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Regina Askia's Daughter Stephanie Involved in a Ghastly Car Accident

Former beauty queen/actress Regina Askia's first child, Stephanie Regina Hornecker, have been involved in a ghastly car accident. It happened in Ivory Coast last Wednesday where Stephanie was interning in her father's company and catching a vacation.

She was on the way back home with friends driving when her car took a full side impact from a truck in an intersection Thankfully, Stephanie was in the back seat and had her seat belt on. Read the story Regina Askia posted on her Facebook page 2 hours ago. Stephanie refused to tell her mum till today.

Who Rocked it Better? Rukky Sanda VS Bestie Ebube Nwagbo

I had seen this outfit on Rukky Sanda today and immediately remembered that Ebube wore something similar to Ini Edo's birthday. So between the two actresses, who would you say nailed the look better? More pics after the cut.

New Loved Up Photos of Frank Edoho & Wife, Sandra

It's been nearly two years since they had their traditional wedding, Frank Edoho and wife, Sandra Onyenucheya Edoho are still going strong. See another photo after the cut.

Woman Placed on Oxygen Dies after NEPA Took Light & Generator Refused to Come Up

Mr Yemi Oketunji took to Twitter to call out the hospital where this happened. So sad!

John Fashanu's Sister Slams Abigail in New Interview; Says She Attacked John with Samurai Sword

John Fashanu’s sister has joined the very messy drama between football star Joseph Yobo's mother in law, Abigail Onyekwelu and her estranged husband John with new claims that Abigail attacked John with a ­samurai sword.

You recall that former England and Wimbledon striker Fashanu, 52, told the Sunday People two weeks ago that Abigail attacked him with a knife, stole cash and slept with a woman during their four-year marriage. Allegations Abigail immediately denied and instead hit back with claims that she found John in bed with two women.

Well, according to Princess Fashanu, who lives in her brother’s 20-bedroom mansion, she witnessed a series of attacks by “crazy” socialite Abigail Onyekwelu. She told the MirrorUK:
“She (Abigail) is dangerous, she’s a violent woman. I’ve seen the violence. Trust me, I don’t want my brother in this relationship. She swung my brother’s Samurai sword, which he has for martial arts, at him. 
If he hadn’t been alert and in the right position she would have stabbed him right through the heart. She would have killed him. She also threw a bottle of wine at his head. She

Buhari Congratulates British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Reelection

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has sent a goodwill message to David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, congratulating him on his victory in the just concluded elections in his country.
In a statement released in Abuja on Saturday, Mr. Buhari said he looked forward to collaborating with the British government led by Mr. Cameron after he takes over power in Nigeria on May 29.
“Nigeria and the Britain have enjoyed good relationships, and we look forward to developing even stronger ties.”
General Buhari also commended Mr. Cameron for the role the British government played before,

#ShortStoryNight!!! Engaged to the Wrong Man Episode 4

Guys, our short stories will now be featured on Tuesdays and Saturday.

story written by Igbokweuche Chidinma


July 23rd 2014

2nd semester exams were finally coming to an end today, God I was so happy, also, I was almost done with my project too- already on the last chapter. I wore my white polo and trousers and left for my exam. The exam was scheduled for 9am but I wanted to be there at least an hour earlier. I needed to revise with my friends. Honestly, I didn’t read last night, I was so happy and excited and couldn’t read.

As I was about to enter the hall I got two text messages, I opened and discovered they were from Justin and my mum. Both wishing me the best of luck and their congratulations. Everybody was putting on a white polo and in a very joyous mood. At 9am the exams started and for the first time, Daniel was one of my invigilators. i have gotten over him I kept telling myself. Justin and I have been together for almost a year now. I really do love him and he loves me too. Just then Daniel walked up to me

“Hi Jenny”

“Good Morning sir”

“Good morning Jenny, so today is your last exams, congratulations”

“Thank You”

I quickly left before he could say anything.

The exam fortunately was easy- it was Daniel’s course. Within one hour, more than half of us were done with our exams.

I stood up to submit my answer script and realized that Daniel was the closest lecturer to me and really did not want to bump into him again. So I left my seat and decided to submit to the lecturer on the other side of the hall

“Jennifer, bring your answer scripts here” Daniel said immediately I stood up

Wow, that was the first time he called my full name, almost doesn’t sound like my name

I froze there, I really didn’t want to give him my script, I knew it was an avenue for him to talk to me and I really wanted to avoid that but then he was my lecturer and my hesitation would have started raising eyebrows.

So I walked up to him and gave him the answer script, turned and left immediately before he could say anything.

Outside, music was already blasting, everybody dancing and signing on each other’s polo.

I picked up my bag and checked for missed calls or messages; I had tons of messages, mostly from family members and friends wishing me the best. Except one from Justin

“hey, baby I hope your exams went well, congratulations once more. Will love to take you out tonight to celebrate. Will come pick you up.”

I went home later that evening and found a gift on my bed. Must be from Justin, he was the only one with a key to my place but had never used it before. I opened the box and found a beautiful short gown and red pumps with a note

“for my love, will love to see you in this tonight. Will come pick you by 7:30pm.
Iove, Justin."

Justin is really so sweet, I said to myself. I don’t have much time, I should go shower and prepare for the date.

As I wore the dress and applied my makeup, I remembered the night I went to go see a movie with Daniel, really? I had to remember him now? Jen concentrate, you are going on a date with your boyfriend you shouldn’t be thinking of other guys now

I made a little frustrating sound and finished up my makeup.

Justin came as I was looking for my purse. 

“Baby, you look so beautiful” he said when he walked in

I smiled “thank you love for the gift”

“Yeah, anything for my baby”

“You look very handsome too”

“Thank you dear. Are you ready?”

“Yeah, a minute please.”

I quickly picked up my purse and we left.

The road was a little busy so it took a little longer to get to the restaurant.

As we got to the place, I realized it was one of the most expensive restaurants in town, one I had always fantasized dining in.

I looked at him quizzically

He just shrugged and smiled.

We already had a table reservation at the most cozy part of the restaurant. And the waiter brought our pre ordered bottle of wine.

“So let’s make a toast" he said

“Yeah, to what?”

“To the newest economist and my love” he said

“Well technically I am not yet a graduate” I said as I raised my glasses.

“So how was work today?”

“Was great”


“Let’s eat and I will tell you a about my day after. I had an interesting kid in my office today.”

Justin loved to talk about his work and most times I never really understood some of the things he talked about.

Our food arrived also pre-ordered and it was my favourite dish- Jellof rice with lots of chicken. 

As I was eating the last piece of chicken, my phone vibrated. I looked and saw it was a message, probably another congratulatory message. I opened and saw it was from Daniel 

“You look so beautiful and elegant I hope you enjoyed your meal. Look left.”

Quickly I turned to find him looking straight into my eyes. What is he doing here!!!! I screamed within me. he was with his ‘wedding’ friend and his girlfriend, the ones that loved PDAs. God! He looked so handsome with his brown eyes matching the colour of his suit. That grin plastered on his face. I even noticed another girl at the bar that couldn’t stop looking at him.

I quickly came back to my senses and looked away, picked up my phone and switched it off. I didn’t want to risk any more distractions from him. Like that will work I already know he is here.

So Justin cleared his throat yeah, Justin is here too. And he is my boyfriend I reminded myself, I adjusted my seat and paid attention to him. Just then, the dj started playing my best song “john Legend’s All of me” and Justin stood up and held my hand.

Wait what is going on here? And that was when it hit me- new cloth, expensive restaurant, pre ordered everything plus Justin has been acting a little weird since we arrived. OMG! He is about to propose in front of all these people and Daniel too, Noo!!

“Jenny, I really love you so much and have been waiting for today to do this- Make me the happiest man and marry me”

I was dumbfounded; I really didn’t know what to do. I was totally surprised. Then my eyes traveled across the room to where Daniel was, he was looking through my soul, his eyes were darker, and lips were whispering something. “Please say No”. Then I looked back at Justin, with one knees on the floor and the whole restaurant looking. I knew I had feelings for Daniel but Justin loved me and worshiped the ground I walked on, besides I knew him better and knew I could spend the rest of my life with him. 

“Yes, I will marry you” I said with my voice a little shaky as he slid the ring in my fingers, got up, hugged and kissed me.

The whole restaurant started cheering except one person who got up and left the restaurant.

After much celebrations, he dropped me at my place just before midnight.

I kissed him goodnight and he drove off.

I opened the door and removed my shoes, changed clothes and slept off.

Next morning i woke up, looked at my finger and saw the diamond, oh it wasn't a dream. I picked up the phone to call my mum.

“Congratulation, my baby girl” she and my siblings screamed into the phone.

“Justin told us he was going to propose.”
“Thank you mum. I was calling to tell you about it.”

“Ok dear, goodbye and take care of yourself”

As I dropped the phone, it started ringing, thinking it was probably my mum calling back I didn’t bother to check the caller id 

“Hello mum”

“Hello Jenny”

“Oh Daniel, Hi, thought it was my mum”
“Congratulations, I guess”

“Yeah, thanks”

“Jenny please I need to ask you for one favour and I need to see you before I can ask.”

“Really, Daniel?”

“Please Jen”

I knew it was a mistake to meet him, I knew that but I also knew I needed to make peace with him. At least I owed him that much.

“I am in your neighborhood, can I come?”

“Daniel! I am engaged you can’t come to my house.”

“It’s not like you have any feelings for me, so why can’t I?
If only he knows

“Yeah you can come in the next 15minutes”

“Ok, 15minutes.”

When Daniel came he was looking so worn out like someone who hadn't had enough sleep, his eyes were very sad.

“Good morning Jenny”

“Good morning, I hope everything is alright, you don’t look so well.”

“I will get straight to the point” he said as he sat down on the seat.

“Jen, do you love Justin?”

“Daniel, you have no right to…."

“Jenny please answer me”

“Yeah, I love him”

“Ok , well Jenny i know you are engaged but I need to tell you how I feel, I love you Jen, yes I love you, I have loved you from the very first time we went to see a movie, I love how little things make you smile, how your eyes grow so big when you are happy. I love how you light up the whole room with your smile, your caring heart, I love that you are smart, I love your voice, God! I have never seen anybody with your voice. I love everything about you and Jen, I love you for being you. You always gave me the excuse that I was your lecturer and you didn’t want anything to do with me because of that, but I am no longer your lecturer and I don’t know how I will survive watching you marry another man but I won’t force you to leave him."

He came closer and held my hands “Jenny I mean everything I just said, I really wish you wouldn’t marry him because I know I will make you happier and I believe that you love me. Please think of us and also think of this" he held my face and kissed me, this time so fiercely with everything in him, there were so many unspoken words in the kiss, everything he couldn’t say. Suddenly he stopped and left the room.”

I was in shock, I couldn’t explain what was happening I just knew that I may have made a mistake but the question was - Am I capable of accepting the fact that my soul mate may have just walked out of the room? Am I wearing the wrong man’s ring?

………to be continued.

15 Signs that Show You are Dating a Covert 'Prostitute' (Runs Girl)

Do you agree? Post written by Wisdom
There is still the danger of being conned by your beautiful girlfriend who could be a covert prostitute or have a history of indulging in it. There are certain signs that must be kept in mind to identify such women , because such women aren’t really the type you’d be looking for, especially when it comes to seeking loyalty within a relationship. Her loyalties are basically reserved for the highest bidder; and if you fail to bid consistently, you’ll lose her in the end. 
Even women who haven’t prostituted themselves can exhibit these traits below. Technically they may not be prostitutes, but they still have a prostitute’s mind set. Essentially, they prostitute themselves to their boyfriends or lovers for a period of time, as long as these men can afford them. This has led to the coinage of the term ‘covert

Oscar Pistorius Wants to Work with Disadvantaged Children after Jail Term Ends in 3 Months

Jailed Oscar Pistorius is lining up a job working with children when he is freed from prison in just three months, the Sunday People can reveal.

The South African athlete - jailed last year for shooting dead lover Reeva Steenkamp - will be released on strict parole conditions in August.

His legal team claim the 28-year-old is so desperate to get his life back on track he wants to work with disadvantaged youngsters.
A source said:
“He is managing in jail, he’s isolated but hanging in and praying to keep up his strength.

Please, Have You Seen this Missing 13 Year Old Girl? (Photos)

Pictured above, guys, is Ijeoma Mercy Chima, aged 13 and according to family members, she has been missing since last Tuesday, 5th of May, 2015. Here's the mail I received about her:
Good afternoon Sis Laila,
Hope you're doing good. Please help publish this pic of my cousin's wife sister who ran away from home since Tuesday. The Police has been contacted but not much has been achieved. Please find attached picture of the girl
  • Name: Ijeoma Mercy Chima 
  • Age 13 years 
  • Height 5ft 3in
  • School - Ann International School Eligbolo, Portharcourt

Guy Treks from Aba to Nsukka to Honour Enugu Governor-Elect

Wahala dey oo. Yet another man, Joseph Iyoke, a 200-level student of the Open University of Nigeria, has trekked from Aba to Nsukka to honour the Enugu State Governor-elect, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Iyoke, who hails from Ukehie in Igboetiti Local Government Area of the state, told newsmen on Saturday in Nsukka, that he took off for the journey from CMS road in Aba on May 4, at about 4: 30 a.m.

NAN reports that the trekker arrived Nsukka town at about 1:02 p.m. on Saturday. Speaking on why he decided to trek for Ugwuanyi, Iyoke said:

May God Forbid that any Government will Repeat what GEJ's Did – Oby Ezekwesil

Oby Ezekwesili earlier on today took to Twitter to reflect on how the present administration really failed Nigerians over the Chibok girls. According to her, may God forbid that in the future any Nigerian government will repeat what this administration did. Her tweets continue below.

See What a Comedian Did to His Hair just to Stand Out.. lol

Hot or not?

Special ''Shout-Out'' to These Wonderful TILB Readers

Something happened during the week that made me pause and think so hard, guys. And I'm sure you know what happened and how it made us all realize how special the under-listed readers are to this blog:
  • Deekay - I love your blunt attitude, gurl!!
  • SouthEastern - Everyday, I ask God what I did and he sent me an angel - YOU!
  • Zombie Huntress - I love you die. 
  • Austin Uche: The finest man on this blog!! With the kindest heart, very lovely man
  • Barong Nku - Aww, Nne oma m
  • Anwuli Oputa - The beautiful one with the purest soul on TILB!
  • Dr Orela - The only realest doctor in the house.
  • Team Laila - Sweetheart, I love you. The things you have done for me and a blog reader too. Only God can repay you, bae.
  • Carlos: Swty, do you remember how we met? lol. I had stumbled on ur IG page and you were just too hot I couldn't help but send you a mail so you can feature on our hottie of the day. lmaoo.
  • Vee Cee - My model of life! My cherie koko. How's your sis/manager?
  • Nono Blessedm - My one and only Nonistic Nono
  • Honesty - You need to see the smile on my face right now as I think of you, hun. You still remember our lil secret, huh? 
  • Ogechi Juliet - The realest TILB reader with beauty running deep in her family
  • Mr Soul - Blog thug my man! You changed your name, but I hope you still got them sexy 6

50 Things I Think About While Going Down On My Man - From A Female Facebook User (18+)

Okay, so TILBer, Austin Uche sent me a mail containing the topic above...hehehehehe

Here is what he wrote:

See Photos of the Fattest Python You will Ever See! Workers Thought It was a Tree Trunk

Wildlife experts were shocked to discover the 'fattest snake you will ever see' in tropical Queensland.

According to DailyMail, the scrub python, found near Kuranda in far north Queensland, is more than five metres long and weighs in excess of 50kgs. Two workers at the Rainforestation Nature Park discovered the snake in the middle of the road, after first thinking it was a tree branch. It has now been nicknamed 'Scrubby'.

General manager of Rainforestation Nature Park Chris Grantham told the ABC:
'Because it was quite cool it was quite docile. So they grabbed it and put it in the back of the ute so it didn't get run over. We have heaps of scrub pythons up here - they're very

Man Sets to Raise Sculptural Piece of Jonathan as a Mark of Hero in Otuoke (Photos)

My name is Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi, a Nairalander, the ex-youth corp member that donated N10,000 to president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan re-election bid. I raised a bank draft of N10,000 from my NYSC account and send it to Mr president through DHL to support his re-election bid when I was serving. 
I found out that, there is something special in president Goodluck Jonathan which Nigerian's will soon miss. I know that some people that are reading this message will say that president Goodluck Jonathan has filled this guy's pocket with money. Let me tell you categorically I have not set my eyes on President Jonathan before talk more of

Lawyer Reveals Fierce Battle over Late Rashidi Yekini’s Estate

Three years after his demise, the families of late Africa Football legend, Rashidi Yekini, are still locked in a fierce battle over the estate of the soccer star. Jubril Olanrewaju Mohamed, who was the personal lawyer and close aide to Yekini while he was alive, tells PREMIUM TIMES, in this exclusive interview, how challenging it has been keeping Yekini’s estate for the rightful owners — his two daughters, Yemisi and Mariam.

The lawyer also recounts the sad death of the football star, insisting there was foul play and that justice has by no means been served. Below are excerpts;
  • PT: Can you tell us a little about you?
Jubril: Jubril Olanrewaju Mohamed is my name; I was the lawyer to Late Rasheed Yekini and counsel to his estate.
  • PT: How has the task of keeping Yekini’s estate being for you?
Jubril: It has been a challenging time in the sense that I had to ensure that the estate he left behind is

lmao.. Read the Chaos Lady in a Skimpy Bum Short Caused on TILB Reader's Street Today

I just received this from a TILB reader:
Hello Laila,  good morning. How are you, babies and boo? Lol, hope everyone is doing great. 
Anyways straight to my amebo/question, I went out this morning to get something at a shop close by and next thing I saw was 2 girls walking down. One was wearing a skirt while the other wore a pant ( am calling it pant cos that's the size of most of mine o lol). 
You needed to see aboki and keke in action with all their remarks lol, even the Jehovah Witness people that were passing by pleaded the blood of Jesus in their mind. 
I saw a couple holding hands chatting and smiling but immediately the guy saw the pant girl, he stopped talking and was staring at her (lol), the gf obviously very angry or

Photo: Nollywood Actor Robert Peters & Wife Welcome Baby Boy

Nollywood actor, Robert Peters has welcomed a bouncing baby boy with his pretty wife, Debbie. Baby has been named  Zakry Lawrence Onafa-Orafa Peters. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony which held at the Lake Lanier Islands Resort, Atlanta, Georgia on August 9, 2014. Big congrats to them. See baby's photo after the cut.

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, Spotted in Airport Shuttle Bus

Photo credit: Paul Ibe 

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