Friday, April 3

OMG!!! You Can Now Download And Print a 3D Gun Online

It is now possible to go to the internet and download a gun and then print it out and shot somebody dead. sounds strange? yeah but unfortunately, it has become a reality

In 2012, the U.S.-based group Defense Distributed disclosed plans to design a working plastic gun that could be downloaded and reproduced by anybody with a 3D printer."Defense Distributed has also designed a 3D printable AR-15 type rifle lower receiver (capable of lasting more than 650 rounds) and a 30 round M16 magazine.Soon after Defense Distributed succeeded in designing the first working blueprint to produce a plastic gun with a 3D printer in May 2013, the United States Department of State demanded that they remove the instructions from their website.

Gov. Rotimi Amaechi Spotted Carrying a Big Cross (Photos)

This man is such a character.

See another photo after the cut:

PHOTOS: The Acting of Stations of the Cross

Every Good Friday, Catholics all over the World commemorate the death of Jesus Christ. Most churches act the Stations of the Cross. These are parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Enugu

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The Thrill of Thresome Sex in Marriage

I must confess that the first time I heard that some marital arrangements are beginning to accommodate this oddness…I did not believe it. Not until a lady wrote me a few days ago. That her ‘abroad returnee’ husband suggested they make their sex life more exciting by bringing in a female participant. This was after she had their second baby. She said that when she objected-he asked if she would rather prefer he starts cheating on her-with someone out there. She also claimed that he gave her the liberty to bring in whoever she prefers. Grudgingly-she gave in. That was the genesis of the ‘three some’ that is now threatening to tear her marriage apart. She said that on the occasions that the said lady (whom they normally pay off after every session) joined them…that her husband reluctantly touched her because he concentrated more on the other lady. And these days, he hardly touches her when they are alone!

Another male friend(whose line of business has to do with ‘women’s things’) said that a good number of his supposed married female clients have actually approached him with requests such as helping them to find a willing participant-in a ‘three some’ arrangement. These women take it upon themselves to look for a willing participant (usually young girls that are in for the money)-rather than risk their husbands making out (elsewhere) with someone they don’t know. I also hear there are exclusive social settings that are purely for couples that want to sample each other’s ‘better half’…this, they call ‘swinging.’

NIS Immigration CBT Shortlist Out. (Check Now)

If you registered for the NIS federal civil service commission recruitment online,  Click here to check your status

Billionaire Daughter DJ Cuppy Stuns in New Photos

Femi Otedola's beautiful DJ daughter Cuppy is currrently in Manhattan, New York city.

Isnt she the hottest DJ ever?

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WTF !!! Is This Fashion or Madness?

Prince Uzoegwu is at it again.

Guys, is this Fashion or madness?

France Bans Skinny Models

According to Reuters, France's lower house of parliament on Friday passed a measure, banning excessively thin fashion models and exposing modeling agencies and the fashion houses that hire them to possible fines and even jail.
The measure is part of a wider crack-down on anorexia backed by President Francois Hollande's government. Lawmakers during the night approved a separate measure making it illegal to condone anorexia, a move targeting Internet sites that encourage dangerous weight loss.

I think this is a step in the direction... What do you think guys?

See The Real Life Valley of Shadow of Death (Photos)

The worlds most dangerous road was built from 1901 to 1905, the path provides access to a hydro-electric plant and took its name after an official visit by Alfonso VIII of Spain in 1921. The trail known as El Caminito del Rey, or king's little footpath, is a five-mile walkway on the side of the Gaitanes Gorge in El Chorro-Alora near Malaga in southern Spain.

But over the years, it was neglected and became more dangerous for people trying to walk, culminating in a number of deaths around 15 years ago.

Closing in 2000 after a number of people fell to their deaths, the path reopened last weekend after a safer footpath was installed above the original, a restoration which has been ongoing for four years and reportedly cost €5.5m.

An estimated 500 tons of metal and concrete were used to fortify, rebuild, strengthen and resurrect the route.

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See Pela Okhiemute's Bleaching Cream Customers (Photo)

Bleaching cream expert Pela Okhiemute shared the photo of the white ladies on IG and they look whitenicious

Checkout This Shocking Photo of Justin Bieber

The 21-year-old star has appeared on Spike TV’s new Lip Sync Battle as Ozzy Osbourne complete with a long, black wig and eyeliner for a performance of the 1980’s hit Crazy Train, Bieber hit the stage and gave it his all.

What is Wrong With This Photo

See anything strange?

Joseph And Adaeze Yobo Welcome Adorable Baby Boy ( Photos)

Joseph Yobo and his wife Adaeze welcomed a bouncing baby boy early hours of today April 3rd 2015.
The good news was announced by Adaeze by sharing the picture below on her page.

Congratulations to them

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Kano State INEC REC, Wife And Entire Family Burnt to Death Last Night

The Kano Resident Electoral Commissioner, Alhaji Abdullahi Minkaila, his wife and two children were burnt to death in a mysterious fire outbreak at their home at the Farm Centre axis, within Kano metropolis last night April 2nd.

Alhaji Minkaila who supervised last Saturday's presidential and national assembly elections in Kano and his family members were rushed to the Murtala Mohammed specialist hospital where they gave up the ghost this morning. Residents in the area described the fire as mysterious.

Confirming the incident, Kano Police Command's Public Relations Officer, ASP Magaji Musa Majia told our correspondent on phone this morning that the victims, Abdullahi and his family, were immediately rushed to the hospital when the incident was discovered, but could not make it as they were confirmed dead this morning by the doctors.
"It is really very tragic and the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. They were suffocated to death—Mr. Abdullahi, his wife and two daughters. No one can tell for now, what really happened; but we have launched full investigation into the matter.
"As I am speaking with you, I am right here in the hospital with the Commissioner of Police; and we will keep you informed as we begin to unravel the mystery behind this tragic incident," Majia said.
Details later

The Nemesis of Pettiness: Focus on AIT And NTA

I switched on my TV set this morning and saw a documentary showing the disenfranchisement of Rotimi Amaechi and The APC in Rivers State. I was shocked when I looked at the station logo and discovered to my amazement that it was AIT. I was speechless. In a strange and bizarre hypocritical turnaround, AIT has somersaulted and has started praising APC while NTA suddenly announced that Buhari now has a masters degree. How petty can people get? NTA is pardonable because it is a state run media house but what stunned Nigerians was AIT.

High chief, Raymond Dokpesi disappointed many Nigerians and made an errant mockery of professional journalism when it aligned with the PDP and started airing biased, libelous and outright defamative programmes laced in falsehood in mockery of eminent Nigerians whom are members of the APC during the 2015 presidential election campaigns.

AIT became a pawn in the chess board of the PDP and broadcast obscenities in an apperent smear campaign against the opposition. Ordinarily, AIT as a privately owned TV Station, is entitled to collect money to advertise or air anything it wants on its privately owned radio station. However, when it comes to public issues, news or matters affecting the destiny of our nation, it should be a criminal act for a nationally licensed TV Station to allow itself to be used shamelessly to propagate falsehood against a contestant in the Nigerian elections.

Dear TILBers, Talk To Buhari

Come May 29th, President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari would be sworn in as the new president of this great, but massively complicated country, and he will need all the help he can get to run this country exactly the way we want it or better still, the way it should be run.....
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What The Hell is This? (Photo)

I hope its a joke

APC Warns Aisha Buhari to Snub Billionaire Bola Shagaya

Bola Shagaya is in the spot light again. The billionaire business woman was trending on twitter last night after reports suggests that she's planning to host a lavish dinner for the incoming First Lady, Aisha Buhari. Bola Shagaya is known to be friends with all government in power. She was close friends with Mrs Babangida, Mrs Abacha, Mrs Abubakar, late Mrs Stella Obasanjo, Mrs Jonathan and now Aisha Buhari. Bola is one of the richest women in Africa.

The Kwara born billionaire is among the few top wealthy Nigerians who owns private jets. She acquired the latest edition of a brand new Gulfstream G650 model jet reportedly worth N11.5 billion last year in commemoration of her 55th birthday on October 10, 2014.

It is arguably the fastest civilian jet in the world, has room for a basketball court, 8,000-statute-mile range and some of the most sophisticated avionics rivaling nearly anything in the sky. And it’s also perfect for doing business on a global scale. Gulfstream described the aircraft as ultra-high-speed, ultra-long-range business jet and the gold standard in business aviation.

The main price of the aircraft is $65 million but other charges could have raised it to $71 million, and according to US-based Forbes magazine, the Gulfstream G650 has an order book of 200 customers throughout the world.

See her private jet after the cut:

What is Good About Good Friday?

Significance of Good Friday

Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed his life for the sins of the world. Some people stay fasting and meditating throughout the day to show the agony and pain that they feel because Jesus was hanged on cross and nailed and left to die there. But most of the Christians believe that the 'good' about Good Friday is the hope of resurrection and new life that was showered on Jesus from God.

Good Friday is one of the crucial moments in Christians' lives and has great traditional significance too. Jesus sacrificed his life to help human beings get rid of the sins that separate them from God. This was the time when people lost hope. But very soon, when Jesus rose from death, it created hope and anticipation in people's mind and heart.

OMG !!! See The Sweetest Easter Gift Ever (Photos)

Britain's biggest playboy and Broker star Danny Lambo has just brought the world's first chocolate running bath for his girlfriend Natasha Flynn. As an Easter present.

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Doctor Fired After Telling His Patients That They Have AIDS In April Fool Pranks

A doctor in Chicago has been arrested for allegedly telling all his patients that they were all HIV positive as an April Fools joke.

Dr. Prince Johnson, who is local Chicago Doctor was arrested a few hours ago after suspicion of giving patients false HIV test results. Read more from Huzlers:

Patients and NURSES began getting suspicious after 16 patients “tested positive for HIV”, until nurses found out the truth, Dr. Johnson was playing an April fools joke on all his patients.

Upon realizing Dr. Johnson was being dishonest, patients called the authorities and Dr. Johnson was immediately arrested. “I can’t believe this was all a part of a sick April fools joke, I’m so relieved to find out i actually don’t have HIV”, says Clarissa, a patient of Dr. Johnson. Although nurses cleared up actual the HIV results, not everyone left the clinic with relief. According to nurses, there was a patient, who Dr. Johnson had told was HIV negative, only to find out she was actually HIV positive.

But when was Dr. Johnson going to tell his patients “April fools”? After searching Dr. Johnson’s office for more evidence, authorities stumbled upon a small stack of greeting cards with “APRIL FOOLS N*GGA” written inside each one of the cards, along with a picture of NBA legend Magic Johnson. Authorities are sure Dr. Johnson was planning to give the cards to his patients at some time.

What is Wrong With This Photo?

See anything unusual?

Entire Neighbourhood Get High After Police Burned 3.3 Tonnes of Weed

An entire neighbourhood accidentally got high after police burned 3.3 tonnes of seized cannabis.

Officers in West Jakarta, Indonesia, sparked the pile of drugs on Wednesday.

The smoke spread to nearby homes where locals suffered dizziness and headaches, reports

Police wore masks but those without succumbed to the powerful marijuana fumes. People ran up and down the streets while some started a party.

Nearly two kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and more than 2,500 ecstasy pills were also destroyed – but not with fire

Boko Haram Bombs a Bus Park in Gombe

An explosion near a bus station in the northeast Nigerian city of Gombe killed at least five and injured 15 others, witnesses told AFP on Thursday, in an attack that bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram.

“We had an explosion outside the motor park (bus station) this evening around 8:30 pm (1930 GMT) which killed five people and injured 15 others,” said Muhammad Garkuwa, a drivers’ union official.

“The explosion was from an explosive left by a woman in her handbag beside a bus waiting to convey passengers to Jos,” he said in an account supported by a nearby food seller.

The attack is the latest in a string of similar explosions against so-called “soft targets” such as busy bus stations and crowded markets in the restive northeast, which has been hit for the last six years by Boko Haram Islamists.

The group has been pushed out of captured territory in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states since February by a four-nation coalition of troops from Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

World Ugliest Woman Dies at 67 (Photo)

The Guinness world record holder as the worlds ugliest woman, Anne Woods,  has died aged 67.

She passed away at the weekend after a lifetime of dominating competition from all over the globe to be crowned the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’ a whopping 28 times.

Anne was renowned for performing to her signature track You’re Gorgeous.

Her first appearance was at Crab Fair in Egremont, Cumbria, in 1977.

Man Steals N15M After Digging Tunnel Under ATM Machine (Photos)

Thieves tunnelled underneath a convenience store to steal thousands of pounds of cash from under an ATM machine.

It is estimated that the thieves stole up to N15,000,000 from the ATM at Tesco Express in Whitworth Road, Rochdale.

The theft was discovered when Tesco staff called a maintenance man to fix the cash machine and he uncovered the tunnel.

The mole burglars removed cash cassettes, with their tunnel causing more than £2,000 of damage at the store.

Police are currently investigating the theft.

See more photo after the cut:

Monarch Escapes From Palace After Subjects Revolted His Against His PDP Membership

The Alaagba of Aagba, Oba Rufus Ogunwole, narrowly escaped death as hoodlums stormed his palace on Wednesday evening and caused the destruction of the palace.

The youths, according to a palace source, carted away the royal crown, staff of office, beaded walking stick and other paraphernalia of office of  the monarch before they left.

Several vehicles, including one Toyota Venza, and Toyota Camry were completely destroyed.

Houses of some chiefs in the community, including the residence  of Eesa of Aagba, Chief James Bamigbola, were  attacked and his car was also vandalised.

Oluseye Aborisade, a resident of the town, told reporters that the monarch was believed to be a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, saying that was why he was attacked.

The Commissioner of Police in Osun State, Mr. Sam Okaula, confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with a reporter.

Okaula said 10 suspects had been arrested in connection with the violence, adding that they would be charged to court if found culpable

Wendy Williams Throws Epic Shade at Oprah And Karrueche

Controversial talk show host Wendy Williams has attacked Oprah Winfrey and Karrueche Tran on live TV.

She said"

    "Oprah, what has happened to you. Now look Oprah, not for nothing. When you first got OWN, you said you weren't going to do reality TV and meanwhile, you have nothing but ratchetness. Oprah, welcome to the basement. It's nice down here, huh?"
    "We know why Karrueche was with Chris Brown. She claims she was with Chris because of his nice personality or whatever. She was with Chris because she was a THOT who was after a dollar. Are you serious? Right? I mean, this is not exactly a girl who has her own business and her own coins. That’s the stupidest question to ask a girl of this nature. Like why is she with a celebrity who is wealthy…duh…for a come-up! 
    My thing with Karrueche, and we can't blame her, there aren't enough rooms at Harvard for everybody. There are some girls who have to date to come up.  
    Karrueche, you're 26 years old and it's time you work on yourself because she's a cutie but 'cute' only last for this long. Cute girls are a dime a dozen and there are girls in the audience cuter than you

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