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Photos: Parking Attendant at Hotel Destroys N90m Ferrari GTO after Thinking Accelerator was Brake

A valet parking attendant in Italy accidentally rammed a £300,000 Ferrari into a shop front after mistaking the brake for the accelerator.

The attendant was supposed to be delivering the rare supercar, which can accelerate from a standing start to 60mph in three seconds, to its owners, a Dutch couple who had taken part in a meeting of Ferrari enthusiasts in Anzio, south of Rome. The owners were staying just a few streets away from where the car was being stored.

Instead of gently guiding the bright red Ferrari 599 GTO towards the Hotel Exedra, a mortified

Man Cuts Off Girlfriend’s Breast, Dumps her Body in Pit Toilet

Residents of Balogun area of Osogbo were shocked when detectives from Osun State Police Command exhumed the decomposing remains of a 19-year-old girl, Bilikisu from a pit toilet at Abaja compound of the town.

It was gathered that a middle-aged man simply identified as Soji allegedly dumped the corpse in the pit toilet after she was killed. Sources  told Vanguard that Bilikisu was Soji’s girlfriend for over two years before her death.

Soji who is now at large was said to have removed Bilikisu’s breasts before dumping her remains  in

''Surround Yourself with the ‘Right’ People'' - Father Mbaka Tells Buhari

Fiery Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has congratulated General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) on his victory in the March 28 Presidential election.

Mbaka, whose New Year Message, “From Goodluck to Badluck,” became a major talking point during the campaigns for the election, said Buhari’s emergence was a divine victory for all Nigerians.
Speaking through his spokesman, Maximus Ugwuoke, Mbaka also noted that Buhari’s victory was a fulfillment of his prophecy in the New Year Message.

However, he urged the President-Elect to seek divine wisdom before appointing people who will

Day-long Siege of Kenya Garissa University Comes to Bloody End: 147 Dead, 160 Still Missing (Photos)

At least 147 people were killed after al-Shabab militants attacked a university in northeastern Kenya today. 79 students had been injured in the attack, 587 had been evacuated while 160 students are still unaccounted for, Kenya's interior ministry said.

Members of the Somalia-based group attacked the campus at about 5:30am on Thursday shooting some young people and taking others hostage. Students at the college were sleeping when the militants attacked, fatally shooting two security guards and starting their bloody rampage.
“If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot,” said Collins Wetangula, a student who was in a dormitory when gunmen burst in, opening doors and asking whether

Man Beaten to Coma in Lagos after He Refuses to Pay Prostitute cos of Buhari Promo

A certain man, Haruna Lawal reportedly landed on a hospital bed after having fun with a commercial sex worker in Ejigbo area of Lagos without paying.

Lawal had gone to a red light zone after reading online that the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes had declared a three-day free sex promo to celebrate the victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the APC in the just concluded presidential poll.

According to reports, Lawal, after having rounds of fun with the sex hawker all through the night, zipped up the following morning and thanked her for ‘driving him very well’. However, problem erupted when the lady demanded for her pay and Lawal reminded her of the ongoing promo

The 10 Most Evil Dictators In History

I found this interesting piece on a website known as Warrior... It lists and highlights in details, the ten most evil dictators the world has ever produced, and their various crimes..
(WARNING: Some of you may find the details gory, so your discretion is strongly advised)
The piece, after the cut...

See A New Car That Drives For 100Yrs Before Refuelling (Photos)

The new Thorium car, created by a company called Laser Power Systems, is completely emission-free, turbine-free, and is electricity generated. It’s one of the new sustainable-powered engines to show just how unnecessary modern day propulsion engines are and also offer an exciting alternative.

Fueled by nuclear thorium lasers, this engine only needs 8 grams of fuels every 100 years. Charles Stevens, the CEO and chairman of the Connecticut-based company, claims that one gram of thorium yields the energy of 7,500 gallons of gasoline.  Harnessed by heating the energy from an external source, the energy becomes so dense the molecules produce heat. A vehicle that needs refilling once a lifetime.

It seems many countries and military agencies have been experimenting with this type of energy to power vehicles for a number of years. And now with designs to create a car for the public, those who find their gasoline budget a sensitive topic may find relief in this model.

The car will be released into the open market by 2018

See more thorium car designs after the cut:

Check Out These Cool, Hilarious Fun Facts, Guys

These Facts are surprisingly true, but very exciting and hilarious..... see them, after the cut... Enjoy !!

Checkout Beverly Osu Without an Ounce of Makeup (Photo)

Isnt she beautiful?

Listen to Audio Recording of President Jonathan's Call to Buhari

My respect for this man has multiplied ten folds. Listen to the historic call here

Autopsy Reports Shows That Facebook Lover Died of Natural Causes

A police officer who is in charge of murder cases at the Criminal Investigative Department (SCID) in Lagos disclosed that an autopsy carried out on Kemi Faboro, the young lady who died after meeting with her married Facebook lover, Christopher Ezekiel, at her home in Ogba Lagos on March 14th, confirms that she died of natural causes, ruling out any foul play.

Mr Ezekiel, The married male lover who was suspected to have killed her has been in police custody since Faboro's death and will soon be released.

Baby Born Yesterday Named Muhammad (Change) Buhari aka 'Saibaba' (Photo)

As Nigerians are still basking in the euphoria of their new president-elect, General Muhammad Buhari, a family has done the unexpected.

Yesterday evening, a bouncing baby was born into the family of Ahmad Gwamma. The father of the baby did the unexpected as he was said to have named the boy Muhammad ( Change ) Buhari aka ” Saibaba”.

According to reports, the proud father said he did it so that the boy would also become the Nigerian president by the year 2088 when Lil’Buhari would be 73 yrs old too.

Anglican Blog Reader Mandated To Wed in Catholic Church Needs Help

Madam Laila Ijeoma.
Compliments. I am in my mid 30s-a business man. My woman is in the same age bracket with me. We started dating about two years ago and the relationship produced a baby girl. I have made moves to wed her on several occasions but her people are making things difficult for me. Right from the time I met her,I knew she is from a staunch catholic home but I didn’t envisage it would affect our relationship this much. When I realized she was pregnant,I made moves to marry her officially but the issue became ‘where to wed her and baptize the baby’. Her mum is a bit neutral but her dad and her elder brother(who is a reverend father) made so much issue out of it that I simply decided to cool it – so that she can have the baby in peace. Recently,I made moves to marry her-and the same issue(of where to wed) is rearing its ugly head again. The elder brother(who is a reverend father) even called me for a meeting recently and asked me to put my consent down in writing that all my kids will be brought up in the catholic faith(beginning with their baptism),I told him that I will do no such thing. I left his office in annoyance. All these while,I have managed to keep the issue to my self but had to open up to my people recently-when my mum asked why my woman is still living in her father’s house with my baby. My mother became livid at their audacity and has made it clear that I should consider ‘searching’ for a life partner again. At a time,I even wanted us to just have the traditional rites and leave the church thing out of it…my woman gave me a favourable response but changed over night-after talking with her people. I love my baby and I think they are using her as a bait-to make me dance to their tune. Truth is that I am not sure I want to have anything more to do with that family but I do not want to be accused of using and dumping anybody. I need your sincere advice please. We are from the South East. My woman doesn’t have a job-yet…even though she trained as a teacher’’

Funmi Iyanda Shares Controversial Thought !!! Guys, do You Agree?

Who is with Funmi on this?

10 Shocking Traits Of Genius

  • Virginity And Masturbation
It plays into the common conception of the more academically inclined among us that smarter people tend to spend less intimate time with other people. The reasons, however, may be more complicated than the simple explanations (no one wants to cuddle a nerd) we’re used to. Recent studies of students and graduates of top universities, including MIT, indicate that the number of sexual partners per student was significantly lower than the average-intelligence control group. The rate of virginity amongst graduates was also noticeably high at about 45 percent.

There’s a number of theories to explain this phenomenon, but it comes down to a few key factors. First, the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for masculine features in males, works in contradiction to the chemicals that influence intelligence. Testosterone has even been shown to inhibit intelligence—big shock, right? The second factor is that intelligent people are more acutely aware of risk. Sex in the modern age is inherently dangerous, and the more astute mind may easily perceive this as an unnecessary risk, especially when self-pleasure or abstinence present virtually no danger at all. Third, focused individuals who spend time on their education tend to be more reclusive, viewing social gatherings as less important than other things. This limits the amount of exposure to the opposite sex and therefore decreases the opportunities to procreate.

The result of all this anti-copulation? Sources in the UK are reporting that LoveHoney, a sex toy retailer, has uncovered an unusually large amount of money being spent on products for personal pleasure from universities in the area. Oxford and Cambridge take the top spots, spending more than double the amount of Manchester and Lancaster.
  • Drug Use
Researchers received quite a shock when they interviewed nearly 8,000 people and found that those with higher IQs were more likely to experiment with illegal drugs. Conventional wisdom would dictate that smarter people would be aware of the inherent dangers involved with drug use and the potential life altering effects. What they discovered, however, was that higher-IQ subjects were significantly more open to new experiences, such as illicit drug use.
How much more open? Men were 50 percent more likely to take amphetamines and 65 percent more likely to experiment with ecstasy. This was even after having taken socioeconomic status into account. Interestingly enough, these subjects are also generally more likely to not smoke, eat healthier diets, and enjoy higher social and economic standing in their communities. So, why the drugs? As with alcohol, the researchers say smarter people are more likely to seek out experimental and novel experiences.

''As Buhari Win, My Dressing Don Change'' - Maheeda (Photo)

Afrocandy said she won't be returning back to Nigeria because Buhari won. Now, Maheeda says her don change as Buhari win. lmao...

Angry Nigerians Attack Reuben Abati on Twitter

After a long silence since Gen Buhari was announced winner of the presidential election, president Goodluck Jonathan's spokesman Reuben Abati resumed tweeting. Only for this to happen. Tweets continue after the cut.

''For Us in the PDP, We Want to State in Very Clear Terms That We Are NOT Down''

Read below an official statement from the PDP signed by her chairman, Adamu Mu'azu.
Sixteen years ago, Nigerians gave our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the mandate to build, nurture and deepen democracy after three decades of military rule in our country.
That historic mandate was freely given in recognition of the courageous and patriotic role of the founding fathers of our party whose resilience and doggedness championed the return of democracy and the personal freedom we all enjoy today.
Within this period, our party worked very hard in rebuilding and

Meet the Oldest Person in the World Now - Gertrude Weaver (Photos)

Gertrude Weaver
With the death on Wednesday of 117-year-old Japanese woman Misao Okawa, an American, Gertrude Weaver, is now the world's oldest person.

In fact, the three oldest people in the world, as documented by the Guinness Book of Records, are Americans. Joining Weaver, who lives in Arkansas, are Michigan's Jeralean Talley and New York City's Susannah Mushatt Jones. The three are among only four people still living who were born in the 1800s. The other is Italy's Emma Morano.

Weaver, like Okawa, was born in 1898, and is due to turn 117 on July 4. The other three were born in 1899. See their pics after the cut.

''We will Crush BOKO HARAM within Two Months'' - Buhari

President –Elect, Muhammadu Buhari has reassured that his administration will crush the Boko Haram militants within two months of his assuming office. General Buhari spoke yesterday evening during an interview with Chris­tiane Amanpour on CNN, monitored in Lagos.

He said there is insecu­rity in the north-east and in the Niger Delta regions just as he explains:
 “we know how they started and where they are now and we will rapidly give attention to security in the country. And I believe we will ef­fectively deal with them in two months when we get into office.”
He said the Federal Government made some mistakes in its fight against Boko Haram and his

5 Major Reasons GEJ Lost the Nigerian Election - UK Guardian

For the first time ever a Nigerian president failed to win the popular vote. It’s a landmark for democracy, but where did it all go wrong for Jonathan? Nigerian historian, Max Siollun listed out 5 major reasons in a new article on UK Guardian. Who else agrees with him?
Goodluck Jonathan has earned the dubious distinction of being the first president in Nigerian history to lose an election. In many ways, Jonathan was the architect of his own downfall. He made critical mistakes that turned the public and allies against him, and led them to gravitate towards the opposition. Here’s where it all went wrong:
  • 1. Don’t cross the boss
When Nigeria emerged from 15 years of military rule in 1999, Jonathan’s Peoples Democratic party (PDP) was formed by wealthy retired generals to inherit power from the military. One of the godfathers was General Olusegun Obasanjo, who has governed

''I’m a Very, Very Happily Single Girl'' - Ini Edo

Ever lovely, adorable, charming actress Ini Edo has in a new interview said she's happily single. Ini told Encomium:
  • You seem to have got your groove back after you split with your former husband, Philip?
I have always had my groove (laughs).  But you know now, I’m a happy person all the time.  Life is too short to dwell on regrets and pains.
  • All the talks about moving into a new house, driving posh automobiles…
I don’t dwell on those things.  I just want to keep doing better films, doing good in my profession.  I just want to keep growing.
  • The story is that you are in a fresh romance.  Are you back in love now?
No, I’m not.  I’m in love with myself.  I’m a single girl, very, very happily single.

This is the House where Gen Buhari was Born (Photos) + Meet his Sister

On Tuesday, opposition leader General Muhammadu Buhari was elected President of Nigeria. Many across northern Nigeria, especially in Daura his birthplace, have been celebrating ever since.

The BBC's Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar visited the very house where Gen Buhari was born and here are photos. I munched them from the video the news site released and they truly reflect Buhari's humble beginnings. His relatives still live there.

After the cut is also pictured Gen Buhari's sister Rakiya Amadodo Muhammadu, who says she's excited and elated that he's been elected president of Nigeria.

Asari-Dokubo Issues New Threat - ''Buhari’s Victory might Force Us to Return to Militancy''

Former Niger-Delta militant, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, says with the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan, he and other militants may be forced to return to the creeks.

Asari-Dokubo, who hails from the same state as Jonathan, according to PUNCH said in a statement by his spokesperson, Rex Anighoro, that the voting pattern showed that the South-West and the North ganged up against the South-South and South-East geo-political zones. And it was unfair that the minorities were being emasculated by the majority ethnic groups.

He said he feared that the government of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, would be vicious.
Asari-Dokubo said:

Wow! How Did This Happen?

What a coincidence! Here is another one too - Gen Buhari is the 4th elected president in the 4th republic after his 4th attempt and was declared winner in the 4th month of the year!

Girl Born With Elephant Trunk Deformity Becomes a demigod in India (Graphic)

Villagers near Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, have flocked to see the 'divine' girl in the belief she is an incarnation of the elephant-headed god Ganesha after she was born with a facial deformity resembling an elephant's trunk. The baby girl is reportedly being worshipped like a god in India
The newborn's aunt, named as Rajani, told the news agency: "My sister-in-law gave birth to a girl and her face looks exactly like Lord Ganesha.

"Everybody is saying she is an incarnation of the god.

"This is why whoever hears about her is coming here to get a glimpse of the baby and are making whatever offerings possible."

April Fool Pranking Gone Wrong

When Hayleigh Mcbay dumped her boyfriend for an April Fools' Day prank, the last thing she expected was for him to agree with her.

She messaged him on WhatsApp to announce that she did not want to be his girlfriend anymore, expecting to freak him out.

Hayleigh said: "I don't want to be with you anymore. I am not happy."

See Airline Where Hot Strippers Serve as Air Hostesses (Photos)

An Unnamed Russian airline is under severe fire for having lewd strippers as part of its flight crew after images of some of its air stewardesses stripping off in cockpits and even performing sex acts was released.

The shocking images, found by Polish media, provide an alarming glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes during flights.

The images include a Russian stewardess, who flashes her cleavage, and a Russian air hostess, who hides out of view of passengers as she hoists up her skirt to show off her stockings.

In another picture, an air hostess exposes her thong-clad behind in front of a male steward.
Both were later sacked after the company confirmed the images were genuine although they had been taken when the plane was not in flight.

Chinese media reported at the time that the pair were a couple and the pilot claimed the pictures had been stolen from his personal computer and distributed online without his knowledge.

See more lewdness after the cut:

Meet The Black Widow of Facebook (Photo)

A glamorous 21-year-old model named Sofia Davila has been dubbed the 'Black Widow of Facebook' after police received reports from more than 15 men saying they had been drugged, raped and robbed by Sofia.

The young pretty woman posted scores of raunchy pictures on the social media site before seducing men online, meeting with them and spiking their drinks.

Officers had already received scores of similar complaints from men saying they had been seduced and swindled by a woman matching Davila's description in the Argentinian capital, Beunos Aires.

Detectives now say the glamorous brunette has confessed to more than 15 robberies and will appear in court later this year.

Victim Diego Escalante, 39, claims he woke up to find his feet and hands tied and two men emptying his apartment.

He said:
"We had been flirting with each other for about two weeks and then she suggested we get together.
"We went to a hotel and had a good time and when she suggested we meet again I didn’t think anything was suspicious.
"The next time we met she came to my place and said she’d like to drink her own alcohol and poured me one too.
"I then began to fill ill and passed out.
"When I woke up my feet and hands were tied and there were two men in my flat taking my TV, stereo and other things."

Two male accomplices of the alleged con artist have also been arrested.

Teacher Hacks Off Students Penis With an Axe During Physics Practicals (Photo)

A teacher has mistakenly struck an axe at the genitals of one of his students in a science experiment that went disastrously wrong and brutally hacked off the students penis.

The teacher was lecturing a class full of pupils, the science of balance and brute force when his crazy practicals went horribly wrong. The other students who are all recording the experiment on their mobile phones couldnt believe their eyes as the student burst into tears after the axe missed the target.

In the clip, the teacher appears to attempt to crack open a breezeblock that is balancing on the chest of one of his students using an axe.

Standing with his legs either side of the pupil, the teacher swings the axe over his shoulder.
But as he brings the sharp-edged tool down towards the concrete block, he loses his footing and slips, striking to axe into the student's genitals.

The student flinches violently in pain before the 17 second video abruptly cuts off.

See What Cossy Orjiakor And Her Boobs Has Been up to

Peep the guy trying to maintain ....Lol!!!!!!!!!!

VP Elect Osinbajo Spotted Mingling With Pretty Abuja Girls (Photo)

I love this man already

Obasanjo Writes Buhari an Advisory Letter

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has written the President elect, Gen Buhari a letter. In the letter, He emphasized on reinventing the military.
"I hasten to congratulate you on your success and victory in the Presidential Elections of March 28, 2015. Your success and victory after three previous unsuccessful attempts must be great object lessons for you and for all politicians, particularly in Nigeria. For me, the totality of 2015 elections hold many lessons for our democracy and democratisation process, which are both maturing. On this occasion, the system has been unnecessarily overheated before and particularly during the campaigns when emphasis was more on trivialities and hate, divisive, undignifying and disrespectful statements and comments rather than on pressing issues requiring attention.

I know that in victory, you will be magnanimous to start binding the wounds and bitterness occasioned by the campaign and the evil disciples.

With so much harm already done to many national institutions including the military, which proudly nurtured you and me, you will have a lot to do on institution reform, education, healthcare, economy, security, infrastructure, power, youth employment, agribusiness, oil and gas, external affairs, cohesiveness of our nation and ridding our land of corruption.

Your varied and wide experience will undoubtedly stand you in good stead. I am also sure that there are men and women of goodwill, character and virtue across the board that you can mobilise to join hands with you in the reform, repairs and redirection that will be imperative to put Nigeria back on the fast lane of good governance, unity, cohesiveness, development and progress.

Once again, I felicitate with you and wish you well".

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