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Man Shaves Womans Pubic Hair While She Slept (Photo)

Edo State Police Command has arrested a ‎35-year old man, Ibrahim Adamu and has paraded him at the ‎state police command headquarters on Wednesday,

The Edo State Police Commissioner, Samuel Adegbuyi,said the suspect lured the victim “into his room, shave her arm pit hair and her pubic hair without her consent while she slept.”

Adamu confessed to shaving the woman’s pubic hair while sleeping, but said that the woman was his girlfriend.

“I shaved the pubic hair of the woman because I wanted to sleep with her, she is my girlfriend,” he said.

He however denied that he did it for ritual purposes, adding that, he threw away the hair away afterwards.

Ibrahim added that when the woman woke up and discovered that he had shaved off her hair, she demanded the hair but when he could not produce it, she raised alarm and the people around the place called the police ‎who arrested him immediately.

The police commissioner said investigation was still ongoing into the case.

No Evidence to Cancel Rivers Elections: Jega

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), yesterday, said there is no substantial evidence to cancel result of Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly elections in Rivers State.

Chairman of the commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, said this at the National Collation Centre of the election in Abuja, after the report of a fact-finding mission sent to the state following complaints of irregularities by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Specifically, some political stakeholders in the state had asked INEC to cancel the result besides the formal petition on the commission by the APC.

The petitioners had alleged massive irregularities during the elections.

Femi Fani Kayode Speaks on Election Result

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Director Media and Publicity Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign Organisation on April 1, 2015. addresses reporters.

 Read below...

    Ladies and gentlemen of the media,

    We have come here today to express our gratitude to the Nigerian people for the overwhelming support that we received over the last few weeks when it comes to the issue of the Presidential election.

    We fought a virile, strong, aggressive and very effective campaign on behalf of our candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan and we put the case to the Nigerian people as to why we believe that he ought to have been elected as President for a second term.

We are very proud of the efforts of our President and of our party and we are also very proud of the efforts of every single one of those who participated in the Presidential Campaign Organisation. As a Directorate we could not have asked for anything more in terms of support and encouragement from our colleagues and comrades within the party and the Campaign Organisation. I am personally very proud of my team, every single one of them; my Assistant Directors, my officers, my advisory team and every single one of those that joined hands to help us to state our case and to sell our candidate to the Nigerian people.

Beyonce And Blue Ivy Stun in New Photo

Checkout the bling on diva Blue

Behold, The False Prophets And The Real Men of God in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with great men of God who are true to their calling and exhibit heavenly wisdom. However in every twelve there must be a Judas. A lot of lies has been used to defame the most high God. This is what happens when mortal men claim to hear God when in reality, They hallucinate and lie indiscriminately in the name of God.

Below is a list of prophetic statements by men of God who claimed that God spoke to them concerning the presidential elections in Nigeria.

The list is in not particular order

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

As the General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye is perhaps, the most influential clergyman in Nigeria. I can confirm that he is a true and wise man of God. His 2015 New Year Day statement on the election was very guarded.


“Unfortunately, because it is election year, I can’t tell you all that God told me about Nigeria. But I will tell you this: by the end of the year, many will say ‘all is well that ends well.’”

Apostle Johnson Suleman

He is the founder of Auchi, Delta State-based Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide. Apostle John Suleiman is one of the most respected Prophets in Nigeria and he had so much to say about the election in his yearly prophecies released at the beginning of the year.


*I see president Goodluck Jonathan coming back but troubles.

*El Rufai should go and sit down. For abusing Jesus, he will not win Kaduna election.

*Aminu Tambuwal, I saw him leading Sokoto State.

*2015 presidential election will be rigged, marred in violence and end up in court case.

*Thank you Jesus! Finally a Christian is now the governor of Lagos state.

*Rochas Okorocha; I saw him moving to PDP.

*Contrary to most prophecies, Nigeria will not break up.

*I saw governor Amosun return.

*APC Rivers State needs to do grass root campaign because I saw the election been rigged for PDP. Prayers are needed because of so much bloodshed.

*I saw a man win Governorship but not allowed to govern.

*I saw attention in Delta state moved to Agbor.

*I saw people who resigned as ministers to contest election return back as Federal ministers.

*Let’s pray against military intervention and interim government.

*President election inconclusive, yet Jonathan declared winner. APC Pray!

*I don’t see Buhari with credentials to vie for president.

*With the level of bloodshed I saw, it was better Goodluck goes now to his village quietly.

*2015 election is another June 12. The man who truly won will not govern or rule.

*Prophet T.B Joshua

His Ikotun-Egbe Lagos is Mecca for Christian pilgrims from across West Africa and beyond. Prophet T.B Joshua is perhaps the most popular Prophet in Nigeria and he revealed his mind in a recent interview.


“Elections will not happen in some states because of the frequent attacks. This could affect between three to four states. The states would be a no-go area due to violence and elections would not take place in those states unless we move closer to God. We must intensify our prayers. This is what God has showed me and you can imagine what would happen if elections don’t hold in those states. It would have great implication for our democracy.”

See more after the cut:

Read Buhari's Acceptance Speech (Full Text)

This is the acceptance speech delivered by president elect, Gen Muhammadu "Okechukwu" Buhari    

 "Your Excellency, the Vice President elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, your Excellency, Chief Rotimi Amaechi, the Director General of APC Presidential Campaign, 2015, your Excellency, the former Governor of Edo State and National Chairman of our great party, your Excellency the Governor Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, your Excellency, the former Governor of Imo State, Dr Ogbonaya Onu, Your Excellency, the former Governor of Ekiti State, Engineer Oni, your Excellency the former Governor of Kwara, Bokola Saraki, your Excellency, the Speaker of the House of Representative, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal, Please, let me stand on existing protocol.

At exactly 5:15 yesterday (Tuesday) evening, President Jonathan called to congratulate me on my victory. For this, I want all Nigerians to join me in congratulating and appreciating Mr President for his statesmanship. President Jonathan was a worthy opponent. I extend my hand of fellowship to him. I look forward to meeting him soon, as we plan the transition from one administration to another. He will receive nothing but cooperation and understanding from me, who led this nation to democracy. You stood in line patiently for hours; in the rain, in the sun and then in the dark to cast your votes. Even when the vote was extended to Sunday in some places, you still performed your civic duties.

Oil Company Shell Marks April Fools Day With A Hilarious Prank (Photo)

If you try this type of Joke in Nigeria.

Well !!!! No Comment.

So guys , Did You prank anybody yet?

Is Father Mbaka Vindicated at Last?

The controversial Enugu based Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka told President Jonathan that his time in power was over around January this year. After the speech at the Adoration ministry Enugu, Attacks and abuses rained on all quarters on the reverend gentle man. Even his fellow priests did not spare him.

But just over two months on, His words has been fulfilled.
Did Fr. Mbaka know something we didnt know?
Is he a true man of God?
Has his outburst been vindicated by the election results?

You be the judge

See Mbaka's full prophesy speech after the cut:

See President Jonathan's Reaction After Losing Election (Photo)

President Jonathan has written his name in gold after conceding defeat without hassles. Sources in the same room with him yesterday told reporters that his immediate reaction when his defeat became obvious was a calm smile. A trait so rare in the Nigerian political clime. Jonathan has indeed proven to be a great man. Nigerian old and young, christian or Muslim alike, has learnt a lesson in humility and maturity

This is The Best Moment In Nigeria's Political History: Bola Tinubu

An elated Bola Ahmed Tinubu has bared his mind on the victory of presidential candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari.
    "It is a moment when hope is re-born, faith is rekindled and a fresh fire of patriotism is released for the task ahead. I congratulate General Buhari, Nigeria's President-elect, on his hard won victory. I salute our gallant party leaders and members for running the long distance to victory. To millions of Nigerians, I say this - the APC seeks not power for its sake, but for the purpose of bringing a better life to our people and re-building our country. "This is also democracy' s finest moment. Nigerians alive today have witnessed the beginning of an era of change . They made this happen and they are the true celebrants and they are deserving. Together, we share this victory.Side by side we would work together to bring our country back." Bola Ahmed Tinubu said

APC Buries PDP (Photos)

Supporters of the winning APC party took to the streets this morning carrying caskets draped in PDP flags. The movement which happened in Bornu and Kaduna states started minutes apart and ended when the coffin bearing supporters marched into cemeteries and deposited their luggage.

See more photo after the cut:

Angry Blog Reader Blasts Over Due And Still Forming Ladies (Photo)

Do ladies thats advanced in age still play ‘hard to get’? Of course,I am not saying my woman should come cheap but life is full of ironies, Years ago, I dated a 27 year old ,who was desperate to get married before 30. She was a graduate and had a job, if not for genotype incompatibility- I would have married her then. Laila,I don’t understand why ladies in their late 30s would still be putting up airs or not encouraging suitors. I mean, these ladies should even be more desperate for marriage due to their natural biological disadvantage. The biological advantage is on the side of men, we can father kids at any age. Even 70 year old can still impregnate women. But the older women get, the harder it is to conceive. So, I don’t expect ladies knocking hard on age 40 to be laid back or play ‘hard to get’ -with a serious minded suitor. It’s a luxury better left for ladies in their 20s. Laila, when ‘late -30s’ ladies request for linking, subtly advise them not to play ‘hard to get’ or put up airs.’’

I have lost it with a few sisters too-due to this attitude of a thing. But fact remains that nobody should be compelled to settle for less than she feels she deserves-whatever her age is. What’s the point of getting involved with a setting you will merely manage-instead of enjoying? One can as well stay single and make up her mind to enjoy it. More so, not everyone is cut out for this marriageof a thing. Some going into it are simply buckling under some pressure from the society-nothing more. I also feel God has the final say in all these. We have seen older women who defy biology to have kids. Just as we have had younger women who can’t have kids…it’s really neither here nor there but it’s still best to make hay while the sun shines…as you leave the rest to God.

However, I have a problem with those who really really want something but put up a nauseating attitude. To start with, most of our ladies don’t know how to encourage who is interested in them…even when they are dying of loneliness. I quarrel with ladies a lot when they complain a man isn’t calling as he used to. My response is usually- why should he keep calling you? you no sabi call person? Someone who knows what she wants knows how to make things happen her way with a little nudge here and some encouragement there. If you are introduced to someone you like and he makes the first few contacts…start reciprocating. Don’t always wait for him to call or chat you up. Sometimes you call to know how his day was, ask if he has eaten and jokingly ask what he had for lunch/dinner. From there-you ask what his favourite meal is etc. These small talks will naturally lead you guys to important details about each other-as you talk. It’s really simple if you make the effort. It does not mean you are cheapening yourself at all. No matter how much interested a man is in you…if you don’t encourage him (with your attitude- especially) he will face elsewhere!

Buhari Spotted Dancing Shoki With Jonathan (Photo)

The president elect of the Federal republic of Nigeria was spotted out this morning dancing shoki with GEJ. This is the spirit. I am so proud of my Country

See the photo after the cut:

PDP Heads to Court Over Buhari's Win

The PDP has told journalists in Abuja this morning that they will be heading to court to seek justice for election bias against its candidate.

Dr Bello Fadile, the PDP agent who refused to sign the result sheet when called up by INEC Chairman spoke to journalists and was quoted as saying

    "Whether I sign it (the result sheet) or I don’t sign it,  does not make any difference. It doesn’t invalidate the result‎. When we go to court, then we can challenge the result,” he said.

Dr Bello spoke on the affirmative that the party would be heading to the tribunal

    "Sure! The party petitioned. Don’t forget. So the party will follow through the petition. There are rules for this. The law is there. The result was declared on the 1st of April, I think. We will follow the due process. Like the president (Jonathan) said, ‘If you have any grievances, follow due process and the due process in this instance is to go to the tribunal.”he said

Bode George Admits That he Will Flee The Country

Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Bode George told Vanguard that he will be going on exile.

Hear him:

    "What will I be doing here? I can decide to go and live anywhere. Look at everyone surrounding him (Buhari). So, I am not joking about it, what will I be doing here? At 70, what will I be doing here? All we have been doing to restructure the country has been lost. We have been trying to ensure balance in the polity but all that has gone. What else will I be doing here?” 
Mr George was reportedly sighted at the American embassy this morning. Reports suggests that he may have started processing his Visa or Asylum application

MEND Congratulates Buhari

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, has sent out a congratulatory message to President-elect, Gen Buhari.

The statement was signed by the groups spokesperson, Jomo Gbomo,

    “The Nigerian people have spoken and elected General Mohammadu Buhari to be the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In doing so, we have not only made the right choice of a new leadership, we have also reaffirmed the strength of our democracy. President-elect, General Buhari’s message of hope, freedom and opportunity resonates with our group, as it does with the Nigerian people. In these difficult times, with the economic crisis and security challenges, we are confident that under your leadership, Nigeria will once again regain its peace and unity" the statement read

Blog Reader in Need of Commitment Needs Advice

’ Hello Laila, I am 33 years old blog reader, from the South East. I am a banker. I have dated a guy for about two years now. To the best of my knowledge, we are very fond of each other, he denies me nothing if he can afford it and we enjoy each other’s company a lot but the problem is that he never gets himself to define where this relationship is headed. At a point, I even tried pulling his legs by suggesting we see less and take sex out of the setting. He agreed with my suggestions but in no time...we became sexually involved again. About a year ago, an opportunity came for him to go for further studies abroad; he left without defining our relationship.
He is home now for a brief visit and we have been inseparable since then but he has not said anything about our relationship. My friends are suggesting I bring up the issue by boldly asking him about his plans for this relationship. I want the blog readers to advise me and how to go about it without looking desperate. Thank. He is 38 by the way

Lupita Nyong'o Dazzles in New Fashion Shoot

How beautiful is Lupita Nyong'o, guys? Her stunning features and gorgeous complexion, mixed with her acting prowess, saw her become the stand-out star during the 2014 awards season. And now she is slaying on the cover of  Harper’s Bazaar's May Issue. You like? See more photos after the cut.

Patience Jonathan Commences Packing Out of Aso Villa

As the election result trickled in and it became evident that President Goodluck Jonathan had lost, his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, yesterday commenced the process of moving out of the presidential villa.

Leadershipng reports that a Presidency source said she summoned her domestic staff and ordered them to pack her personal belongings in readiness for the change of guard.
“By 6pm, the truck had made two trips”, the source reported.
It is, however, unknown where the First Lady’s property were transported to. Mrs Jonathan was very visible at the presidential rallies and made vile comments about the president-elect and his party.

''I Regret My Action'' - Orubebe Apologizes to Nigerians

Former Niger Delta Affairs Minister Elder Godsday Orubebe last night apologised for his outburst during the release of elections results in Abuja. He regretted that he allowed his emotion to betray him and has pleaded with Niger Delta youths not to perpetrate violence because of the election of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Orubebe, who held up proceedings for about 30 minutes, told reporters in Abuja:
”Election is a passionate thing and I really regret what took place this morning. I was unnecessarily pushed by Jega to get to that level. I want to apologise particularly to young Nigerians that look up to take politics as a career to say that what happened was

Kylie Jenner & her Growing Behind Stun in New Photos

She is the youngest member of the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' clan but recently, it's  been pretty obvious Kylie Jenner is gradually taking over from her big sis Kim. Check out the young diva's look when she was spotted out and about yesterday, guys!

Kylie turned heads when she stepped out in an all jean outfit and got social media talking much more when she turned her back on the camera. See what I mean after the cut.

Polls Celebration Gone Wrong: Lamido’s Aide Kills One, Injures 4 with Car

Special Adviser on Religious Affairs to Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State, Alhaji Isah Ahmed Duniya Bahutu, Monday, knocked down and killed an ex-soldier (names withheld) and injured four others in Birnin-Kudu Local Government Area of Jigawa State.
The accident occurred when the special adviser was returning from Kiyako, his village, a few kilometres away from the headquarters of Birnin-Kudu Local Government.

Vanguard gathered that the governor’s aide ran over a group of youths, who were celebrating All Progressives Congress, APC’s senatorial victory, having barricaded the main road.

Bahutu, a former state chairman of Jigawa PDP, ran into the gathering, lost control and hit the

INEC Declares Buhari Winner, PDP Rep Fails to Sign Result Sheet

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has finally announced the results for the last Saturday’s Presidential election. According to the commission, the All Progressive Congress (APC) polled a total of 15,424,921 to defeat the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who only got 12, 853,162 votes. Whe it was time to sign the result sheet, the PDP rep failed to sign. He however spoke with Professor Jega briefly before shaking hands and walking away.

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