Thursday, June 25

15 Boko Haram Members Killed, 20 Others Arrested In Niger State

What's that saying our people always say, "Everyday for the thief, _________"

15 Boko Haram fighters were killed and 20 others arrested by the Nigerien Defense and Security Forces (FDS) during different clashes that occurred between June 18 to 23 in Niger’s Diffa region near the Nigerian border.

Davido UNVEILS New Clothing Line (PHOTOS)

HKN heavyweight Davido has done what most artistes at his level of success would do, start a clothing line.

The singer took to his Instagram to unveil some of the designs with the caption: "My Official clothing line website is up an running! Make sure you check it out and get your O.B.O T-Shirts today more designs and clothes coming soon!"

See more of his designs after the jump, tell me if you like!

Pageant Industry Holds National Convention as ABPFEON Releases 1st List of Pageants in Nigeria

For the first time in history, Nigerian pageant platforms will be uniting for a common course. This is coming at a time when the industry is really growing bigger with several national honours and international recognitions.

Association Of Beauty Pageants and Fashion Exhibition Organisers Of Nigeria (ABPFEON), a body set up to checkmate and control the activities of the beauty industry following the national election

Official Photos of Stephanie Linus & Hubby Idahosa with the Queen of England

I just got back home to see I received these official photos of Stephanie Linus and her husband Linus Idahosa shaking hands with the Queen of England at the Buckingham Palace. This was during the Queen Young Leaders Award recently. What a huge honour! 

Laila's Mega One Month Daily Giveaway is Here. Start Winning Now (DAY 24 & 25)

Hello guy,

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Daniella Okeke shares Epic Throwback Photo

Money is a good friend. See her recent photo after the cut..

For real? Google Wants To Bring Free Wifi To The World

Google is rolling out free wifi in New York as part of a trial the company hopes will eventually span across the whole of the world.
The internet giant has even gone as far as to set up a company specifically dedicated to the task, called Sidewalk Labs.
How will they do this you ask – through turning 10,000 of the big apple’s old phone booths into ad-supported ‘Wi-Fi pylons’.
These converted booths are also intended to provide cell-phone charging, free domestic phone calls and a touch screen information hub about the city and transit directions.
According to Bloomberg News, these ‘pylons’ will be rolled out across New York this autumn.

#FixTheNass; Nigerians React To The House Of Rep Saga

By now, you've all heard about the drama our house of rep members acted today. This is not the change we were promised. Everyone is talking about it using the #FixTheNass hashtag. see some tweets below;

Paul Okoye Visits His Son & Niece In School(Photo)

Lovely and lucky children.

New words Like Jeggings and Photobomb Have Been Added To The Oxford Dictionary

500 words have been recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
The dictionary which was first published  in 1911 is one of the largest language research projects in the world and the ultimate guide to the ever-changing English language.
Here are some of the new additions which include popular slangs; Photobomb, Handsy, Sext, etc.

Leaked Letters from APC to Senate President Saraki and Speaker Dogara

These are leaked copies of the letter sent by the leadership of the APC to the Senate President Bukola Saraki and the House of Representatives Speaker, Yakubu Dogara.

In the letters obtained by Breaking Times,they were asked to announce Senator Ahmed Lawan and George Akume as principal officers of the senate .Today,Saraki defied the orders,announcing Senator Ali Ndume as the Majority leader.

House sitting was adjourned to July 21st.

If You Are Crying All The Time,You Are Better Off Alone - Toke Makinwa tells ladies in new Vlog

Following her marital issues, Toke Makinwa is back with more advice to the ladies..This time, she is back with "You are better off alone"She says many people are in relationships were they are better off by themselves..She says regardless of how long you have been dating,regardless of what the man tells you.It's high time women start to take notice of the things men do and know when to leave..
She says she is starting a new hashtag #you are better off alone.. See the video after

Meet Denrele's Younger Sister, Aderonke Edun

This is Denrele's younger sister, Aderonke and there's definitely something about the both of them. She's a tomboy, he's a jerrygirl. End of story. More photos after..

DJ Xclusive FINALLY Unveils Album Artwork And Tracklist; Features Biggest Artistes In Industry

Superstar DJ Xclusive has finally unveiled the artwork to his upcoming album "According To X".

The reveal came after a long "Loading..." process Xclusive did on his Instagram where he posted parts and parts of the album cover for days leading up to the big reveal.

Barack Obama and Muhammadu Buhari To Discuss Dealing With Boko Haram on July 20

The White House has revealed that the U.S President, Barack Obama will host our President Muhammadu Buhari at the White House on July 20 to discuss fighting the Boko Haram militant group, among other issues.

According to the White House, "The visit will underscore the United States' commitment to strengthening and expanding our partnership with Nigeria’s new government".

This Has to be The Most Adorable Photo of The Day

Caption this photos and while at that, Checkout the epic look on the faces of the two kids in front.

The most hilarious caption wins N500 recharge card. Any network.

ANSWER HONESTLY: Would You Listen To The Man Of God Or Do Your Own Thing In This Scenario

I have a question for you today just to know how much you trust in a man of God. 

On Sunday I had a spirit-filled day in church. The choir was amazing, the congregation was vibrant, it was a very powerful service. We had a guest speaker from another church and he had come all the way to bless us with his message.

LAILAS CUPID !!! Female Blog Reader Who is a Virgin Wants an Alter Bound Relationship (Photos)

Hello Laila Ijeoma. My name is Ify. I am a blog reader from Anambra State and I reside at Awka. I have an issue which has been bothering me and I have decided to take the bold step. I am 29 and a virgin. I have always have to deal with men who are only interested in sleeping with me and I have sworn to keep myself for only my future husband. I have lost a lot of men because they all wanted the same thing before marriage. I am ready to for medical assessment of my virginity to prove it.

House Of Reps Adjourns Plenary Till July 21 Following Uproar

After fracas broke out on the floor of the House of Representatives, Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, has adjourned plenary till July 21.
Before the adjournment, he appealed to members to shun any act that would be inimical to the reputation and unity of the House.

Members Of House Of Reps Fight Each Other Over Leadership Positions

Our GREAT LEADERS battled each other today for leadership positions. The fight is between those loyal to the speaker, Dogara(which includes PDP lawmakers)  vs  those loyal to the party APC.

The party had earlier sent a letter dictating who should emerge principal officers of the assembly..However, some lawmakers,especially those loyal to the current speaker Yakubu Dogara felt the party has no right to dictate the leadership of the assembly.

Dogara's attempt at selecting the principal officers this morning was rebuffed by the pro-APC lawmakers,resulting in Lawmakers loyal to the speaker forming a shield around him to protect the mace from being taken away.

WOW !!! Blog Reader is Giving Away A Laptop And A Laptop Bag (Photos)

Madam Laila. I witnessed the wind of change and I am joining the band wagon. In appreciation to God for my safe delivery and for giving me the best man in the whole world as a husband, I am giving away my laptop because my husband got me a new tablet so I dont really need the laptop anymore. I want to give it away to a blog reader WHO REALLY NEEDS IT. Preferably a student who needs one for her project research or a single mother who wants to work with a laptop.

and to you laila, thank you for making that post for me when I welcomed my bundle of joy on the 10th of June. (Read Here if you missed it) . My hubby's friends saw it and were like wow. we are celebs.. Thanks dearie..

See another photo of the laptop after the cut:

Bukola Saraki Announces Ali Ndume And Bala Ibn Na'Allah As Senate Leader And Deputy

Ali Ndume
 All Progressives Congress senators have nominated Ali Ndume as the Majority Leader of the Senate, in defiance of the party’s directive that Ahmed Lawan be given the role.
Mr. Lawan lost the senate presidency election to Bukola Saraki, despite being the party’s official candidate.

The party insists its preferred candidates who failed to be elected president and speaker for the Senate and House of Representatives respectively, be elected Majority Leaders in both chambers.

The Senate on Thursday officially nominated Mr. Ndume, from Borno State, as Majority Leader and Bala Ibn Na’alla as deputy leader. Mr. Na’alla, a former House of Representatives member, is from Kebbi state.
The Senate also nominated Francis Alimikhena, from Edo State, as Deputy Chief Whip.
The nominations are subject to approval.

#6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson; The king of Pop lives On

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009 aged 50 in his bed at his Los Angeles home from a cardiac arrest brought on by acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication.

His death was ruled homicide by the Los Angeles County Coroner and his personal physician Conrad Murray was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Fans are paying tribute to the late star today using the hashtag #6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson on Twitter.

Is there anyone good enough to replace him?

Question Of The day: When's the Right Time For A Father to stop bathing his daughter?

I was listening to the radio yesterday and this topic was discussed. A lot of fathers called into say its their daughter and they'll stop whenever they want. Some mother's claimed that a well trained child would know how to handle that by a particular age while others mothers said the father won't even know how to bath the child so they won't allow it.

Here's my question or questions;
1) At what age should a father stop bathing his daughter and WHY?
2) Being a single dad isn't common in Nigeria but What happens to single fathers?

Chinese Man Escapes Unhurt After Huge Saw Blade Slices Truck

A man in China is counting his lucky stars after a huge saw blade came crashing onto a highway and right into his car, and he survived.

The man, identified only as Mr. Xiang, was driving on Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway in Central China when the giant circular saw blade fell of the back of a truck carrying equipment in a nearby lane.

The blade flew into Mr. Xiang's car and lodged in the front of his truck. Xiang managed to keep control of the vehicle and walked away unhurt.
 "I heard a 'bang' and then I saw all the white smoke in front of me. I almost lost control of my car,” Xiang told local reporters the day after the incident.
Police said that if Xiang had been driving faster or if the blade had hit at a slightly different angle, he could have been killed.

Alibaba's Wife Got Him A Mercedes Benz 500 For His Birthday

You see things like this and you start asking God for your own better wife. Alibaba turned 50 yesterday and his wife got him a new car! whoop! 

MENS WORLD !!! Female Blog Reader in Tears Over Parent's Will

Madam Laila, I am a blog reader and I comment as ***** tho not often. I was the lady who send you an email around late February concerning my daddy's burial. The man who was shot by hired killers at Ziks roundabout Onitsha on February 2nd 2015. I became an orphan that day (Mummy died 12 years ago) but it is well cos my redeemer lives. . I didnt get a reply from you and I felt maybe you have been too busy so I dont hold this against you. I hope you help me out this time.

I have reasons to believe that my brothers has tampered with my late daddy's will. Yesterday was the day slated for the reading of the will. Laila, nothing was left for me. Not even a pin. Even our family house where we live in now belongs to my elder brother now while the other house at oguta road was shared between my 2 younger brothers. Even down to the cars. I got no pin. The Sab miller shares, The 4 shops at main market, the pure water factory which i manage. everything was on my 3 brothers despite the fact that they contributed very little or nothing to the burial expenses. I have cried my self silly. I dont understand how my own blood brothers will conspire to leave me empty handed like this.

Can You Imagine this Wickedness?

This guy shared his story on Instagram. Hilarious!

OOPS! Lady Gaga Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga on Wednesday stepped out wearing nothing but a white bra, tan jacket, and high-waisted jean shorts, and finishing the look of with a black studded cap that read "Gaga". 

However as the day went on, Gaga decided to take off her bra completely, a decision which unfortunately led to a wardrobe malfunction.

See photo after the jump: 

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