at Colonial Forge High School in Virginia, USA. She pleaded guilty to two counts of electronic solicitation of a minor and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office, rumors circulated at the school about the teacher having sex with students before the school then received an anonymous tip about Mesa, and the police were called.

She admitted to having sex with 4 students because it made her feel 'attractive and wanted.'

Mesa told police that she had sex with one student in her car in a public parking lot on his 18th birthday.

Mesa also told police that she had sex with teens at her home when her husband was away. She said that she made the boys wait their turns while she had sex with another boy.

Jesus Christ Look Alike Spotted at a Night Club Having Fun

A man who looks like the Hollywood depiction of Jesus Christ turned up at Club Y knot and he was seen partying with carnal men and women while winning souls and spreading the word.


Would You Wear This? Fresh Green Peas & Cotton Bud Neck-Pieces

Nollywood actress Eve Esin rocked the neck-pieces for a recent photoshoot. You like? See the cotton bud neck-piece after the cut.

Federal University of Otuoke Waxing Stronger (Photos)

The University of Otuoke is the brain child of Mrs Ayi Eunice Afeni Jonathan, The mother of the president. The initiative has contributed immensely in the academic development of the presidents home town Otuoke and the entire South South region of the country.

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#ShortStoryTuesday is Here Again!!! The Road To Love Episode 3

Click HERE and HERE If you missed the first two episodes

Story written by Igbokweuche Chidinma

Jane couldn’t believe she was going on a date with Michael, How could she have said yes to him?
She had already accepted before she realized it might be a mistake, How dare she go on a date with her boss, even though Michael convinced her it was more of a business meeting, she still felt it was a huge mistake, she was half in love with him already. 

Anyways, she had already accepted and she really wanted to know what he was doing about what they discovered at the bank. It’s being three days already and he hasn’t said anything about it, this was a perfect opportunity to ask him.

She quickly wore her grey lace dress that barely reached her knee, applied a mild makeup, wore her four inches sandals and picked up her purse and left the house.  The taxi man was already waiting for her. Michael had earlier offered to pick her up but she declined the offer. 

The Ascoon restaurant where there were suppose to meet was just a ten minutes drive from her home.
As she entered the restaurant, Michael waved at her to get her attention; he already secured a table for them at the extreme more private part of the restaurant.

“Thank you for coming, I was beginning to think you changed your mind” Michael said as Jane sat down
Jane smiled “sorry I was a little late, I lost track of time’

“It was worth it, you look very beautiful’’ 

Jane looked fabulous, with her grey gown that matched the color of her eyes and the beautiful smile always on her face, Michael knew that falling in love with her wouldn’t be so difficult, that's if he wasn’t in love already. He couldn’t go any day, no, any hour without thinking of her.

“So what will you like to order?” Michael asked as he picked up the menu?
“I would love a plate of jollof rice with salad and beef kebab please”

Michael signaled for the waiter to come take their order

“Two plates of jollof rice with salad and beef kebab and a bottle of Pinot Gringo, please?”

While they waited for the wine to arrive Jane took a good look at Michael. She had always considered the opinion that men looked different in blazers at night nonsense. Until now

He looked so…Dashing, the gold blazer complimented his light skin and a sharp contrast of his dark hair. He grinned at her, making Jane aware that he knew she was admiring him.

“So why is a beautiful girl like you single?”

“No reason actually, I just wanted a break from the dating circle” Jane said a little embarrassed, she didn’t see that coming.

Just then the waiter arrived with their drinks. He opened the wine and half filled their glasses.  Michael took a sip and looked at Jane

“So why haven’t you asked me if I am single?”

Jane dropped the glass she was carrying “well, the opportunity has never come up”

So... what?

Is this not an opportunity?

Oh! Well are you single? Jane asked looking at him while avoiding his eyes

Michael smiled, yes I am single, and my last relationship ended a year ago.

Oh! ok 

Just then their food arrived and they ceased their discussion until they had finished eating
Michael filled their glasses as the waiter cleared their table

“Hoped you enjoyed the meal Michael asked”

“Yes I did and thank you once again for inviting me”
“My pleasure”

They sat in mutual silence for some seconds before Michael quietly said 

“I went to see my father yesterday concerning our findings at the bank”

Jane immediately looked up, she could see the fear in his eyes

“Apparently, I have a step brother and he has lukemia, my father has being footing the bills with the money that went missing.”

Jane quietly dropped her drink and held his hand

Michael stiffened at the touch but slowly relaxed and placed his other hand on top of hers and told her the full story

“According to my father, he was in love with a woman before he met my mum, after the war they lost contacts, he did everything he could to find her but it seemed she just vanished, he then believed that she probally lost her life during the war. It turns out she didn’t and she was also pregnant before my father left for the war.”

‘Three years ago his son found him; they carried out a DNA test and confirmed that he was truly his son. Also the mother, Rose, was still alive, so he went to visit her but she was terminally ill and died some months later. He hired his son to work for so that they could be close. That was his way of making up for the lost years.”

“A year ago he was diagnosed with the lukemia and has been receiving treatment since then. Unfortunately it became more serious and has been flown to India for further treatment which requires a huge sum of money. My dad didn’t have any choice but to take his company’s money. The son is Mr. Okey Eze, he is not on vacation as everybody at the company thought”

‘I am just shocked to learn all these; I have a brother who is sick, now if the authorities find out what my dad has done, he might be in trouble. Even though it is his company, he still doesn’t have the right to make those transactions. The company has shareholders who he was suppose to consult before making such transactions. If nothing is done by the end of next month the company’s board of directors will figure it out.”

Still holding his hand, Jane asked ‘so what do you plan to do?’

“I have decided to pay the company back the money from my personal account. I will never allow my father go jail. He means the world to me. Even though I am angry with him right now for not telling us, his kids, that we have a step brother.”

“Wow I could never had guessed that Okey Eze is Mr. Phillips son, they were always formal at the company. 35 million naira is too much for you to pay to the company.”

“No its not, I made a lot in the USA from directing movies most of my works still pay me even though am not there.”

“You are really generous, not every child would do this and your generosity is making me like you the more” Jane said before she realized she was thinking out loud and that Michael heard her. She bent her head embarrassed.

Thank you for joining me for dinner Jane, I guess we should start going, I would drop you off.

I guess he didn’t hear me  or he is just pretending “I will appreciate that”

15 minutes later, they  drove into Jane compound. Michael stopped the car went to open the door for Jane, as she stepped out he held her hand

“I hope you meant what you said earlier about liking me because I also like you a lot”

Before Jane could reply, he kissed here lightly on the lips

“Goodnight dear, I had a wonderful night, see you tomorrow at the office” 

Jane stood there mouth wide open, she couldn’t believe what just happened. Michael just kissed her?

..........to be continued

Model With Vitiligo Skin Pigmentation Wins Beauty Pageant (Photos)

Winnie Harlow is 19 years old and she has the skin pigment condition Vitiligo. It’s a whole new ball game entirely as she has gone from America’s Next Top Model wannabe to one of 2015’s hottest models.

Last weekend, she picked up the Beauty Idol award at German magazine Gala’s Spa Awards 2015 in Baden-Baden, looking gorgeous in a sequin and lace red dress.

Asked what the award meant to her, she said: ‘It’s an amazing honour. The fact that people recognize what I’m fighting makes my success even more valuable.’

See more photos after the cut:

Guess The Celeb in This Major Throwback Photo

Look well and tell us if you come up with any idea?. No clues

MI Acquires 2015 Mercedes G-Wagon to Celebrate 100k IG Followers (Photo)

Congratulations to him.

HOLY COW !!!! What Type of Church Allows This? (Photos)

Is this right?

Meet The Cutest Otunba in Nigeria (Photo)

Lol !!!! Otumba Jermaine Lawani is Toyin Lawani's 2 year old son. He was out modelling for Tiannah styling empire as an Otumba. He definitely looks sweet. A splitting image of Lord Trigg.

What do you think Guys? Does anyone know any other otumba who looks this fly?

Meet Mike Ezuruonye's Beautiful Sister (Photo)

Isnt she sweet?

Man Beats Wife to Death in Lagos For Being Barren (Photo)

57-year-old Ikechukwu Anajekwu, is cooling his heels at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison for beating his wife, Obiageli, to death over her inability to bear him children.

The suspect accused his wifed of being behind his badluck which included his arrest for drug trafficking, imprisonment and his misfortunes in life.

According to the deceased family, Anajekwu had turned their daughter into a punching bag shortly after he came came from prison and it was on one of such beatings on January 19, 2015, that the lady slumped and died.

Obiageli's brother narrated the circumstances that led to Anajekwu killing his sister.

“When Ikechukwu came for Obiageli’s hand in marriage, he told us that he runs a restaurant in Brazil. After the marriage however, he was arrested for drug trafficking.
He was imprisoned in Cameroon, but his wife waited patiently for him until he finished his term. Even while he was in prison, my sister said she used to send him money.

It was after his return from prison that the marriage began to fall apart. Ikechukwu became violent and started beating his wife over any real or imagined slight.

Our family invited them to the village. The man accused my sister of being a witch. He said she couldn’t give him a child after years of marriage.

He also accused her of being responsible for his set back in business."

OMG!!! Does Anyone Know Whats Going on Here? (Photo)

Any Ideas? lol

LASU Closed Down Indefinitely

The Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo has been closed down indefinitely following the inability of the government to meet the demands of its staff union including the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU),  Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and National Academic Staff Union (NASU).

Some of the demands of the staff unions include:  the appointment of an acting vice-chancellor to preside over the convocation that would have been held last week and right the wrong allegedly done by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Obafunwa’s including the victimisation of its members, withdrawal of certificates of lecturers and abuse of due process by the university’s management.

The closure, according to reports, might not be unconnected with the crises that had been rocking the 30-year-old institution with the unions being at loggerheads with the VC over several issues.

It had also passed a vote-of-no-confidence on him several months ago.
Last week, staff unions, including the SSANU and NASU, had staged a mass protest where Obafunwa was successfully booted out.

During the protest at the institution’s campus in Ojo, Obafunwa, who gained entrance with the aid of security officials, was chased out with sachet of  water  thrown at him.

Jesus Apparition Appears in Colombia (Photo)

An apparition of Jesus is believed by worshippers to have appeared following a landslide at the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia.

And some local landowners are cashing in on the 'miracle' - by charging visitors for access to view the figure, it has been reported.

A police presence has also been introduced to manage the crowds.

Do you think this is real or a hoax?

Undressing The London Boy ; - Must Read

He told me that he is based in London, I asked what he does for a living and he told me that he is a security consultant. My mind immediately went into an over drive of sorts…trying to decode the numerous job descriptions of a security consultant by Naija standard. Amongst the options that came up were maiguard, gate man, security man (e.g the halogen, bemil etc crew)…make I continue? Don’t blame me o. It is in Nigeria that we get crude with job definitions and titles. London boys give us the packaged titles of these jobs that we ‘mouth off’ without respect in this clime. It was a London boy that told me (some years back) that he is sanitation engineer when i asked what he does for a living over there. Wallahi, that boy gave me serious assignment o-because I went asking my brother if there is any branch of engineering that has to do with sanitation. My bro(a london boy himself) gave me a bemused look before explaining that a sanitation engineer could be a cleaner somewhere. So the next time my sanitation engineer chatted yours sincerely up,I simply said why didn’t you just tell me that you are a cleaner…I would understand. He blocked me o…that was my first lesson in respecting jobs. There is dignity in labour and London boys seem to understand this more than the rest of us…dem sabi package job titles wella.
Now if he told you that he is a fecal matter haulage executive. Then your guess is as well as mine.

Meet Davidos Hot Bodyguard (Photo)

Ladies, You like?

So Sad!!! Angelina Jolie Loses Her Ovaries And Fallopian Tubes

Actress Angelina Jolie has undergone surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes to avoid getting cancer. Her operation now puts her into forced menopause

The 39 years old star, says that her mother Marcheline Bertrand died when she was 49 from the same ailment and wanted to take the action now so as to avoid dying too.

Mum-of-six Angelina says that she had been planning the preventative surgery for a while but two weeks ago she was told by her doctor that there were a "number of inflammatory markers that are elevated."

This, he said could be a sign of early cancer.

After calling husband Brad Pitt, who was in France at the time she got the diagnosis, she underwent the procedure, a laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

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